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𝐁𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐋𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧 "𝐀𝐢𝐫"

Watched the movie "Air" a couple of days ago, it's a biographical drama about the creation of the @Jumpman23 shoe line, I was particularly keen to watch it after reading Phil Knights memoir "Shoe Dog" last year

📸 @Nike Image
The movie tells the story of how Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro signed Michael Jordan to a shoe deal, and how the Air Jordan shoe line went on to become one of 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒎𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒔𝒖𝒄𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒇𝒖𝒍 shoe lines in history.

"Air" can teach us a number of valuable business lessons.
𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧. Sonny Vaccaro believed that Michael Jordan could be a global icon, and he was willing to put it all on the line for him. This belief in his vision paid off, as the Air Jordan shoe line became a huge success.
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Women have a dramatically lower risk of sports-related sudden cardiac arrest (Sr SCA)

1. More people are taking up sports, however, there is a concern about Sr-SCA. A recent study compared the rates of Sr-SCA in women & men in Europe.
#cardiacarrest #MedTwitter #sports
2. Out of 34,826 sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) between 2006 and 2017, 760 (2.2%) were sports-related.
Only 54 (7.1%) incidents of SCA occurred in women as compared to 706 in men.
Men had >13 times higher incidence of Sr-SCA as compared to women (0.19 vs 2.63 cases per million).
3. In addition, women seem to have a lower risk of incident atrial fibrillation (AF) at moderate or vigorous levels of physical activity, as compared to men… Image
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From Doping to Display: How Russia Weaponizes Sports and the Olympics for Propaganda Purposes

Russia’s use of sports and the Olympics as propaganda tools has become increasingly evident in recent years. 1/12
One of the most prominent examples of Russia’s weaponization of sports is the country’s state-sponsored doping program, which was implemented to provide its athletes with performance-enhancing drugs and then concealed from international authorities. 2/12
In 2019, the World Anti-Doping Agency banned Russia from participating in international sports competitions for four years as a result of this program. 3/12
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1/5 The head coach of the #Turkish national team, Stefan Kunts, said that they were well received in #Armenia, for which he thanked.

The Turkish team won, but the #Armenian team played well. They could have won.

#Turkey #Yerevan #Ankara #EURO2024 #football #sports #UEFA2024 Armenia-Turkey football match in Yerevan State flags of Armenia, Azerbaijan, TurkeyArmenia provided humanitarian aid to Turkey in order to elimThe head coach of the Turkish national team, Stefan Kunts gi
2/5 I think that the Armenian and Turkish peoples can communicate more in the fields of #sports, #art, #humanitarian, #business.

In this way, the Armenian and Turkish peoples, who have a difficult history, will gradually restore their trust. The Turkish – Armenian Business Development Council (TABDCThe Turkish – Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC
3/5 Only then can the states of 🇦🇲-🇹🇷 have a peaceful, cooperative future. About 70,000 Armenians live in 🇹🇷, who are the descendants of Armenians who survived the #Genocide. 🇦🇲 has been independent for 32 years, 🇹🇷 closed the border, but there was active trade during these yrs. The Church of the Holy Cross located on the Aghtamar Island
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Dnes o tématu mé rig. práce⚽️

Ovlivňování sportovních událostí (match-fixing) už dávno není o Iváncích a kamarádech,co můžou mluvit. Toto jednání ze sportu nevymizelo,ale v posledních 15 letech jej co do závažnosti a objemu mnohonásobně předběhl match-fixing spojený se sázením👇
Korupce spojená se sázením&praní špinavých peněz prostřednictvím sázení na ovlivněné sportovní události patří mezi hlavní nelegální aktivity org. zloč. skupin.Odhady: 82% všech sázek na sportovní události je nelegálních a 80% z nich je vsazeno u málo/zcela neregulovaných sázkovek
Stupně regulace sázkových trhů se ve🌎 liší. Vedle liberálního přístupu k sázení (s přiměřeným stupněm regulace) jak jej známe z 🇨🇿, existují sázkové trhy, které jsou regulovány minimálně nebo vůbec. V některých zemích (např. Čína) je sázení zakázáno úplně. 👇
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"it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game," that well-known bromide about #sports and sportsmanship (@mtaibbi and @NateSilver538 may or may not remember this clichéd phrase) is ultimately a statement about *ethics*. or morality, if you like.

