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Spot #palladium rises about 3%. $XPD
Spot #palladium rises nearly 6%, topping $2,400/oz. $XPD
#Palladium $XPD
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Spot #palladium falls 10.7% on day at $2,518.25/oz, spot #gold extends losses to 1.3%. $XPD $XAU
Spot #palladium falls below $2,500/oz, down 12.4% on day. $XPD
Spot #silver plunges more than 3%, spot #gold down 1.7%. $XAU $XAG
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[Thread in 8: Poo-Tins #Rohstoffwaffen]

Kurzfassung: Öl, Gas, Bienenhonig, Holz, Weizen, Zucker, Zinn, Aluminium, Kupfer, Diamanten, Nickel, Kubalt, Palladium, Sonnblumenöl

All das wird teurer.

Durch den #Ukrainekrieg sind auch allerhand Agrarprodukte betroffen (s.o.).

Russlands Wirtschaft ist extrem von Rohstoffen abhängig. Rund 75 aller russischen Exporte beruhen auf Rohstoffen oder Rohstoff-Produkten.

Der Rest sind Waffenexporte...

(OK: Das ist eine kleine Übertreibung)

Ein Problem ist: Auch wir sind von diesen Rohstoffen abhängig.

Unser Kohleausstieg erweist sich in diesem Zusammehang als Glückfall, denn ein erheblicher Teil unserer Steinkohleimporte kommen aus #Russland!

Man könnte es so sagen:

#Sonnenenergie und #Windräder dienen der Freiheit!

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🇷🇺🇪🇺 To what extent does #Europe depend on Russian raw materials?

Policymakers fear the bloc is less prepared than Moscow. EU anti-Russian sanctions - shot yourself in the knee.…
• about 40% of natural #gas imports;
• almost a third of crude #oil imports.

Eurozone gas inventories are below historical levels and prices have risen sharply in recent months, giving #Russia additional leverage over #Europe.

• about 40% of #palladium imports, which are needed for emission control catalysts; #greeneconomy
• about 30% of #titanium imports, which are critical for #EU aerospace industry - #Airbus supplies about half of its titanium from #Russia. $AIR
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UBS expects #platinum prices to rise to $1,150/oz by end 2022 (revised up from $1,100/oz previously), potentially even higher thereafter.
UBS expects a recovery in #palladium prices to $2,000/oz, before leveling off at the end of the year and likely beyond.
UBS: See a rebound in PGM demand due to expected easing of auto supply chain constraints, including shortage. Expect #palladium market to be balanced in 2022. Expect #platinum market to be slightly undersupplied by around 100,000 ounces or 1.3% of annual demand in 2022.
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💸 Is hyperinflation a reality? How to protect yourself?

Money may well depreciate at times. This has already happened before, even in developed countries. #Inflation in developed world is accelerating, and the authorities are carried away by populism. Image
• In the #US, inflation has already accelerated to 6.2%
• In #Germany, it reached a 28-year high of 4.5%.

Authorities of developed countries put above #inflation problems of #SocialJustice in labor market (employment in all minority groups is important) and #climate warming. Image
Populist views are capturing the minds of monetary authorities, which only fuels #inflation. This was the case in the #USA in the 1970s: prices almost tripled.
And sometimes it was much worse: in Israel in the 1980s, prices for goods jumped ~10,000 times. Image
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As we must look forever forward; with the current corrections i did a *little* bit of work (don't expect more) to find more deep value.

Now that #Uranium's gone up, and hopefully #Silver is next in a flight to safety;

With #Palladium correcting, #Platinum's becoming VERY cheap.
The last times it was below $900, was in 2020 (panic), 2018 (bear market), 2016 (double bottom), 2008 (panic), and 2005/2004 (bull market).

Meanwhile, the outlook for #platinum is far more positive now:
- ICE cars being phased out before 2075 *is a pipedream*.
When 1 or 2 smallish countries try to transition fully, sure, it can happen.

When the entire world tries to do so at the same time, which includes China, NONE of the battery metal industries are ready for that scale.

Nickel, Lithium, Cobalt, Copper, Rare Earths. None are ready.
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Palladium production may decline in 2021 by 20% because of an accident at the mines of #Nornickel, major #palladium producer in the world. Regardless of how the situation at the mines will be resolved, the market may experience a price shock.
Part 1/1 Nornickel is the major world’s #palladium and high-quality #nickel producer and also a major producer of #platinum and #copper. The company produced a total of 2,826 thousand ounces of palladium (80115 kg) in 2020, that accounts for 40% of palladium world production.
1/2 On 24/02/21 it became known that operations at Oktyabrsky and Taimyrsky were suspended due to flooding by groundwater. These 2mines are largest copper-nickel deposits and key assets of $GMKN, with a combined production of 9.5 mn tons of ore per year- 36% of all output in 2020
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By driving down silver, by selling even more paper silver, they only bought a weeks more time.

