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Back to basics‼️

A tweetorial on a clinical approach to #joint #pain 🪡

The 🔠ABCDE approach

🅰️ Articular (or not!) 🦴
🅱️ Background (& burden) 🎒
C Chronology 🕰️
D Distribution 📍
E Extra-articular 🍂

Let’s dive deeper

#RheumTwitter ImageImageImage
#Pain is #inflammatory if worst in the AM/ after rest

#Swelling which is not bony #Synovitis the sine qua non of #inflammatory #arthrits

#Stiffness esp in AM & > 1 hour

“How do you feel when you wake in the morning?”

is a great question to ask

#RheumTwitter ImageImageImageImage

Age 🕰️
Gender ♈️♎️
Race 🧕🏻

And 🅱️ = Burden👩🏻‍🦼
#impact of disease

#RheumTwitter ImageImageImageImage
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'Just do the work and see what happens.' This is our motto too, in case you wondered what we are doing at Oh Koh :) 'When you see a #documentary you expect to be #informed or to be #angry but you don't expect to be #moved.'

Image: Preetha Kannan Image
Thierry Gaudin about his music video 'We are the Earth'. That is what is happening with Other Kohinoors - people are getting moved & that is serving as the #trigger for further #development... He further says: 'it gives you the #energy and you do what you want with it.
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💊Drug Induced pancreatitis (DIP) by @AshkarMotaz from @WUGastro soon returning as @MayoClinicGIHep staff #IMPACT #gitwitter

🥇See tweet 5 for the current classification dx!

📚Hx of DIP: Understanding of DIP has evolved since it was first described in 1950s-60s on case reports ImageImage
🥇First drug-induced acute pancreatitis (AP) classification came out in '96

Subclassified as - definitive, probable, and possible DIP

Limitations of '96 classification:

2⃣DIP NOT different from AP 2/2 other causes
4⃣Drug re-challenge often not possible Image
🌟DIP classification was updated again in 2006 based on evidence & pattern of clinical presentation.

New challenges‼️

1⃣Inadequate dx criteria for AP
2⃣? ruling our common causes of AP
3⃣Lack of rechallenge
4⃣Idiopathic, microlithiasis, genetic causes intersecting with DIP dx
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🔮Pancreatic cysts: What's in the Juice by #YanBi from #MayoFL #IMPACT #gitwitter

🎯Pancreatic Cysts Incidence 📈with ↑imaging

🌟90% of P-Cysts are IPMNs (Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms)
-70% IPMNs are BD-IPMN (branch duct)
-30% IPMNs are MD-IPMN (main duct) ImageImage
🔮Benign cysts (observation/drainage/sx)
- Pseudocyst
- Serous cystadenoma

⁉️Pre-malignant (observation/sx)
- MCN (mucinous cystic neoplams)

🦀Malignant (sx)
- Cystic neuroendocrine tumor (CNET)
- Solid pseudopapillary neoplasm (SPN)
- Cystic degeneration of PDAC
🎯Cyst fluid CEA >192 distinguishes between mucinous vs. non-mucinous BUT not malignant vs. non-malignant ($$$)

🌟Cyst fluid glucose <50 costs significantly ↓ & does the same as CEA

🎖️CEA and glucose can be combined for even higher sensitivity and specificity
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🌟Pancreatic cancer (PC) Screening by @MajumderShounak #IMPACT #gitwitter

Why care about screening for PC?
10th leading cancer 🦀diagnosis in 🇺🇸 but 3rd leading cancer☠️with 5-year survival is only 11%

🎯Current recommendations suggest against PC screening unless "high-risk" ImageImage
Define "High-risk individual" (HRI)?
2⃣Fam hx of PC (dx age, relationship)
3⃣Germline mutations

‼️Familial PC = ≥2 first-degree relatives (FDR)
☠️If 2 FDR 6x risk
☠️If 3 FDR 32x risk

🦀Genetic mutations assoc with PC (5.5% cases) - CDKN2A, TP53, MLH1, BRCA2, ATM,
🔍Begin screening age 50 or 10 years younger than the earliest relative affected by PC

Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome (STK11/LKB1)—Age 35
Hereditary Pancreatitis (PRSS1)—Age 40
Familial atypical multiple mole melanoma syndrome (CDKN2A)—Age 40
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📣 Attention! 🌍🌡️
Here is an update on our work as a Climate Fiscal host, the impact our collectives have made, the challenges we face and what’s on the horizon.

