1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world😉👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world😉👇🏼
By @ifamericansknew
Israeli Soldiers Kill 4 Palestinians, Injure 316, In Gaza. Among the wounded are 86 children and 29 women.

Details: bit.ly/2FCTdXW
By @swilkinsonbc
30th March 2019: the day we stood united with the Palestinian ppl from the river to the sea against israel's reign of terror #GreatRetunMarch
By @ifamericansknew
Alison Weir speaking truth to power in #DC in front of the White House. Supporting Palestinians for nearly 20 years!
Breaking: Al Jazeera broadcasts new documentary about Jerusalem israelpalestinenews.org/breaking-al-ja… via @ifamericansknew
🇮🇱 🇵🇸 Jerusalem: A Rock and a Hard Place - P1(Israel, Trump & future of Jerusalem)
By @JaneVoter
Father & child, scared by🇺🇸funded🇮🇱occupation of Palestine. The Palestinian people are living under a brutal & illegal Israeli occupation. Palestinian people are being denied their land, identity, freedom and basic civil & human rights.
By @ifamericansknew
The Real Story of How🇮🇱 Was Created (It wasn’t the UN) Some people believe the Nov. 29 UN partition vote created🇮🇱. In reality, this vote was obtained through bribes &threats, was opposed by the🇺🇸State Department, & has no force of law. bit.ly/2RUWh78
By @amanda_damanda
And to complement that piece from @ifamericansknew: this piece from #JeremyHammond
one of the most complete & well researched essays I have read on the subject, highly recommend - if you're really interested in FACTS, not FICTION! 🇵🇸
Gallup: Half of American Public Favors Independent Palestinian State
Without explanation, Israel tears down new Palestinian school in Jerusalem (Mar 20)😡👇🏼
By @PeterPyke
My best tweet ever!
While🇮🇱death squads slaughter
unarmed #Palestinian girls in the street
watch a brave Palestinian girl dance
the dabke
during #GreatReturnMarch on #Gaza border,
in the face of snipers' exploding bullets.
By @JuliaWraith
🇵🇸children going to/leaving schools in🇮🇱controlled area of Hebron were accompanied by members of Temporary Int. Presence in Hebron, an international civilian monitoring force.🇮🇱canceled their mandate, kicking them off West Bank after22yrs👇🏼
By @mzahidbaig1
By @PressTV
London demonstrators march in solidarity with Gaza ‘Great Return March'

By @amanda_damanda
>#Crimes during the past year on unarmed people, including children, medics, journalists & disabled!
This"report"is the epitome of Israeli bias.SHAME on you #RTE..you have become reliant on #hasbara (propaganda) not impartial reporting.
By @JuliaWraith
Since the occupation of the West Bank,including East Jerusalem,in1967,between 500,000-600,000🇮🇱have moved into🇮🇱settlements in occupied🇵🇸territory,in violation of International Law
🇮🇱to approve over 1,400 settlement units across WestBank
By @JuliaWraith
🇮🇱occupies 85% of the total area of historical land of🇵🇸which totals about 27,000 sq.kilos.🇵🇸the original population of the land, comprise 48% of the total population of historical🇵🇸utilize only 15% of their ancestral land.
By @JuliaWraith
A🇵🇸teenager (Belal Mahmoud Najjar aged 17) died Saturday evening from wounds sustained by IOFs’ gunfire during protests at Gaza border, bringing the number of🇵🇸killed by IOF on the same day to four.
By @JuliaWraith
Fully armed🇮🇱soldiers forced their way into a🇵🇸school in occupied West Bank city of Hebron, taking away a 10-year-old boy. The age of criminal culpability is 12 years old under both🇮🇱civilian/military law.

By @JuliaWraith
Israel launches daily night raids and vandalism campaigns throughout the occupied West Bank, raiding random Palestinian houses and arresting men, women, and even children mostly with no charges.

(Psychological warfare = GENOCIDE)
By @JuliaWraith
Israel launches daily night raids & vandalism campaigns throughout occupied West Bank, raiding random Palestinian houses, arresting men, women & even children MOSTLY with no charges.

