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#Thread 2: Paying for the #GreenNewDeal

The Federal Budget, pt. 2
Fadhel Kaboub @FadhelKaboub

The Green New Deal will be a massive endeavor, but so was World War II. We know how to do massive endeavors. We've done them before. It's a matter of deciding to do them.
We want to end fossil fuel extraction, but we don't want to end people's livelihoods. So the concept of 'just transition' – and guaranteed jobs, with decent wages and benefits – is central to the Green New Deal. #JobGuarantee
Would a #JobGuarantee bankrupt the country? No; in dollars it would cost < 4% of GDP. And it would address structural unemployment and inequality and rebuild communities sustainably. We can do this.
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The Road Map to Environmental Action is kicking off @SwanseaTownHall. #ParkHP residents are designing a community action plan to tackle the climate crisis. "We're trying to change the world," says Sarah Doucette, former Ward 13 city councillor and founder of @Green13Toronto. A poster saying A brochure with
The event runs from 7-9pm at 95 Lavinia Ave. It's a nearly full room and the event will be starting a minutes late.
Attendees are ticking their priorities for climate action on the local, provincial and national scale.
#TOpoli #ONpoli #cdnpoli
#climateaction #ClimateCrisis BuildingsTransportationFood and agriculture
Its not a #ParkHP event without a bit of heckling, provided tonight by someone who thinks Sarah Doucette, as a former politician, should not be MC. Sarah responds "everyone is political" + that she is MCing tonight as a member of Green13.
Tonight's hashtag is #ParkHP4Climate
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Do you wonder why @GretaThunberg sailed the Atlantic? 252m years ago, carbon warmed the planet 5 degrees, which accelerated when warming triggered Arctic methane release. 97% of life went extinct. We’re adding carbon to the atmosphere at a 10x faster rate.…
The “dilemmas and dramas of climate change are simply incompatible with the kinds of stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, especially in novels, which tend to emphasize the journey of an individual conscience.”…
“CO2 Levels at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory averaged 414.8 parts per million in May, surging past yet another climate milestone. This level hasn't been seen in human history and is also higher than at any point in millions of years.”…
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7 months ago Scott Morrison rejected a report warning of these fires because it mentioned climate change as an aggravating factor. Then the Coalition cut $75m from fire prevention and RFS.
The Coalition have blood on their hands. #bushfires #auspol #climatechange #NSWRFS #nsw
Climate change is not political. Saying the sky is blue is not political. Climate change denial IS political. Lying to further the interests of fossil fuel companies is political in the worst way. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #ClimateActionNow
@CDpay73 For what it's worth, I have since read varying figures saying the cuts varied from as low as "$20m per year" to "$40m" and "35% of the total budget". However, these figures were from NSW alone.
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Court win blocking #Colorado #coal mine expansion a victory for #climate, #publiclands. @WildEarthGuard's @JeremyJNichols1:

"it’s a resounding rebuke of the Trump administration’s attempts to sidestep our environmental laws to appease the coal industry,"…
It comes on heels of longstanding efforts to defend #NationalForest lands, #climate from Arch Coal's attempts to expand West Elk mine.

Not only does mine's #coal fuel #climatecrisis, mine vents massive amounts of #methane, as we explain in this video.

Read on for full saga!
We first filed suit in 2008 challenging #methane venting at West Elk mine. We were represented by @TedZukoski, a long-time defender of #publiclands and #climate.

Mine is largest single industrial source of methane emissions in #Colorado,…
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The Chilean government has canceled the UN #COP25 climate summit that was supposed to take place this coming month due to ongoing protests there.

This is ironic given the situation...(1/2)…
If you didn’t know already: The Chilean people are protesting the flawed, neoliberal economic policies that have led to extreme inequality in the country. Those same kind of policies (around the 🌎) are fueling the #ClimateCrisis.

Inequality + Climate Crisis = #ClimateRefugees
What we need at this time is for governments to recognize and combat the #ClimateCrisis and ALL of its effects (environmental, social, economic) as well as its deeply rooted causes (greed, $$...etc.).
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Our mental models of 'how the world is' include boundaries that demarcate where one thing ends and another begins. Most of us accept the idea that my skin divides 'me' from 'my environment' but of course flows of nutrients and water are constantly crossing that boundary.
The apple before I eat it - me or not me? The communities of microorganisms covering every surface of my body - me or not me?
As Donella Meadows wrote, these are lines in the mind more than they are lines in the world. Political boundaries, disciplinary silos (where does medicine end and dentistry begin, for instance) -- once you start look, you will see these artificial lines all around you.
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295 days ago, I was sworn in as Florida’s 12th Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services and the first female elected to this office.

The people didn’t elect me to continue the status quo — but to take a fresh approach to governing and a new direction for our state. #APFL
Since January, I've worked to modernize @FDACS & take action on priority issues important to the people:

Building a new state hemp program — providing farmers with a successful alternative crop, ensuring equal economic opportunity, & making Florida a national leader on hemp.
I promised to fix the failures of weapons licensing & did just that.