@elonmusk and @NateSilver538 and @mtaibbi, and their entire reactionary movement, have habituated themselves to rolling their eyes at talk of "morality", even though they do try to pretend to be moral. they always fail; Elon Musk defends "free speech" through censorship.

the *cynical* way in which the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @GOP conspiracy have used #FreeSpeech as a slogan for their activities, even as @RonDeSantisFL and @GregAbbott_TX and other fascist politicians do their best to rip education and journalism to shreds, is their weakness.

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#RaisinaDialogue2023 | Turbulence, Temperament, and Temerity: Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty

We are live tweeting the session with Tony Blair, @KP24, @DrSJaishankar and @palkisu

Follow this thread for live updates!

@orfonline @MEAIndia

Tony Blair: The rise of #India is a pointer that we are in a new era. India's position today is potentially more powerful than it's ever been. And India is expected to lead the Global South in a manner like never before.

#Raisina2023 #RaisinaDialogue2023
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Cricket is one of the oldest and fastest growing sports around the world.

Here are 5 reasons why I'm bullish on the future of cricket:
1. Growing popularity

According to the International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 2.5 billion fans globally.

Since 2007 there has been a 700% increase in cricket participation in the USA alone.
2. T20 format

The T20 format has been a game-changer for cricket, with the average attendance at Indian Premier League (IPL) matches increasing by 18.8% from 2018 to 2019.

The format has also helped attract a younger audience, with 66% of IPL viewers being under the age of 35.
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I've been talking about how Western culture tends to loathe its children, and how a large subset of the West thinks that the best way to raise children is by hurling abuse and threats at them, military boot-camp style.

that reminds me of this poor guy: Todd Marinovich.

he's one of those sad sacks who ends up on "NFL's Greatest Bust" lists. his pro football career followed a rather familiar trajectory: he'd been schooled into a star football player, seemed really impressive (if erratic) in college, and then bombed on the national stage.

and then decades later people laugh over amusing #sports #journalism pieces about what a massive flop he was, and maybe search YouTube for some amusing clips of old games in which Marinovich threw an interception, or whatever. (I didn't find any myself.)

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) during Sports Activity in Older adults

1. We occasionally hear about apparently healthy people collapsing and dying while running, cycling or working out at gym.
A recent study looked at the prevalence of sports-related SCA in people aged >65 years.
2. Salient findings of the study and their implications
#gym #running #fitness #sports #cardiacarrest
#MedTwitter #CardioTwitter
3. Of 4,078 SCAs among people ≥65 years of age, 77 were Sports-related SCA (1.9%; 91% men).
The annual Sport-related SCA incidence among ≥65 years was 3.3/100,000 in Portland and 2.1/100,000 in Ventura. The most common associated activities were cycling, gym, and running.
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Hi Everyone! 👋
Please Allow Me to Reintroduce The #LazySports Club!

We Are A Group of Sports Fans Born Within The @LazyLionsNFT Community 🦁

We Often Talk #Sports via Twitter Spaces, Host Competitions, and Try to Have Fun 🏆

But WHY..??
What is the Purpose..??

Read On..

The #LazySports Club is Establishing 3 Pillars To Help Answer This Question.