By @JuliaWraith
@UNHumanRights Report-in Mar12-25 in West Bank&Gaza:
More Crimes
25🇵🇸buildings demolished in West Bank=🇵🇸homeless
1🇵🇸school demolished depriving 450 children of education.
By @AbbsWinston
Just in case your bias media didn't tell you...#Gaza was attacked & bombed by israel twice in 7 hours on Sunday
By @JuliaWraith
Rateb al-Jbour, said🇮🇱forces delivered 10 demolition notices to🇵🇸homes & structures, in order to clear the lands for future illegal🇮🇱settlement plans.

🇮🇱to demolish🇵🇸home, steel structure in Yatta
By @PressTV
Several Palestinian vehicles vandalized by #Israeli settlers in occupied #WestBank

By @JuliaWraith
Israeli Snipers Kill Three Children and A 20yr Old In Gaza aml.ink/xYc9S
By @nude33762419
Bolivia declares Israel a 'terrorist state' usat.ly/1n4xcOU via @usatoday little Bolivia has 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
By @JuliaWraith
124 amputations have taken place in Gaza in 2018 as a result of injuries sustained during #GreatMarchOfReturn.This number is likely to increase in the coming days,as infected gunshot wounds can deteriorate quickly&render limbs unsalvageable
By @wardiamonds
Diamonds that fund war crimes and crimes against humanity are blood diamonds #CSR #SDGs #HumanRights #BDS middleeastmonitor.com/20140418-83-mi…
By @wardiamonds
Sucker buys #Sotheby's #BloodDiamond for US$13 million. Will the buyer default when they discover the link to the Samouni family massacre? #CSR #BDS #Diamonds #Jewellery #HumanRights sothebys.com/en/auctions/ec…
By @PressTV
Israeli forces kill Palestinian during raid to Qalandia refugee camp

By @tatianycoeuvre
news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_ea… The spiritual leader of🇮🇱's ultra-orthodox Shas party,Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,has provoked outrage with a sermon calling for the annihilation of Arabs. So far theySuccessfully DestroyedChristianChurches,speaking of ChristianAnnihilation in ME
By @PeterPyke
🇮🇱is Global capital of organ-trafficking.
🇵🇸children who die in 🇮🇱military custody have their organs stolen.
Their bodies are only returned to desperate families if they agree to NO AUTOPSY rule.
Do 🇮🇱death squads abduct children for organs?
By @nowthisnews
Israeli soldiers arrested a 9-year-old Palestinian boy while he was at school for allegedly throwing stones at a settler's car
By @maureenclarem
CNN reports on Israeli soldiers arresting 9-year-old Palestinian boy at his school

Quotes @btselem: "The fact that Israeli authorities believe that this conduct is acceptable speaks volumes as to the moral blindness afflicting them."
By @RyanYu99614917
It has been a year since Great Return March protests broke out in Gaza.

🇮🇱regime forces murdered 274 unarmed civilians & injured 30,000 others, including medics, journalists & children.

What if it is Russia, Venezuela or Iran?!
By @unikgirl11
While many🇮🇱are complaining of stone throwing & rockets (killing no one) 274🇵🇸 have been killed & 30,000 injured (many amputations) by IDF soldiers (snipers) in 2018!
These are people requesting their freedom..since ALL leaders have failed.
By @sweposten
Judaism is Not Zionism

Part 2-3 video
By @Cukullen
We cannot begin to understand 🇮🇱’s treatment of🇵🇸without examining the roots of Judaic thinking & identity in the ethnically & religiously discriminatory doctrines of Judaic religion, which shaped the Jewish mindset for most of its history. alethonews.com/2019/04/01/ser…
By @riad_habish
A Palestinian family victim of white phosphorus bombs by Israel.
By @JuliaWraith
A raft of well-documented policies-e.g🏘️demolitions, a chronic shortage of classrooms, lack of public services, municipal underfunding, land seizures, home evictions by Jewish settlers, denial of family unification,police & settler violence
By @JuliaWraith
Discriminatory policies have been designed to erode🇵🇸'connection to Jerusalem, encouraging them to leave. Revocation of residency rights, gradual redrawing of municipal boundaries have forcibly placed🇵🇸outside the city -ethnic cleansing.
By @JuliaWraith
Only half of Palestinian residents are provided with access to the water grid. There are similar deficiencies in postal services, road infrastructure, pavements and cultural centres.
By @JuliaWraith
🇮🇱's long-term aim, said Mr Tatarsky, had been exposed in a leak of private comments made by🇮🇱Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. He had proposed revoking the residency of the 140,000 Palestinians outside the wall.
By @JuliaWraith
IDF snipers killed 4 people in Gaza,3 of them minors, shot 6 journalists & 3 MedicalVolunteers, all of whom were clearly marked in press or medical-team vests. In addition to 4 fatalities,an estimated 244🇵🇸were injured,incl.56 children&15♀️
By @JuliaWraith
Despite claims from IDF’s Arabic-languageSpokesman that☮️protests would be rewarded,🇮🇱forces used live ammunition w little restraint,hence the large Number of Casualties. No IDF personnel were KilledOrInjured during Saturday’s demonstration.
By @JuliaWraith
During the first year of Great Return March demonstrations, nearly 300🇵🇸were killed by🇮🇱forces, including a 5-year-old boy & a 9-month-old baby & over 33,000 have been injured. Many injuries are victims of alleged IDF policy“shoot to maim,”
By @JuliaWraith
JUST➤ Imagine Living your life under such a constant terror & oppression.

