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Meanwhile, the #BuildBackBetter #WaaheenMarket march in #Hargeysa, @Somaliland, continues. Today another important milestone has been reached. We have a plan, an approved conceptual structure, a winning #Sudanese company among the seven shortlisted proposals, and a time line.
We continue raising money for the funds needed to cover such an ambitious project costs. With the spirit of #SomalilandCan, the National Committee for the Support of Waaheen victims, the business and religious committee, the technical team are all working together to deliver.
1130 shops in 3 floors, 557 parking posts, electric elevators, services, state of the art for security, fire, and sanitation + separate but linked market for vegetables and meat. This will be a landmark and unique building for the Hargeysa, the Capital of Republic of Somaliland.
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Dankzij het @burgercomiteeu komt er een kamerdebat over het zogenoemde #BuildBackBetter-denken. Dit moet bijdragen aan meer transparantie over globalistische krachten die teveel invloed zouden hebben op de Nederlandse politiek. /1
@burgercomiteeu "Hoe u ook over [de huidige] crisis denkt, het is evident dat die wordt gebruikt om supranationale krachten meer macht over ons dagelijkse leven te geven. Hun ondoorzichtige werkwijze heeft zich steeds dieper in de werking van de Nederlandse overheid genesteld... /2
... zoals ook maar weer bleek uit de toestanden rond de inmiddels beruchte mondkapjesdeal. Of uit de #WEF-papers (deze documenten die de relatie tussen het WEF en onze staat aantonen vindt u hier:…", aldus het @burgercomiteeu /3
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#Davos2022: la metamorfosi del World Economic Forum

Il #WEF riscopre la geopolitica e si schiera nella nuova contrapposizione globale.

Il mio nuovo articolo per #IntelligenceForThePeople 🧵
L’imponente dispositivo di sicurezza dispiegato a protezione dell’incontro di #Davos testimonia sia della rilevanza di tale appuntamento, sia del senso di insicurezza delle élite occidentali in questo frangente storico.

Fondato nel 1971 dal professore tedesco #KlausSchwab, che ne è tuttora presidente, il #WEF ha sempre promosso un’agenda globalista basata sul coinvolgimento del grande capitale privato a prescindere dai differenti sistemi politici in cui si trova ad operare.
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Time for the #Waves DeFi Revival Master Plan! 📜

Here is the plan to build Waves #DeFi back better than ever 👇🏻
2 major problems started April 2nd:
1️⃣ @neutrino_proto, $USDN stablecoin depegged from the USD - due to large selling of the USDN in the @CurveFinance pool
2️⃣ @viresfinance suffered a liquidity crunch - due to all the lenders deposits being loaned out to large borrowers
Both problems are still existing today.

$USDN is - almost - back to peg at $0.97 and Vires withdrawals are limited by the amount of liquidity that is repaid every day by borrowers.

We understand how hard this has been on the community, which is why this plan is so important.
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1⃣We are not going to limit warming to no more than 1.5°C. Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed, or in denial, or dishonest. Does that mean we are doomed in the future? Ask that question to someone suffering the brutal heat in India.…
2⃣Accepting the failure of the Paris Agreement means stopping asking for "more political will". We cannot continue to have faith in the political & economic systems that are unable to deliver the scale of change required.…
3⃣We've had decades of fine words & pledges but the fundamentals remain. 80% of global energy is still supplied by fossil fuels. That's 1970s levels.…
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No baby formula for American babies in Gordon county.

But Democrats have pallets stacked floor to ceiling at the border.

A grandmother just told me she is going from store to store, and can’t find any.
No baby formula in Dalton, Georgia.

But don’t worry Biden is handing us over to the WHO and the federal government bought 13 million doses of vaccines for Monkypox.
If this was California you could steal baby formula up to $900 worth with no consequences, but in Georgia where we respect law and order, there are now security censors on the very few cans of baby formula that can be found.

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Let’s be clear – @RepScottPeters, along with @RepSchrader and @RepKathleenRice voted *with Republicans* to tear down the Lower Drug Costs Now Act which had overwhelming support from most of the Democratic caucus – Biden, Pelosi, and Progressives included.
The “orchestration of a compromise”, as the Union-Tribune describes the situation, is quite deceptive.

Let’s break it down ⬇️
The original drug pricing provision in #BuildBackBetter was not only much stronger than Peters’ version that the Union Tribune cited, but it also had the vast support of Democratic leadership in both houses.

