When will the Syrian people be able to live in peace? Syria 8 years of invasion, suffering, torture, deaths, biggest refugee crisis, destruction, wasn’t enough for you, US-led Coalition?

#Síria #USLedCoalition #USWarCrimes #WarCrimes #USCrimesAgainstHumanity
#USTerrorism #Terror
Explosions heard around #Aleppo international airport

Breaking: Several 'enemy airstrikes' target the Syrian military in northern Aleppo aml.ink/F8qb2
Update: Syrian air defense forces confront enemy airstrikes over Aleppo Airport aml.ink/HmTvr
Syrian military says Israel is behind attack on Aleppo, several more sites targeted aml.ink/WVKXo
Israel launches air raids on Syria’s Aleppo: Reports
By @Syrian_MC
This is a conformation

A high scale attack is going against Syria

The hostile jets are launching their munitions from over east #Syria

Over #SDF controlled areas.
By @BabakTaghvaee
🇮🇱Air Force carried-out an airstrike against a rocket manufacturing workshop at Sheikh Najar industrial zone, near the #Aleppo International Airport. It's reported that #IRGC was producing Fajr-5C precision guided rockets for🇸🇾 Army there
By @BabakTaghvaee
This is the latest video showing aftermath of the #Israel airstrike at the weapon workshop in Sheikh Najar industrial zone located in Northeast of the #Aleppo International Airport. The rockets in can be heard exploding due to fire!
By @BabakTaghvaee
It's known that 🇮🇱Air Force has used both F-16D/Is and F-15Is in this airstrike & the F-16Is have used anti-radiation Delilah missiles to neutralize the SAM systems of #Syria Arab Air Defense Force in #Aleppo Intl Airport prior attacking the weapon workshops!
By @BabakTaghvaee
Aftermath of🇮🇱AirForce airstrike at an rocket ManufacturingWorkshop of #IRGC at SheikhNajarIndustrialZone in NE #Aleppo InternationalAirport. The SAM systems of🇸🇾AirDefenseForce at the airport were targeted & kept busy during the strike!
By @BabakTaghvaee
Nice to see exactly the scenarios & missions practiced during military exercises are being executed accurately & effectively by🇮🇱AirForce against #IRGC targets in🇸🇾.A week ago,I observed #IAF exercise & simulation of tonight's operation:
By @BabakTaghvaee
Almost a month ago,🇮🇱PM #Netanyahu received the green light of #Russia president #Putin for the airstrike against #IRGC targets in #Aleppo,🇸🇾tonight. But it could have been done only after the exercise which I participated as an observer:
By @BabakTaghvaee
#IRGC had hoped that the relocation of its workshops & assets from S.🇸🇾to #Aleppo & its neighborhood can protect them from danger of🇮🇱airstrikes But it can't at all!#IRGC's rocket workshop in Sheikh Najjar & weapon depot at the Aleppo airport after the airstrike
By @BabakTaghvaee
🇮🇱Air Force's F-16D/Is & F-15Is dropped their SDBs on the #IRGC targets near #Aleppo from 45,000 to 51,000ft altitude. The Israeli F-15s & F-16s were clearly in range of #Russia's S-400 SAM in #Latakia, but Russians didn't fire any missile on request of #Israel.
President Putin @KremlinRussia_E is it true😠? Have you given Israel a green light to attack Syria😡? I can not believe this news⁉️This is true👇🏼😡? Why🤨? Are you on Syria's side or are you on Israel's side🤨?
By @thedoghouse47
It’s all about a ‘Greater Israel’.
It looks like Israel has designs to be the dominant power in the region.
Much like Germany did in 1930s.
By @TheRealYoG

Israel = Rothschild
Israel = Genie Energy
Congress = Genie Energy
CFR = Congress
CFR = Genie Energy

Oil & Gas = Golan Heights
Pipeline projects = Syria
Greater Israel Project = Syria

= Violations on international law.
By @maria_engstrom1
The American flag should be banned since it stands for several times more death, genocide and destruction than both the flag of ISIS and the flag of Nazi Germany combined.
By @Partisangirl
Six hours ago #Aleppo was protesting Trump's #GolanHeights signing.

Now #Israel is bombing Aleppo.


