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Honored to be cited by @iandenisjohnson @NewYorker:…

"Andrew Erickson, a professor @NavalWarCollege & a visiting professor at @Harvard, said he’s seen no evidence that #China..."

For further background, see:…
...wants to reciprocate, citing #China’s refusal to discuss meaningful arms control. “I don’t see a basis for deep coöperation” with #Xi’s China, Erickson said. “I’m sad to say that.”…

KEY: In what areas is the #PRC under Xi willing to accommodate the US?
•To make the first move in doing so?
•Can anyone name one specific example?

Moreover, in the #PRC under #Xi, is there anything like an equivalent to this high-profile conference @Harvard, w a concluding panel on the subject of “Toward Coexistence 2.0: What Should #CHINA Do?”
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“It’s all about a progressive, rational policy for social control. Social inclusion is the most productive means of social control.” -- David Brotherton…
Walking the World: Seoul (part 1) - by Chris Arnade…
#SouthKorea, #TravelLog, #PhotoJournalism
New Neuroscience Reveals 5 Rituals That Will Make Your Life Awesome…
#neuroscience, #gratitude, #reciprocity, #altruism, #choice, #enjoyment
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I took good note of the repeated threats from a Pakistani cybercriminal who wants to promote Islamist unrest in my city, Nantes, against myself and agst my family, or the ones she believes belong to my family. It does not make difference because the malevolent intention is there.
As repeatedly warned, I am on my way for full #reciprocity. The dedicated local people group, on a social media, has, now, 1,100 followers. When it will be above 2000 followers, it will launch its counter-offensive operations.…
This is the choice made by the cyberstalker when she refused the impunity and the peace proposed by an outstandingly fair proposal. This is her choice, since she, in written, confirmed she wants to continue to enjoy her confrontation.…
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The #BestInventoryPR account was created by the #Pakistani Ramla Akhtar for hate speech against #French Bernard Grua, @BernardGrua from #Nantes and against his company @BestInventory. After three months and a half of frenetic activity &.. #BESTINVENTORYPR'S GUINESS BOOK RECORD The #BestInventoryPR
after 459 Tweets posted, #BestInventoryPR has just one follower, a Pakistani troll. The three other fake "follower" accounts belong to the radicalized
Pakistani stalker Ms Ramla Akhtar who created this scum account.
Such a complete disaster for a Twitter account was not foresinable because no normal person
could have anticipated such an excessive mad behavior. A true miracle! BestInventoryPR should be awarded as the biggest Twitter crap by the Guiness book of records.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/17/2021…
Battlestar Galactica Lessons from Ransomware to the Pandemic…

#ransomware #PandemicResponse #LessonsLearned
Female northern elephant seals spend 18 hours a day foraging in deep sea…