This thread was crafted with the help of our lead @leen_schelfhout 🧵🌿 Image
1/ Being a Fiscal host means we provide a legal #safespace for grassroots movements to get active without setting up their own legal entities.

We provide the ability to keep their finances tidy, receive donations, and apply for grants. We make activism accessible! 🤝💰💻
2/ Our #impact comes from speeding up the process for people to get organized and supporting them in receiving funds in a #transparent and accessible way.

We are a back-office which means our collectives can focus on their work and ideas rather than administrative details 💼 📝 Image
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📢We are *LIVE*!📢
Excited to hear from Joe Tarbert, former criminal defense barrister & current Impact & Partnerships Manager @redemptionroast - a UK org that aims to teach and provide ex-offenders professional roastery & barista skills + have real #impact.
"We are a business with a #social impact. We provide training but also #employment for guys after they leave #prison." ... "They'll lern everything from roasting, to packaging, to delivery. They are paid for their time. And on release, connected to the employment support team." Image
"Guys are v. excited to get behind a coffee machine, seeing how it works, and how to make a coffee. We move away from 'theory behind coffee' to actually doing it: learning whilst doing. Guys love it. They become more confident [...] It gets competitive. But they love the process" Image
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I'm now joining the #NISOPlus23 session: "Making the business case for investing in metadata" with Josh Brown, Heather Kotula, Michelle Urberg, & Julia McDonell
#Metadata #MetadataMatters #NISOPlus
The opportunity costs of poor metadata re-use - Josh Brown from @MoreBrains_Coop
PIDs are keystone metadata! - Powering Reuse, Automation, Aggregation & Analysis
#metadata #NISOPlus23
NOT reusing #metadata has costs in money, time and knock-on effects - rekeying of metadata is essentially unnecessary duplication of effort across sectors, institutions and individuals! #NISOPlus23
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1. Mij kwam dit initiatief van het #WEF onder ogen: #GlobalColloborationVillage (GCV) over de inzet van technologie waarin de werkelijke en digitale wereld samensmelten. #Metaverse heet dat.…

Wat is het en wat kunnen we verwachten?

Een draad 🧵
2. Wat gaat er gebeuren?

Waarschijnlijk wordt in Davos een nieuw #platform gelanceerd: The GCV. Het platform is ontwikkeld door @Microsoft en @Accenture.

Het is een #metaverse platform voor het doelgericht #virtueel #samenwerken tussen allerlei publiek-private #stakeholders.
3. Kortom:

🔹Het is een metaverse platform
🔹ontwikkelt door 80 partners
🔹gericht op versterking
🔹voor doelgericht samenwerken
🔹tussen publieke en private partijen
🔹op een virtuele manier.

Het vervangt niet maar komt naast de fysieke bijeenkomsten.
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#CentralAmerica #ClimateChangeNOW #ExtremeWeather #HurricaneJulia #IMPACT 16-day assessment THREAD.

It is time to consider what is about to happen in Central America from a #LossAndDamages perspective.
With less than 72 hours till #HurricaneJulia's expected landfall in Nicaragua, #TD13L #PC13L #Invest91L has already wreaked untold havoc in Venezeula, it is now over Colombia. The death toll is rising.

What is ahead is dangerous. #ExtremeWeather impacts for 200 million souls.
All of these countries are forecast to recieve extreme rainfall on coastal areas (where people are concentrated) and in many cases deep inland.

