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The US Dollar stands at INR 82.82 as of today.

Ever wonder why the Rupee always depreciates against the Dollar?

Let’s find out in a 🧵:

#USD #Dollar #forex #investing Image
One of the major reasons for INR depreciation is India’s massive exposure and dependence on one single commodity:


Almost 70% of our imports in value is just crude oil, as we’re the third-largest consumer globally.

There are two ways this affect our economy and currency.
1. Global crude oil market is denominated in USD.

This means we have to sell INR to buy USD in the Forex market first, and then pay the same to OPEC to import oil.

As demand for USD rises, and supply being controlled by The Fed, its value too rises against the INR.

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The November #CPI report is notable in part due to the fact that it displays the second consecutive month of more moderate price pressures, providing some signal that the underlying trend of #inflation is decelerating.
Turning to the data, #coreCPI (excluding volatile food and #energy components) came in at 0.2% month-over-month and rose 6.0% year-over-year.
Meanwhile, #headlineCPI data printed 0.1% month-over-month and came in at 7.1% year-over-year, with declines in #UsedCars, medical care and airline fares contributing to this result. Still, both #shelter costs and the food index rose significantly.
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The perfect storm: Double-digit inflation, negative real rates, and an inverted yield curve.

Symptoms of what seems is the arrive of the #Stagflation.

2023 will be a difficult year.
Considering the signals of the World economy, oil prices are far from the reality.

It's time to coordinate fair and sincere expectancies between producers and consumers, regulators and investors, avoiding automatic platforms.

#OOTT #OilPrices

It's urgent and necessary, the dialogue between producers, consumers and the financial institutions.

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"The list of people and things telling us what to do is endless. Nobody needs more of that.
What we need is someone to believe in us – especially in those moments when we don’t believe in ourselves." -- Eric Barker @bakadesuyo…
This Is How To Get People To Change: 5 Secrets From Research - Barking Up The Wrong Tree…
#BehaviorChange, #InfluencingOthers, #AppliedPsychology, #MotivationalInterviewing
Japan tries—again—to revitalize its research | Science | AAAS…
#JapaneseInvestment, #ResearchRevitalization, #InnovationRate
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The high price of gas is distressing to all of us. We need to understand why this is happening before we can expect to combat it. (Thread)

#ONEV1 #DemCast #DemVoice #Dems4USA #GasPrice

Russia is a major producer of gas and oil in the world. What happens in Russia affects the price of oil.

#ONEV1 #DemCast #DemVoice #Dems4USA #PutinsWar

No president can control prices in a free market. It just doesn't happen, and wouldn't be good if it did.
#ONEV1 #DemCast #DemVoice #Dems4USA #gaspump

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@Josh_Young_1 @sohaibab9 @SHOPGod2 This is a great article to contextualize the Russian oil (formerly) imported into the USA and why. Plus a thread with some of my own research (copy/paste) from a crude assay database available to me thru my day job (1/x)…
(2/x) The key for the United States is that we were using M-100 fuel oil to replace the heavy sour oil we were importing from Venezuela before those sanctions kicked in. M-100 is really just atmospheric resid from an atmospheric crude distillation unit (aka "topped crude") Image
(3/x) I know from first hand knowledge (detailed refinery tour I took several years back) that the refinery in Sweeny Texas built a Delayed Coker Unit (DCU) specifically designed to run Venezuelan crude (vacuum resid feed from the CDU/VDU in Sweeny) on a long-term contract basis.
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0/ With US inflation data coming out this week commodities still ripping, don’t be surprised if we see a continued uptick in volatility to piggyback on the ongoing geopolitics dynamics.

Best stay on your toes - 🧵👇
1/ SPX chopped around in a range last week with the 4400/4450 area capping the market and 4280 support tested multiple times. Support was finally broken today (as expected) and we are now sitting at key 4225 area. Next key supports below are 4120/4050. Image
2/ Europe and EM stocks underperformed on a relative basis where Russia/Ukraine consequences are being felt the most. Biggest outflow ever from European equities as investors were caught wrong-footed from beginning of 2022. Image
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@MikeCox86177818 @anonfmresident @PremierScottMoe "The US benchmark crude is West Texas Intermediate (WTI). WTI is very light and low in sulfur (sweet), and is actually lighter and sweeter than the international benchmark, North Sea Brent. 

