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Had the pleasure of discussing with leading #tech activists on the use of #BigData in #elections in #Africa & the implications for #democracy. With elections in #Guinea #CôtedIvoire #Niger #Burkina #Ghana, the issue is high on the agenda! Thx @Info_Activism! Key resources below. Image
Think #BigData is not being harnessed for political influence in #WestAfrica? Read @simonallison's article on the use of data in the 2019 presidential #election in #Senegal and think again!…
For a deep (and chilling) dive into data-driven campaigning, what it means, how it works, the companies behind it and the services they offer (psychometric profiling, robotcalls, geotracking, etc.), read @Info_Activism's excellent report:…
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EXCLUSIVE: my team at the @DFRLab & I uncovered a massive political influence op run by a Tunisian company that ran a network of more than 900 FB pages, groups, users and IG accounts to influence presidential elections across Africa.… #OperationCarthage
@DFRLab The op, which we’re referring to as #OperationCarthage, used coordinated inauthentic behavior on FB and other platforms to influence multiple elections.
@DFRLab Among the campaigns supported by #OperationCarthage were Nabil Karoui’s 2019 presidential campaign in Tunisia, Faure Gnassingbé’s Feb 2020 campaign in Togo and Henri Konan Bédié’s current campaign in Cote d’Ivoire.
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#BurkinaFaso: A thread on military operations and the militant groups straddling the borders of several West African coastal states
#BurkinaFaso: To begin with several of these countries are on the alert, fearing spillover [or maybe even expansion] of violent militant activities into their countries, debatable if that will happen,..
#BurkinaFaso: ..non-violent activities is a reality though, movements, recruitment, logistic transfers. #Benin experienced what so far is a one-off incident with the killing of a Beninese tour guide and the abduction of a French couple
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Ce vendredi 05 Octobre 1990, deux jeunes hommes menottés parcourent les quelques centaines de mètres qui séparent la prison civile de Lomé du palais de justice. 1/
La foule est massée des deux côtés de la petite route. Ils n'en n'ont sans doute pas conscience mais ils sont en train d'écrire une page historique, ce jour-là. 2/
Mais bien comprendre la portée des événements en cours demande que nous fassions un saut de 27 ans dans le temps. Nous voilà à la date du 13 Janvier 1963. 3/
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In the light of the new #coronavirus cases in #Osun, let's very briefly talk about #Nigeria's (or Africa's borders). It was sometime last year that I found that probably the 4th largest concentration of Ogbomoso indigenes after Ogbomoso itself, Ibadan and Kano, is in Abidjan.
Basically, this Nigerian community has links with that part of #IvoryCoast because of trade routes that predate the British and the French, and apparently, those trade routes are still in use, which is how people made it through #Nigeria's ostensibly closed borders.
Internet service provider went down, so the thread will continue shortly.

I've seen replies that saying Ogbomoso people are also strong in #Jos and #Ghana, but for the purposes of this, I'll stick with what Mr Akin Akinbola, a much older man from Ogbomoso, told me in Paris.
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It is time for one long #Coronavirus update. I have been resisting doing this as (1) I do not want to add to the hysteria & the panic & (2) I don't believe in doomsday predictions. Moreover, things have been moving so fast, who knows what's what. BUT it's time for real talk...
Overall, #Coronavirus (the outbreak of #COVID19) is REAL. The effects on your daily life from the fallout will be REAL. The impact society, economics, & politics in 2020 will be severe & REAL. None of this is Fake News. None of this should be downplayed. (2/
People who are trying to silence REAL discussion are doing a disservice to the public interest. This is a 9/11 & 2008 level event in terms of its impact on domestic & international dynamics. This thread is not about creating panic but encouraging a smarter response. (3/
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MAR 6 #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronavirusUSA Live UPDATES MD THREAD 1: Sorry no time to start now .. will just post this. Crowdfunded TRUCK @CDCgov #Atlanta for #IMPOTUS45 Photo Op. SEE ACT BLUE TO KEEP IT ROLLING .. And Breaking 100,000 Cases. @votevets @AMSA_News @maddow @CNN
MAR 6 #CoronavirusUSA from LIVE UPDATES MD THREAD 2: FROM 10:24 PM Yesterday: U.S. death toll rises to 12, as worries increase over possible #viruscluster on #GrandPrincess #cruiseship off #CA GOT THAT #Trump @GavinNewsom uses HIS Army to help. SEE MORE
MAR 6 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: NOT GOOD. There were 62 Passengers who stayed on board w other sick ones, one died. BUT They DID NOT DELIVER enough TEST KITS for them ALL...Why Not @GavinNewsom?! @USArmy @uscoastguard QUIT LISTENING to BAD LAY ADVICE from #TrumpsCDC @UCSF
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I know when you think of countries to visit, Togo might not make the cut, allow me to share the awesomeness of Togo in this guide.

If you are in Ghana, Benin or Nigeria, its the perfect weekend getaway

I fell in love in Togo 🇹🇬 😍

ECOWAS passport holders do not need a visa to Togo.

What you do need is a valid Passport, National ID card or a drivers license!

A yellow fever card is required!

By road
You can get a loading car to Aflao/ Togo at all hours
•Tudu Aflao station
•Tema Roundabout
•Madina Station

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 28-50ghc

By Air
Asky Airlines offers direct flights to Lomé
Duration: 1 hour
Cost : $200+
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Maybe you’ve seen #Togo on Disney+, which is a true story about musher Leonard Seppala and his lead dog, who crossed incredibly tough terrain to carry medicine to Nome and prevent an epidemic.

