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hellohellohello! The #GivingTuesday thread is here! No shortage of causes to care about. Pick something that won’t leave you alone; then, volunteer, donate $, and/or advocate to your elected official. Here are some orgs that my family donates to:
Independent journalism is the backbone of any social movement & change. @cpipr does that & more for 🇵🇷.
The @cpipr investigation led to uncovering over 4k died as result of #HurricaneMaria; brought corrupt chats to public from the [now former!] Governor, ignited massive peaceful public protests until he resigned; every day they produce unbiased reporting.
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Wtf is this?? Why is Clooney Zipping his pants up?
Who is this Asian girl?

Why does Obama look shocked??
Retweet this all over the PLACE!! #rabbithole #DarkToLight
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1. Black ppl, no matter where we come from, experience racism - and that racism shapes our life chances. In this edition of our meme series, we’re looking @ #BlackImmigrants and how laws & policies have devastating effects on foreign-born Black ppl here in the U.S.

A thread...
2. The US Census notes there are around 4.2M Black immigrants in the U.S., & of that number, about 600K are #undocumented. For these Black ppl, living @ the intersection of immigration & race, bias, racism, and criminalization make their experiences uniquely difficult. Examples…
3. After #HurricaneDorian devastated the #Bahamas, Black folks living there found it difficult to seek refuge in the U.S.. Bahamians were denied entry into the U.S. & the current admin. has refused to extend Temporary Protected Status* to the Bahamas.
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If Homestead ( former immigrant children cages facility) is:

1- Empty
2-State of the art housing as claimed by the MAGA mouths.
3-We already pay $33 Million a month to keep it clean.
4- Very secure and safe

Why not host the G7 in 2020 there @realDonaldTrump ? right ?
@realDonaldTrump This could also solve the homeless crisis in California.. or part of it
@realDonaldTrump this could also be used to help the homeless victims of the #Bahamas

I don't know I nay be crazy thinking this way..
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A Chart: Fascist Attacks Against Immigrants Just in Past Two Months, as of September 14, 2019
There is a massive refugee/immigration crisis around the world. Tens of millions of people are desperately fleeing for their lives.
July 14
Trump unleashed barrage of racist, anti-immigrant tweets directed at 4 Democratic congresswomen of color. He demanded the 4 “go back to the crime-infested places from where they came.”…
“The Demonization, Criminalization and Deportations of Immigrants”
From Bob Avakian's speech "Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution"

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Wtf @JoeBiden lying saying @realDonaldTrump WROTE & MADE DACA & PUT CHILDREN IN CAGES!! This was @BarackObama doing!! Holy crap. He really does need to be put in an #Asylum. Hey Barack remember those 1000's of children gone missing involving #CPS
Obama Admitted DACA is Unconstitutional…
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New #Q thread!! Q still active by the way. Watch @realDonaldTrump Tweets. Each tweet builds a map. Remember what Q said.
#HurricaneDorian2019 attacked #Bahamas right? Think Sean Connery original #JamesBond actor has Mansion there..but was spared…
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❤️🇺🇸 Heartbreaking pictures and video coming in. I know that you told Prime Minister Hubert Minnis the US extends our deepest condolences to the people of the Bahamas 🇧🇸
I'd be grateful for any Cruise Line that could help our friends in need ~ praying for all who have been affected that their needs will be met and their bodies healed.❤️🇺🇸🙏
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Here's a thread on a few of the more harrowing stories @Reuters reporters heard from #Dorian survivors awaiting relief flights in Abaco, #Bahamas, Thursday into Friday:
1. Fritz Cerisier, in broken English & struggling with emotions, mistook me for an aid worker, asked if I could help his 5-yo son. The boy had been vomiting non-stop for 3 days, and Fritz, whose home was destroyed by #Dorian, could not see a doctor because Abaco is in ruins.
2. Fritz was alone with a sick 5-yo he could not help. His wife, injured in the hurricane, had already been transported off-island. I think Fritz and his son made the last flight out Thursday night, but I'm not sure.
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Death toll in the Bahamas likely to multiply rapidly as rescue workers uncover true picture in badly hit areas. More flights are going with supplies, more people coming out — including 91 year old Jean Lowe, who’s lived here all her life. British aid efforts also increased. @GMB
Becky & Ryan tell me the most incredible tale of survival @GMB, how they saved their children from raging flood waters. David Lowe, another lifelong resident, shares pictures of his destroyed community- in a landscape “changed forever” by #HurricaneDorian.
The scale of devastation is shocking with an incredible challenge ahead to help those in dire need. People arriving from the chaos on #Abaco tell of a breakdown in law and order, with gangs roaming the streets. Many are asking the #Bahamas govt to accept more international help.
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(Thread 1/10)