But the problem is now even LARGER. More people want to buy the shiny white stuff now it’s even cheaper.

So they are cornered and that’s why they need an emergency meeting imho
Sometime central bankers are trapped.

Example: you can’t print your way out of inflation (CB’s trapped)

Ex 2: you can’t print metals. Palladium prices exploded in 2019, after the physical demand overwhelmed paper supply.

The same is happening now in this #silvershortsqueeze
In 2011, just like 1980, Wall Steer almost lost control over the silver market, when prices jumped to $50

By changing the rules (1980) and/or bombarding the market with paper silver (remember the nightly raid May 1st in 2011?) they succeeded to stay in control.

What’s next???
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A few tweets on one of my favorite under the radar junior explorers tonight...... Bitterroot Resources $BTT.V has projects in Michigan and Nevada. Tonight I'm focusing on the LM Project located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.... #copper #metals #mining #nickel #palladium #platinum
Bitterroot Resources Ltd.(51%) and its partner Below Exploration Inc. (49%) are exploring the LM Property for high-grade nickel-copper-platinum-palladium deposits similar to Lundin Mining's Eagle and Eagle East mines in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. $BTT.V Image
At Lundin Mining's Eagle Mine and elsewhere in the Mid-Continent Rift region, disseminated sulphides occur around bodies of massive and semi-massive sulphide mineralization. In August $BTT.V released encouraging drill results from a 4-hole 1,411 meter drill program at LM.... Image
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UPDATE ON MARKETS: With flareup of #COVID19 globally & many countries moving back into hard lockdown, #markets reacted. FTSE/JSE All Share contracted by further 4.7% during October, following 1.6% September decline. Another horrible month for Local Property stocks dropping 8.5%.

South African Small Caps were top performers for October, growing by 0.1% during the month. Mid Caps declined by 3.1% for the period, while Large Caps had a massive loss of 5.1% during October.

Although JSE was not left unscathed, it did outperform MSCI All Country World Market in USD. $JALSH however need quite a few more of these, with the YTD performance for the JSE in USD-terms at -19.98% versus the MSCI ACWI’s performance of -1.09%.
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As #tech sold off in the last 2 weeks, there were still places that were resilient during this time period. Whether tech gets through the consolidation phase or breaks lower, time will tell.

Meanwhile few ideas on longs and shorts going forward. 1/
On the long side, equity exposure in #transports, #materials and int'l mkts like #Germany and #Korea worked well. Exposure in these areas continues to stay bullish.

Vols are showing upticks as well, so should stay careful.

Commodities in bullish trend while #Gold and #Silver are consolidating for the time being: #Palladium, #Copper, #Coffee, #SoyBeans


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Interesting overview on 'Great power resource competition in a changing climate' from @NewAmerica with plenty of #FoodForThought:… Some takeaways..(1/16) Image
2/16 Key findings - #US & #China resource competition in a world in flux...#GlobalTrends #GeoStrategy #Energy #Agriculture #ClimateChange #NationalSecurity ImageImage
3/16 Overview of 'Key metal and mineral resources in the #US & #China competition...#StrategicMaterials #Lithium #Cobalt #Palladium #Niobium #Rhodium #RareEarths Image
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Sería muy interesante armar el maratón de #MCU alrededor de #Avengers, pero acomodando todas las escenas de todas las películas en una sola línea temporal. No incluyo las series por que sería sumamente largo y complicado.

Abro #hilo y me explico.
Actualmente hay dos formas (bueno hay un chingo) en que puedes ver todas las películas del Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel:
1.- En el orden cronológico de lanzamiento, es decir comenzar con #IronMan (2008), hasta llegar a #AvengersEndgame (2019).
2.- Viéndolas en orden cronológico de tiempo de los eventos, es decir, comenzar con lo que sucedió primero con #CaptainAmerica: The First Avenger y terminando con #AvengersEndgame. Esto sin contar los "flashbacks" con los que comienzan algunas como #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy
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Precious Metals: There was one big topic at the @lbmaexecutive biannual dinnner last night - #Palladium. The remarkable rise of this precious metals and concerns about availability of metal dominated conversations.
Many have noted that palladium was (yesterday) more expensive than #gold, but as this chart shows, that's happened before when palladikum surged on auto demand and a lack of Russian sales in the late 1990s.
With slowing car sales in some important regions vs. an apparent shortage of metal immediately available, further volatility in palladium looks assured.
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