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1/The historical& archeological evidence has decisively rejected the credibility& reliability of the divine books’ narratives/Torah, Bible, Quran.
The Exodus, as the source of Israelites history has been fully distorted, .. ImageImageImageImage
2/in which the lower class Semites were the slaves of upper class Semites/Hyksos, the foreigners who gradually moved& settled in the Nile delta& took over the Lower Egypt/Northern half, brutally ruled as pharaoh for more than a century.
3/Moses was a Pharaoh who overthrown by the uprising of people [Persecuted Semites&Egyptians]& had to flee.
After being expelled from Egypt, these criminal rulers infiltrated everywhere, gradually migrated to other countries as Oppressed Diaspora, ..
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Thread: 4 October 2022: Day 223 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: on Sept. 30, #Putin signed the regular annual conscription order; these recruits are not "legally" allowed to be deployed outside of #Russia, unlike those conscripted under the mobilisation order of Sept. 21. Training, equipping, etc. all a struggle. Image
This is a terribly depressing thread on @WarintheFuture's latest article, showing that there is much less than meets the eye to #Australia's support for #Ukraine.
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Thread: 21 September 2022: Day 210 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
The former rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Anatoly Gerashchenko, had a "tragic accident" on Sept. 21, he "fell" - indeed, "flew" - down several flights of stairs and "received injuries incompatible with life".…
#Putin's delayed speech, delivered this morning, rambled through the war being necessary to stop #Ukraine having nukes, #NATO running Kiev's army and refusing peace, Novorossiya, neo-Nazis, and annexing the Donbas, to announce partial mobilisation.
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Thread: 13 September 2022: Day 202 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia's 1st Guards Tank Army (1 GTA), "one of the most prestigious" units, operating under the Western Military District, "had not been fully reconstituted" before #Ukraine began the #Kharkiv counter-offensive; has now suffered further "heavy" losses. Image
#Russia "recently requested to purchase ammunition for its Uragan rocket artillery from #Tajikistan, along with shells for Pion howitzers and armored personnel carrier (APC) engines."…
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Thread: 17 August 2022: Day 175 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: notes the explosions on 16 August in Dzhankoi, home to one of two "most important Russian airfields in #Crimea" and "a key road and rail junction" supplying Russian forces in southern #Ukraine. "The cause ... is not yet clear" 😶
#Russia's state media is upset at the "repressions" of Donald Trump. In a strange segment, Vladimir Solovyov even wondered if "Teflon Don" might not be "[declared] a Russian spy" and if so would #Russia do a prisoner exchange "to bring Trump to Russia?".…
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Thread: 31 July 2022: Day 158 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update focuses on the de facto annexation of #Belarus by #Russia: notes the missiles fired from Belarus at #Ukraine, the escalating repression, concludes: "likely indicate that [Lukashenko] has become almost wholly dependent on Russia."
#Russia's "Wagner" unit is encouraging illegal migration across from #Libya to #Italy. This causes immediate chaos for border authorities and then, when it leads to broader social tensions, the Russians will exploit those, too.
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Thread: 20 July 2022: Day 147 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia is making "minimal gains" in the Donbas offensive, but #Ukraine is "holding the line". Russian-occupied Kherson is continuing to come under pressure from Ukrainian actions, with bridges and other access points being threatened.
#Australia has been the largest supporter of #Ukraine outside of #NATO, and the Ukrainians have a great Ambassador Down Under, @AmbVasyl.
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