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For all my buddies that will say “it’s over, @JoeBiden won! There’s no proof!”
I’d simply mention to them that “a judge in PA ruled that when a ballot signature doesn’t match the signature on file, it’s still accepted and that generally speaking, no recount in any state involved signature matching.”
There jaws would then drop and they’d change the subject to how their wives nag them or baby won’t stop crying. Lol

And these are no doubt “the smartest guys in the room.”
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🚨 QAnon TOP 20 🚨
Here are the top twenty people I believe are *actively and knowingly participating* in the QAnon #PSYOP, including their roles and relationships. I will add more detail below.

PS I know it looks complicated. It is. 🤷‍♂️

#RIPQ #StupidCoup
One aspect of this conspiracy that was difficult to untangle is how Roger Stone and Steve Bannon — who legitimately hate each other — coexist in this ecosystem.

This discovery was the key to unlocking how that works.
And here is an important part of the network as well.

Roger is working with Robert David Steele, a propagandist and former CIA officer who has also been working for Russia for many years.
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I had explained the cardinal error of the many psychologists, sociologists, behaviourists, epidemiologists, virologists, and hopefully not physicians, who were entrusted with planning the global #PSYOP #CoronaHoax by some multi-billionaire psychopaths in April.
Thread web⬆️⬇️ was somewhat "redesigned" since then, but they had realised it too late.

Another error was not to consider the web archive.

Thread web⬆️⬇️

Another self-revealing website is

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This is a thread to help me keep track of my investigation into the command and control of QAnon. It includes significant threads and tweets.

NOTE: Other activities during this period will be revealed at a later time. 😉
#RIPQ #StupidCoup
This is what got me started investigating QAnon
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I really wish I could get behind Newsmax but I know Christopher Ruddy (the owner) wrote all the Arkancide articles while Clintons were in office, then cozied up with Bill and donated $7 million to the Clinton Foundation. I find that highly irregular or = to controlled opposition.
So, if anyone cares to explain the why behind the above question, I'm willing to hear you out. If not, then enjoy your controlled opposition. Wonder how much controlled opposition is going on right now under this full spectrum dominance in the gray zone of the human domain?
Define cognitive dissonance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Many forget HRC had 2 testify to GJ re: missing Foster docs as First Lady. "Vast Right Wing conspiracy"?
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1) Oh FFS. ScoMo's handlers making comms so obv. #Auspol coat of arms over head zif crown. Crown = corona, geddit? Message something like: "#COVID1984 psyop next stage active with #MarshallLaw. Worried about Constitution if Trump stays POTUS, but." Image
2) Look at photo #DictatorDan tweeted. Pot plant above head like coat of arms above #ScoMo's. Clear crown motif. #Blueandwhite shirt too. Something big happened today and it wasn't seeing dear old mum. Alluding to another elderly female figure we all know? #KingVictoria Image
3) Also, massive tea cup on table brings to mind #AliceInWonderland. So maybe pot plant above DA more of a hat. Is he saying he's #MadHatter, or #KingVictoria now that #GreatReset is all systems go? Both? Image
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Post recente no Parler sobre a fraudemia no contexto do "Great Reset" e algumas falas do Herr Klaus Schwab, fundador do WEF. Traduzido

#Puppets & #usefulidiots empurra #lockdowns para destruir economias; promover #junkscience; forçar as pessoas a usar #mascaras que fazem
mais mal do que bem; plano para tornar obrigatório #vacinas não testadas e prejudiciais (abandonando assim o # princípio de #Nuremberg de consentimento informado; e banir / bloquear as #curas para #Covid.
Por quê? Temerosos das #elites tecnocráticas #globalistas, eles estão
seguindo uma agenda planejada anos atrás.

O # 4º Reich está se esforçando para afirmar o domínio e eliminar a oposição. Se isso soa exagerado, leia e ouça os plotters EM SUAS PRÓPRIAS PALAVRAS.

