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12/15-16/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
So on the 15th we get a tweet about Mark Levin/Hannity & POTUS Misspells outrageous by missing the ou which makes the word Outrages. Note tweet prior highlighting 95% Approval among the right "a Record!" #Qanon
Notice his phrasing of " Think of where I’d be without the never ending, 24 hour a day, phony Witch Hunt, that started 3 years ago!"
Consider missing "ou" - phonetically Owe You. i.e. the record rating of Trump is due to folks like Mark Levin/Sean Hannity over past 3 years
After that Trump tweets a handful about Pelosi - even going so far as to mock her for her teeth coming out. Which is another comm but not connected to this one - it just is a comm wedged in between two other comms so I'm noting it.
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12/05/2019 BREAKING: Bomb Squad Investigating Report of a Possible Small Nuclear Reactor Inside a Garage in Columbus, Ohio

Ok, so let's try and decode this one.…
#Qanon #GreatAwakening
In article it says he got "Radio frequency burns” while working on a “(q)uantum physics generator”

Sounds like he was trying to get in contact with people. Possibly real or even an animator working on #Deepfakes trying to get it published by MSM
That sound strange? In Symbolism comms:
Q=Top Secret
Nuclear = Blackmail. Or at least something really secret and damaging to be made public.
- Have to dig deep into this thread for those comms but I link the start of thread due to complexity.
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@HillaryClinton program
Cival Society 2.0 was giving @georgesoros +CIA taxpayer money to overthrow governments around the world.
Started in Libya. Funded the creation of ISIS etc..
Approved by @BarackObama
#WhistleBlowerEricCiaramella soros

Link at bottom Video
This video will answer all the unanswered questions.
Start at 55 min mark

#Ukraine and what it has to do with CIA
@HillaryClinton @BarackObama missing billions @georgesoros etc.
Wirks directly w Soros

#Coup has started,
According to @MarkSZaidEsq on Jan. 30 2017.
( The #Whistleblower's Lawyer )
Step #1 in Law School
Do NOT self incriminate.

@DevinNunes @POTUS @AdamSchiff @LindseyGrahamSC @DonaldJTrumpJr
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Oh for the love of Cthulhu, I had plans for this morning, but apparently we're doing this now.

Gather round children, for a thread on deeply irresponsible "activism".
So, these #deepfakes are made by @FutureAdvocacy, a "think tank" aiming to "promote responsible AI policy".

You can watch them in the thread from the quoted tweet above. And they are in and of themselves a danger to democracy.
Who am I to be telling you this? I'm the person who's watched a substantial chunk of the existing porn #deepfakes on the internet so you don't have to. (Paper forthcoming in Porn Studies, like next month.)
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The @StanfordHAI (Human-centered #AI) Conference on #AiEthics, Policy, & Governance is getting started, live stream below. Speaker list is fantastic. Will be tweeting.

#machinelearning #data4good
@StanfordHAI "Silicon Valley, we have a problem" opens @erikbryn

Speaks to the 'great decoupling' - where productivity and GDP expand with technology, but don't take household incomes with them.

Part of the problem is lower-paid occupations have more automate-able tasks.
@StanfordHAI @erikbryn Both @Susan_Athey and @erikbryn speaking to ML adoption in private sector and the important distinction between labor replacing vs. labor augmenting #automation.

The "Suitability for Machine Learning" or SML scores from this
@MIT_IDE is useful here:… #ai
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WOW!! Are we ready?