“The science is absolutely clear: #ClimateChange is an existential crisis—one that is no longer a distant threat but a clear and present danger.”

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS

"#HurricaneDorian, reported to be one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record, is stalled out and barely moving as it pummels the #Bahamas. It has flooded neighborhoods, destroyed homes and left several people dead."

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS

"#ClimateChange is moving indeed faster than we are. The #ParisAgreement states we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5 °C. But current national #ClimateAction plans get us nowhere close. Instead, we’re on pace for a 3 °C rise or more.”

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS
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Glad that @iCyclone made it through #Dorian in the #Bahamas. One thing he mentioned in his tweets got to me. He said that being in the eye and the slow movement of the storm allowed him and others to find another safe location for the second round of the storm. (1/3)
With that in mind, the @NHC_Atlantic mentioned not to go out into the eye. I guess in this extreme situation, it made sense to do so for safety. In most cases though, you shouldn't. Normally hurricanes move faster, and weather can go downhill quick if caught. (2/3)
I can't imagine being surrounded by storm surge and destroyed buildings. Not knowing if the building you are in can survive another 12+ hours of Cat 4-5 winds/surge. I think Josh saved lives since he's been through these disasters before.
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#HurricaneDorian has finally moved away from the #Bahamas, leaving a devastating trail of destruction in its wake. Now the rescue & recovery operation can begin in earnest - with a desperate need for help in the northern islands. I’m in the capital #Nassau @GMB.
The @RoyalNavy already has @RFAMountsBay in the area, able to distribute aid by helicopter. @joncstone from @DFID_UK is helping to assess how British resources are best used, working with @SarahDicksonUK who opened the new High Commission in the #Bahamas just two weeks ago
“Historic, unprecedented and extensive” - words used by the Bahamas PM to describe what faces his country. Aid agencies like the @BahamasRedCross are initially assessing need from videos on social media, with access to many affected areas almost impossible until now. @GMB
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A thread of videos re: Helping our Bahamian family and being community beyond catastrophe... #Bahamas #WeAreHumanity
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The #bahamas needs your help and don’t need your prayers.
They need to EAT.
Emergency vehicles are under water.
Airport is under water.
Feed people by donating to @WCKitchen and @chefjoseandres.
He is already making 10,000 meals a day.
Fuck prayers. They don’t provide calories.
.@WCKitchen and @chefjoseandres already have kitchens ready to prepare meals for #Florida as well. Your money will be better spent with them.…
Here are verified ways to help using your phone:
1- World Central Kitchen. Text FOOD to 80100 to donate $10 to the World Central Kitchen to feed the people directly affected by Hurricane Dorian. #DorianRelief
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Florida now starting to feel the effects of the outer bands of #HurricaneDorian. Latest pictures from #Bahamas are horrible - massive destruction by wind and floods. The storm lessening slightly, but still heading towards the US coast where millions wait & prepare. More @GMB
Families have been having fun on the #Florida east coast beaches, but this father is also having to deal with his children’s fear as #HurricaneDorian approaches.
Jim Byrne (originally from Liverpool) is trying to get information about a house he’s built on the devastated Island of Abaco. He’s also working hard to defend his property in Palm Beach - worries about tidal surges and flooding on the #Florida coast.
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Which makes more sense:
Dorian needed to stop in the Bahamas for days because;
If you are thinking of voting
“Dorian like rum”