The purple and white fringed areas in the map (Top Right) are forecast to recieve 7-25 inches of rain.
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Join us for Part 2 of our #GreenBlockchainSummit series held virtually on 9/29 (TOMORROW) where we bring together climate action leaders, technologists, & the @0xPolygon community to innovate & develop new solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems.…
Inspired: How Nature & Tech Can Help Each Other

11:05 AM - 11:20 AM ET

@Sandeep will be joined by @Prasiddhi_O, the 9-year-old prodigy from India, who will share her vision and how she sees technology playing a vital role in a positive global change for a sustainable future.
Democratizing Access to Climate Research to Save the Oceans

11:20 AM - 11:35 AM ET

@OCEEF_ has teamed up with @0xPolygon to deliver its next-gen ocean conservation initiative. In this session, OCEEF will share its plans to leverage #web3 in saving the seas.
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Da ich derzeit mehrmals in den vergangenen zwei Tagen einen Blick darauf werfen darf: ein paar Gedanken zu großen Live-Events und der Verantwortung großer Unternehmen.
Die #DigitalX ist für die @deutschetelekom ein voller Erfolg.
Die Stimmung ist selbst bei Regen ausgelassen, das Line-up bietet vor allem vieles, endlich trifft man sich wieder, die Zahlen stimmen. Aus Nachhaltigkeitssicht stellt sich das Ganze etwas anders dar:
Auch wenn das Event der Begegnung, dem Austausch und dem Lernen dient, so profitieren v. a. die Telekom und Partnerunternehmen sowie ein paar Gastronomiebetriebe und die Stadt @Koeln – zumindest als Digitalhub und Event-Ziel.
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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity.
They are collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future''
@SDGsCoLab @SDGoals @ConnectSDGs @FAOSDGs @SDGMediaZone @SustDev

#SDGs #SDG #Africa #Rebuildafrikafoundation
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#DECinJsy #IMPACT : a 🧵 (1/9) :
Year One in the bag for me here at @HautlieuSchool , #JerseyCI & an opportunity to reflect. My Job Description, in addition to learning and delivering the fantastic #DEC course at Level 2 and Level 3, was to raise its
(2/9) ...profile on-island, engage & collaborate with #AECindustry and build student numbers.

Our 'Industry Adopter' at Hautlieu has been @OurHospitalJsy and, through Richard De Gruchy, I've been so fortunate to be able to connect with and gain the support and collaboration of
(3/9) ...such an amazing array of talented professionals in the sector both on-island and internationally.

This video is a recap of Year One industry interventions at Hautlieu, a 'thank you' to those involved who have supported and a humble request for more of the same
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Don't get me started on #Impact. Ich habe diesen Irrsinn im UK miterlebt. Der Begriff ist dazu da, jegliche langfristige und Grundlagenforschung sowie alles, was nicht anwendungsorientiert ist, zu diskreditieren. Wir können den nicht zu unseren Gunsten wenden.
Impact spielt eine wichtige Rolle im REF, der regelmäßigen zentralen Evaluation aller Institute und Einrichtungen. Dieses Impact muss auf die Allgemeinheit nachgewiesen werden (*nicht* z.B. auf Studierende, sondern echt so auf den Mann an der Bushaltestelle).
Wie also weist man dieses mysteriöse Impact nach? Man plant zu jedem Projekt auch eine Ausstellung und Medienauftritte. Wisst ihr, wieviel Arbeit die Koordination von sowas macht - während gleichzeitig das Damoklesschwert von Stellenkürzungen und Schließungen über einem hängt?
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City for SAFe un jeu largement inspiré de Sim City. Une immersion dans SAFe avec le déroulement accéléré d'un PI Planning, pour construire "Lille Plage" ! Image
Storytelling plutôt bien maîtrisé et clin d'œil appuyé à #RHPS pour cet Agile d'aliénés par @thelor #agilille2022 @NordAgile ImageImageImage
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On leadership team briefings..

At our school, the leadership team have a daily briefing at 7.50am. It’s deliberately operational, but it’s impact goes far beyond logistics.

It’s ostensibly about cover & on-call and the day’s events etc etc.. (important and thrilling stuff!😊)

But it’s a ten minute window that can make or break a day, that can inspire or derail, that can motivate or make you want to get right back in your car and drive home.

Knowing how crucial this ten minute window is for the leadership team, I decided to seek some feedback on how I run the briefings to refine and sharpen my practice.

And then I decided not to. I decided to do something else instead.