▶️IG Report due
▶️Size of phonebook
▶️NYPD suicides—silence witnesses😨

IG email investigation (weakest of set).
👇🏽Opened door to: 👇🏽👇🏽
Weiner HRC / Others - crimes against children.
Ref to Huber?
Non public.
CF investigation ongoing.
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Here's a funny story from the making of #TheReport, told in honor of the work that @BobbyChesney and @daniellecitron have done on #DeepFakes. As we were beginning work on Volume II of The Report, our executive producer, Ian Enright of @GoatRodeoDC, brought to our attention...
A Twitter feed called @StableVoices, which is well, a #DeepFake that imitates the voice of President Trump. We began fantasizing about using for all of Trump's lines in Volume II a character we dubbed #DeepFakeTrump, which would be the lines as synthesized by @StableVoices.
So Ian got in touch and asked @StableVoices whether #DeepFakeTrump was possible. Ian sent a key line to see how well it might work. Here's what @StableVoices sent back in response:…
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Apesar de muito se falar sobre a #vazajato (VJ) na Internet, esse conteúdo não chega a boa parte da população e é ótimo que esteja na TV aberta (@rodaviva: ). Porém o tempo de @ggreenwald e dos espectadores poderia ter sido melhor aproveitado, segue o fio:
Diversas perguntas (intencionalmente ou não) preparam o terreno para que o espectador acredite num cenário falacioso (isso vai ser mais efetivo em quem não acompanhou a VJ de perto desde o começo), criando pré-indisposição com o trabalho de @ggreenwald (independente da resposta).
Da mesma forma q existem péssimos títulos de notícias tb existem péssimas perguntas, q influenciam tendenciando o entendimento. E qto + visibilidade o trabalho tem, maior o impacto dessas mentiras. Em época de #fakenews #posttruth #deepfakes, jornalistas deveriam evitar isso.
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In case you haven't heard, #ZAO is a Chinese app which completely blew up since Friday. Best application of 'Deepfake'-style AI facial replacement I've ever seen.

Here's an example of me as DiCaprio (generated in under 8 secs from that one photo in the thumbnail) 🤯
It's already under a lot of fire for user privacy protection under their terms and conditions. So consider this my sacrifice to demonstrate so you don't have to give up your portrait identity rights 😅
It’s clear that #ZAO isn’t really going for "accuracy" per se, but rather a "subjective" good looking result. Similar to a beauty cam, it retains facial structure of the original actors, so the cherry picked results more or less always looks good and encourages users to share.
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(REC) This is a nuanced look at a controversial subject by an expert.

The videos below will change how you see the world. Start with the Bill Hader one.

@JesseDamiani sees danger in #deepfakes—as all of us do. This thread just looks at the simultaneous potential for creativity.
@JesseDamiani PS/ Of course, we can't *ever* stop worrying about the collapse of consensus reality. But videos like the Hader ones use #deepfakes in a way that *isn't* trying to trick you in anything but a transient way. It's unmarked, persistent #deepfakes by rogue actors that are terrifying.
@JesseDamiani PS2/ And of course you *really* have to read the thread before you comment. The eventual ability of AI to instantaneously detect #deepfakes *does* mean that a time will come (*eventually*) when #deepfakes can be used generatively and transparently in art, as @JesseDamiani notes.
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#usenix and now: Creating, Weaponizing, and Detecting #DeepFakes
#usenix #DeepFakes Image manipulation is pretty old. Mussolini had a horse handler edited out of an image, Stalin had people edited out of photos, and so on
#usenix #DeepFakes Photo editing is fun! We can faceswap Barack and Michelle Obama! And for a while skilled people could make a fake image, but it was difficult for unskilled people to do.
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8/15/2019 = Dan Coats leaves = first possible moment any DECLAS can happen (as it goes through that position)

Anything coincide with that date for early DECLAS?

Now this is an interesting post.... He's talking about Elvis + the Wow! Signal #Qanon
Wow! Signal=8/15/1977
Elvis Death=8/16/1977
Elvis flipped, about to go public? = 187 go code. Heart Attacks at age 42 are rare after all. And Q has talked of Heart Attacks on "liabilities" in the past.
Wow! Signal = typical #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall of elites. #Qanon
08/15/2019 - Today is the anniversary of the WOW! Signal - & Trump has tweeted the word, Twice today - #Symbolism - DECLAS should in theory be possible now and there may be some internal comms going on coordinating that.… #Qanon #GreatAwakening
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#RBGIsDead #DeepFakes
Part 1️⃣ a few hours ago NPR just released a "new" video with RBG saying she is alive and well, mocking anyone that doubts her health concerns. it's getting pumped out all over the MSM
Part 2️⃣ google changed its algorithm to autofill "NPR" after typing in her name
Part 3️⃣
and of course look at the top of the search google. there is NO date on the video. so apparently we need to take NPR word for it🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Ready for #DigitalSherlocks@DFRLab
Nos da la bienvenida a #digitalSherlock @GrahamBrookie del @DFRLab, un programa que promete. Les iré contando por aquí! #desinformación
What’s a Stake: Democracy: los cambios tecnológicos son muy disruptivos para la sociedad y ello es riesgoso. Llevamos una década de retroceso democrático... Hay retos, pero hay que abordar el futuro con confianza,?dice @DamonMacWilson
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Please don't be naive about this. Think about all the ways it could be used - to excuse the guilty OR to incriminate the innocent.
#deepfakes were created to incriminate POTUS as soon as he took office.

