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Wegen der großen Aufmerksamkeit des Themas einer niedrigschwelligen #Briefwahl hier ein Thread zum Thema Textverständnis in besonderen Situationen, Lesefähigkeit, Druck und dem ableistischen Take "die Leute sind zu doof" am Beispiel von #Theater.



Unser Theaterkollektiv macht seit mehreren Jahren partizipative Theater-Game-Formate, wo das Publikum quasi ein theatrales Gesellschaftsspiel spielt. Dafür erstellen wir jedes Mal ein Regelwerk, das die Menschen zu Beginn des Abends irgendwie vermittelt bekommen müssen.

Dieser Prozess ist nahezu immer der aufwändigste, unbeständigste, unvorhersehbarste und spannendste Teil der Arbeit. Wir als Gruppe sitzen wochenlang zusammen über etwas, das in unseren Köpfen zwar völlig klar und logisch ist, für andere aber komplettes Neuland darstellt.

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🟣 #CrowdfundMonday: Community #Crowdfunding for Diverse Independent Creatives


SEP 20TH | 10AM PT

Share your campaigns LIVE.
#filmmaker #artist #gamedev #theater #author #BIPOC #LGBTQ #women #disability #inclusion #YHBNEWS #RT…
Promoting #crowdfunding can be difficult. But not when you're part of the interactive community at #CrowdfundMonday! Since 2012, we have shared resources to help each other minimize the costs of marketing our short and long-term campaigns. /1
In the spirit of "Artists Supporting Artists," we encourage our community to amplify #crowdfunding campaigns for creators in emerging entertainment which promote inclusion through:

✅their content, and/or
✅their intentional hiring of cast and crew.

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#Johnbarrowman has proven that he's a vacuous, self-consumed twat, and he has no idea about what women who work in #film and #theater go through and the vulnerable positions they are put in. The excuses for his behavior are bullshit. #notokay….
"In the theatre quick costume changes happen in the wings all the time, with everyone stripping off to get into their new outfits in time for the next scene,' he says. 'Girls might be braless, boys only in jockstraps. That's just how it is and no one gives it a second thought."
How blase, and ignorant.
THAT'S NOT 'JUST HOW IT IS!" This comment shows exactly how oblivious he is about his actions behind the scenes on stage/on set.
Women DO give it a second thought. Women who work in theater/ film worry about this stuff ALL THE TIME.
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1. Wenn es zu einem 2.#Lockdown kommen, dürfen sich die Fehler der 1.Lockdown nicht wiederholen. Das gilt zum einen für die #Rechtsgrundlagen, die in den #Landesparlamenten diskutiert und beschlossen werden müssen. Die „#Stunde der #Exekutive“ hat längst geschlagen #Corona
2. Wenn #Theater, #Konzertsäle, #Restaurants, #Bars, #Sportstätten, #Fitnessstudios und #Bordelle wieder geschlossen werden, müssen die Betreiber für die Verluste #entschädigt werden.
3. Es ist evident #ungerecht, wenn Mitbürger (erneut) ihr Einkommen verlieren, um andere zu schützen, die mit vollen Bezügen daheim im #HomeOffice sitzen. Wer einen 2.#Lockdown fordert, darf dieser #Gerechtigkeitsfrage nicht ausweichen.
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1.Eine Masterarbeit in 100 Tweets - Lass mich mit #Aufklärung in Ruhe, Bruder aka das eigene Leben als Gestaltungsaufgabe. #theater #publikum #partizipation
2.Ich durfte in den letzten Jahren eine wunderbare Zeit mit @tomasaxolotl1 , @croemer, @annaverakelle, Leoni, Anton und Lena unter der fürsorglichen Obhut von @fkirschner , @JulianJungel , Janne Nora Kummer und @openPlusea verbringen.
3. Diese Zeit, geht jetzt, wegen Corona, ohne großes Tamtam zu Ende. Leute werden einfach fertig, wir sehen uns nicht mehr als Studien-Gäng und die @hfsernstbusch hat schon Nachfolger*innen auserkoren. Als Teil dieser letzten großen Rutsche dürfen wir eine Masterarbeit schreiben.
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#OODA loop.
The analogy of charioteer controlling 5 horses in battle may help.
- The field in front = Area of Responsibility.
- The horses = forces at contact
- Charioteer takes feedback from all 5 horses, aligns their effort and ensures their energies are synergised. (1/n)
- The charioteer here is empowered, and a decentralised decision-maker in the #TBA.
- Over the charioteer is the chariot commander, who coordinates with other chariots, lets call it #OODA at the theater level.
- Over him is another strategic commander.
#OODA an aggregation of #SituationalAwareness at the #TBA, #theater, up to Central HQ, consisting of feedback going up and directions flowing down, to be converted into execution at each stage.
Remember that the whole picture won't be available to all, nor is it desired. (3/n)
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Thread of Stefan Zweig's Life Story Begins!