Israeli occupation forces brutally assault & detain a young Palestinian who sells chewing gum on a pavement to support his poor family.
By @JuliaWraith
In her recently published report, co-authored by Professor Yoel Elizur, Yishai-Karin details a series of violent incidents, including the beating of a 4-year-old boy by an officer.
By @PressTV
Video: Palestinian shot dead by Israeli settler in West Bank ptv.io/2iYa
By @BitarDeen
NO PEACE FOR CHILDREN➤ In Their Own Occupied Country ❝#Palestine

❝This Isn't your country, this is a child in his own country❞
An International Christian Peacemaker Teams activist to➤ an #Israeli occupation army soldier
By @JuliaWraith
🇮🇱has been using toxic gas on young Palestinians.🇮🇱has used "internationally banned white phosphorus" on young Palestinians.🇮🇱 also sprays Palestinian homes (during the night) with toxic chemicals.🇮🇱is making Palestinian areas TOXIC ZONES
By @Rachael_Swindon
We are witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe in Palestine. The treatment of these humans makes me cry. I am ashamed to be stuck with a government that remains completely silent, while selling weapons to brutal perpetrators of violence.
By @Cukullen
Nor can we understand these ChauvinisticDoctrines & the mindset that embraces them,without understanding the practice of ritual SexualAssault & GenitalMutilation of newborns & the long-term effects of this deliberate traumatization of infants
By @JuliaWraith
A🇵🇸teenager on a sidewalk
An armed Jewish settler GetsOut of HisCar & shoots him in ColdBlood
🇮🇱forces rushed to:
>inspect him be4 he dies
>prevent ambulances from saving his life
>leave him bleeding to death
>claim a stabbing attempt
By @swilkinsonbc
Hours after israel destroyed a Palestinian home, "soldiers" invade the refugee camp again.. to hand the owner a bill for the demolition costs altahrir.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/isr…
By @Cukullen
Jews adopted circumcision from the Egyptians and are believed to be the first to perform it upon newborns.
By @JuliaWraith
The plan unveiled by the state’s Bedouin Authority aims to “regulate” the situation of some 125,000 Bedouin citizens in the Negev who currently live in homes or entire communities that are deemed illegal or “unrecognised” by authorities.
By @JuliaWraith
This is the "Kushner Plan", to put bedouin into villages, pay them a benefit and leave them without land or jobs.
By @JuliaWraith
Trump’s moving🇺🇸embassy to Jerusalem opened the floodgates for 4th Wave of🇮🇱’s assaults on the city’s Palestinians.This will see greater govt support for projects to extend extremist settlers’matrix of control over all parts of the Old City mondoweiss.net/2019/04/palest…
By @Rasputinish
And above all else, to Strip the #Bedouin of their Heritage & their Ancient Way of Life. To Deprive them of their Human Experience and Rip their Heart from their Breast.
Ramez Tamimi, 14, was kidnapped by🇮🇱soldiers during an invasion in his village. The army never informed the family, Red Cross, the District Coordination office or any other department that they have taken him prisoner.
Missing🇵🇸Child Found In🇮🇱Prison
By @JuliaWraith
Dozens of Bedouin citizens, including children, have become homeless & will suffer from the harsh weather of the desert for a while before they could have new makeshift homes again.

Read more at:👉🏼 english.palinfo.com/39851
By @JuliaWraith
Mohammad Baraka, head of extra-parliamentary High Follow-up Committee for Arabs in Israel, claimed the Health Ministry had licensed big pharmaceutical companies to conduct secretive medical trials.
By @JuliaWraith
Landowner Abdul-Dayem Ajaj said settlers uprooted and destroyed 150 fruitful almond trees and 400 grapevines on his land.