Pillar #1
#Community - We want to provide a sense of Belonging through #Sports Fandom. Sports provides an unbeatable Connection amongst Friends and Strangers Regardless of Backgrounds 💪


Pillar #2
#Enablement - We want to support passionate #Sports fans to create & contribute content via any avenue of their choice (Audio, Video, Written, etc). We want to help incubate the individual creator who doesn't know where or how to start 🎙️

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"The Immortal Game". it's one of the most famous #chess games ever played, and today...nobody in professional chess plays like this, or *can* play like this.…

Adolf Anderssen launches a direct sacrificial attack on his opponent's King, and wins.

this was from the so-called "Romantic" era of modern #chess, when grandmasters were still working out the higher-level rules of chess—the "heuristics" that govern what we think of as chess strategy. the concept of "the center", for example, is just such a heuristic.

"the center" is a slightly vague term even now, in #chess. the sort of fool who thinks that everything has rigid definitions might draw a sharp line around the squares d4, e4, d5, e5 and define that as "the center", but center play *may* involve nearby squares as well.

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#chess fans might remember Claude Bloodgood, a chess master and *convicted murderer*. he murdered his mother in 1969 (so far as I know this is not disputed, although I can't find any details about the crime) and got a capital sentence in 1970, later reduced to a life term.


#chess mavens may know Bloodgood because he was an advocate of Grob's Attack, a questionable but tricky flank opening: 1. g4, which inflicts an open wound on the first player's Kingside in exchange for some tactical complications. it's not...good.

it's for "club play", as they say—i.e. it's the sort of trick you pull against a weak player in a low-stakes game, hoping that they'll fall for some trappy sideline.

anyway, Claude Bloodgood was a fan; he wrote a book about it, "The Tactical Grob":…

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So we all know that this particular collapse was staged, right? Good, glad we are starting to learn how they play us to create controversy, fill up the search hits with garbage, and cause distraction away from something else. The truth. #DamarHamlim
Hundreds of athletes have dropped dead FROM THE VACCINES so these demonic nutcases had to do their thing, again. I am sure these numbers are conservative:…

How do we know this is a psy-op? Its SO easy when you have eyes to see, almost no effort required...
...plain as the nose on your face. They tell us with their signs, of course. The only standing player when they were dramatically praying was 33? The sketchy, unmarked ambulance? This smiling face after having your heart stop twice, intubated and on loads of heavy drugs?
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Nike business model comprehensive analysis

Nike is a global sports footwear and apparel company that operates on a wholesale model, selling its products to retailers and distributors who then sell them to end consumers.
#Nike #BusinessModel

2/ Nike also operates its own retail stores and e-commerce platforms, allowing it to directly reach and sell to consumers.
#Ecommerce #Retail
3/ Nike's business model is centered around innovation and branding, with a strong focus on research and development to constantly improve its products and stay ahead of competitors.
#Innovation #Branding
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#BestOf2022 #YearEnder #2022
These #Indian #sports stars shined the brightest in 2022. Thank you for those incredible performances! 🇮🇳💪🏻❤️ Image
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When they say “Keep sports out of politics” show them this thread.
The list of sportsmen and sportswomen killed by russian occupiers.

Please, share and tag those who need to see this.

#sports #politics

1/n ImageImageImageImage
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Milestone: My 2nd #runniversary and 10000 Km

1. Nov 6th 2020 was the most important day in my life, when I took complete control of my health & fitness. From a #workaholic, I converted to workaholic + #runaholic
Here, I present the milestones of my past 2-year #running journey
2. I completed 10,163 km of running in the past two years (6th Nov 2020 to 6th Nov 2022: 731 days), at an average of 13.9 km/day. This included 648 runs of 10k or longer, 110 runs of half marathon (21.1 km) or longer and one marathon (42.2 km).
3. I usually run at a pace of 7:15-7:30 min/km and my best pace is 5:45 to 6:00 min/km. My PB in 10 k is 57:03 min and in HM 2:04:41 hours. I cherish the #Ladakhmarathon HM the most, which I finished in 2:24:33 hours (on 11 Sep 2022).
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Of late, I have been tweeting threads on issues like #history & on #Maharashtra & #Mumbai. This is a compilation of some threads over the month