#FemaleSeals #foraging #BehaviorTracking
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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As predicted, Ramla Akhtar had to leave Gulmit, Hunza, to become homeless. This is not because she was attacked. It was because she decided herself to fight, physically, with local people, to insult them and to create tension within the local community.
Akhtar always charges other people with her own mistakes. But this time, she had a genious idea. Bring a French man to terrorist court! The despicable tramp will go to court? Why not? Authorities will clearly see how mad she is. Hopefully, they will save her biological daughter.
The creepiest part of Ramla Akhtar's plan was to embed the very naive RUSSIAN Olga Leonidovna Ozerova. Ozera announced she will support Akhtar by hiring 10 agitators to file a terrorism complaint in PAKISTAN against a FRENCH man. Ozera was stupid enough to sen a written blackmail
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Now that the #Tibetan Policy and Support Act is law, let's take a look at what the legislation does--and why the #TPSA matters /THREAD
2/ The #TPSA provides a much-needed update to US policy on #Tibet. It's the most comprehensive Tibet legislation in the United States since the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002
3/ The #TPSA creates an official US policy recognizing the authority of ONLY the @DalaiLama and Tibetan #Buddhists to decide on his succession. If any Chinese officials try to name their own Dalai Lama in the future--as China has long said it will do--they'll be sanctioned
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#RamlaAkhtar, aka #RmalaAalam, always post the same garbage since more than one year. Those are exasperated answers she got after one week of continuous harassment. She shows them regularly pretending they are new and part of a repeated stalking. What a crap! #RamlaAkhtar, aka #RmalaAalam, always post the same garbage
This garbage dumping does not work at all. But #RamlaAkhtar, #RmalaAalam, the pig-bull 🐷🐂 continues the same suicidial burden. Look, she celebrated recently 10,000 tweets with this profile. How many followers? 150. This freak does not interest anybody.
One year ago, Ramla Akhtar pretended she would mobilize bloggers and journalists in her hate campaign. Where are they? They just run away from this sticky account. Browse one day of her Twitter "activity", it is easy to understand this is the account of a psychopath.
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2/sr #Symmetry #Reciprocity Pay the #CCP back in its own coin (that's the only thing the bullies and the Mafiaosi understand)
3/st #NTBs Some of us have been red flagging #CCPchinas use of #NTBs for decades(eg on Agricultural goods & pharmaceuticals). #CCPcollaborators will now criticize #India for #reciprocating and #CCPapologists will whitewash #NTBs against S Korean Cos(eg Lotto) and Japanese cos!
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Prof Muni forgets😰, we have been trying to settle the border for decades (it's seen as sign of weakness to be exploited). A settlement of Western & Northern borders would automatically safeguard the CPEC. Chinese objectives is hegemony not settlement:…
2/ns #CCP #China will settle the border with India and order Pakistan to settle, once we achieve (credible, hard) #deterrence vis the #SinoPak alliance. In the mean time, it's building military counter force on northern border and helping Pakistan build its air & naval forces.
3/ns Is #EU waking up to the #SinoPak military alliance? (Hint: Pakistan has given full access to Chinese engineers to study western weapons systems owned by it, including the US cruise missile which crashed in AfPak area ~ decade ago)
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Every time #USA takes #reciprocal action against #CCPchina, it becomes a little harder for #CCPapologists to justify the assymetric trade, FDI, production, technology and information policies followed by #CCPchina for past 30 years.
But they (@ccpapologists) will not give up easily
3/ccp #US #Reciprocity towards #China has a long way to go
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Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, tweeting under @GruaAbuseArkive is not a "fine nature". She is an anonymous cyberstalker tweeting under an impersonated account ID and an impersonated Twitter name, which are both, defamatory.
For those, if any, who did not understand the malevolance of Ramla Akhtar, as shown on her Twitter timeline here are some written testimonies about who is this psychopath.
Ramla Akhtar aka Rmala Aalam lives for confrontration.
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After 10 months of rabid stalking on Twitter, Ramla Akhtar, Rmala Aalam, understood she arrived nowhere. She wasted days and nights. She neglected her child. She dropped her "business." She became homeless. For no results except one. Her numerical reputation is devastated.
She was strongly warned when starting her walk on this mephitic trail. She preferred cooking these warnings and presenting them as physical threats. She lost. "Vae victis".…
