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1/ I asked GPT-4 to write 10 tweets about Tesla for me to post on twitter.

So, here they are.

2/ 🔌 Just charged my #Tesla for the first time at a V4 Supercharger! ⚡️ The future is here, and it's electrifying! 🚗💨 #ZeroEmissions #ElectricVehicles
3/ 💡 Fun fact: Did you know that #Tesla's regenerative braking system helps extend the life of your brakes and saves energy? Talk about smart driving! 🌍🍃 #EcoFriendly #DriveElectric
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Flight cancellation by fog means it's tme for a #roadTrip

#chitwan #kathmandu Image
And we're stuck in a jam on the #mugling highway by the #trishuli Image
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[Roman de Portail]

#RoadTrip #CarnetDeCulture

🚙Direction Semur-en-Brionnais pour un thread architecture romane avec :

Un tympan👂, une intervention divine, des pistes pédagogiques, une erreur judiciaire et une vengeance affrorible 😱.
Bienvenue à la Collégiale St Hilaire !

Semur-en-Brionnais avec ses vaches, son château 🏰, ses vaches, sa collégiale 💒, ses vaches, ses belles maisons jaune doré, ses vaches 🐮 et puis ses vaches sont ravis de vous accueillir.

Quoi "et les habitants ?"🧐
J'en ai parlé 4 fois ?
Nous voilà à l'entrée de la Collégiale, et donc côté ouest (les églises sont quasi systématiquement avec l'entrée à l'ouest), et je vous propose une petite vidéo d'ambiance.
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Start of a #RoadTrip with the EO.

Windmills on the way... Image
The Tunghabhadra Dam! Water is absolutely full in the reservoir
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I have been thinking about samosas for the last week & here is a thread about them. For starters the Samosa comes from West Asia and was originally meat wrapped in a dough cone and fried - the sambusak! The only truly veg versions are all Indian! #Samosa #Sambusak #PunjabiSamosa
I grew up in Mumbai eating what is now known as the Parsi/Bohri Samosa and which I simply knew as a Samosa. Lightly spiced lamb mince cooked with onions, green chillies and corriander, stuffed into a triangular pocket made from flat precooked sheets of samosa patti. #Samosa
These were then slowly fried in hot (not too hot) oil till golded brown & served with a typically Parsi Green chutney made with coconut, mint, corriander, peppercorns, green chutney & lime juice. These treats were rare and cherished! #Samosa
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🧵 pal baúl de recuerdos #roadtrip

1. Raleigh-Durham NC

Haw (small) river walk + UNC at Chapel Hill
2. Asheville NC

Pinball Museum 😍
3. Newport TN - Random detour off the highway

Small town Christmas parade
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Colonel Edwin V. Sumner established Fort Union several miles north of the junction of the two main branches of the Santa Fe Trail, on a tributary of the Mora river, in July, 1851. He chose the location for several reasons. 1) Sumner deemed Santa Fe as “morally degrading.”
There were a lot of bars and brothels, which provided too many tempting distractions for soldiers. 2) Use soldiers to construct a fort & to farm was less expensive than leasing buildings, contracting to vendors, or purchasing provisions.

#NewMexico #history #AmericanWest
3) Problems w/Comanche, Ute, and Jicarilla Apache along the southern route of the Santa Fe Trail jeopardized the primary supply line to the new territory. Troops could patrol & be more readily mobilized from the Plains than from the Sangre de Cristos.

#daytrip #roadtrip #travel
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CORONA ruined my three trips in 2020 to meet my unit widows and few army widows. I start my road trip travelling to their villages in remote Punjab, Himachal and J&K on 19 Mar. I will give you actual life of forces widows. Four days, 2000 km, own expenditure & no favours.
2/n #MeetingForcesWidows #RoadTrip Day-1, 19 Mar, Left Delhi by road on my thrice-a-year pilgrimage to meet Forces Widows and their school-college going children. Missed 2020 due to Corona else since 2006 never missed meeting them each year. A 260 km drive to first destination.
3/n #MeetingForcesWidows #RoadTrip With no-touching-cash, we reimburse 100% tuition fees to the widows and ensure that no child discontinues education up to post graduation. The unique Benefactor to Beneficiary model ensures 100% money is transferred by donor to widow DIRECTLY.
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1/n. Touring #Lebanon's #hiking and #nature scene in under 36 hours.

