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Indeed. The fisheries issue is a red herring, if you'll pardon the pun.

If there is #NoDealBrexit it will not be because of a dispute over fish, as the UK media is suggesting, but because of UK's refusal to follow some LPF rules in exchange for tariff-free access to EU market.
There is a reason the UK briefs as if fisheries is the main stumbling bloc. It's a very small (though very emotional) part of the economy and the EU's stance is not very sympathetic. But it's a side issue.

LPF and governance goes to the heart of what #Brexit will and won't be.
The UK side doesn't want to talk about LPF because it highlights the lack of thinking that went into the #Brexit plan before the referendum.

#Norway & #Switzerland were used as examples, but then after the vote their models were immediately ruled out because they're rule-takers.
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"With the latest positive news from vaccine trials, the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel is growing brighter.

There is now real hope that vaccines – in combination with other tried and tested public health measures – will help to end the #COVID19 pandemic"-@DrTedros
"The significance of this scientific achievement cannot be overstated.
No vaccines in history have been developed as rapidly as these. The scientific community has set a new standard for vaccine development"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #ACTogether

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My deep appreciation goes to #WHA73 Madam President, Keva Bain, Permanent Representative of the #Bahamas, for her leadership under extraordinary circumstances during both the de minimis session in May & resumed session this week. @minnis_dr, @MOFABahamas, @MOHBahamas, @FinanceBAH Image
I also thank the Chair of Committee A, Dr Bjørn-Inge Larsen of #Norway, and the Chair of Committee B, His Excellency Mr Mamadou Henri Konate of #Mali, for their leadership in managing a full #WHA73 agenda.
Thank you to all @WHO Member States for their flexibility, goodwill and pragmatism in adapting to the constraints of dealing with a large agenda virtually, across multiple time zones. #WHA73
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Records galore.... it's super Saturday in the #Coronavirus megathread.

I'll start though with some stunning new records and frightening totals late Friday evening and overnight, as the battle against #Covid19 continues...
*** BREAKING ***

The global record of 643,000 new #Covid19 cases in a day has been beaten again. It's now 654,000

And #USA has yet again smashed the world record for a single country. Yesterday it was just over 160,000, but now it's an astonishing 181,000
Good news for #Germany
They managed to just avoid a new national #Covid19 record by just 250 cases.

Just 4% up on the same time last week, and with cases dropping off over the weekend, I am certain Germany won't set a new record now.

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Due to skyrocketing #COVID19 numbers in #Sweden Foreign Affairs #Denmark is now advising against all unnecessary travel to the entire country. #Sverige #COVID19sverige
#Denmark also advising against all unnecessary travel to #Norway due to #COVID19 infection numbers. Anyone coming back from #Oslo, #Vestland, and #Viken must quarantine upon return to #Danmark
Add #Estonia to the “no unnecessary travel” list from #Denmark Foreign Affairs due to #COVID19 infection rates. Estonia also mandates a 10 day quarantine for anyone traveling there from #Denmark.
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#Denmark is reporting 1,223 #COVID19 infections, its 2nd highest daily tally to date, and four #coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. #COVID hospitalizations (182) are down (-2) ICU (24) and ventilator numbers (17) are unchanged. 65,062 corona tests administered yesterday.
#Sweden has added 4,034 #COVID19 infections and suffered another five #coronavirus deaths. Total to date #COVID deaths in #Sverige now exceed 6,000 which is 8x more than #Denmark, 21x #Norway, 16x #Finland and four times more than DK, NO, and FI combined.
#Finland has registered 189 #COVID19 infections and two more #coronavirus deaths since yesterday’s update. Finland does not update hospital stats on Thursdays.
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🔴🏴 #MillionMaskMarch2020 Events organized by #Anonymous:

 Adelaide, #Australia

Location: Parliament of South Australia - House of Assembly

Time: Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 8 AM UTC+01 – 9:30 AM UTC+01

Event link:… Image
🔴🏴 Akron, Ohio, United States #USA #MillionMaskMarch2020 #Anonymous

Location: Metro RTA downtown Transit Center

Time: 12:00 - 21:00 EST

Event link:…

Hosted by: Anonymous Akron Ohio & Derek Frick Image
Amsterdam, The #Netherlands #MillionMaskMarch2020 #Anonymous

