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Attention #QTPOC (queer & trans people of color) in #Wisconsin! @OurLivesMadison is asking for you to submit an image of yourself for a special QTPOC Feature in this year’s Pride edition of the magazine. Please share widely!
To be clear, to participate you must live in Wisconsin and identify as a person of color (non-white) & a member of the LBGTQIA+ community (not allies). Please tag anyone who know who qualifies!
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.#Wisconsin story. @JMilesColeman worked with @DecisionDeskHQ to break down this week’s state Supreme Court election. They will get to turnout next week. Democratic-backed candidate had won decisively in a race two years ago; maps here suggest what was different this time.
Context on the Neubauer-Hagedorn results above, by @BruceMurphyMKE. Points to @DanielBice for retweeting this, since one of Murphy’s arguments is that this campaign reflected diminished influence of @journalsentinel, Wisconsin’s largest newspaper.
Lastly, @SykesCharlie offers his take on how Hagedorn pulled out a narrow victory despite being abandoned by prominent GOP-leaning business groups: It came down to self-identifying Christians buying his claim to be a victim of religious persecution.
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.#Wisconsin story. Good rundown by @St_Verburg of ideas for addressing water pollution from large farms. Now that @GovEvers has replaced Scott Walker, who did not care about the environment, some of them are even coming from Republicans in the Legislature.
...And this is why such ideas are needed. Every year around this time you can drive through the farm country around Madison and see rivers of manure, spread over frozen ground and carried with snowmelt into locals streams & lakes.
This winter, which has had heavy snowfall, will see heavy farm runoff. This is just farmers exporting the pollution their operations generate for other people to deal with. Via @yaharaproject — a documentary about the watershed around Madison.
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This will be the 2019 #NFLCombine measurements thread. (The league records prospect information in 8ths of an inch and does not reduce the fractions...if you don't like it, tweet management.)
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

1. #Utah K Matt Gay
Height: 6-0
Weight: 232
Hand: 9
Arm: 30 4/8
Wingspan: 73 4/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oklahoma K Austin Seibert
Height: 5-9 2/8
Weight: 213
Hand: 8 7/8
Arm: 30 3/8
Wingspan: 70 4/8
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Thread on local #racist violence & what we do now:
Recently a white male school teacher abused an 11 year old black girl student, ripping out her braids. This occurred in #MadisonWI.…
I am out of town & unable to attend the community meeting about it today, but the anti-black violence & hatred in Madison is increasingly palpable to me, as someone who has lived there less than 2 years.
@AboutFreedomInc has been fighting to get cops out of schools for over a year now. Their youth squad attends every school board meeting to share stories & ask @MMSDschools to invest in youth of color & youth with disabilities not police.
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NORAD plans military exercise for DC area on Wednesday


@Potus @GenFlyn #QAnon #MAGA #WednesdayWisdom
Utah National Guard helicopters conduct training exercises above downtown Salt Lake City

Imagine that
What a coincidence
Anons understand
How do you deter & prevent this from happening again?
MI OP Underway…
@Potus @GenFlyn #QAnon #MAGA #WednesdayWisdom

☑️ MI OPS Underway☑️
☑️FBI Where are they now? FIRED
☑️Burr Confirms No Collusion
☑️BorderWall Being Built
☑️76K+ #sealedindictments
☑️Gitmo building US War Tribunal Court #MilitaryTribunals

@Potus @GenFlyn #QAnon #MAGA #WednesdayWisdom
Shoutout @truthforHim1224
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1. The #DNS #democratnationalsocialists are destroying #USA which changed it's name from the #CommunistParty & infiltrated since 1930 in EVERY branch of Govt. THESE communists are #TheEnemiesWithin .@Livableworld #partyofeuropeansocialists #PES #WorldSocialism
2. The spider web of communism is enormous which grew after the fall of the #Berlin WALL #WallsWork . #SamWebb #JeromeGrossman #VictorSadell #DavidBonior & dsausa leader.
3. #LeoSzilard a #NuclearPhysicist fled #Hungary to be founder of .@Livableworld #ManhattanProject These grateful #socialistleaning #Senate candidates #EdwardMKennedy & #JohnKerry & more, endorsed by the council for .@livablaworld lobbied to reduce...
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“April 2017 from Jared Kushner’s Office of American Innovation at the White House. “It was from a blocked caller, and the lady on the other end mentioned a $10 billion investment,”

