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In America, college degrees are at least as much about conferring class identity as they are about certifying knowledge and skill. The push for College For All, then, is a push for universal class ascension. It ought to be about reform of higher education.

(thread) #YangGang
College For All is not purely economic; it’s an implicit rejection of traditional working class identity. Being a blue collar worker, even one with a trade, does not confer the class status that college students are promised.
Knowledge and skill are attainable outside university, but class status is not. In American culture, an Amazon warehouse worker with a degree has cause to consider herself superior to her co-worker who only holds a diploma.
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I’ve been #YangGang for months, nearly maxed out my donations, made original tweets to explain @AndrewYang’s policies, and Yanged people in real life. Grateful and proud for all I’ve learned here, I’d like to share what I appreciate and what I’d like to see improve. 1/8
The MSM are falling short, for @AndrewYang and all of us. They treat politics like sport, not speaking to commonality, but setting one side against another. A pervasive partisan undertone distorts everything and demonizes everyone. We all become depressed and hopeless. 2/8
Misunderstanding and distrust grow deeper every day. In this polarized environment, #YangGang provides a safe space for all kinds of people to talk openly about their thoughts. I learned here that people are more alike than not, regardless of affiliation. 3/8
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#TulsiMediaBlackout started trending some time around 1:40 AM PDT this morning (November 30th.) How'd that happen?

(Spoiler: not bots, but not quite organic either.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote Although #TulsiMediaBlackout has seen sporadic usage for a while, the activity resulting in this morning's trend began yesterday (November 29th) with a tweet from @studentsfortulsi calling on the #YangGang for backup. Several pro-Yang accounts subsequently heeded the call.
@ZellaQuixote Retweet network for #TulsiMediaBlackout. @GangUbi's involvement is interesting - this account only posted two #TulsiMediaBlackout tweets of its own but retweeted a whopping 266 others over the course of three hours this morning, fueling the trend.
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THREAD: A lesson on DNC primaries, voter engagement and recruitment, and how to deal with negative press or social media commentary about your candidate. This will become more and more important as time goes on, but it's already become a borderline recruitment crisis. (1)
#YangGang is in it to win it. That's why we win every online poll, why the media comment on the enthusiasm of @AndrewYang's supporters constantly, and why we're able to trend hashtags like it ain't no thang. But there's a dark side to enthusiasm, and it's becoming a threat. (2)
If someone backing another candidate approaches you with an aggro comment, how much do you love it? I know we've gotten into it with Berners and MAGA chuds left and right, but we can't afford to rabidly attack ANYONE right now, especially as Yang rises in popularity. (3)
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A THREAD TO THE #YANGGANG: On The Importance and Effectiveness of Canvassing RIGHT NOW. (Please Retweet)

SUMMARY: It may FEEL like the deck is stacked against us, but if we know how to play, and we execute, the opposite is actually true. This election is ours to lose.
It's no secret that the mainstream media is very much against us. We may FEEL powerful when we trend hashtags, but don't kid yourselves: The MSM is not going to get on board with this campaign. The MSM are data purveyors, and Yang wants you to control your data.
In fact, the more you let the lack of mainstream media coverage deflate you, the more you play right into their hands. They WANT you to throw in the towel. They WANT you complacent. They WANT you dependent. That's PRECISELY how they control the narrative.
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A thread on #BoycottMSNBC, the reality of fake news, and the self-defeating nature of the Left-Right political dynamic:
The liberal aversion to the term “fake news” is based entirely on the fact that Trump uses it. For some reason, our collective amnesia has deep-sixed the phrase’s origin, which was with *liberals* who pointed the finger at fake news as the fuel for Trump’s rise. Trump flipped it.
By adopting a phrase with broad applicability and making it radioactive to Left-wingers, Trump channeled the American Right’s ability to appropriate ideas, images, and institutions at will. The American Left, obsessed with purity, is afraid to contest occupied territory.
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Thread: Ok #YangGang—we’re nearing the point where more Americans actually start paying attention to the election and narrow down who they might vote for. Many of our IRL friends/acquaintances are probably in this category.

For this reason, I want to talk about Facebook.

I know, I know. Facebook sucks and many in the #YangGang don’t use it for perfectly good reasons. But anyone with a profile and some friends can move the needle by posting as much Yang content as they’re comfortable with.