On a little-known attempt by an inebriated #British policeman to kill #MahatmaGandhi in #Pune

The #ParvatiSatyagraha launched by Ambedkarites and reformist activities seeking that #Dalits be allowed to enter the Parvati temple in #Pune

#DrBabasahebAmbedkar #DrAmbedkar #DalitMovement #history
How #Dussehra was once a rallying point for the Swadeshi movement. It was on this day in 1905 that #VinayakDamodarSavarkar organised a massive bonfire of imported clothes

#Savarkar #LokmanyaTilak #Tilak #Pune #Maharashtra #swadeshi #Gandhi #MahatmaGandhi
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#venus & #Mars

The best thing about Mars and Venus conjunction, placement, opposition’s and trine to each other is , it will makes your very passionate in whatever endeavour you follow, either it’s about #relationship, #marriage or in any creative studies or profession
i.e music, #fashion, #beauty, film industry, media, #Sports, #gymming and show biz etc. If we go for majority of views, Venus and mars conjunction usually delays a marriage,a person may remain unmarried if there is involvement of either Saturn or nodes Aspect on this
conjunction in either D1 or d9. If the person is married the native may not have a normal home life due to spouse working in different city or different work culture; however the conjunction itself does not cause any multiple partners either before or after the marriage .
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[THREAD] How To Launch A Profitable Betting Tips Business in 23 Steps? 👇

#bettingtips #bettingpicks #makemoneyonline #Telegram #recurring #sports #tipsters #Patreon #Sublaunch #Bookmaker #WorldCup2022 Image

Choose ONLY 1 sport, the one you are passionate about. ⚽️🎾🏓🏉🥊🏒🎮

#bettingtips #bettingpicks #makemoneyonline #Telegram #recurring #sports #tipsters #Patreon #Sublaunch #Bookmaker #WorldCup2022 #Tennis #Predictions #football #NBA #CSGO #basketball Image

Create an IG and Tiktok account. Create a brand. Don’t overthink! Just do it!

Name + Logo + Main color

#DontOverThink #Act

#bettingtips #bettingpicks #makemoneyonline #Telegram #recurring #sports #tipsters #Patreon #Sublaunch #Bookmaker #WorldCup2022 #Tennis Image
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This is a thread on the tradition of #wrestling in #Pune. The city was once known as a centre of wrestling. Even in those conservative times, these akhadas or wrestling schools acted as melting pots.
#sports #Maharashtra #Marathi #caste
The vastads or wrestling coaches included both, non-Brahmins & Brahmins. Their students too cut across communities.
Balambhatdada Deodhar, the man who is said to have invented the sport of mallakhamb, Bhikobadada Agashe, Ganpatrao Barve, Pandoba Jog, Dada Damle were among the #Brahmin vastads in #Pune.
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Having recently sat down to think & note all types of sports (team vs indiv, contact vs non-contact,etc) that could handle a “third (tr*ns) category,” I am concerned about the impending chaos in #sport.
Even “open” is tricky.
It really seems best to stick w/ binary MALE & FEMALE.
If someone identifies in a particular way to the point where they interfere with their own body - hormones & surgeries - that’s not on #sports. That’s a choice made by an individual athlete no different than choosing to retire. In a truly “inclusive” society a feminine male…
…should not have to blink at remaining in the MALE #sports category irrespective of conceptual identity or ideology. And we know that most female-born athletes who identify as men or NB stay in the female category already (and would do so even IF the was a third category!). So…
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Every minute you overthink, you are spending energy better used somewhere else.

A breakdown on how to control your mind/thoughts:
1/x: Journaling.

Journaling helps you move intrusive thoughts to paper and ease your mind. It also gives you a concrete perspective on your problems.

#journaling #overthinking #personalgrowth #selfimprovement
Just before bed or when you wake up is the best time. Former helps you reflect on your day and empty your brain, latter gives you a purpose and motivation for the day.
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