It’s an important story—and it made me realize I haven’t talked much about lead dogs.
Most people know that lead dog(s) run in front of the team. But their job is a lot subtler than that, too, and there are some pretty big misconceptions.
First off, many people think that lead dogs are dominant. That they fight their way to the top. I think this myth comes from Jack London, and it is totally, completely wrong (as is the flawed theory of “alpha dogs” that it taps into).
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Let's take a tour along the coast of eastern #Ghana, #Togo and #Benin in images taken from #ISS, 11Dec2019. First stretch is eastern Ghana. Images ISS061-E-76460-76489. We start at #OldNigo, hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 1/6
Next stop is at #SongorLagoon. Images ISS061-E-76469-76473. Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 2/6
We then take a look at the #Volta River entering the Atlantic Ocean (and the Gulf of Guinea in particular). Hi-res… @DaveAtCOGS 3/6
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Mercury will pass between Earth & Sun on afternoon, 11 Nov 2019 Monday. Most of #MercuryTransit2019 can be seen from all of Africa, till local sunset. @SKA_Africa @SAAOOutreach @AfricaAstronomy @Astro4Dev & others are coordinating a Africa-wide campaign for #ToM2019 #ToMAfrica
It is VERY dangerous to look at the Sun directly using telescope binoculars or naked eyes. Looking at Sun's image projected onto a sheet of paper by a telescope is safe. There r a few public events by science centres etc in Africa where u can see #ToM2019 safely (pic @samyukta_m)
An interactive map of public events in Africa for #ToMAfrica, transit timings, a free handbook on #ToM2019, posters, and a podcast on #MercuryTransit2019 are at…,… and
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Big news from the latest @UN report on #ISIS/#alQaida was ISIS' rebuild strategy and that much of it is being directed by Abu Bakr al-#Baghdadi out of Iraq

But there are a number of other interesting observations in the report...
On #alQaida, the @UN intelligence suggests the group although the health of AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri & AQ's succession plan "are in doubt"
The @UN report also concludes #alQaida-aligned groups "are stronger than their #ISIL [#ISIS] counterparts in #Idlib, #Syria|n Arab Republic, #Yemen, #Somalia and much of West #Africa"
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I will make a thread on why I am against the electoral putsch in #DRC and why I am worried for this country that has never known a democratic transition since independence.
Let me start with a disclaimer : I don’t like France. No rather I hate France. I have never hidden it and this will not change even after my death because it is personal. France hurt me , physically , psychologically, emotionally , financially by imposing a savage regime in #Togo
This said, may you all know that I don’t give a jack about #France and it’s mate Belgium which did worse in the #DRC than #France did in #Togo where we still have memories of White French soldiers descending on the streets along with our soldiers to repress us during protests.
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In a week where the North East got yet another military commander, we got a better look at overburdened infrastructure.

Elsewhere, as MTN gears up to enter the banks’ turf, concern over Nigeria's food import practices conjures a picture of a recently painted but creaking house.
The @MTNGroup's announcement is a positive for #Nigeria's economy as it substantiates previous comments by MTN that it has no plans to exit Nigeria despite its spat with @cenbank over alleged illegal fund repatriation.
The announcement ties into @MTNGroup’s strategy to become the biggest provider of mobile financial services in #Africa.

The telecoms-led drive to provide mobile money services will introduce a new interesting chapter in #Nigeria’s financial services sector.
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The #UnitedNations still has an unfulfilled promised to🇵🇸#Palestine, a commitment that was adopted 70 years ago at the General Assembly & has not materialized yet: the creation of its free & sovereign State.-🇧🇴#Bolivia's Amb. to the #UN, @SachaLlorenti
"70 yrs ago the #UN made 2 promises to the world
1st was to create a free & sovereign state of #Israel,the promise was fulfilled
2nd promise was to create a free independent & sovereign state of #Palestine
We're talking of more than 70yrs of an unfulfilled promise"#Bolivia UN Amb
"One of the parties has built checkpoints in occupied #Palestinian Territories,
an annexation wall along the #WestBank, illegal settlements,responsible for preventing the return of more than👉#6MILLION👈Palestinian refugees to their homes,..."@SachaLlorenti,#Bolivia's Amb. to #UN
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This retraction by @AlJazeera actually raises more questions than answers, and to my mind at least, brings to the fore, the fact that our Federal Republic of Anyhowness, has gone global...
Yesterday, asides @AlJazeera_World, other news outlets, including the Twitter only news outlet, @spectatorindex said that #Nigeria's ambassador had attended the opening of the American Embassy in #Jerusalem.
Isreali outlets such at @TimesofIsrael and @HamodiaIL also ran with the news. @haaretzcom actually went so far as to publish an infograph that included #Nigeria's name as one of the country's "celebrating with them" on the grand new opening...
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.@SamanthaJPower But when we urged you @USUN to speak out ahead of @UN_HRC electing #Russia #Saudi #Venezuela #China #Cuba, you never did.
2013: We urged you to oppose UN electing China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Vietnam. You never did.…
2014: When Mugabe was elected to @UNECOSOC—oversees human rights bodies—we urged you to speak out. You never did.…
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