A point @AndrewYang made during his #yangapalooza after-party speech stuck with me—he told us that “people listen to people.” He was trying to encourage us to Yang our friends and acquaintances because he knows the #YangGang’s passion is our secret sauce—and it’s contagious. 3/
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Some tales from the field, from #yanging IRL. I asked most people for 10 seconds of their time: “Have you heard of a man named @AndrewYang running for President?”
80+%: No
They all got cards & I asked them to check him out on their phones, later, when they’re bored. Many amused..
@AndrewYang Most of #yanggang can stop fearing interacting with people & just go do that. Google: “events in [my city]” this weekend. Or check FB & they’ll show you events your FB friends are interested in if you want to target kinda of voters. Not that hard. Hard part:commit 2 hrs to do it.
@AndrewYang has most of your literature needs. Or just meet up with #yanggang from FB groups. When I did I got an enthusiastic greeting & then 2nd they shoved literature in my hands & asked if I wanted a tshirt. So wholesome 🥰🧢
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Freddy J is speaking truth. That #YangGang looking real Trumpish right now. Cut that weirdo shit out and focus on creating solutions for real problems. Stop giving MAGA ammunition. Don't #BoycottMSNBC. Boycott the President.
Andrew Yang isn't ready to be president of the United States. #NoYangGames
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ChiCom parasites have been stealing American jobs, intellectual property & military secrets.
Why does Andrew Yang always blame it on automation?

Yang is the lipstick that tries to make 🐖™️xi jinPIG’s CCP Invasion acceptable.

#BoycottMSNBC #YangGang
xi jinPIG🐖™️ has his puppet presidential candidate Han Kuo-Yu in Taiwan.

In America, he has Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Deval Patrick & Andrew Yang.
🐖™️xi jinPig’s lipstick Andrew Yang says the US shouldn’t consider ChiCom parasites’ stealing a threat-

#BoycottMSNBC #YangGang…
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Since the #data shows that @Twitter users don't click on @reddit links, I have compiled a Mega-Thread here on actionable items #YangGang can do to #BoycottMSNBC:…
What to do:
Create an email/tweet to their sponsors with a subject without mentioning Yang. Don't make it just about Yang, make it more about them silencing our voice and undermining our democracy.
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@YangYouToo okay great. So do you agree that paying money into the economy - deficit expansion - expansion of the money supply via government spending - is counter-deflationary or counter-recessionary? & that the situation also works in reverse to counter inflation when the economy heats up?
@YangYouToo That's an important facet of the way the fiscal budget interacts with the macroeconomy. People usually just say the fed has more control w/ credit restrictions & sure, there is some control, but non-discretionary fiscal deficits play a massive roll in recession/inflation control
@YangYouToo Cutbacks in medicaid and medicare, food stamps, etc can be recessionary for some areas. And it's those places that precisely need those amenities the most.

In addition, poverty and recession and inflation can be locale specific & at large. The way you measure it is imperfect...
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#YangGang? #LetYangSpeak?#LetTulsiSpeak?

You’re quite stupid, so let’s do this with pictures.
Yang and Gabbard are chaos agents, supported by the @GOP. The GOP is the party of Russian oligarchs and their mouth-breathing racist marks.

Are you a Russian oligarch?
Then you’re a mark.
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Thread: YO! I just go polled, sort of! I was at my mom's who obv has a landline, I don't, and we were watching the debates. After the debate we received a call from DC on the caller ID so I answered and it was Franklin Research poll. They listed the candidates in this order:
Press 1 for Biden, 2 for Warren, 3 for Bernie, 4 for Kamala, 5 for Pete and 6 for STEYER! No wonder he is polling so high, then they said press 7 for more candidates. Next group, press 1 for Julian Castro, press 2 for Andrew Yang. Finally I pressed 2 for Yang!
Who is Steyer paying to be listed in that first group, that is so critical to getting people to pick you in a phone poll like that. Steyer shouldn't even be before Booker imo. This made me think about how most people don't have landlines and how others would just ignore the call.
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Heading into the 5th #DemDebate, we’re watching three related hashtags: #DemocraticDebate, #DemDebate, and #DemDebate5. Pre-debate traffic has a greater percentage of automated tweets than last time - 6.8% vs 2.8% at the same time on the day of the 4th debate.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote One bit of automation that sticks out like a sore thumb (because we’ve seen it before, or at least an earlier incarnation): a group of 28 bots that are theoretically associated with Virginia taxi companies and realtors, but frequently act more like political retweet bots.
@ZellaQuixote Almost all of the content these bots retweet is political, in contrast with their own tweets which focus on taxi/realtor themes. Hashtags and links are a mix of political and promotional; political content seems focused on Democratic candidates, particularly Warren and Sanders.
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In 1978, I was 5 yrs old. My mom was my hero. She was bold, smart, tough, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world! She was my idol and I worshipped her. She was a stay at home mom and she was my best friend. She'd play with me, help me,
console me, you name it.