Aqui está o #WEF founder #KlausSchwab:
"Agora é o momento histórico, não apenas a
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If Aussie reporter Joe Vialls was right that a “clean” underground MICRO-NUKE caused 2005 Beirut explosion, was he was also right that MICRO-NUKES blasted Central London TWICE - Baltic Exchange 1992 & Bishopsgate 1993? What about 1996 Docklands & 1996 Manchester blasts?
1/ ImageImageImageImage
I discuss evidence that Vialls - writing just days after 2005 blast that killed fmr PM Rafik Hariri & destroyed much of downtown Beirut - was on right track in asserting an underground "clean" micro-nuke was cause of the explosion in this long thread
Back in 1993 Vialls thought it strange THREE quite similar "mega-blasts" - 1992 Baltic Exchange & 1993 Bishopsgate & 1993 WTC - should happen in just over a year: all detonated in high-profile business districts, no scorch marks & Richter-scale shocks
3/… Image
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Premio al alma cándida del día. ⬇️

(otorgado por un simple ignorante que no necesita la iluminación de Lucifer)

El simulacro del #CoronaTimo #Plandemia, en lo relativo a su ejecución hasta septiembre de 2020 , fue publicado por el Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (OMS + Banco Mundial = GPMB) en septiembre de 2019. Aquí la versión en español: ⬇️…

El plan descrito en el informe anual del GPMB de septiembre de 2019 (antes de que el 99,99% de la gente hubiera oído hablar nunca del Covid-19) que se puede descargar en el enlace señalado en el tuit anterior, se está ejecutando por los distintos gobiernos de forma milimétrica.
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DIGG | #Bootlickers VS #Patriots? | #WhiteHouseSiege | #revolution VS #devolution

1. Is this why @Potus says 'you may not see me for a while?"
2. 🤔#OCCUPY #blm #extinctionrebellion EQUALS #psyops
3. Why is @Adbusters behind this?

1| thread

#WhiteHouseSiege | More #Q -uestions "#PSyop Buffet"

4. #WhiteHouseSiege is a declaration of war
5. They want to "defeat the 'orange beast' once & for all" - is this DEMOCRATIC?
6. Why is a Canadian-based org. behind a US 'revolution?"