Austrian novelist, theater writer, biographer and journalist Stefan Zweig, born in Vienna on November 28, 1881, is known for his short story #Chess and his wonderful biography works supported by psychological analyzes.
#StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
#StefanZweig met literature at a young age and received extremely high level education in this field. Having learned #English, #French, #Italian, #Latin and #Greek, he also studied #philosophy. Stefan Zweig
Originally interested in poetry, the writer was largely influenced by the great German poet #RainerMariaRilke, born in Prague. Zweig, who translated the poetry translations of #CharlesBaudelaire and #Verlaine into German, then traveled to South Asia. #StefanZweig Stefan Zweig
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Speaking of #TheArts & supporting black businesses, I totally forgot to share this new, lovely profile piece. THANK YOU to the wonderful folks at @CapitalFringe!! 🙏 #Theater #202Creates #ACreatveDC…
"Performing a live show about sex can be much more intimate than actually having sex. Because you're talking more. And exposing yourself. Typically, when I'm having sex with someone, I don't start talking about my childhood."… #202Creates #ACreativeDC
About my recent show: "We were staring down an election year coming up. We were more than halfway through Trump's presidential run. So I wanted to do something that really talked about a lot of things it people were feeling, regardless of their politics."…
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I only just learned of this terrible loss to #coronavirus - a giant of the theater world. Rest in peace, Terrence McNally. #covid19 #Broadway #theater
How did I miss this huge news from a week ago? It happened when I was on a ventilator myself, fighting #coronavirus. But just because I have no memory of those six days doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. #COVID19
Condolences especially to Terrence’s husband @tkirdahy, a lawyer snd theater producer. Read this portrait of their beautiful relationship:…
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“A significant the development of UAE theatre.”Great interview with Al Raheel | Departure writer @rzreem and director @JoannaSettle in @magpieUAE. Commissioned by @NYUAbuDhabi and @abudhabicf. World premiere this Fri and Sat, Jan 24-25…
It’s certainly an interesting subject area, summarised by @activecultures as “the perspective of Emirati women who live in a world that toggles between English and Arabic, and who navigate expectations and opportunities in the dynamic and quickly changing world of the #UAE”.
Or as the playwright Reem Almenhali @rzreem says: “it’s about the experience of growing up in a world both traditional and turns home into a place to explore and the outside world into a place to inspect and find the relatable in.”
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Practising Acting sessions in UX bay help overcome reservations among peers. It also helps to act stepping in the shoes of the user evaluating behavioural empathy.
An acting class crying scene from the movie Lady Bird.

#acting #play #cognitivewalkthrough #contextualinquiry #UX Image
Acting exposes vulnerability of every person in the group and nurture acceptance, thus it is a good team building exercise that bring people close and teaches about mutual respect.
#hr #humanresources #Coach #corporatetrainer #trainer #speaker #teambuilding #acting #performing
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@jnlamstudies Forum, “#Shakespeare and #Black America” before the 2020 print publication if you have access to the
@CambridgeCore platform. Just in time for our #RaceB4Race discussions on appropriation! Buckle up--Tweetstorm a' comin' #LitPOC #MedievalTwitter
2/ These essays are short and, not just accessible, but actually enjoyable (IMHO). I’m always tweeting stuff for you to check out, but this time you don’t have to listen to just me. (Although y'all most def should listen to me) + #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC
3/ Look at this referee comment. Now you KNOW you need to read these if you are interested in #appropriation #pedagogy #theater #Activism #archives #BlackHistory! Thanks generous and insightful reviewer!! #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC #ShaxCultApp
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Is there a way to rebroadcast already published videos (like Documentaries, Tutorials & Conferences) just so a group of people can watch & comment on it together at the same time actively. Let's say Facebook Theater. @YouTube @Facebook Later it can be used for #VR. #F82019 #F8
@Livestream Do you provide Online Theatrical Experience by rebroadcast already published videos like documentaries, tutorials & conferences just so a group of people can watch & comment on it together at the same time actively. #theater #Coliseum #colosseum
The joy of watching together from different location. #theater #vr #livestream #live #facebooklive #youtubelive #broadcast #publish #coliseum
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