This would have been obvious for any sane person. It was not obvious for an arrogant psychopath who once promoted her "Social Media Model". She now tries to hijack the defensive strategy of her victims into an offensive one. Ramla Akhtar will open a website.
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How the criminal Social Media model of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, @GruaAbuseArkive, @CopingWithCOVID was contained & devastated its stalker-author in 4 lessons.…………
None of defamation & stalking Tweets of Ms Ramla Akhtar, @GruaAbuseArkive, @CopingWithCOVID will stay un-sanctionned. The right of answer is immediately processed by Google and published on its first result page. That's the end of bullies & pyschopaths Twitter game.
Top of first Google page for Ramla Akhtar, the radicalized stalker hiding behind @GruaAbuseArkive and @CopingWithCOVID. No mercy for bullies. #RECIPROCITY #SANCTION #RamlaAkhtar
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This is an extremely serious warning to radicalized Pakistani cybercriminal Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, @GruaAbuseArkive, aka @CopingWithCovid. You are strongly advised stopping your intolerable calumnious denunciations against Bernard Grua, #BernardGrua.
Radicalized pakistani cybercriminal Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, @GruaAbuseArkive, aka @CopingWithCovid it is really time stopping your dirty games. This is a reminder. You are under sanctions and reciprocity measures for your abuses against Bernard, #BernardGrua.
Radicalized Pakistani cybercriminal Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, @GruaAbuseArkive, aka @CopingWithCovid just check all your past forgeries to understand what really means #reciprocity. Do you really want to burn any future for you due to #reciprocity measures? Think about it.
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Testimony N°1 about #ChildAbuse from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam, currenty tweeting under @BarefootRaRa, looking for help of French #FarRight to harass the #whistleblower @BernardGrua, #BernardGrua.
#RamlaAktar #RmalaAalam #Hunza #Pakistan #Bullying #RassemblementNational
@BarefootRaRa @BernardGrua Testimony N°2 about #ChildAbuse from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam, currenty tweeting under @BarefootRaRa, looking for help of French #FarRight to harass the #whistleblower @BernardGrua, #BernardGrua.
#RamlaAktar #RmalaAalam #Hunza #Pakistan #Bullying #RassemblementNational
@BarefootRaRa @BernardGrua Testimony N°3 about #ChildAbuse from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam, currenty tweeting under @BarefootRaRa, looking for help of French #FarRight to harass the #whistleblower @BernardGrua, #BernardGrua.
#RamlaAktar #RmalaAalam #Hunza #Pakistan #Bullying #RassemblementNational
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Pakistani🇵🇰 #RamlaAkhtar, aka #RmalaAalam, under twitter account @BarefootRara is now explicitly asking for the support of French #FarRight against, me, @BernardGrua, @GruaBernard, a 🇫🇷French photographer, blogger, and activist in her quest for personal revenge against #Wakhi...
@BarefootRaRa @GruaBernard ...ethnic and religious minority and against the collected testimonies of her child maltreatment. She uses the classical alt-righ & totalitarian states accusation, the one of paedophilia.
@BarefootRaRa @GruaBernard Ramla Akhtar evidenced her sentences against colonialism, white-suprematism, racism where pure hypocrisy while looking for French far right support Ramla Akhtar evidence her sentences against colonialism, white-suprematism, racism where pure hypocrisy while looking for...
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THREAD:#TransHealthEthicsProject interviews w/#trans folks are "thick" examples of barriers to care described generically in surveys. #doctors & #nurses often say "those patterns are terrible, but how can I know if I am doing it?" #narrativematters #bioethics #TransAwarenessWeek
I used a standardized array of interview questions across 15 hours of interviews with trans folks regarding their experiences seeking health care in the United States, both POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, to give providers #narrative examples/guidelines on what not to do, AND what to do.
I did the interviews and my research assistants (@BreanneRBurton, Ren Czachor, Jake Richardson, and Harry Silvey) transcribed them so that no unknown persons would have access to the audio. While some participants gave permission to share audio, all permit sharing transcripts.
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SFI President David Krakauer introduces our annual board of trustees symposium on New #Complexity #Economics - follow this thread for live coverage of talks by @EricBeinhocker @AKStanger @ole_b_peters @JacksonmMatt @cmoncap & W. Brian Arthur today...
"I think we have to be aware that we're not just discussing financial systems. We are discussing the future of the stability of the planet."

- David Krakauer
on #Complexity #Economics
"What is the #economy? I would argue that it doesn't exist in the physical world. It is a product of our #imagination. It is made out of #ideas. It does have an effect on the physical world. But the imagined order that we have is not succeeding."

- @EricBeinhocker
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