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1/ POTUS: "I knew THIS DAY would arrive.
It's only a question of WHEN"

Q has asked us REPEATEDLY TO WATCH & RE-WATCH This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected.


It's a MARKER for TODAY, the Impeachment Trial Opening, the "horrow Show" 5:00

2/ Interesting? 4:14 video mark shows a Battleship at the ready.
it ties to Q drop 14 that shows?

George W on a 'battle' ship crossing the Delaware

Jan 15, @army & @USNavy are Standing By to Assist!
Just as the House delivers their Sham Articles to the Senate
@ARMY @USNavy 3/ Q asks us to research HOW LONG impeachments take, and theorize potential REASONS for delaying.

Can the Senate conduct other business during this time?

Think Barr
Think Durham
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:16 timestamp links to drop 16
Get the popcorn 🍿
POTUS 100% insulated with zero chance of impeachment #comms
GREEN ELF?? #coincidence ??
3/ “CLEAN house?” Per drop 16? H/t @NormieWokeAF . Note it’s a HOOVER CONCEPT-HC - Hillary Clinton .

Trust Grassley.
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1/ Today is 12.21.2019 , Winter Solstice.

The Darkest Day of the year. the word SOLSTICE literally means "Sun Stop"
2/ Winter Solstice this year is at 11:19 p.m. EST; 8:19 pm on the West Coast.
3/ Winter Solstice's connection to Q theme DARK TO LIGHT is obvious.

That phrase appears in the drops at least 30 times

Here's the most recent: from 7/22/19

with a BIBLICAL reference to the EVILS of pedo, child trafficking, Satan Worship, bloodletting of Children...
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1/ "Big Ben" lookalike clock shows 6:20 in what looks like a CASTLE.

Q drop 620 days Royals are seeking shelter.
Prince Philip hospitalized today....#coincidence?
2/ World Series Stadium? Anyone seen 'W' bush lately? GAME OVER for the black ops C_IA SPOOKS.

Bullpen #doublemeaning? a holding tank for PRISONERS under a RED LINE?
GEICO - Trolling the "Insurance Policy" of the coup plotters.
3/ GRAHAM crackers above the red WARNING TRACK on the field?

@LindseyGrahamSC and military tribunals?

PNC, representing $$$, is in the FOUL area?
Bud Coke = BC = Bill Clinton?

Lego trucks = L12 + E5 = 17 GO!
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26.ヒラリーの援助によって守られていたエジソンの実験室で働いていたビシャゴ博士の父親は、実験室でテスラ装置のうちの一つを組み立て、1セント銅貨をその装置の中の'過去’に落としていたという。ヒラリーはなぜこの実験室を守っていたの? 欲しい情報でもあったのかな? #QArmyJapanFlynn
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1/ Holiday #COMMS from our spook friends... about TIME o get FESTIVE and celebrate.

see the DARK to LIGHT contrast? #1 and #10 wreaths are DARK. 2-8 are LIT.

Dark to LIGHT is a recurrent theme in Qdrops. 30x to be exact.
1 and 10 = A and J
JA Julian Assange?
2/ see the REFLECTions? 11 lights on mid ceiling MIRRORED below to floor. 11/11 marker?

#1 and #10 DARK unlit wreaths ties to Julian Assange mystery drop

qdrop 1968 timestamp 6:10 = Dec 16?
3/ the WHITE poinsettias are a strong clue.

Poinsettia leaves only turn from WHITE to RED if they are kept in the DARK.

@CIA having WHITE poinsettias = spooks are now in control of Patriots? They've stayed IN THE LIGHT?
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HRC and BHO were none too thrilled about a Dec 15 DEADline....
Barack did a whole video about the DEADline Dec 15...
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1/ Added evidence to theory that RR faked alzheimer's to train Trump on how to Drain the Swamp?

Trump purchased Reagan's watch at auction
Proceeds went to Alzheimer's research
h/t @2runtherace

Follow the Watch??
@2runtherace 2/ Interesting #coincidence...Trump purchased Reagan's WATCH at auction on 2/24/1999, same year as the "START" per Q.

IMO? POTUS in this drop is Reagan & JFKJr, not Trump.
Post plane crash? the Start, now w/Reagan and Trump.
@2runtherace 3/ Q says to Follow the Watch...
National Security involved?
Again a hint that Reagan briefed first JFKJr, then Trump?

One year delta will be 1/5/2020 'the 12th day of Christmas'
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Louisiana Target of Attempted Ransomware Hack, Governor Says... just AS THE ELECTION CANVASSING process is being done! #Coincidence?…
2/ heard on my local radio station news (I don’t live close to LA) that a govt employee opened a suspicious email w/ransomware. $ was demanded & refused, as GOVT I.T. Crews shut down every server &computer. Cleaned and re-Loaded data. The election website and DMV still down.
3/ Guys, this has WHITE HAT OP written all over it.