Here are the places on the radar for day 1 of the journey.…

#adventure #roadtrip
@Husseintkjk Image
2/ Day 1:#chouwen river.

The drive is amazing through the mountains. The 45 min #Hike through forest to get to the river is rewarding.

The whole area is the birthplace of the #legend of Adonis & Astarte.

@Jabal_Moussa thank you for taking care of this piece of heaven. ImageImage
3/ Day 1: @EhdenHorsh

The beautiful mountainous city of Ehden offered wonderful scenic views and elaborate trails through pine trees.

Super diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora.
#ehdenhorsh #hiking #lebanon ImageImage
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You want to transform car-oriented sprawl to a walkable 15-minute city? There's only one place in the US where that's happening on a large scale: Houston. And it's not perfect, of course, but it's diverse (in both buildings & people) and happening in real time.
There are of course other, smaller-scale pockets of transformation. Palisades Park, NJ, is one: side-by-side duplexes have practically taken over the town. High parking minimums force them all to be tuck-unders.
(h/t native son Ed Pinto & @ebwhamilton for research on this)
Ostentatious tuck-under duplexes aren't going to be everyone's favorite style, but they're new & different & unique. If you value local vernaculars, you should welcome these bad boys. (It's also one of the best areas on the East Coast to get Japanese or Korean food...#roadtrip!)
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1/ JUST BACK from an amazing #roadtrip across my beautiful native state. Here’s #YellowstoneFalls from Artist’s Point—yep, this is real.

Next—warning, I’ll post photos of historically important firearms at Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, #Wyoming to illustrate 2 points about tech. Image
2/ Point #1: after centuries of no major advancement in firearms tech, a MASSIVE innovation occurred w/in a 10-yr period right before the US civil war & it’s visible in this exhibit. Invention of the repeating rifle changed the world—literally. Details abt why aren’t important... Image
3/ ...for this tweetstorm. What matters is that the invention MASSIVELY advanced tech in the industry by rendering everything that came before it utterly obsolete.

The analogy to payment/ledger technology is obvious. This is what #blockchain is doing to legacy payment systems.
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L’ASSIKO n’est pas une danse traditionnelle des Bassa , elle va devenir une danse moderne que les Bassa ont adoptée..
Traditionnel signifie « fondé sur la tradition », et tradition veut dire « manière habituelle d'agir ou de penser dans une région,
rituel pratiqué depuis des siècles ». Or les BASSA sont composés de multiples clans dont les trois quart n’ont découvert l’ASSIKO que par les médias. Par essence même cette danse n’est pas pratiquée chez les BabimbI, Bikok, Bassa de Douala ou
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Its SO nice out so we decided to take a drive. The port area of Bayonne sounded like fun. It has not disapointed. This is why we got a car. ImageImageImageImage
More scenic photos from sunny Bayonne. 😎 ImageImageImage
Such a romantic jaunt through Bayonne. 👨‍❤️‍👨 Bayonne is for lovers. ImageImageImageImage
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2015 was a magical year. The magical month that year was May when we headed on our family #roadtrip from #Pindi to #Hunza

Retracing the journey we took on our #college #tour

#Gilgit #Baltistan #Tourism #Travel #Pakistan

@MaroofAliSyed @afiasalam… ImageImageImageImage
If you haven't done so as yet, once in your life you must take your children by road to Gilgit and Hunza one year. Skardu, Shigar and Khaplu the next year and Chitral in the third year.
Not this year, though. This year, stay put and stay safe.
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What’s the huge advantage of driving a car? 🤔

Having the freedom of going anywhere and stopping wherever you want on the way 😊…

I didn’t buy a @Tesla for city driving. I bought it exclusively for #RoadTripping, because it’s an #EV.

For 10 years I have not owned any car.

I am getting around the city of @Bordeaux by bicycle as this is the most convenient and quick way to move in a European urban environment 🚲😊

For #RoadTrips outside the town I used #CarSharing (up to a few weeks).