We changed the culture: a 30-year law enforcement veteran runs the Division & we hired 25 new staff.

Review times for gun permits are down by up to 98%, while ensuring all background checks are done, period.
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Watch this very entertaining talk by Tali Sharot, Professor of cognitive neuroscience at @ucl.

Please watch these scientific findings in the context of #ClimateCrisis communication.

“Science shows that warnings have very limited impact on behaviour.”

[THREAD 1/8]
How does the human brain work?

“What we find is, that people tend to change their beliefs towards the more desirable opinion. In other words: People listen to the positive information.”

— Professor Tali Sharot

[THREAD 2/8]
“The ability to learn from good news remains quite stable throughout the lifespan. But the ability from bad news changes as you age. This means that kids and teenagers as well as older people are the least likely to learn from warnings.”
— Professor Tali Sharot

[THREAD 3/8]
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Election eve in Canada. Our choice once again comes down to strategic vs ideological in spite of what was promised. Once again I'm compelled to prevent the worst case scenario: empowering bigotry, racists, denialists/do-nothingers & outright proto-fascists #elxn43 #cdnpoli THREAD
Haven't voted yet. Hard to imagine not voting strategically given the Conservative can lose in my riding. Electoral Reform part hurts. So's a pipeline when AB's Kenney is trashing the climate work that was part of the deal I came to uneasily accept in the first place /2 #elxn43
On top of that in my riding Thana Boonlert is running for the Greens. He's the real deal & will make an excellent leader when this city/province is mature enough to face reality. I want people like Thana in office. We *NEED* folks like Thana in office /3 #elxn43 #cdnpoli
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Je viens de finir le cours de @MichaelEMann sur la modélisation du changement climatique et j'ai appris pas mal de choses - résumé ci-dessous! #ClimateCrisis

@MichaelEMann Modéliser le climat, c'est compliqué car il faut modéliser 4 systèmes interdépendants:
- l'atmosphere,
- les océans
- la cryosphere (toute la glace),
- la biosphere

@MichaelEMann Et pour chacun de ces 4 systèmes, il faut
- découper la Terre à une maille la plus fine possible (en 3 dimensions)
- comprendre et modéliser les dynamiques : circulation océanique, jet stream, évolution des forêts, etc.
- faire mouliner le modèle sur 300 ans 🤓
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Piffle&Poppycock. A point by point repudiation:
1. Even with Labour’s legally binding climate legislation you’ve bombed on the #climatecrisis
2. Agency-smagency. Phillip Hammond has called you out: this is a camouflaged no-deal
3. You’re Tories. You can also undo any legislation
Tories and their environmental promises: Heathrow expansion; Sold the Green Bank; Gave a green light for fracking; Axed zero carbon homes scheme; Banned onshore wind; ended solar subsidy; U-turned on CCS; Pulled the plug on Swansea Tidal..
Here’s a detailed Tory environmental impact assessment taking place...
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Ok thread for Urban Indian and a Green New Deal for Seattle Candidate Forum starts now! #UrbanIndianForum #seattle #climatecrisis

(a thread)
Co hosts with: @kexp Grist @350_Seattle @gotgreenseattle and sponsor @mithun_design with many others

This is being live streamed on King5 and can be found on facebook!

#Seattle #UrbanIndianForum
@kexp @350_Seattle @gotgreenseattle @mithun_design A land acknowledge and a song from the Chief Seattle Club to begin. #UrbanIndianForum
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Dear London,
You probably didn't know Bristol is a city where disruptive protest is an almost every day occurrence.
You do now.
Let's take stock of what some people of @XRBristol have done in London for @XRebellionUK these last few days....
pls RT...
@XRBristol @XRebellionUK First up, Bristol's pensioners are not happy about climate change.
This was the warning a week ago…
@XRBristol @XRebellionUK That was added to by the warning that 250 activists from Bristol were ready to be arrested.…
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What I’m seeing right now is that the Conservative party was serve the interest of giant fossil fuel companies. They doesn’t even care about the environment and the ordinary people’s lives, even their own voters. Seriously, you really want him in charge?…
The autocratic conservative government across the world are moving right now they’re thwart and discredit environment and human rights . Jason Kenney described in glowing terms how harshly Russia . It couldn’t be more apparent what they believes.#cdnpoli…
People are usually extremely had a short memory about the bad things, which is what the conservatives are sellout to voters.Go back to the good old days? When Justin Trudeau believes that Canada should invest for the better future conservatives only want suck more money #cdnpoli
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I don’t know if it’s being forced to watch the frequency at which deeper and more widespread saltwater inundation is impacting some neighborhoods in South Florida, or if it’s the inner demons released when teenagers like #Greta admonish adults, but this fall ...

I’ve had an inordinate number of, um, skeptics (I’m trying to be kind) bending themselves into pretzels trying to contradict what we in #miami and Fort Lauderdale are plainly seeing with our own eyes:

the cities are under siege from the surging seas.

