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Marine Electricals - Can this be a 10X story ?

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#retweet #marine #StocksToBuy Image
Marine Electricals India Pvt Ltd is an Indian company specializing in the field of marine electrical and automation systems.
They over four decades of experience in providing electrical solutions for the marine industry.
They cater to a wide range of clients, including shipyards, offshore installations, naval vessels, and merchant ships.
Their main products and services are as follows
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#WATCH | Woke marine biologists urge we end our derogatory language towards sharks 🙆‍♂️

#Woke #marine #biologists #derogatory #language #sharks
Woke Biologists Claim Now Even Wild Animals Are Suffering From the Effects of Systemic Racism

One of the most diabolically clever notions the Left has ever devised in order to advance its Marxist agenda has been “systemic racism.”
It’s so useful that “experts” keep finding it in more and more places, and absurdity is no bar for how low they will go. Their audience, after all, is Leftists, who are already accustomed to swallowing absurd claims on an industrial scale
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Exklusiv: #Bundeswehr im Blindflug. Trotz Warnungen vom #Bundesrechnungshof @pressebrh hat der Bund einen 2-Milliarden-Auftrag für Spionageschiffe vergeben, ohne im Vertrag eine konkrete Leistungsbeschreibung festzulegen. Nun droht eine Kostenexplosion…
Die #BRH-Prüfer meldeten laut eines vertraulichen Berichts noch vor der Auftragsvergabe im Juni 2021 „erhebliche Bedenken“ an, da in dem Milliarden-Vertrag nicht festgeschrieben war, welche Leistungen die Werft überhaupt konkret für das Steuergeld erbringen sollte.
Die Rechnungshofprüfer warnten vor dem Risiko, dass die Kosten aufgrund des lückenhaften Vertrages mittelfristig deutlich steigen könnten. Bund und Haushaltsausschuss segneten den Milliardendeal im Juni 2021 dennoch ab. Nun drohen die Kosten tatsächlich zu steigen.
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The Natural Capital Investment Alliance was created by SMI ("King" Charles - architect of #GreatReset) to serve as a central hub for global corps/finance to scale-up investments into "Natural Capital". #HSBC (Climate Asset Mgt) is a founding member.

2020: #Pollination partnered w/ HSBC to launch Climate Asset Mgt, which aims to be "world's largest dedicated natural capital asset manager"

Pollination: "...with #nature markets valued at more than $7trillion a year, we are in a new era of investing..."…
June 8, 2022: "Leading financial institutions partner with #UNECA & FSD #Africa to form the African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA)" #UK

ANCA is a TNFD (Mark Carney) piloting programme partner.

#Nature as the new asset class.…
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#Marine #WWII Le 5 novembre 1941, le tribunal maritime de #Toulon condamnait le quartier-maître canonnier Roger Piéton par défaut à dix ans de prison pour désertion à l'étranger en temps de guerre. 1/7
⬇️Extraits de l'état signalétique et des services de Roger Piéton ImageImage
Engagé volontaire le 7 avril 1936, Roger Piéton était à bord du Forbin depuis le 25 août 1939, lorsque la Force X, à laquelle appartenait le torpilleur, avait été internée à #Alexandrie par les Anglais dans le cadre de l'opération Catapult (3 juillet 1940). 2/7 Mouillage des bâtiments fra...
Le 15 juillet 1940, Roger Piéton avait déserté de son bâtiment pour rallier les #FNFL. Il avait été porté déserteur le 17 juillet à 0 h 00. 3/7
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Yesterday 29/10 at 4.20am
#naziUkraine, assisted by the fascist British colonial regime "carried out a terrorist attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships that were on the outer and inner roadsteads of the Sevastopol base."… Screenshot of post by Russian Ministry of Defence. The state2 of 2: "◽️It should be emphasised that the ships o
"The attack involved nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous maritime drones.