He added that the settlers spray-painted racist slurs on the water tank he uses to irrigate the trees.
By @PressTV
’Nearly dozen Palestinian kids killed by #Israel since Jan.’ ptv.io/2ia8

By @telesurenglish
#Palestine | Israeli forces killed 57 Palestinian children in 2018, three times as many this year, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics #PCBS reported, a day before Palestinian #ChildrensDay. #Israel #HumanRights
By @dancohen3000
🇮🇱politician Moshe Feiglin, who will almost certainly be part of new government, declares he seeks build a"temple"on the al-Aqsa compound Jerusalem immediately.This implies the destruction of al-Aqsa & massive ensuing bloodshed timesofisrael.com/zehuts-feiglin…
By @dancohen3000
Feiglin called to "concentrate" and "exterminate" Palestinians during the 2014 assault on Gaza. electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abun…
By @JuliaWraith
She visited children in hospitals who were dying,never walk again,never see their mother again& she promised those mothers she would do everything she could to make the shooting&bombing stop.“It is time to stop killing sparrows”she asserted
By @JuliaWraith
Despite the BillionsOfDollars against us, I believe that all of us who are determined to bring peace & justice will eventually succeed.But it will take extremely hard, effective, ContinualWork&Perseverance from ManyPeople.I plan to continue
By @JuliaWraith
🇮🇱human rights organization B’tselem discusses🇮🇱’s “investigations” into killings of 🇵🇸which have served no authentic purpose, but only created an illusion of inquiry. B’tselem calls on international community to demand real accountability.
By @JuliaWraith
“A real change in Israeli policy will only take place if the international community demands it clearly and unequivocally, and if it stops allowing Israel to do no more than offer hollow promises of ‘investigation’.”
By @JuliaWraith
For the past year, Israel has implemented an unlawful open-fire policy towards Palestinians protesting near the Gaza perimeter fence, which permits live fire at unarmed protesters who pose no danger to anyone.
By @JuliaWraith
The Palestinians have a UN-backed right of return that Israel & the US have prevented them exercising, while many Israeli settlers living in the West Bank assert their country’s sovereignty there in defiance of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
By @unikgirl11
You think Russia is our problem? Think again!
By @surveyorX
I wonder if it's not the King James Bible but the Scofield bible?

By @BitarDeen
CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY➤ Called ❝Homes Demolishing❞

❝A wicked🇮🇱policy of depriving the🇵🇸of their right to exist❞
#Israeli occupation forces demolishing a #Palestinian residential building-Shufat refugee camp, #Jerusalem
April 1st
By @BitarDeen
@mehdirhasan: "Do you support a 2-state solution?"
@dannydanon🇮🇱Ambassador to @UN: "I support direct negotiation"
#Netanyahu has just declared: ❝NO withdrawl-NO independent-🇵🇸state-NO refugees return❞
By @macklamm
A lot of the bodies when returned to syrians of those killed in syria from israel and their allies isis etc had body parts missing - many syrians saying this in the UK #bds
By @PressTV
Did Israel orchestrate Morsi's ouster in Egypt?

#Israel #Morsi #Egypt
By @JuliaWraith
Trump, serving Netanyahu’s agenda, is attempting to eliminate the refugee issue altogether by questioning the right of the Palestinians to aid and by questioning the right of the descendants of the 1948 refugees to refugee status.
By @JuliaWraith
The Deal of the Century is likely to include an attempt to eliminate the Palestinian refugee issue. In a statement he made in Hebrew to the Israeli cabinet, in July 2018, Netanyahu called the Palestinian refugee issue “fictitious.”
BY @JuliaWraith
Netanyahu’s problem is that when you ask Palestinians in the diaspora where they are from, they say Yaffa, Haifa, Ramle, and so on. When you ask Israelis where they are from, they say, Poland, Russia, Morocco, Yemen, and so on.
By @JuliaWraith
Palestinian child seriously injured after being hit by settler car
Via PIC @PalinfoEn english.palinfo.com/39859
By @JuliaWraith
Local sources report Aysar Houshiya,15,was rushed to hospital for treatment after he was seriously injured in the attack