It was adopted from a previous bill – HR3.…
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Biden ha pedido al congreso que apruebe un paquete de 33 mil millones de dólares para la defensa de Ucrania. Algunas claves del discurso: 👇🏽
1. Ha dicho que este paquete es necesario para la seguridad y la libertad de Ucrania y el mundo, que no están atacando a Rusia sino ayudando a Ucrania y que Putin es el agresor y puede detener la guerra cuando quiera. También que las amenazas nucleares son irresponsables.
2. Este ingente presupuesto se destinará, sobre todo, a armamento, pero también a combatir la ciber-guerra y a ayuda humanitaria (comida, agua, medicinas y mantener las escuelas y hospitales abiertos).
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Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Elite confectionery products… <--- Recall of range of products including chocolate due to salmonella fears. So many of these lately. Yet they don't withdraw one thing causing most damage by far: 💉Why this looks like message for the elite.
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Starting now! We'll be live-tweeting, and sharing takeaways later on if you can't join us now.
Georgia Goldburn of @cercle & @Hope4NewHaven: "We were celebrated as 'essential' during the pandemic, which was the first time we felt validated. And when the budget came out, and we saw we got nothing, I was livid."
Georgia Goldburn of @cercle & @Hope4NewHaven: I broke one of my cardinal rules, and I spoke out in my anger. And other providers responded with their anger-- it was a breaking point for many of us. You cannot go forward without us.
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Join us online now for the launch of the Harper’s Ferry-to-Martinsburg #MoralMarch on West Virginia!

We opened this morning in Harpers Ferry with a prayer from two local West Virginia faith leaders: “Creator, how grateful we are to stand here on holy ground. ... Together we ask for a new birth of freedom, a just share of the wealth of this land for all.”

(Photo: @stevepavey) Photo by Steve Pavey
Katrina Fernandez stood with us—and six of her children—today to say: “I’m concerned that my children are being poisoned by a factory that’s allowed to just let chemicals go in the air. ... We can’t take any more stuff in our bodies.” #PoorPeoplesCampaign

(Photos: @stevepavey) Katrina Fernandez and three...Image
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De tactiek van Den Haag en Brussel is nu om zó veel problemen te creëren dat het niet meer mogelijk is om een van die problemen op te lossen. Mensen zien door de bomen het bos niet meer. Maar het is eenvoudig; het probleem is Den Haag, daar zitten de probleemmakers. Al deze 1/
bewust geschapen problemen hebben namelijk maar één doel: de opmars naar een EU in opmaat naar een Wereldregering (NWO, die er feitelijk al is, maar nog niet officieel). #TheGreatReset #BuildBackBetter #NWO
#Regeringmoetweg #NietmijnRegering #NietNLregering
En Oekraïne is de perfecte kapstok om al die problemen aan te hangen. Televisiekijkend Nederland slikt het als zoete koek.
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🚨🚨🚨 How much more will YOU pay if #AmRescuePlan subsidies AREN'T extended?…
⚠️ The #AmRescuePlan dramatically enhanced & expanded #ACA financial help for millions of people. Unfortunately, this is is currently set to expire at the end of 2022.

The #BuildBackBetter bill extends this thru 2025, but of course the GOP + Manchin blocked it in the Senate. 2/
⚠️ If the #AmRescuePlan's enhanced #ACA subsidies *aren't* extended beyond 12/31/22, 26-yr old enrollees will have to pay up to ~$1,500 more in health insurance premiums in 2023.
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#PMLive interview with @ScottMorrisonMP:

1. "Our economy is one of the strongest in the world."
...except for the trillion dollars of debt?
2. "Labor took the defence spending down."
...sure, but #Liberals spent a fortune on the wrong things. You can't just count the dollars on defence and say 'Australia is protected'. Where are the questions about the serious defence failures leaving us more unprepared than ever?
3. "I've stood up for our freedoms in our part of the world." weird. I don't remember #Scomo protecting a single Australian worker from #Covid19 mandates that cost them their jobs - or any point in time where he scorned Premiers for enacting undemocratic emergency powers.
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Many people have asked me why the Biden Admin didn’t move on this LAST year. There’s two reasons I can think of: First, the process is a long & convoluted one; it might simply have taken a full year to get to this point. 1/
The other is more pragmatic: They were hoping to have #BuildBackBetter passed and signed into law by now. The CBO score *without* the family glitch will likely be billions of dollars higher than with it still in place. They might’ve been hoping to lock in ARP legislatively first.
With the #FamilyGlitch fixed, up to 5.1 million more Americans would become eligible for #ACA subsidies. Assuming half of them took this up, that’d increase enrollment by another ~18% or so. CBO scored permanent ARP subsidies at ~$220B over a decade, so that’d go up ~$40B or so.
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De regering zal er altijd alles aan doen om te zorgen dat u, de meerderheid moeite heeft om rond te komen iedere maand. Een klein groepje kan, de massa niet. Zo houdt de regering haar macht. Daarom verzint zij continu problemen, die u geld kosten, grof geld. Daarnaast zal zij 1/
de mensen altijd willen verdelen, zodat deze niet gezamenlijk optrekken tegen de regering. Dit ligt al vast in het partijenstelsel. Een briljant systeem dat doet alsof iedereen keuze heeft, vertegenwoordigd kan worden, maar bedoeld om mensen te verdelen en tegen elkaar op te 2/
zetten. Met de regering bedoel ik niet alle kamerleden, velen zijn naïef en hebben niet eens door dat de leidende kartelleden in opdracht van het internationale bankenwezen werken. Sommige zijn zo naïef, zoals Jesse Klaver, dat ze echt denken dat de oplossingen die dit banken- 3/
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This is going to be a thread about the #COVIDRecovery #BuildBackBetter #RecoveryPlan and how it's been a total failure through the lens of #emissions #climatechange and #adaptation. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #EconomicRecovery 🧵 1/x
I started following this in December 2020, when this paper was released:

"If fiscal packages are invested in carbon-intensive technologies and traditional fossil fuel-based infrastructure, this will bring huge lock-in effects on emissions."… 2/x
"Five-year emissions will increase by 15.6% (22.0 Gt) versus decreases of 4.7% (6.6 Gt), if the fiscal packages were invested in clean energy and advanced technologies (scenario SDS)." 3/x
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1/ The WEF is funded by global Corporations & now they have influence over strategic government funding to benefit its members not us, despite soundbites to the contrary.

The UK government is allowing it to shape our future, incl. the NHS & infrastructure spend, remember that.
2/ On UK. gov its hidden in plain site.
"UK and World Economic Forum to lead regulation revolution to foster industries of the future"
But only those that benefit members. obvs.…
3/ And if you dig a bit deeper, here's the partnership with the NHS for public and private partnerships. The partners are of course members of the WEF…
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"Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson – when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs & threats to America & the world keep rising.

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"American diplomacy matters."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
"#Putin’s war was premeditated & unprovoked. He rejected efforts at diplomacy. He thought the West & @NATO wouldn’t respond. And, he thought he could divide us here at home.
Putin was wrong. We were ready."

Excerpt from @POTUS @JoeBiden's #SOTU address.

#Ukraine #Russia
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#SOTU 🧵-- Tonight @POTUS will deliver his first State of the Union address. In addition to confronting the crisis in #Ukraine, @WhiteHouse says the President will speak in depth about his economic vision.
He will lay out a 4-point plan to lower costs including:
* Making more things in #America, strengthening #supplychains
* Reducing the costs of everyday expenses for working families
* Promoting fair competition, protecting consumers
* Eliminating barriers to good-paying jobs
While you will hear @POTUS tout practical measures like reducing prescription drug, health care and childcare costs, you may NOT hear the words "BUILD BACK BETTER." A senior administration official told me "It's not about the name of the bill. It's about the ideas..."
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Fastest EU-membership negotiations ever, even faster than @Eurosurveillanc's rapid response.

Congrats @vonderleyen, @ProfKlausSchwab, @georgesoros.
Ah, btw. Uncle @ProfKlausSchwab, why did the @KremlinRussia_E hide this link?

It's just 4 months ago. Memory-holed?

Asking for my mommy.… Image
Ah, btw. @ProfKlausSchwab, why did you hide Putin's @wef-profile?

Why would you do that? Klaus?

I had to extra-retrieve it from That's not user-friendly.

Archive: ImageImage
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NEW TODAY: report offers most comprehensive analysis yet of impacts of congressional budget & infrastructure bills, detailing impacts on CO2, investment, household energy costs, energy related jobs, public health, and more:… ImageImageImageImage
We model in detail impacts of the #BuildBackBetter Act (BBBA) now stalled in the Senate.
We also model the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA), now law, which we find would leave annual greenhouse gas emissions 1.3 billion tons short of the nation’s 2030 climate goals. Image
Indeed, we conclude that the bipartisan infrastructure law (IIJA) delivers just 9% of the emissions reductions (relative to a Frozen Policies benchmark) needed to reach 2030 US climate goals, leaving a yawning gap unlikely to be bridged by executive action and state policy alone. Image
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