Location: De Dam, Amsterdam

Time: 13:00 GMT +1

Event link:…

Hosted by: Anonymous Netherlands Operations Image
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#Denmark is reporting 936 #COVID19 infections & 1 #coronavirus death in the last 24 hours. Total to date #COVID infections now exceed 50,000. Hospital numbers (184) are up (+15) ICU (24) is also up (+2) and ventilator numbers (17) are up a well (+3). 54,876 tests done yesterday
#Sweden has added 3,198 #COVID19 infections and suffered another 28 #coronavirus deaths since yesterday’s update.
#Finland has registered 293 new #COVID19 infections and two #coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. The number if #COVID infected people in Finnish hospitals (65) is down (-5) while ICU numbers (15) are up (+2) since Monday when hospital stats were last updated.
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#Breaking #Sweden’s 2nd #COVID19 wave outbreak is getting much worse. It has reported 10,177 #coronavirus infections since Friday, almost double last weekend’s total, and 31 #COVID deaths. On Friday #Sverige had 4,062 infections the most by far of any day in the pandemic yet. ImageImageImage
In #Denmark Health Minister @Heunicke says the #COVID19 reinfection rate (R0) is now 1.1 down from 1.2. The R0 number measures infection spread with anything over 1 being degrees of a #coronavirus outbreak.
#Breaking #Denmark is reporting a 1,353 #COVID19 infections, its highest daily number yet, and four #coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. 73,710 #coronavirus tests were also administered nationally over the last day. ImageImageImage
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#TAX! Here's Davos' #WorldEconomicForum again, suggesting that we should tax meat eaters... 'like smokers' ?!?! What a #GreatReset that'll be! 😬…
The idea is also spread by C. Figueres, a main driving force behind the Paris climate agreement & member of the Board of.... #WRI 🤔 The meat tax idea is further amplified by #EAT member Springmann who wrote a specific study on it:…… Image
A #GreenNewDeal-linked plan of New York’s (#NYC) City Council (& mayor Bill #deBlasio) to halve the red meat supply in municipal buildings & phase out processed meats in schools & hospitals by 2030.

Ehrr... what about the future of New-York hot dogs? 🤔… Image
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Two variants of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus have occurred in Norway that have not yet been detected in the country. The health authority FHI is now investigating whether these variants can be transferred more quickly.
Department head Line Vold told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that analysis of the genetic material showed that the two types are very similar.
The one variant, which had already occurred in Australia and other European countries, spread according to the report in a bus with seniors who had made a tour of Norway in September. 36 of the 40 passengers were infected,
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A new coronavirus mutation with a higher transmission capacity in the central municipality of Trondheim has been identified by the Norwegian health authorities ,
local chief physician Tove Rosstad told the NRK public broadcaster on Monday. "We don't know where the virus came from. No such kinds of the virus have ever been seen in Norway before. We also searched international databases but did not find this kind there either",
Rosstad told the broadcaster. According to the official, the Norwegian health authorities concluded that after it begun to act differently and infect people more rapidly than before, the virus mutated.
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Children represent a very small percentage of total cases. The majority of infections in children are asymptomatic or very mild and go undetected and undiagnosed. There might be actually a higher prevalence of childhood cases than the data reflects. 1/n…
We need to look at immunity indicator such as antibodies and T Cells to gauge better the extent of infections in the younger population. 2/n
That said infection in the young is not a bad thing. It is a good thing actually!
The young can act as immunity shields for the elderly. The more young people get COVID19 and become immune, the more they will break transmission to the older more vulnerable generation. 3/n
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‼️Very important thread‼️

Missing babies affair and abduction of young children by the Centers for Social Work in #Serbia

• Exposing the network of children traffickers in Serbia

• Who is behind this profitable business?

#SaveOurChildren #ProtectOurYouth

⬇️ Full thread ⬇️
1/ This Thursday a press conference was held in #Belgrade and the topic of discussion were the missing babies affair and the abduction of young children by the Centers for social work, which was not attended by a single journalist.

This was a reason of writting this thread. ⬇️
2/ Two weeks ago, I wrote about the case of a little girl who was first taken away from her biological family due to poverty, and then kidnapped from a foster family, from where all trace of her is lost. ⬇️