50 days — Sept 17th to Nov. 3rd

System needs to be flushed by #WeThePeople | #WeAreTheNewsNow

#ElectionFraud #Election2020 #Stopdivsion

Learn more about @Adbusters…

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So I went to VeteransToday to see what else they had to say about the Q movement because they have always been strong Trump haters so I put in Qanon & searched try it yourself this is what I got… what did not come up was the 3 part Interview with Micheal..
If you read that article you see the real agenda of Qanon to convince American's that all of @realDonaldTrump supporters are crazy domestic terrorists. No where there or in any MSM piece will you find anyone exposing who any of the people are behind Q & if anyone tries to they
are shadow banned. The easiest way to put an end to Qanon is just expose who the people behind it really are & yet not 1 person in the media has done that. Why because it is a psyop. You will see more & more of this as we get closer to the election with the goal being to get
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One of the primary components to radicalizing and eventually weaponizing human assets is to disassociate the targets from their families and friends. This is part of a process to supplant their perceived reality with a reality modeled by their handlers.
This sets off a process in the chain whereby the target begins to operate in a delusional state, they begin to experience insomnia and psychosis follows. It is in this weakened state that they become increasingly susceptible to weaponization by their handlers. #QCult
This women (target) is already openly expressing her propensity to see everything through the lens of her handlers' model. She is disassociated from reality and and is completely immersed in a world only shared by her and her fellow targets (new family). #PSYOP
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The wealthy technocrats behind #Agenda2030 are using information like a weapon. They want you to think if you’re not an expert like a doctor, virologist or epidemiologist then you can’t form an opinion about what’s going on. This is bull crap. Your common sense is what you use.
How many other “experts” on #COVID have been shunned, censored, deleted, shamed & smeared because their “expert” views didn’t match the narrative the technocrats are running. You cannot deny the presence of multiple experts w/ heavy experience & knowledge who are being shut down.
They want the common man to think this is a game we can’t play even though we do our own research & cite experts, if it doesn’t match the narrative we’re told then they say we don’t know what we’re taking about, but it’s CLEAR there’s a lot of pseudoscience & conflicting info.
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If you cannot look at darkness & evil in the world you will not be able to “see” the agenda behind #COVID & #Agenda2030 that is running under it. If you can’t question dogma or doctrine you will not see the #Psyop of Covid. Here are some things that cause you to be #Covidblind.
If you can’t look at #pedophilia or the mass molestation & child rapes that took place at the #CatholicChurch, you will not see Covid. If you can’t see that #Hollywood is not here to entertain us but to indoctrinate & brainwash us & to normalize immorality you won’t see Covid.
If you can’t see that #BigPharma makes billions by promising cures & good health but also systematically destroying it so you will need to keep coming back to them, you will not “see” Covid. If you think a vaccine is the answer to returning to normal, you are #covidblind.
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I have said that all of the supposed Leaks that #Qanon have made & just things taken from the Internet & blown up stories from Wikileaks & here this drop came from this video in the Next pic also taken from this video Q claims
that they used some Military access to get this pic from the phones of the people there but in the CNN video that aired 5 years earlier you can see it comes from there it is the exact same shot from the video. #Qanon is a Psyop & it is not pro Trump its goal is to do to Trump
what Wikileaks did to @HillaryClinton in the 2016 election. They are creating videos & movies to air right before the election showing all the crazy domestic Terrorist that they created & pretend to be Trump Supporter. Showing things like 8Kun & 8Chan & fetish sites famous for
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#RT hasta reventar #Twitter y que sea #TrendingTopic

Las mascarillas son, innecesarias, tóxicas y muy perjudiciales para la salud.

La prueba aquí. ⬇️
La propia #OMS desaconseja el uso de mascarillas. ⬇️

La imposición del uso de mascarillas es criminal.

Otra prueba objetiva más que prueba la criminalidad de la obligación de llevar mascarilla.
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Estamos dirigidos por personas muy peligrosas para nosotros.
Sus medidas son en nuestra contra. Son psicópatas.
Desean destruir la Humanidad, el ser humano como es.
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#georgefloyd Multi-Layered #Psyop

There's nothing strange that 3 years ago ,#ericgarner, another black man represented by @BenjaminCrump & examined by #michaelbaden also said #icantbreathe 11 times!

Quick! Let's pull that slogan circa '17 out of our vault. Who'll remember?
There's nothing strange that #youtube yanked some vids of #ericgarner. Nothing strange that #georgefloyd sister was wearing a tee-shirt that read #Icantbreathe. I am sure print shops under #conyouvirus #covid19 are essential or it was a gift.
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#GeorgeFloyd Multi-Leveled #PsyOp? Transmission from the jungle of #CostaRica

Full version
#GeorgeFloyd Multi-Layered #PsOp?

Follow me through the jungles of Costa Rica as I bring up some pertinent questions to ask yourself regarding George Floyd. Stay for the view!


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By #Seals you mean 1s like… the 1 who started the #ProjectLookingGlass #Psyop the very 1 that the #Qanon grifters claim allows them to see into the future? Psyop feed off Ignorance. They keep you busy to keep people who know something is wrong from actually
finding the real enemies of the people. If you had a serial rapist in your neighborhood all he would need to do is go to a national pedophile registry find a Pedophile close by show it to you, something you likely did not know & organize the community to follow that person day &
night feeding them crumbs about the guy making up stories that can't really be disproved & that would keep them all busy so he could continue his raping unencumbered by any of the people. It is black magic watch what this hand does so you don't see what the other 1 is doing.
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