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I want to tell you all a story, about Trump, a rally, and a Black MAGA man.

I want to tell this story because I need us to understand that white supremacy does not just depend on white people to function. 1/
It was March 11, 2016. Trump held a rally at the Peabody Opera House in downtown STL, my hometown. I was living and working there at the time, and fighting, alongside many others, in what became the #FergusonUprising, 400+ days of disciplined direct action. 2/
Trump came to campaign and folks from across the state came to see him. As you can imagine, much of his crowd was not from STL or KC, our two "urban" strongholds. Two specks of blue in a sea of red.

As yo u can suspect, many of us protested said campaign rally. 3/
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I am proud to be a co-author on @HarvardNPLI’s latest case history:

Public Safety Leadership Lessons from #Ferguson 2014 - 2015; an event I was personally involved with.

My sincere appreciation to my co-authors, NPLI Asst Directors @RicherEarth & RA Lisa Borelli Flynn.

Most importantly, thank you to the 1st responders that agreed to be interviewed for this research

Across every rank & discipline, the diversity of experiences & perspectives made this work robust.

We are honored to tell a small piece of your story. Your service is valued.

Broadly, we found that extended civil unrest differs from short-duration events in significant ways that matter to both officer and the public’s safety, tasking of resources and long term stress accrual.

The full case history can be found here:…
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Reconstruction laid the groundwork for the early carceral state. This project (part of which is my #jmp) tries to understand how American institutions became so repressive over the course of history.


(Link to paper here:…)

The incarcerated population exploded in Georgia right after the Civil War. This growth rate actually exceeded the growth rate of modern mass incarceration. So why did this happen?

You might think that this is just about the end of slavery. It is, but it also isn't.

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Thrilled to be joining #QUEENSUGARTALKS right now as we come together to discuss how we heal. Thanks to @ava for always ensuring we have the important conversations beyond the screen!
Shame, in a word, is a weight. It weighs you down, making healing from your trauma feel absolutely impossible.

The worst part is: shame is a byproduct of OTHER people. We don’t shame ourselves-we learn to be ashamed because of other folks.

I am learning not to pick up other people’s baggage.

Shame is the heaviest one-and I can’t carry it to my destination.

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Imma say this once:

White people saying “mainlanders could learn from Hawai’i and Puerto Rico” completely erases the thousands of Black people in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, ATL, and more that you did NOT march with in 2014/15.

We stand w them. You ain’t stand with us.
You think you’re being smart-you’re actually being paternalistic, self-centered and ahistorical.

The #Ferguson uprising lasted 400 days. It was the longest direct action campaign in the history of this country. You had 400+ days and you stood on the sidelines.

It’s anti-Black af to keep saying “mainlanders” need to protest. Keep it a buck and say WHITE PEOPLE. Thanks.
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Trump is freaking out tweeting attacks on McCain, Steele Dossier, DEMs & RT’g ludicrous conspiracy theories.

Get this, Rudy alledges Cohen lied to Congress therefore Flynn’s indictment should be dismissed.🙄

Something is in the pipeline that has them terrified...

FYI: McCain gave dossier to FBI in 12/9/2016.

Trump cannot pardon co-conspirators involved in the same criminal act(s) in which he is involved.

Trump’s SDNY legal probs are massive. Trump Org, & Foundation are under a forensic microscope.

50 dead: NZ

📌Trump Budget Includes $10M Funding for Mueller If Probe Remains Open

📌Mueller is believed to be wrapping up the Russia investigation

The funding won’t be needed if probe closes before Sept. 30

South FL priest jailed, accused of drugging & raping a parishioner
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This is #DanyeJones. His mom, Melissa McKinnies, is a #Ferguson Activist.

Danye was found hanging from a tree in his mom’s backyard on 10/17. The police didn’t investigate, but called it a suicide.

But Danye has just bought property to sell & his mother knows this isn’t true.
#DanyeJones is at least the 4th person related to the #Ferguson uprising to die in more than suspicious circumstances.

This is a pattern.…
Here’s #DanyeJones advertising his business a month before his death. No, this isn’t fake-I got the screengrab myself.

His mother said he had just made posts about looking forward to 2019.

And remember: the police did the same to #SandraBland.
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It's with a heavy heart that we closed the doors to @WellspringSTL. I wanted to share some of my experiences at this beautiful church. (thread incoming)
I first attended the Well on the 1st anniversary of #MikeBrown's death, August 2015. Upon arrival, a later familiar face greeted me with a hearty "Good morning and welcome to Wellspring!" I then received a hug from another friend-to-be and was shown to my seat with a coffee.
The service was both memorial and call to action; something must be done to stop these police killings. I had participated in the Boston marches last year, but @FWillisJohnson delivered a sermon that truly stirred my spirit. What soon transpired was a life-changing journey.
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Deandre Joshua - Nov 25 2014 - Shot and burned in car. Homicide.

Darren Seals - Sept 2 2016 - Shot and burned in car. Homicide.

Edward Crawford - May 5 2017 - Reportedly shot himself accidentally in car.

Antonio Sterling - April 11 2018 - Burned in car. Unknown.
#DeandreJoshua was the only person killed during the uprising that happened in #Ferguson as a result of the murder of #MichaelBrown.

Deandre was a close friend of Dorian Johnson who was with #MichaelBrown when he was killed.…
#DarrenSeals was a prominent activist in #Ferguson, and one of the first to take to the streets after #MikeBrown was killed. He was one of the main contacts for the Brown family.…
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So once again twitter is not telling the full story here.…
They are giving out stats for a limited timeframe.
September 2016-November 15 2016

Where are the rest of the stats?

Those Russian accounts operated as far back as 2014.

And TEN_GOP was active until mid 2017.

Trump was getting retweets all during the primaries
So in this "report" twitter checked @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton's twitter engagements with Russian trolls/bots.
What about @SenSanders, @tedcruz, @DrJillStein ?
How many times did they get reLPrth4y8D3
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That time Shaun King asked me to apologize for smacking ain't happening 😂😂😂 but Shaun seem decent
@KingDSeals this is 9/9/2014 this who started the whole thing. Me the homegirl @justspook and the homie Marcus
@KingDSeals if you research any of the pics and footage from the early days you won't find these Twitter ACTORvist anywhere
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