#Wisconsin #Duped

Trump’s deal with Foxconn
- Bloomberg Businessweek…
This article has so much information packed into it, I’d like to shine some light on who’s responsible for getting us into debt. And also Scott Walker has over promised to get re-elected.
I’m guessing he’s not done with his political agenda.
1) “Foxconn has a history of overpromising and underdelivering on major deals.”
Instead of doing the leg work and taking time to look into Foxconn, Wisconsin GOP decided that they would just their gut.
“When asked if the state looked at Foxconn’s history”
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.#Wisconsin story. The #Foxconn boondoggle, by @AustinCarr. I fear @GovEvers & his successors will be doing damage control on this Scott Walker legacy for many years to come.
More on the #Foxconn boondoggle -- I don't disagree with anything @SykesCharlie says here. We should be clear, though, that although Trump does a cameo at the end of this story, this massive corporate welfare project was a Scott Walker production.
Right from the start, Walker as governor took the view that state government was there to serve business: to cut their taxes, make labor and environmental regulations easy to live with (or dodge), and ladle out incentives with a smile in exchange for the promise of jobs.
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Thread. #Wisconsin story via @jessieopie about aftermath of a Republican campaign gimmick. GOP legislators, supporting a lawsuit that would declare all of Obamacare unconstitutional, pledged state legislation protecting people w/pre-existing conditions if legal gambit failed.
They are now seeking to negotiate state legislation with new Democratic @GovEvers, whose response has been to suggest a bill that would do everything Obamacare does in Wisconsin if Republicans’ lawsuit to repeal Obamacare nationally succeeds.
Republicans in the legislature are outraged. They want to save their seats, not Obamacare. Why can’t @GovEvers see that and just, you know, work with them? This is headed for a bill Republicans will pass, Democrats will say (accurately) is meaningless, and Evers will veto.
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Thread. Another #Wisconsin story. Republican state legislators are seeking to follow through on a campaign gimmick. Briefly, they back a lawsuit to scrap the Affordable Care Act & its protections for people w/pre-existing medical conditions, and seek to cover themselves with...
... state legislation that mentions protection of people w/pre-existing medical conditions. There are some big loopholes, so @GovEvers responds by asking legislature to pass legislation to mandate in Wisconsin what ACA already does nationally, inc. on pre-existing conditions.
Incidentally: the rumor that Republicans in the legislature met with Evers the other day knowing he would mention Obamacare and expanding Medicare in Wisconsin, and therefore armed themselves beforehand with garlic and silver amulets, is probably not true.
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.#Wisconsin story. Tony Evers sworn in as 46th Governor of Wisconsin.
Evers, the former state superintendent of schools, get a big hand for pledging to fully fund public education. Mentions several other priorities before sound system cuts out briefly.
Prolonged applause as Evers promises to take gun violence and global warming seriously. This has been in doubt in Wisconsin recently.
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Thread. #Wisconsin story. @jessieopie live-tweeted Gov. Walker’s announcement that he would sign all the legislation in the #WisconsinPowerGrab, & reaction from Governor-elect @Tony4WI. A couple of thoughts...
2. First, I don’t know how anyone who had lived in Wisconsin watching its politics over the last decade could have been surprised Walker approved what the legislature sent him. It is probable he was consulted extensively long before the legislature acted.
3. Scott Walker & Republican legislators in Wisconsin are served by the same campaign infrastructure, and serve the same large donors. They can disagree about some things, but must always be assumed to be of one mind on anything related to funding campaigns & winning elections.
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#Michigan #GOP lame-duck session have introduced Bills to strip the DEM Gov, Attorney General & Secretary of State of key powers before Dems take over leg
@michresist asking people to go to Lansing on Tues 12/4
Here's the Committee Members considering the Bills ⤵️
House Speaker Tom Leonard, the DeWitt Republican who lost the attorney general's race by 3 percentage points to Nessel, called the bill "good government reform."
Phone: (517) 373-1778
Protest Lame Duck Session #Michigan #GOP #MIpowergrab
Michigan State Capitol December 4 09:30-12:00
Event here:…
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When the Auschwitz Museum struggles to find words appropriate to respond to your actions it is time to reevaluate your actions. #Baraboo
There was one student present who did the right thing. He should be commended for standing up for what is right even in the face of what I am sure was overwhelming peer pressure.
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#Midterms2018 : plus de 39 millions d’électeurs ont voté par anticipation. C'est un record historique : en 2014, ce chiffre était de 20,5 millions. v/@ElectProject
#Midterms2018 : dans tous le pays, les chiffres de la participation le jour du vote semblent aussi largement au-dessus de la normale, et ils dépassent même parfois ceux enregistrés en 2016. Pour rappel, la participation lors des midterms est généralement inférieure de 20 points.
#Midterms2018 : à #Nashville, la participation est déjà supérieure à celle de 2016. La mobilisation dans ce bastion démocrate du très conservateur #Tennessee est essentielle pour que @PhilBredesen conserve une chance d'être élu Sénateur.
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THREAD: Here’s every race in 2018 #Midterms where you can vote for weed legalization or against some old asshole blocking legalization. And oh yeah, help save democracy.
In #Michigan, Proposal 18-1 would legalize cannabis including flowers, concentrates and edibles. Plus you can grow 12 plants at home!…
In #Missouri, three competing legalization measures are on the ballot. Measure 2 is backed by local grassroots activists. The other two are pretty sketchy. My colleagues at @Leafly break it down in detail.…
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CMS just approved #Wisconsin’s request to extend and amend its Section 1115 #Medicaid demonstration waiver. Wisc. is unique in that it covers childless adults up to the federal poverty level (at the state’s regular matching rate).…
CMS approved 3 new conditions of Medicaid eligibility for childless adults in #WI today: (1) a work & reporting requirement for those ages 19-49; (2) $8 monthly premiums for those from 50-100% FPL; & (3) fully completing a health risk assessment at application & annual renewal.
The penalty for failing to meet the new work & reporting requirements for any 48 months is coverage loss, with a 6-month lockout period.
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At #MAGARally in #Wisconsin @POTUS says those responsible for sending pipe bombs will be found and this is "an attack on our democracy itself."
Those in the political arena must stop treating opponents as "morally defective" and comparing them to "historical villains," says @POTUS.
Political differences must be settled "peacefully at the ballot box," adds @POTUS and then admonishes media for "endless hostility" and "false attacks," declaring "they've got to stop."
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Walker and Evers sparring over who plagiarized what. Walker, who introduced the subject, got off it quickly. Gets in a Tommy Thompson (popular former WI governor, 1987-2001) reference, and adds more in the next segment.
Tony Evers pledges $1.4 billion in new schools funding, including $600 million for students with disabilities. This sounds like a lot. #wigovdebate
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According to Chuck Todd, host of @MTPDaily, this tweet is a “tell” that Donald Trump is panicked about the effort from 18 Republican Attorneys General to challenge the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in court▶️seeking to end protections for those with pre-existing conditions. #LieGate
⚡️It’s certainly not a good look for Republicans less than 3 weeks from the November Election.