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Our 1st #Session at #GCEG2022 was all about the (dis)connection of #cities, regarding corporate affiliations and #investments: within global and national #CityNetworks as well as with their regional #hinterlands. (1/5)
@maxabuchholz looked deeper into #DisconnectedCities in the #US and identified a changing role of city-regions within the urban systems that goes way beyond the notion of #winners and #losers. (2/5)
Julia Binder and Tobias Mettenberger showed that #DigitalPioneers need good local #relationships if they want to make an #impact in rural areas. (3/5)
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#THREAD on #WHAT is #RBI likely to do tomorrow at the #MPC and #Why and how it would #IMPACT Markets? #RETWEET

(1) A rate Hikes I’d probably 30-40bps
(2) More #Importantly, a 25-50bp CRR Hike as well

What are the Drivers of this Decision?
RBI biggest Driver of Policy in my view is FOREX.

India is suffering Daily Forex Outflows Due to
(1) high Commodity Prices (Oil & Coal etc)
(2) FPI outflows
(3) Rising Remittances while FDI has slowed down

Recall that Jndia is still NOT added to the JPM EM debt Index (NA)
Two ways to arrest the INR depreciation is to raise Rates (REPO) or reduce Liquidity (CRR)

But we know India has a Demand Issue.

More #IMPORTANTLY, higher Rates will HURT the Govts Borrowing Cost and Eventually Raise System Deposit Rates
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.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: Thankful for the opportunity to share about #DEI in #MedEd and practice #upstander skills to address #microaggressions within the #ER.

🗣️#MedTwitter: Here's a #Tweetorial of how you can be an #upstander! Image
.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: #DEI in #MedEd: Being an #upstander!

💭Why does #DEI matter? Many benefits, here are just a few:
🗺️Improved cultural competence
🏥Expanded delivery of health care to low resource settings
🗨️Improved intellectual discussion in MedEd Image
.@MacEmerg Virtual Regional Rounds: #DEI in #MedEd: Being an #upstander!

💭The issue is that Racism exists on all levels. And because its so embedded in our societies, it's hard to recognize and even harder to change. Image
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‘Un-disciplinary’ – that’s how @g_kallis describes his research. With a background in chemistry, economics, and environmental policy, he now works on #degrowth and environmental justice at @UABBarcelona Image
@LenaRethel joins us from @warwickuni She is Professor of International Political Economy and Director of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR) and her research has been grounded primarily in insights from the Southeast Asia region. Image
Joining us from @ELTE_UNI in Hungary is @Miklos_Antal. Originally trained in engineering-physics, he turned to economic and social aspects of environmental sustainability. To find out more, check out his @TEDx-Talk Image
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I have been on the job market for more than 3 years now. So, I am beyond thrilled to share I will join ESCP Business School in Paris as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sustainability in June!

Lessons--not perseverance pays--in separate 🧵. But now 🍾!
Very excited to work with the fantastic #sustainability scholars of @ESCP_bs @ESCPknowledge @carboneval @aacquier @FrankFigge!
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Building a #refi thesis at the intersection of #web3 and #climate is equal parts fascinating and confounding.

It's easy to be a critic (or labeled as one) in this domain; what's difficult is suspending skepticism to understand how refi applications must evolve over time.
Pivoting our global emissions trajectory is going to take everyone, and it's absolutely critical that the climate community finds better ways of engaging and collaborating with fresh faces and and approaches in the industry.
My overarching takeaway is still that while tokenized #carboncredits and ecosystem services are asset-backed approaches that have intrinsic value, very few solutions have begun to address the critical challenges outlined in the first thread I wrote on this topic.
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Anyone looking for a protesting day out in London this Spring might be interested in Private Equity International's Impact Investor Global Summit on May 18 & 19 at Hilton Tower Bridge...

#GreatReset #impact…

Highlights include talks on "Opportunities in climate & tech impact" by Tony Clamp, Max Gottschalk and Tommy Stadlen plus "Taking stock of progress towards Sustainable Development Goals" by Michele Giddens.…

Giddens co-founded Bridges Fund Management, which has branches in the UK, US and Israel, with "Sir" Ronald Cohen, friend of war criminal Tony Blair and chair of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment at Klaus Schwab's WEF.…
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