LA Is one of 11 [marker] states w/NO PAPER TRAIL of ballots that can be audited?

ONLY a forensic IT analysis can be done?

Governor election results are already statistically suspect as R’s won other races statewide?
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1/ There's more to this Vindman dude, folks. Of Russian descent, born in Ukraine, surname research says Vindman is Jewish, but there's only 39 in the world, in Russia (2) Argentina (6) Germany (1) and US (29).... so IMHO it's an assumed name.

Let's dig on.
2/ I got a lead to search BENDMAN aka Vindman, & a possibly traitorous history that could lead a family to change their name.

Bendman was even MORE RARE it appears. NOT even in the Surname registry that showed 39 worldwide for Vindman, and on Ancestry? basically Zero.
3/ but do a BENDMAN and SPY search via Google?

I found another Lieutenant Colonel.

a Military INTELL OFFICER in the @IDF
(Israel Defense Forces)

at the time of the Yom Kippur war in 1973.

>>>Relieved of Command, 1974<<<
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1/ Keyword PHASEs of Justice coming?
POTUS says "will complete next year"

Phase 1

"Just wait until next week"
2/ Phase II

Stay Tuned
@jack signals Twitter

is Phase II = Mission 9 Censorship?
Mission 8 Censorship appears to be mightily underway
@jack Phase III

A Traitor's Justice.

Note that "for those who decide to save the taxpayers some money - there is no escaping God." phrase was REPEATED SAME DAY as POTUS tweet

Just a 12 minute delta from POTUS's PHASE tweet

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1/ TRAP - the Keyword from Q.

but just #WhoTrappedWho ??

h/t @stormypatriot21
@stormypatriot21 2/ this smells of a STING,


a la Sun Tzu, the Art of Military Strategy

@stormypatriot21 3/ THIS ⤵️ lays out the TRAP, the STING

Step by Glorious Step.

the PLAYERS in the STING?

Fiona Hill
Rudy Guiliani
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Laura Ingraham

Intrigued by the Intrigue?

Why have I all-capped BOLTON?
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1/ BRAINSTORMING a Possible Q Code ?

Today POTUS has an "erroneous" apostrophe added to his tweet

should read Ukraine got "its" money, not "it's"

2/ regarding Apostrophes?

POTUS went off on Apostrophes vs Hyphens a while back, in the context of Adam Schiff.

POTUS 'incorrectly' labelled an Apostrophe as a Hyphen

and in the same tweet typed dd instead of tt

and "misspelled" dIscribing, not dEscribing
3/ A Decode theory. IMO.

an Apostrophe signals a MISSING LETTER.

Liddle' means a letter is missing.

If we add another L?

we get

ALICE Liddell, the muse for Lewis Carroll's ALICE IN WONDERLAND
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@atensnut @POTUS
It is said "their desire to publicly show-off their symbols will be their downfall"
#cabal #babylon #aleppo #egypt #cult
Troilus TROYlius "beautiful youth murdered" Notice #motif upon ancient art.
#bathhouse in #aleppo matches cf. #isaackappy "dead man's switch #USA
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1/You don't even have to "read between the lines", Patriots.

Obama founded ISIS, & trained and armed them.

Likely as a JV (BHO's term) force to just 'put pressure' on Assad. But ISIS?

They didn't stay in their lane.

They grew and grew and…
2/ Baghdadi was in a US prison in Iraq from 2003 - 2009.

THen? BHO let him go.

He founded ISIS, with who's help??

Traitor McCain.
3/ ISIS formed the CALIPHATE, w/ the intent of establishing their reign of terror over the entire MidEast region, but Trump took 'em out in a year. Wonder why BHO 'fought them' for 8 years but could never win?

They were BHO's JV TEAM!

See what a horrific MESS Trump inherited?
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1/For you @nsa fans, @12BravoGran found a nifty tweet with this am. The article is re: our Patriot cyber warriors' success in battling ISIS. The infographics were Q-uite the tease. Here's a summary of what Anons brainstormed. Enjoy!
@nsa @12BravoGran 2/ 2nd infographic caught our attention 1st. Oriented like a clock? @veritasvital chimed in w the allusions ..Russia hoax , Khashoggi, Nuclear event, Voter Fraud, 'check your six' , Deep State Pentagon, skyline of 11 buildings at 9 o'clock 911 reference, ...
@nsa @12BravoGran @VeritasVital 3/... water tower atop buildings=Watch the Water?, Dalai Llama =Those you trust the most? and Military Tribunals?
Cell phone between Russia and Vote=Election interference charges?

time on 'clock' , using g*n point and arm, matches the Watch?
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Let’s LQQK closely at the snapshot ...