Canada produces a wide variety of crude oils, but much of the growth in recent years

@MikeCox86177818 @anonfmresident @PremierScottMoe been heavy sour crude from the oil sands. Bitumen from the Athabasca region is very heavy and high in sulphur, comparable in quality to Venezuelan Boscan crude. About 50% of Alberta's bitumen is upgraded into synthetic sweet crude oil
@MikeCox86177818 @anonfmresident @PremierScottMoe The remaining 50% is blended and sold to market (primarily the US) as heavy sour crude streams. 

Outside of the US, the world's oil supply is becoming increasingly heavy and sour while transportation fuels are becoming increasingly light, high-quality and ultra-low in sulfur.
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FEB 14, 2022

The Global Oil Balance is Much Tighter Than is Believed


#oilprices #CrudeOil #energycrisis #opec #ESG #GreenEnergy #fintwit #eft #oott #energy #oilandgas #SaudiArabia #RussiaUkraine #RussiaCrisis #ElectricVehicles
Last week’s events will be remembered for many reasons but for us, the major market mover was the International Energy Agency’s admission that global oil demand is wickedly higher than what the agency was willing to admit previously…

Why did it take so long for the agency to reconcile its data series? It is a mystery. You might be thinking that this is some sort of academic debate but it is not.

In our previous columns, we have written about the topic of “missing oil”…

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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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Rabobank 1/9: #CFTC Commitment of Traders Report
Speculators’ net #USD positions held in positive territory for the 4th consecutive week, though overall size dropped moderately along with the softer tone of the greenback in the spot market. Previous to this the market had not had
Rabobank 2/9: a run of net long positions since June 2020. The USD has been one of the best performing G10 currencies this year reflecting reflation optimism and a shift in expectations regarding Fed rates policy.

#EUR net longs dropped to their lowest level since March 2020.
Rabobank 3/9: Concerns about the speed of the vaccine roll-out programme in #Eurozone have been constraining expectations regarding the economic recovery in the region as fears about a third wave spread. ECB has brought forward bond purchases to push down the level of bond yields
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That this is such a minor story in the #UnitedStates is a testament to how little the United States cares about global #energysecurity…
With #oilprices back above $70 we will see a big surge of activity in the #shale fields. At a minimum there will be 500 KBPD that comes from the #Fracklog in short order.
The attack came from #Yemen - which is much farther away from #RasTanura (the worlds largest oil loading facility) than #Iran. #SaudiArabia now has no option but to significantly expand its strike capabilities.
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#MCPro: Saudi Arabia’s voluntary production cut may temporarily stabilise oil prices, but the cracks in OPEC+ seem to have deepened.

#OilPrice #SaudiArabia #OilPrices…
#MCPro: The sparkle is back on Titan. Its business update for the Dec 2020 quarter has come ahead of Street expectations.

#Titan #Business #DStreet…
#MCPro: The @WorldBank’s estimate of India’s real GDP growth in 2020-21 is much worse than the @RBI. Why is it so cautious?

#WorldBanks #RBI #Economy…
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#BREAKING: #Saudi Minister of Finance @MAAljadaan says the world had an unprecedent reaction to the #coronavirus in his virtual speech at @euromoney
#BREAKING: #Saudi Minister of Finance @MAAljadaan says it is possible to control #oilprices in his virtual speech at @euromoney
#BREAKING: #Saudi Minister of Finance @MAAljadaan says the Kingdom has offered free #coronavirus treatment to everyone, even those who were illegaly in the country in his virtual speech at @euromoney
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Yes, a 10% drop in US VMT is a big deal. #Oilpricesare determined at the margin. A 1% drop in demand has a significant impact, so the impact of a 10% drop in one year is huge.
.@ARKInvest believes that the oil price peaked at more than $135 per barrel in 2008 and has been hitting “lower highs” and “lower lows” as demand “growth” has disappointed expectations for the last 12 years.
Oil demand probably hit a secular peak last year and, thanks to #EVs, now is in secular “decline”. Though ARK has no formal forecast, I believe that #Oilprices are on their way back to $12, the level reached after the 1973 oil cartel crisis, or lower, now that EVs are taking off.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/23/2020-2…