The prompt measures taken by the forces of the #BlackSea Fleet destroyed all air targets."
"It should be emphasised that the ships of the #BlackSeaFleet that were subjected to the #terrorist attack are involved in ensuring the security of the ‘grain corridor’ as part of an international initiative to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports."
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As business from around the world meet at the @OceanCouncil Sustainable Ocean Summit 🌊 to discuss the #ocean, #climate and #biodiversity, #PLOSBiology is proud to announce our new collection of articles on #OceanSolutions for a sustainable, healthy and inclusive future 🧵1/11
Collection guest editors Nancy Knowlton @SeaCitizens and Emanuele Di Lorenzo @manu_ocean outline their vision for the collection in their Editorial #OceanSolutions 🧵2/11
In their Perspective, @jenniferjacquet and Daniel Pauly argue that the current definition of ‘#sustainable fisheries’ should be reimagined to minimize exploitation and prioritize small-scale artisanal and subsistence fishing #OceanSolutions 🧵3/11
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🇫🇷⚓️ "En mer, passer de la basse intensité à la haute intensité, de la patrouille au combat, n'est qu'une affaire d'ordres."

Thread de l'interview de @amiralVandier (@MarineNationale) dans le dernier hors-série de @DSI_Magazine. Image
⚓️ "L'accélération des cycles d'innovation a un effet nivelant. Cela profite de façon disproportionnée aux puissances régionales, qui disposent désormais de capacités jusque-là réservées aux marines les plus puissantes." @amiralVandier Image
⚓️ "Un bâtiment de guerre déployé hors du port base est en mesure d'engager le combat à tout instant, si la situation l'exige. C'est cette exigence qui sous-tend la préparation à la "haute intensité" dans la @MarineNationale." @amiralVandier
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Die #Ostsee (#balticsea) und die Auswirkung des #Nato #Beitritt von #Schweden und #Finnland.
Um die Bedeutung, vor allem der Marine zu verstehen geht es im 2.Teil der Serie um die Grundlagen der Aufgaben der #Marine.
Die Marine ist wesentlich mehr als ein paar graue Schiffe, 1/x
sondern ein Wirkverbund aus Land-, See- und Lufteinheiten!

Neben Sensoren und Effektoren ist Führung elementar.
Sensoren dienen der Aufklärung und Zielerfassung/-zuweisung.
Effektoren sind die Waffen (Geschütze, Raketen etc)
Führung ist das, 2/x Bild von Image
Was alles verbindet und koordiniert. Es gibt sogar Schiffe die nur zur Führung von großen Verbänden da sind. Diese werden teilweise sogar noch von weiteren Schiffen unterstützt welche eine Warfare Area (Kampfbereich) wie z.B. Flugabwehr leiten.3/x…
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Wondering what is really behind #BadPlanning #Travesty4OireachtasScrutiny & want to know what the Government is doing just on one of many bills before the #Dáil rises for summer recess next week? Well then brace yourself for this👇
On Apr 6th over 2 mnths ago, MoS
told the Seanad the Gov. planned to introduce #Seanad amendments on a whole range of other matters & to other legislation to an already complex & controversial #Planning bill on #SubstituteConsent
But they didn't, instead ...👇
..instead the Gov waited until the Bill finished in the #Seanad and with a week to go before the Dáil rises as the bill arrived in the Dáil for 2nd stage,
announces the Gov are bringing all those & even more changes to the bill. In fact ...
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Wondering what is really behind #BadPlanning #Travesty4OireachtasScrutiny & want to know what the Government is doing just on one of many bills before the Dáil rises for summer recess next week? Well then brace yourself for this👇
On Apr 6th over 2 mnths ago, MoS @peterburkefg told the Seanad the Gov. planned to introduce #Seanad amendments on a whole range of other matters & to other legislation to an already complex & controversial #Planning bill on #SubstituteConsent
But they didn't, instead ...👇
..instead the Gov waited until the Bill finished in the #Seanad and with a week to go before the Dáil rises as the bill arrived in the Dáil for 2nd stage, @DarraghOBrienTD announces the Gov are bringing all those & even more changes to the bill. In fact ...
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Since Monday a small but powerful delegation is representing @CREAF_ecologia at #UNOceanConference2022 in Lisbon.

Why are we, a mainly (but not exclusively) terrestrial ecology research center, at #UNOC2022?

🧵#ScienceDiplomacy #TurquoiseDiplomacy #NoBlueNoGreen #CREAF20k Image
As Her Deepness @SylviaEarle says, “no blue 💙, no green 💚”, ‘cuz what happens in & to the #ocean affects the whole world since the ocean absorbs:

🔥 90% of the 🌏 extra heat since the 50s
🫧 1/4 of the CO2 from human emissions

#UNOC2022 #OceanDiplomacy #TurquoiseDiplomacy Image
And what happens in the 💚 also affects deeply the 💙

Our postdoc @ezteliz research focuses on the links between terrestrial and #marine systems, and how river discharges have a great impact on coastal areas, specially #plankton communities.