They throw around all their expertly-gathered (#sarcasm) alternative facts, like “what do you expect when you build on a swamp?” Let me enlighten you:

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For weeks and months, i have been tracking the arctic temperatures and the decline of the icecap.
Wondering why it was so warm , and for so long.
What is happening there? Icecap is down over 50%.
Albedo effect will be massively impacted by this.
#climatechange #gretathunberg
We learned a few days ago, that scientific expedition in the east siberian arctic just found methane fountains bubbling on the sea surface , in the middle of the east siberian sea.
Some of the implications :

#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction…
Here is the theory:
1/ Increasing periods of open water implies an increasing number of storm events.. Such events have the potential to rapidly ventilate bubble-transported and dissolved CH4 from the water column, producing high emission rates to the atmosphere
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You're taking a job running a #renewable exports campaign? Renewable exports - what's that? Why is it important?

Last year I came up with a #Renewable Exports typology.

I reckon there are six main types of exports.

1. Direct electricity transfer via undersea cables, like the SunCable proposal to export power to Singapore…
2. Clean hydrogen-based fuel, using #renewable electricity to electrolyze water. Renewable hydrogen can then be turned into other chemicals like ammonia, which can be transported more easily and safely at scale.
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Why #SocialMovements matter -

why *thinking about* social movements matters -

and why social movement *thinking* matters, a thread

#Activism #Protest #XR #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis Why Social Movements Matter cover
It's been good these last few days to read some comradely critiques of #XR coming from various positions.

Here's an excellent thread from @XRLiberation which seems to be a group mostly within UK XR (…)

This open letter from experienced #Paris activists who've been trying to work with XR there:

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Thread 1/4
Reminder: those most responsible for the climate crisis have names and addresses. But let’s not forget the bigger picture - fossil fuel companies like the agri-business companies are hardwired into our economic system.…
2/4: Our banks finance them, our trade rules facilitate them, our politicians act for them. You can’t solve the #climatecrisis by ending fossil fuels and remain in a system predicated on exploiting nature for profit & sacrificing the global South:…
3/4: Our new report with @_YLNM and @londonmining reveals how mining corporations are looking to profit from a socially unjust, ecologically unviable energy transition that is not commensurate with the #climatecrisis.…
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A dark tweet, sorry about this.
We learned yesterday that scientific expedition in the east siberian arctic just found methane fountains bubbling on the sea surface .
#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg…
Please watch the video and focus on what the russian scientist declares (13.20-14-20)
Dr Natalia Shakhova
#ClimateCrisis #climatestrike #ClimateAction #climatechange #gretathunberg #methane

Natalia Shakhova doesn't agree with the #ipcc, which doesn't take the ESAS risk into account for calculating the various #RCP ..or any feedback loops including #CH4

You can read more here…
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I know, I know. Don't engage the trolls. Sorry @GretaThunberg @ScienceNotDogma but that "500 Scientists" story is gaining waaaay too much traction, and I'm feeling fighty. Most of the press are just parroting the PR and that's feeding the trolls. So, prepare to be threaded...
Background: A letter headlined "There is no climate emergency" was delivered to the #UNFCCC on 23 Sept, claiming that the "European Climate Declaration" was signed by 500 scientists and professionals. Of those 500, more than 150 are NOT Europeans. Soooo....
Even more preplexing, a large percentage of the signatories are NOT associated with the natural sciences at all, and many of the "professionals" are in the pocket of the #FossilFuels mafia. We can get a rough idea of this pact's make up by looking at their so-called Ambassadors.
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When unprecedented rainfall hit a small village in Mali in late August, it brought devastation.

Now, thanks to Dlonguebougou villagers & @camillatoulmin, we can show you the impact. And how #ClimateChange has affected weather patterns over the last 40 years.

Thread begins⬇️ 1/
The WhatsApp message from Makono Dembélé was urgent & alarming.

"The rain! It's reached over 160mm [6.5 inches] in less than 24 hours. It's extraordinary – there’s water everywhere!"

The rain started on 25 August: a deluge no one had ever seen or heard of before in the area. 2/
"The rain is causing a lot of damage; houses are falling down," continued Makono's message.

"But thanks be to God, no one has been hurt.”

Nevertheless, the consequences for Dlonguebougou and its villagers were immense... 3/
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If one of the world's most respected climate scientists has to explain the impacts of the #ClimateCrisis in just 2 minutes, it sounds like that.👇That's the essence.

#TellTheTruth #WeDontHaveTime

[THREAD 1/2]
This was Prof. Will Steffen in Canberra, May 2016.

If you can take a few more minutes, you should really have a look at this longer presentation by Will Steffen. This is one of the clearest illustrations of the climate crisis that I know.👇

[THREAD 2/2]
To all of you who think, we might have time to stop global warming at 2.5°C: Main message here is, that tipping cascades could turn #ClimateChange into an express lift. If we miss our stop at somewhat about 2°C, we might be rushing straight towards 4°C, 5°C or more. #TellTheTruth
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