Please thoroughly research

GEO Engineering

Until you understand Weather Modification was the correct answer
Watch the military presence we send to the Bahamas tomorrow all under the guise of search & rescue

#Dorian #HurricaneDorian
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#Breaking: Just in - A US coast guard has seen arriving at the island of #Abaco at the #Bahamas islands to provide assistance and to report the damage on the island.
#Update: The US has no obligation to help the people of the #Bahamas, but president Trump's cabinet with the help of #Florida state will be providing assistance and medical, food supplies soon at the Island of #Abaco.
#Breaking: Just in - At least three #US coast guard helicopters have arrived on the island of #Abaco on the #Bahamas islands, with more helicopters incoming reports suggest to provide assistance and help to the people on the island.
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#Breaking: Just in - Strong gusts of continues winds pounding some Islands of the #Bahamas rights now, as the category 5 #hurricane Dorian going to make soon its landfall on the Islands, and is heading towards the #US.
#Breaking: Just in - There is a update report that Gusts up to 200Mph is hitting the islands of the #Bahamas right now from the #Hurricane Dorian, seek shelter right now and don't go outside.
#Update: Just in - Sea surge being reported north at the island of #Abaco at the #Bahamas islands from #Hurricane Dorian.
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Dorian was upgraded to Category 5 status on 8 a.m. advisory Sunday. The storm is showing maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. Dorian made a very slight shift west overnight.
SC's governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation of his state's entire coast as #HurricaneDorian threatens.

Ga Mandatory evac Co's east of I-95 & I-16 will only go WB 8am Tues

Fla Mandatory: Brevard, Duval, Martin, Nassau, Palm Beach, St. Johns, St. Lucie, Volusia
Wind Gusts over 220 mph
Max Sustained Winds 185 mph
Storm Surge 18-23 ft with higher destructive waves
915 MB pressure…
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A Thread on "Trade Relations between Tamil Nadu and South East Asia as Gleaned from Inscriptions...!"

The Commercial and Cultural contacts between Tamil Nadu and South East Asian Countries seem to have existed even from the beginning of the Christian era!
#Sangam Literatures say that the import & export of articles between these countries had happened in great vigour through the ports located on the Coromandal coast, viz #Kollam, #Eyilpattinam, #Kaviripumpattinam, #Tondi, #Marungurpattinam (#Alagankulam), #Korkai and #Kanyakumari!
The author of the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea describes the ports of the Coromandal coast as follows. “Among the market-towns of these countries and harbour where the ships put in from Damirica and from the north, the most important are, in order as they lie, first Camara...1/2
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❤️🇺🇸 President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure for Mar-a-Lago
via @YouTube
❤️🇺🇸 President Trump and The First Lady Participate in a Working Visit with leaders from the Caribbean at Mar-a-lago #Bahamas 🇧🇸 #StLucia 🇱🇨 #Haiti 🇭🇹 #DominicanRepublic 🇩🇴 #Jamaica 🇯🇲.
via @YouTube
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We are back from the lunch break and on Article 11.

Acosta Vargas is asking about the situation of migrant workers and women in domestic work. Also noted the focus on tourism and other forms of development.

Cmtte: Asking about women in senior management roles; sexual harassment, and asking about complaints and prosecutions; CRPD ratification and any quota for differently-abled people to access employment.

Question about health care, obstetrics, and abortion. Acknowledging it is illegal, but also that women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

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We're at #CEDAW71, and will live-tweet the session. Minister Frankie Campbell has introduced the delegation, thanked NGOs for contributions, and introduced The #Bahamas as the most beautiful place in the world from space (as noted by astronaut Scott Kelly).

He is now giving information about the makeup of The #Bahamas -- being an archipelago, having a Family of Islands, and dealing with increasing frequency and intensity of hurricanes.

He has just mentioned that The #Bahamas was successful in its bid to join the #HumanRights Council.

Now talking about the importance of the #SDGs.

#CEDAW71 #CEDAW242 #Bahamas
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