#UNOC2022 #TurquoiseDiplomacy Image
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[#THREAD] En ce lendemain de la journée internationale des forêts @JIF_France, le conflit opposant certains militants écologistes et les gestionnaires/exploitants forestiers pose une question centrale : la #forêt était elle mieux gérée avant ? 🧐
👇Réponse illustrée
Sous l'ancien régime, la forêt est un espace multifonctionnel. On y prélève du #bois pour la #construction, la #marine, pour se chauffer mais également sous la forme de #charbon de bois pour l'#industrie sidérurgique, très gourmande en combustible.
On retrouve ainsi des massifs de #futaies (arbres de grande taille et de gros diamètre) prélevé entre 80 et 100 ans et des #taillis (bois issus de rejets de souches) exploités à TRES courte rotation, entre 10 et 25 ans, dévitalisant les sols.
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1. Is financial market pricing in some heightened Taiwan Strait war risk this week? Yes, a little. No perfect measure. With China on holiday last wk, can attribute some pop of 5-yr CDS price as caused by heighted attention, which happens around Oct with back to back national days
2. To put in context, China 5 Yr CDS value is 48.87, reveals a 0.81% implied probability of default, on a 40% recovery rate supposed. US 5 Yr CDS is 17.4, reveals a 0.29% implied probability of default. Recent increase in US mostly by the debt ceiling fight. #MintTheCoin hahaha
3. @PredictIt betting market doesn't have a Taiwan specific market, but has 3 China related contracts. Betting on who would be confirmed for next US Ambassador to China, and Pres. Xi's chance of staying as party General Secretary for next 10 years.
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There’s a gaping (loop)hole in #climate reporting, calculations & countermeasures—#BlueCarbon!

Must finally put #Seabed #CarbonSink on agenda for #COP26...

Here too #China leads world in #carbon damage—by far.

Time for accountability on #RoadToGlasgow!…
#Ocean covers 71% of world’s surface..<10% mapped w/ modern sonar.

Salt marshes, mangroves, seagrass beds & ultra-deep abyssal #seabed absorb large quantities of #CO2 from atmosphere & balancing critical #climate systems.

Disrupting risks grave & potentially irreversible harms
.@Nature: “#marine sediments are the largest pool of organic #carbon on the planet.”

Est. vol. ~7 trillion metric tons—>3X cumulative anthropogenic #CO2 emissions since 1750.

Bottom trawl #fishing & #seabed mining—both #PRC-led—risk damaging disruption.…
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Neues aus den Cyber Innovation Hub der Bundeswehr… #machen #marine
🚀Mit der Innovation Challenge der Einsatzflottille 1 war die Marine die erste Teilstreitkraft, die zusammen mit uns im großen Stil auf Ideensuche ging. Und die Ideensuche für eine digitale Marine geht weiter.
💡⚓Mit seiner Initiative DIGITAL NAVY will das Marinekommando die Digitalisierung seiner Streitkräfte vorantreiben. Dabei soll die Digitalisierung vor allem an konkreten Problemen und pragmatischen Lösungsvorschlägen aus der Truppe ausgerichtet werden.
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As Taronga’s Research & #Conservation Coordinator, & a marine biologist specializing in #ConservationGenetics, Dr Jo Day, wears many hats – & most are waterproof! Jo’s work covers many areas & species, including the little-known Port Jackson #shark... #MarineScience #ScienceWeek
Data from GPS and accelerometer tags fitted to Taronga zoo-based Port Jackson #sharks allowed the team to identify resting & active swimming, as well as feeding behaviour.
Using fine and broad scale #MovementEcology data from these Port Jackson #sharks, #MachineLearning models allowed the team to identify these key behaviours in this elusive #marine #shark species.…
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Australia has for years been battling to keep the Great Barrier Reef off the “in danger” list. On June 22, 2021, a UN committee recommended that the GBR should be added to a list of “in danger” World Heritage Sites.