Sooner or later we all face death. Will a sense of meaning help us? | Aeon Ideas…
#Death #meaning
How to Trade Oil With Negative Prices: Interactive Brokers - Bloomberg…
#Oilprices #trade #negative #price
Science in the Age of Computer Simulation, Winsberg…
#Computers #Science #Simulation
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بازی خطرناک سعودی و آمریکا در بحران #کرونا ـ نفت
اقتصاد #SaudiArabia به نفت بالای 70$ برای پوشش مخارج دولت نیاز دارد.بخصوص در شرایطی که ریال عربستان به $ اصطلاحا پگ (peg) شده
با قیمت نفت زیر 40$ عربستان پرهزینه و درگیر جنگ،مجبور به حراج ذخایر ارزی خودخواهدبود
مگر اینکه..
مگر اینکه #Oilprices به سرعت افزایش یابد که در شرایط فراگیری #کرونا بعید به نظر می رسد
اگر نظام نرخ ارز در عربستان انعطاف پذیر بود (مانند روسیه) میتوانست با کاهش ارزش ریال هم سیاست پولی مستقلی اجرا کند هم به کاهش واردات و تقویت تولید داخلی کمک کند. اما این شرایط وجود ندارد.
با توجه به بهره وری پایین نیروی کار در عربستان،بحران مالی در این کشور دور از انتظار نیست.
عمیق ترین مشکل عربستان جابجایی های گسترده در ترازنامه این کشور با شکسته شدن نظام نرخ ارز ثابت است و تنها راه نجات موقت افزایش قیمت نفت است.
همزمان با ژست کاهش حضور نظامی آمریکا در منطقه...
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For the guys who don’t quite understand why #OilPrices went negative, I ran into this explanation that might help clarify things:

Imagine the following... you pay $500 today and commit to receiving an escort at your house in fifteen days, (1/4)
because your girlfriend will then be traveling...

Unfortunately, quarantine came and your girlfriend will be home for the next 3 months...

Like all girlfriends from all over the world...

You do not want this woman to show up at your house at all (2/4)
and try to pass this future contract to someone...

Only you cannot sell this commitment because nobody can receive the escort at home anymore. Everyone is with their respective girlfriends. To make matters worse, not even the pimp has more room to receive girls (3/4)
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O pétroleo WTI para junho, o mais líquido, opera abaixo de US$ 15 e carrega consigo o Brent para o mesmo meê, que perdeu a marca de US$ 20. O colapso nos preços da commodity continua, mesmo após intervenção dos países exportadores #OilPrices #OOTT
Com a demanda deprimida por conta da crise do coronavírus, a Arábia Saudita tentou convencer a Opep+ a cortar a produção ainda em fevereiro, mas a Rússia não quis. Com menos petróleo no mercado, o preço tenderia a subir (velha lei da oferta e demanda).
A recusa da Rússia desencadeou a guerra de preços com a Arábia Saudita, que em retaliação aumentou a produção, inundou o mercado de petróleo e os preços despencaram.

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Oil #Brent #crudeoil WTI vs Brent. Image
1. Most popular grades of oil quality are West Texas Intermediary (WTI) & Brent North Sea Crude (Brent) (sourced from US from Permian basin)
It’s a benchmark for North America
2. Brent is a blend from of 15 oil fields n other in the North Sea. It's 2/3rds of world production. Benchmark for Africa, Europe + Middle East
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THREAD: Sharing my perspective today – I’ve worked in Oil & Gas for 25+ years and now serve on the Texas House Energy Resources Committee.  The price crash in WTI (West Texas Intermediate Crude) today is unprecedented.  
#LetsTalkData #txlege #OilPrices
We’ve been saying “unprecedented” a lot lately, so I’ll try to break this down so we understand a little more about what has happened and what it means. This really is a devastating blow to our oil industry. We’ve never EVER seen a negative price on a barrel of oil.
What happened: Demand is WAY down. Perspective: I’ve hardly started my car in a month. As product builds up, storage reaches capacity. In West Texas, there is no place to put it, and product needs to be moved to find storage.
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Welp, seems like as good a time as any to load up the Switch Image
All right, let’s see what this is all about. First time play anything in the series. Image
So my only form of communication is a suspiciously modified smartphone, there’s some odd system of governance to follow, a radio in my tent only playing one station, and a debt to pay off in made up credits no one told me about beforehand. Why do I feel like I’ve joined a cult.
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