Eyewitnesses say the🇮🇱settler further chased other🇵🇸citizens in the same village in an attempt to hit them but escaped
By @JuliaWraith
Palestinian children in the occupied Gaza Strip are experiencing a rapid deterioration in their mental health, a new study by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has found.
By @JuliaWraith
NRC survey found 68% schoolchildren“in areas close to the🇮🇱perimeter fence have clear indications of psychosocial distress". "Adding have also reported witnessing violence first hand, also knowing🇵🇸who have been injured, killed/lost homes”
By @JuliaWraith
“54% said they had NoHope for BrighterFuture”International NGO reported“the study also revealed that a staggering 81% of🇵🇸struggle academically due to conflict-related stress”
“It takes years 2undo the impact of Trauma&Restore a SenseOfHope
By @JuliaWraith
“Our ambassador is back in South Africa and we will not be replacing him. Our liaison office in Tel Aviv will have no political mandate, no trade mandate and no development co-operation mandate.
By @PressTV
Israeli forces injure 80 Gazans ptv.io/2ibg
By @telesurenglish
#Palestine | Nearly 250 Palestinian children under the age of 18 are subjected to different forms of #oppression, including #torture, inside of the Israeli prison system. #Israel #HumanRights
By @QudsNen
On #Children'sday, horrible numbers showing #Israeli violation of the #Palestinian children's very basic rights.
By @QudsNen
The mother of seven & nine-year-old boys arrested by heavily armed🇮🇱soldiers at their school in Hebron #WestBannk urges the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis&Psychotherapy (IARPP) to move their JuneConference from Tel Aviv
By @JuliaWraith
🇮🇱’s ban on Gaza goods prevents opening of the largest solar field in the Strip, which could have become operational this week
Projects like the🇪🇺funded solar field are designed to help provide electricity, but is lacking cables&other parts
By @JuliaWraith
This sort of thing has been going on for sometime, but no one will do, or say, anything when it involves the death/murder of a Palestinian. Hopefully, this will change before too long.
By @DaysofPalestine
Children’s Day in Palestine. As Israel gears up for elections next Tuesday, no candidate will end Israel’s brutal system of military detention for Palestinian children.
By @swilkinsonbc
Israel uses an unknown gas on Palestinian civilians in Gaza, causing severe convulsions, loss of consciousness & other terrifying symptoms daysofpalestine.com/post/11904/str…
By @JuliaWraith
“We are being used as guinea pigs to test new weapons, as the case in past Israeli wars on Gaza,” says Ashraf al-Qedra, MD, spokesperson for the Gaza Health Ministry.
By @swilkinsonbc
Jewish group block the doors of Birthright, the organisation instilling blind support of israel's war on the Palestinian ppl into young minds commondreams.org/news/2019/04/0…
By @JuliaWraith
"Today is Birthright’s last chance to choose the progressive values of our generation over the interests of its right-wing donors,like Sheldon Adelson & Netanyahu Gov."-Zu Weinger Darmstadt-a👨🏼‍🎓who came to NewYork from University Of Michigan
By @mohamedGaza23
They all lost their legs from #Israeli snipers
They are at the beginning of their youth
Israel deprived them of life
By @unikgirl11
How necessary was thus, Netanyahu!!!!???
Snipers shoot to amputate and ruin young men's lives!
By @SuniaraSingh
Chemical warfare is against the Vienna convention. Rogue zionist entity
By @DaysofPalestine
Sabreen Al Najjar, mother of murdered medic #Razan, supports call for a military embargo on🇮🇱:“It’s the obligation of the international community to act & stop supplying🇮🇱with the weapons that it used to kill Razan & so many others like her.”
By @JuliaWraith
This photo can identify the police officer for a prosecution of "assault on a female".Grabbing a girl by the hair/hijab is not a humane way to arrest a female..

Oh! I forgot, this is an🇮🇱policeman & the victim is 🇵🇸
No offence committed.
By @JuliaWraith
IDF breaking into a🇵🇸police station, for what?

By @QudsNen
🇮🇱IDF broke on Friday into a🇵🇸police station in #Hebron, however they were expelled & forced to leave
By @sweposten
Netanyahu is now openly saying that he will start annexing the West Bank if re-elected PM.
Forget about a Two-State Solution he is openly promising Permanent Apartheid: haaretz.com/israel-news/el…
🗣️‼️"If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth."‼️
-Julian Assange-
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