South Street -SS

Phillip sign - as in Prince Philip, Spouse of Queen Elizabeth

Any links between SS and Philip?

Why yes there is ....
2/ turns out Prince Philip’s own sister Sophie, married a top German officer in the Nazi SS, the Gestapo, in 1930.

AP discovered this link between the British royal family and Nazi Germany backnin 1985…
3/ The AP report in 1985 accurately describes Sophie’s husband Christoph as a colonel in Heimlich Himmler’s dreaded SS.

Earlier bio information calls him “German nobility” 🤣
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1/ Interesting 'misspelling'

Their should be there

I should be E
IE = acronym for Inspector Examiner of the FAA the Federal Aviation Admin.
2/ #coincidence that just hours earlier? We learn of Aircraft SABOTAGE in MIA, by an Iraqi national?

July 17 on flight 2834 (sums to 17)

3/ POTUS uses 2 and 4 dots between the tweets

.. and ....

2 and 4 reverses to 42

POTUS 42= Clinton
Highlighted the Clinton's intended stranglehold on the Caribbean?…
Corey DUG into the Clinton Caribbean corruption...
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1/ Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani,

described in all MSM news as just "an American Airlines mechanic"

charged with SABOTAGE of American flight 2834 out of MIA on July 17…
2/ screenshot of google results for the article...
3/ Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani allegedly tampered w/ ADM system (air data module), The plane had actually started its flight, but after picking up speed on the runway, received an "error related to the ADM system," so the plane turned back to the concourse.
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1/ Did team Q just 'kick the can' from Aug 19 to Sept 19?

@nationalmallnps is advising us to HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS on Sept 19.

Just HAPPENS to be the WATCH date....
@NationalMallNPS 2/ Here's that crazy WATCH that puts us in a tizzy every 19th...

date 19th

time 4:49, or 11 minutes before 5
second hand at 12 high noon

stopwatch hands at 30 and 30
@NationalMallNPS 3/ Q's cryptic words...

Worth Remembering.... This is an historical photo, for sure!

If you look close enough you might see...

I looked closely... there's certainly a QUEUE lined up!

Is there more?
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@Jen_RidgeCooke @1FreeInhabitant 12/ The unfinished George W Bush painting at the right? It's done now...@thesimplertimes notes it jabs at JFK, as well as disgustingly mocking the airplanes hitting the twin towers on 911. But there's MUCH more here...
LOOK closer.
@Jen_RidgeCooke @1FreeInhabitant @thesimplertimes 13/ Skeleton seen through W's clothing. Esp at lower leg. The shoelace looks like a scorpion. There's a face in the top front of the shoe.

Note the gold handle looks like a sacrificial idol of sorts.
Prison bars painted as a door shadow.
17 buttons on the Oval Office chair.
@Jen_RidgeCooke @1FreeInhabitant @thesimplertimes 14/ Their NEED for SYMBOLISM will be their downfall
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1/ The Blue Dress is made famous once again... This time it's donned by Slick Willy himself, complete with red shoes, lounging in the Oval Office.

Painting was Hanging right inside the entrance to Epstein's NY mansion.…
2/ This painting holds sick 'humor' even beyond the obvious celebration of the ruination of Monica Lewinsky, a college aged intern.

Details: Oval Office Presidential seal on carpet, Red Shoes =paedo symbol
3/ Look CLoser... JFK jr bust in back?
in 'elf on the shelf' - style mockery?

Thanks @Jen_RidgeCooke
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This thread is dedicated to the important information that our "CIA" buries and unearths. May 24, 1984 was indeed an important day and it's not because he broke ground for the new HQ.
On May 24, 1984 the US House Delayed #GunReformNow Gun Vote on Red Flag Laws . Funny how this is soooooo coincidentally topic of discussion right now. 5/24/84
Crimes committed in El Salvador like what we seen in #HongKong today (another coincidence) and the Democrats were pushing for "aid" and the Republicans were saying NO - we will not intervene... in the end the Dems won and we know what happened when they got their way 5/24/84
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1/ Ok Patriots-- Who else has seen the Q movie YESTERDAY , that really DID come out this fall...


Was Q literal? Not just "metaphor" ...This was the FIRST MOVIE?

Tried not to be a jerk, surreptitiously took notes during the film....
116 min =11+6=17 Q
2/ Watch the trailer ...Look at The cute lead girl 's Q necklace. She wears it throughout the ENTIRE MOVIE. Never off.
3/ Necklace closeup... It's a gold open circle with bottom trail of diamonds...Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.01.18 PMScreen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.08.40 PM
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