However, I have been bothered by the #ClimateCrisis since 2005 and it’s been more and more difficult to cope with nasty petrol or diesel fill-ups and the CO2 and pollutant emissions associated with them 😖



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Let’s call this the TransAmerica Route66 trip then? DC-NY-LA-SF through 10 states! Stay tuned for updates! #Route66 #roadTrip Image
Day 3 :
NYC to Bedford (PA). The ice rain from the crazy weather day in NY made for some amazing views. Tree tops were shining with ice sheets 😍 Detoured to a small temple in Manor Hill - Vraj Image
Day 4 : We reached Columbus, Ohio today. You can say it’s a lively city just be seeing the amount of hurry cars are in! We found some Indian food and an amazing indie book store @TheBookLoft1. States we crossed : PA, WV, OHIO! Also crossed the 1000km mark in the trip Image
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1. When the polar ice is melted, Florida will be erased.

But we could see a 10 meter rise in a century with the help of anti-science #Trump & his #ClimateDenial Republicans pushing a high carbon & methane agenda. What would that look like?

2. When the polar ice is melted, Florida will be erased.

But this is #Florida with only a 10 meter rise in sea level. Be sure to thank the Republicans.

3. When the polar ice is melted, Florida will be erased, but this a Florida our grandkids could see.

People in the Keys are already packing their bags. I have just enough time to go see them while we still have them. #RoadTrip

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Nigeria is a beautiful place and Taraba State particularly Sardauna LGA is indeed natures gift to Nigeria. This is a thread about my trip to the most beautiful place in Nigeria. #Nigeria #Taraba #SardaunaLGA #Mambilla #Gembu
@Emexie_ @enigma_kaye and I left for Jalingo from Abuja on a rainy Wednesday morning. The trip was uneventful with many checkpoints on the way. It finally stopped raining somewhere around Wukari. Overall, it was a smooth journey #RoadTrip #Nigeria #Jalingo
We arrived Jalingo a lil past 6pm. Trip lasted about 11hrs. My friend Jerry picked us from the motor park to Sanaf Suites where we had dinner and settled down in preparation for our trip the next day #Jalingo #RoadTrip
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Up early packing for my trip to #GrandJunction today. Here’s a little preview of things to come. I’m hoping this trip will give me some ideas of what to do with the #lavender in my yard. #roadtrip ImageImage
Never gets old. (Don’t worry, I’m not the one driving.) Image
GJ arts itinerary Image
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Dear DCRoadTripper,

CIA #Museum is not open to the public, so you can’t come here in person. However, Washington DC is home to @smithsonian’s wonderful museums [free & open to the public!] & 2 museums run by our colleague’s @FBI & @NSAGov.

If you contact your local congressional representative, you can look at arranging a tour @FBI Headquarters of its exhibit, The FBI Experience:

And @NSAGov has its very own National Cryptologic Museum:

As for CIA, although you may not be able to visit our museum in person, we do have the next best thing: We can open our virtual doors to you!

Take a sneak peek inside CIA HQs, including the Memorial Wall, “Bubble,” Kryptos, & our galleries

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Waking up this #friday to find out the #theatre technician had to make an emergency trip to Birmingham for #panto His fellow Moat Member Conor O Connell has kept him company...updates throughout the day #ohnohedidnt #meetthemoaters #roadTrip
Update on #hometomoat they have 3 of 4 packages necessary to make the #panto #magic happen. @adammoorewhite is at mission control keeping track on them by GPS. Quote from Adam 'bring coffee & doughnuts. They are still in the UK waiting for a #ferry
#hometomoat YES!! All 4 bags have been found and are coming home. The #effort put in by the crew here is incredible! All to make #panto possible
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Long weekend and with it comes the urge to hit the road. #roadTrip
Panambur Beach. Hitting the beach right on time. #Mangalore Image
The ride is just pure joy #panamburbeach #speedboat
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Through Jag Singh, I was able to secure a deal where any mention of my name in comments at 'Guido Fawkes' would be 'filtered'. I got this after Paul Staines foolishly demonstrated MessageSpace's involvement in his antics, but now wonder who else got this kind of deal and how/why.
Think about the kind of protection (or targeting) you could offer an MP if you had the power to simply filter out comments in this pit, or perhaps send out 'pile on' alerts to comment trolls who Just Happen To Be In The MessageSpace Office, Watching The Cricket on Broadband.
What made it awkward for Jag Singh was that false/anonymous allegations targeting me could be tracked back to MessageSpace's office, which Paul Staines (and later Harry Cole) regularly used as a UK base for their 'overseas' blog.
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