Read more about Great Barrier Reef in the thread below:

The #GBR is 2,300 km long and extends across 346,000 sq. km. area, hosting an assemblage of fishes and invertebrates in the reefs, sharks, rays, anemones and myriad other forms all of which need a delicate ecological balance to thrive.

#GBR won a place on the World Heritage List under the World Heritage Convention, 1972, as it has outstanding universal value. As a fabled wonder of the natural world, Australia’s GBR and its diversity of #marine life found a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1981.

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(1) The 4th stage of the Program by the Min of #Fisheries to build #ArtificialReefs and #FishSpawning habitats with old busses and concrete structures is been successfully conducted in the seas off the #Jaffna peninsula. Earlier stages were conducted in Trinco, Galle and Matara.
(2) The protest by the #TamilNadu #Fishermen against the program stating it as an irresponsible move has been rejected by the #GOSL and will be continued. Similar programs are conducted globally, it has been recommended by the #MarineResearch Institute in SL, #NARA as well.
(3) While it will boost Fish Spawning, #Marine Habitats and #environment damaged over the years by human factors and #illegal fishing methods such as #BottomLineTrawling, it will also act as an shield against bottom line trawling conducted illegally by the #Indian Fishermen.
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(1/7) On this #WorldTurtleDay discover the story of Thunderbird, the loggerhead turtle 🐢 that travelled 6000km. Her epic journey illustrates 2 of the major threats that many #marine #species face 🦈🐋 – entanglement in #ghost fishing gear and #bycatch in industrial #fisheries 🆘
(2/7) Thunderbird was found entangled in ghost fishing gear by #SaveTheMedFoundation in July 2020, and taken to the @PalmaAquarium rescue centre in Mallorca 🐢

📷Save The Med
(3/7) We attached a #satellite tag 🛰️ before she was released as part of the “Oceanographic turtles”, a joint programme by @socib_icts, @alnitakmission, @PalmaAquarium and @ExeterMarine, with the support of @NOAA NMFS 📉🐢
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🙋‍♀️Bonjour, c'est Fatima Jomaa, doctorante à @IGE_Grenoble, qui travaille avec l'équipe C2H (Climat, Cryosphère et Hydrosphère). ⤵️
🔎L'équipe C2H cherche à mieux comprendre les interactions entre le #climat, la cryosphère et l'hydrosphère dans les régions froides de la planète, et leur positionnement dans le système climatique global. Suivez mon fil de discussion pour en savoir plus sur mon travail !🧐
➡️Les risques naturels associés aux précipitations extrêmes, tels que les #inondations 🌊 et l'#érosion côtière, ont provoqué la mort de milliers de personnes et d'énormes pertes économiques. Image
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NITI Aayog Islands Development Project: Megathread
The project involves:
- Redevelopment and Industrialisation of #GreatNicobar
- Redevelopment into a Model City of other islands, starting with #LittleAndaman Island… [1/16]
- The project involves construction of an #airport, #port, & a transportation system
- #Galathea WLS was denotified for the project
- The WLS is known for being the nesting site of the #LeatherbackTurtle. [2/16]
The denotification of the WLS in January contradicted the National Marine #Turtle Action Plan (released Feb 2021) which declared the Galathea WLS as one of India’s few ‘Important #Coastal and #Marine #Biodiversity Areas’ and ‘Important Marine Turtle #Habitats’. [3/16]
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🙏 RT
#クジラ#イルカ は、 乱獲による食料の枯渇、産業汚染による出生率の低下、廃棄された網タイツとプラスチックによる殺害など、多くの人為的な実存的脅威に直面しています。それは
#偽りのサステイナブル漁業 です。 #Seaspiracy を見る #Netflix
毎年30万頭以上の #クジラ#イルカ#fishnets で混獲として殺されています。 #Seafood を食べる人々は、トロール漁船が海に行き、クジラとイルカのこれらの死を引き起こす理由です。 #ボイコット #シーフード#偽りのサステイナブル漁業 Seaspiracyを見る
🙏 RT
毎年少なくとも5000万匹の #サメ が商業漁業で混獲として殺されています。 過去数十年でサメの90%が失われました。 シーフードを食べることは、サメや他の #sealife の殺害の一因となります。
#ボイコット #シーフード
#偽りのサステイナブル漁業 を見る
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