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#Norway #Oslo #Coronavirus

Norway was one of the first countries in Europe to introduce a corona warning app in the spring - now the government in Oslo wants to launch a successor.
Health Minister Bent Høie announced on Monday that the new app should replace its predecessor "Smittestopp", which was put on hold due to data protection concerns. This time it should only be used for digital infection tracking, but not centrally store data.
The whole thing should be based on international solutions from Google and Apple, on which, according to Norwegian information, the German warning app is based.
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#Denmark is reporting 435 new #COVID19 infection cases in the last 24 hours. Since Friday’s update there have been 1,478 new #coronavirus cases (619 on Saturday, 424 Sunday, and today’s numbers). While there were no #COVID deaths in today’s update there were two over the wknd.
The number of #COVID19 infected Danes in hospital (110) is up since Friday (+9) while those in ICU (17) is up (+1) those on a ventilator (11) have also edged up (+2). Yesterday there were 49,143 #coronavirus administered in #Denmark.
#Finland had registered 259 #COVID19 infection cases and two #coronavirus deaths over the weekend. The number of infected Finns in hospital (22) is up (+1) while ICU numbers (4) has also increased (+2).
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#Denmark has just recorded its highest to date number of daily #COVID19 infection cases, and first day ever with over 600, with 678 new infections in the last 24 hours. #Danmark is also reporting two more #coronavirus deaths. ImageImageImage
As for #COVID19 infected Danes in hospital (101) the number continues to climb (+6). Worth noting until today #Denmark has not had in excess of 100 #coronavirus hospitalizations since the end of May. The number in ICU (16) is also up (+2) as are ventilator (9) numbers (+4) Image
The number of new #COVID19 infections continue to climb again in #Sweden, which added 634 new infection cases and two #coronavirus deaths since its last update yesterday afternoon. #sverige #COVID19sverige ImageImageImage
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#Germany has imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine on anyone from #Denmark’s capital region, #Copenhagen and surrounding metro area, traveling into Germany. #COVID19
#Denmark is advising against all unnecessary travel to #Iceland as it now exceeds #COVID19 infection criteria. Entry restrictions/quarantine rules now apply for incoming travelers from there.
This is big. #Denmark is now advising against all unnecessary travel to the #UK as it now exceeds #COVID19 infection criteria. Entry restrictions/quarantines now apply for incoming travelers from there.
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#Denmark is reporting 559 new #COVID19 infection cases, 2nd highest daily number yet, & 2 more #coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. Yesterday 53,885 #COVID tests were administered. The number of infected Danes in hospital (95) has jumped (+17) ICU numbers (14) dipped (-1) ImageImageImageImage
#Sweden has added 533 new #COVID19 infection cases and suffered two more #coronavirus deaths since its last update yesterday afternoon. That is a marked increase in daily infections. #Sverige #COVID19sverige ImageImageImageImage
#Finland has registered 91 new #COVID19 infection cases and two more #coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. Finland does not update hospital stats on Thursdays. #Suomi ImageImageImage
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Not good. #Denmark is reporting 558 new #COVID19 infections & two deaths in the last 24 hours. 57,707 #COVID tests were also administered yesterday. The number of #coronavirus infected Danes in hospital (78) is down (-1) those in ICU (15) is up (+1) on a ventilator (5) no change ImageImageImage
#Sweden has added 320 new #COVID19 infection cases and suffered six more #coronavirus deaths since its last update yesterday afternoon. #Sverige #COVID19sverige ImageImageImage
#Norway has registered 205 new #COVID19 infection cases and no new #coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of infected Norwegians (23) is down (-2) while those in ICU (2) and on a ventilator (0) remain unchanged. ImageImageImage
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#Denmark is reporting 476 new #COVID19 infection cases and one virus death as well as 49,426 #COVID tests done in the last 24 hours. The number of #coronavirus infected Danes in hospital (79) is up (+4) as are ICU (14) numbers (+2) & those on a ventilator (5) are up too (+3). ImageImageImageImage
#Sweden has added 1,199 new #COVID19 infection cases and suffered five more #coronavirus deaths since its last update on Friday. #COVID19sverige #sverige ImageImageImage
#Norway has 71 new #COVID19 infection cases and no new virus deaths since yesterday’s update. The number of #coronavirus infected Norwegians in hospital (21) is down (-2) while those in ICU (1) and on a ventilator (0) remain unchanged. #Norge ImageImageImage
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64 higher income economies have now joined the COVAX Facility, a global initiative bringing together governments and manufacturers to ensure eventual #COVID19 vaccines reach those in greatest need, whoever they are and wherever they live Image
COVAX commitments include agreements with 35 economies as well as the @EU_Commission which will procure #COVID19 vaccine doses on behalf of 27 EU🇪🇺 member states plus #Norway🇳🇴 and #Iceland🇮🇸

The 64 members of the Facility will be joined by 92 low- and middle-income economies eligible for support for the procurement of vaccines through the @gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment, a financing instrument aimed at supporting the procurement of vaccines for these countries. Image
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#SolomonIslands #UnitedKingdom #Australia #Norway #Bomb #Disposal

Two bomb defusers from Great Britain and Australia were killed in the Solomon Islands when remains of ordnance from World War II exploded in an office of the Norwegian People's Aid.
According to the Norwegian People's Aid, the bomb disposal workers were in action in the Solomon Islands to collect data on remains of ammunition from World War II.
Police said the men were carrying out unauthorized work with ammunition in a residential area in the capital Honiara. "We do not know exactly what led to the explosions.
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