Ben Fulford claimed blackmail existed on Trump. He was unknowingly referring to the #deepstatedeepfake.

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1. Talking at #EmTechDigital today on 'Preparing for #Deepfakes: Trust and Truth' placing in broader framework of how we think about AI and social good. My cliffnotes here in this thread… (in great company with @red_abebe and @latonero)
2. Quick intro for those don't know @witnessorg; work on helping anyone, anywhere using video and tech for human rights. We're focused on making you more effective, ethical and safe if you do. And that means also keeping eye out for emerging tech threats
3. Big emerging tech threats we're concerned about now are: #AI at intersection with #disinformation, #media manipulation and rising #authoritarianism. We know this is where the rubber hits the road for activists and civic witnesses on the ground.
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1. New theory on #TheStorm: There will be no storm. This is slow starvation for the #Cabal. Q said “bait expends ammunition.” He baited them into using their ammo (a Bush on ice) for GHWB Funeral to stall #Directive5 & Huber testimony on Clinton Foundation. #RBG next.
2. He also said, “Hints expend ammunition.” We’ve seen this time and time again - #FISA declass hint resulted in NYT op ed, HRC “blank blank blank” video drop hint resulted in “#DeepFakes” AI video tech story, now long forgotten by the public.
3. In the words of Sting in his song, “Shape of My Heart”: “He may conceal a king in his hand, while the memory of it fades.” When ammunition is expended, the fingerprint in public consciousness only lasts so long. This song is about using #Babylonian #BlackArts #ChaosMagick
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🇬🇧 New thread - #DeepFakes
🇺🇸 How Should Countries Tackle Deepfakes?
🇺🇸 Deepfakes are hyper-realistic video or audio created with artificial intelligence (AI) of someone appearing to do or say things they actually didn’t do or say.
🇬🇧 #DeepFakes
🇺🇸Jennifer Buscemi: Deepfakes Are More Terrifying Than Ever
While the nation grapples with concerns over the spread of deepfake vids in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another persons face
🇺🇸Jennifer Buscemi: Deepfakes Are More Terrifying Than Ever
While the nation grapples with concerns over spread of deceptive info online, deepfake videos in which an individual’s face is superimposed onto another persons face.
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Since people have been asking I thought I'd recap my #dystopia talk at @theuxcrunch from Thursday. The examples used are not what if scenarios. These all happened. #triggerwarning's apply. If you can make it thru to the end I have suggestions for how we can claw back some hope.
This is a quote you’ve all probably seen a million times. #Advertising & #techie shitheads love quoting it before they do trends porn. What they never seem to understand is how politically subversive the last bit is. B/c those wankers abuse it I swore I’d never use it.
Still, paraphrasing it is useful for my point. One person’s future is another person’s dystopia and thanks to the fundamental power of the Internet as a tool for distribution we can spread dystopia far and wide. Often before we know it, realise it, or even imagine it.
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1/ THREAD. What are possible #solutions to the threats #deepfakes and synthetic media could pose to evidence, truth and freedom of expression? Our survey from recent @witnessorg @firstdraftnews expert convening.
2/ Invest in MEDIA LITERACY + RESILIENCE/discernment for news consumers - how to spot both individual items of synthetic media (e.g. via visible anomalies such as mouth distortion often present in current deepfakes) as well as develop approaches to assessing image credibility
3/ Recent examples sharing commonsense guidance on this e.g. @CraigSilverman… and @samanthsunne…
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1/ What are #deepfakes + #AI generated synthetic media; what threats do they pose to #humanrights, #journalism and #publicsphere? What should we fear? What can we do? Thread w/ key tech + usages from recent expert mtg summarizing…
2/We've had fake images and CGI for years, so what's different now (beyond enabling us to transplant Nicolas Cage's face to other people). The ease of making #deepfakes is captured by the vlogger Tom Scott
3/ = Barriers to entry to manipulate audio and video are falling - costs less, needs less tech expertise, uses open-source code + cloud computing power. Plus, sophistication of manipulation of social media spaces by bad actors makes it easier to weaponize and to micro-target.
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