One day, which I'll never forget, she pulled me and my brothers in for a family meeting and she said with a scared sad face (first time I ever saw that btw), that she was sorry, but that we didn't have enough food to eat until the end of the month, and
that we had to make a box of spaghetti last for two weeks somehow. She held back tears and I knew that we had to help out and not be greedy with the food. We made it, but that began to open my eyes to the fact that we were rich in spirit, but def not in income.
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Okay you want to talk about a welfare safety net? Let’s talk about a welfare safety net. A thread on welfare, from a kid who grew up on food stamps. /1 #yang #yanggang #yang2020 #andrewyang #HumanityFirst #yangbeatstrump #ubi #DemDebate
There are 83 overlapping federal welfare programs, and all of them together make up the largest budget item in the US. This is all means-tested welfare that excludes Medicaid and Social Security, the total comes out to about 1.03 trillion. /2
For comparison, Social Security cost $725 billion, non-war defense cost $540 billion, and Medicare cost $480 billion. (All of these numbers are from a Senate Budget Committee Report in 2011) /3
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Actually, I’m gonna speak on it. It’s been scary to put my politics out in public, especially when I know most of my friends might not agree with me or think I should be backing Warren or Harris - candidates who are maybe more popular in my circles here in LA./1 #womenforyang
It’s scary as a business owner to say what’s in my heart, knowing that some of my customers might walk away because of it. But as I’ve dealt with debilitating illness (particularly this year), I’ve realized that if you don’t speak your truth today, when will you?/2 #womenforyang
There are days when I quite literally can’t use my vocal cords or don’t know how to use words. I don’t want to wake up one morning and realize that I missed the opportunity to say this: it may be be idealistic, but I dream of a world without scarcity./3 #womenforyang
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The thing that frustrates me most about the #YangMediaBlackout is that a RUMOR about @DevalPatrick or @MikeBloomberg or @HillaryClinton gets more news cycles than @AndrewYang and @TulsiGabbard actually participating in the race put together.

Just when I think
#YangGang can no longer be ignored, another excuse to ignore us pops up out of the woodwork!!!

When these people fail and drop out, they will ALSO be stealing media time from us.

11 weeks to Iowa, and the following news cycles have yet to happen:

(1) Julian Castro dropping out
(2) Cory Booker dropping out

(3) Kamala Harris dropping out - and THIS media cycle will probably last 2-3 days, too, with lots of shocked "what happened?!?" click-bait

(4) Deval Patrick's kickoff event

(5) Deval Patrick dropping out

(6) Amy Klobuchar running short on money
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@AndrewYang @Zach_Graumann #YangGang
We really need a concise, direct, assertive response to the "people who need it most will lose welfare" question. We shouldn't be afraid to call out the flaws of our current 'blame the victim' system: A Thread...
1. An overwhelming number of actual welfare recipients are traumatized and coerced by the current system. Over 94% of respondents in a recent small survey said they would opt for FD vs. current benefits. Comments on current system were jarring and disturbing...… National survey to come.
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Richard Ojeda. Eric Swalwell. Seth Moulton. Jay Inslee. John Hickenlooper. Kirsten Gillibrand. Bill de Blasio. Tim Ryan. Beto O’Rourke. Credit to those still in the race. This stuff isn’t easy. 👍🇺🇸
I like and admire most everyone on this list. Some I consider friends. You get to know people on the road. You bond in unexpected ways.
The press makes it seem like a horse race. Each candidate is a human being on the road away from loved ones. Not many know what it feels like from the inside. I appreciate everyone who stepped up. Win or lose.
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Africa thread.

1. "Dying is the leading cause of death" according to South African Health Minister.

Nigerian police arrest goat for robbery. A man tried to rob a car and then transformed into a goat, according to vigilantes.
2. Road crossing, Kenya.

Kenyans watching soccer.
3. "Zimbabwe" (Rhodesia) printed copious amounts of money, now only good for wallpaper. (But let's have Yang do the same, right, #Yanggang?)

Zimbabwean pastor sold tickets to heaven. African popular religion is of the get-rich-by-prayer kind. "You can have a car like this" etc.
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So, tomorrow (Saturday) I’m going to watch every last #LJ19 speech and do a #megathread analyzing them all, from content to charisma to audience response. For everyone in the #YangGang who couldn’t attend, this will be your Cliff’s Notes.
Thread coming this afternoon 👍
Okay, #LJ19 analysis thread begins here. #DemocraticParty @DNC
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