▶️Neither is talking about separating more children from their parents and putting them in cages
▶️Neither is talking about stripping Social Security & Medicare programs
▶️Neither is protecting the murderers of a respected journalist, then using money as the reason and inflating the numbers while you’re doing it

🔗Link to lawsuit against the ACA:…
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.#Wisconsin story, prominent elsewhere. @ScottWalker made his position on #ACA very clear for years: he hated it & wanted it repealed, if not by Congress than by the courts. Now he’s fudging on pre-existing conditions after all this time. He’ll debate @Tony4WI on this Friday.
Follow up to this: it isn’t just @ScottWalker. GOP candidates around the country seem to be taking cues from Trump. Now, Trump is lying about supporting pre-existing conditions protections; he lies about everything. @feliciasonmez has chapter & verse.…
Just for fun, let’s pile on w/this @esballentine piece about pre-existing conditions protections, and how Republican candidates around the country struggle to explain being against them, before being for them. @sbauerAP…
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🐬It's getting closer and closer to the midterm elections and #Democrats need to #FlipTheSenate. If you can contribute—great—if not, there are other ways to help: by following their account, tweeting about them, spreading the word, volunteering, getting others to contribute, etc.
🐦Let's start with Heidi Heitkamp @SenatorHeitkamp, running for U.S. Senate in #NorthDakota. Please follow, tweet, contribute, volunteer, anything you can do, she is in a tight race.

💸To contribute, even $1 if you can spare it!…
🐦Next, Claire McCaskill @clairecmc, running for U.S. Senate in #Missouri. Please follow, tweet, contribute, volunteer, anything you can do, she is in a tight race.

💸To contribute, even $1 if you can spare it!…
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