By @PressTV
Emboldened by Trump's Golan move, Israel attacks Aleppo ptv.io/2iR5

By @Marwa__Osman
On Monday #Israel openly stole the Syrian land of #Golan using a piece of paper signed by the president of a country 5,858 miles away from #Damascus
On Wednesday,the day #Pompeo said Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, Israel bombs #Aleppo another Syrian city.
By @Marwa__Osman
Breaking: #Israel strikes targets in northern Syrian city of #Aleppo, Syrian air defense intercepting

By @Twilek666
This is one of my boyfriend's videos. We give it to people unfamiliar with the truth about Syria - "Balkanization of Syria":
#Assad #US #NATO
By @smmsyria
📹1/2 #Israeli jets reportedly hit Sheikh Najar industrial district of #Aleppo
By @smmsyria
📹2/2 The reports say #IDF targeted Sheikh Najar industrial district of #Aleppo
Syria’s Rukban Now Little More Than a US-Controlled Concentration Camp – and the Pentagon Won’t Let Refugees Leave mintpressnews.com/syrias-rukban-…
🗣️‼️World Leaders‼️Attention‼️
By @PressTV
France, Belgium planning false flag #Syria chemical attack: Russia ptv.io/2iTQ
🇺🇸butchers, MF🤬🇺🇸are illegal in🇸🇾🇺🇸haven’t been invited by President Assad nor do they have any🇺🇳mandate🇺🇸created terrorism in🇸🇾🇺🇸bombing🇸🇾🇺🇸out of🇸🇾NOW!.

🇺🇸officials say many troops will remain in🇸🇾in reversal of total pullout
🤬🇫🇷MF 🤬🇧🇪MF you are going to do👉🏼💩💩👈🏼for your country & leave Syria in peace. 🗣️🇫🇷& 🇧🇪 BASTARDS, WAR CRIMINALS🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
By @smmsyria
#Russian MoD: #France and #Belgium assist militants to stage #chemical attack in #Idlib
By @smmsyria
Set 17, 2018
#Exclusive: leaked footage reveals #WhiteHelmets preparations for #chemicalattack false flag in #Idlib
By @smmsyria
Set 17, 2018
📹 Released by #Syrian Electronic Army footage reveals #WhiteHelmets members prepare for the staging of the #chemicalattack false flag
By @smmsyria
📷#TFSA militants detained a car loaded with arms that allegedly intended for #SDF in #Aleppo's #Jarabulus
By @smmsyria
The satellite image describes former #ISIS-held area in #DeirEzzor' #Baghuz Fawqani town after the #US-led coalition bombings

via Airbus Defence and Space
By @PressTV
Terrorists are defeated and life is back in #Syria!

Kids with #DownSyndrome walk runway at #Damascus fashion show.
By @JuliaWraith
THE VETO: Film exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4 and the western media propaganda war against Syria
BY @JuliaWraith
As Dr Shaaban said to me in Aug2016,“WesternPropaganda is paid for in🇸🇾blood”.This is true.The horrifying bloodshed & loss of life in🇸🇾could never have happened without the ColonialMedia ManufacturingConsent for another IllegalWar against🇸🇾
By @ScottWFaya
This seems like a great video on Syria. Let me know if anyone sees faults.
BREAKING: Israel Attacks Aleppo, Helping Terrorist Ground Forces 21stcenturywire.com/2019/03/27/bre…
Israeli Jets Strike Syria's Aleppo, Causing Electricity Blackout theantimedia.com/israeli-jets-s…
Israeli Air Force Used US-Made Guided Small Diameter Bombs In Recent Attack On Aleppo shar.es/amy0nF
After Recognizing Golan Heights As Israel, U.S. Calls On Syrian Army To Withdraw From Separation Line shar.es/amy0HX
By @PressTV
Any resolution of #Syria conflict must guarantee its territorial integrity: UN ptv.io/2iVJ
By @VanessaBeeley
SYRIA: Suspected Al Qaeda chemical attack in Northern Hama and Al Skeilbiyyeh bells ring in defiance 21stcenturywire.com/2019/03/31/syr…
By @21WIRE
Ladies & Gentlemen:We've caught #CNN this time, red-handed, manufacturing #FakeNews in🇸🇾100% staged propaganda. Special thanks to @VanessaBeeley for this awesome documentary premiering this week. Also exposes #WhiteHelmet fakery too. Brilliant:
By @LupeLapin
Another great work - this is from the film The Veto
Since 2012, 11k civilians in Damascus including 1.5k children have been killed by mortars launched from #Ghouta
🗣️‼️"If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth."‼️
-Julian Assange-
See Syria thread 2🔼@TulsiGabbard @Miami_Rebelde
When will the Syrian people be able to live in peace? Syria 8 years of invasion, suffering, torture, deaths, biggest refugee crisis, destruction, wasn’t enough for you, US-led Coalition?

#Síria #USLedCoalition #USWarCrimes #WarCrimes #USCrimesAgainstHumanity
#USTerrorism #Terror
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