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**3 must remember warning signs**

- High grade fever even after 5 days
- Increasing dry cough while sleeping,talking
- Exhaustion,exertional dyspnea (worsening from before)
*3 reasons for late presentation*
- Attributing fever to post vaccination and waiting( post vaccination fever is never more than 48 hrs)
- Using DOLO/PCM 6 hrly x 1week as a drug, masking fever
- Wrong timeline, reporting testing day as day 1, not onset of symptom.
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#BREAKING | After black and white fungus, yellow fungus infection cases reported in India - Know why it is more dangerous

Read here-…

#BlackFungus #WhiteFungus #yellowFungus #COVID19India #CoronavirusIndia
Symptoms, causes of yellow fungus, which is more dangerous than black fungus and white fungus

#BlackFungus #WhiteFungus #yellowFungus #COVID19India #CoronavirusIndia…
Now, #YellowFungus, which is more dangerous than black fungus and white fungus, hit India - Who are more at risk?

#BlackFungus #WhiteFungus #yellowFungus #COVID19India #CoronavirusIndia…
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தேர்தல் வைத்ததால் தான் தமிழகத்தில் கொரோனா தீவிரமாக பரவியது என்பது முற்றிலும் தவறான கருத்து.கொரோனா தொற்றின் இன்குஃபேஷன் காலம் 2-15 நாட்கள் என்பது உண்மையெனில்,ஏப்ரல் 2021ன் கடைசி வாரம் நிறைய பேர் இப்போது நிற்பது போல் மருத்துவமனை முன் ஆம்புலன்ஸில் காத்துக்கொண்டு இருந்திருப்பார்கள்.
ஆனால் அப்படி நடக்கவில்லை.ஊரடங்கு மே 10 அன்று தான் வந்தது. தேர்தல் முடிந்த பின் தொடர்ந்த தளர்வுகள்,ஊரடங்கு அமலுக்கு வந்த பின்னும் மக்கள் சுற்றிக்கொண்டு இருந்தனர்.தனது மரபமைப்பை மாற்றிய கொரோனா,சுயக்கட்டுப்பாடு இல்லாத மக்கள் தான் இந்த கோர தாக்குதலுக்கு காரணம்.
இருசக்கர வாகனங்கள் தான் ஊரடங்கு நீர்த்து போக காரணம்.போன வருடம் கொரோனா பாதிக்கப்பட்ட நபர் வீட்டில் இருந்தால் அவரை பிடித்துக்கொண்டு போய்விடுவார்கள்.ஆனால் இப்போது வீட்டிலேயே இருந்து தானும் செத்து,தன் குடும்பத்தினரையும் கைலாசம் கூட்டிச் சென்று கொண்டுள்ளனர்.
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The Modi government has asked pharmaceutical companies in the country to start preparing for the third wave of COVID-19 and stock up key drugs in a span of the next two-three months. #COVID19… Image
The Department of Pharmaceuticals, India’s drug regulator, held a meeting in this regard on Tuesday. The Indian Drug Manufacturers Association, the Federation of Pharma Entrepreneurs, and the Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association were present in the meeting. #CoronaSecondWave Image
In the meeting, the Department of Pharmaceuticals directed pharmaceutical companies to increase the production of the antiviral drug Remdesivir, which is being widely used to treat COVID-19 patients across India. #Remedisivir
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I challenge ur narrative tat alternative medicine works
It doesnt/#neem studies tat u keep quoting, are NOT peer-reviewed, NOT published/has been collecting dust in preprint server since Apr 2020
Tis makes ur argument invalid
But #science is kind, so lets discus
2 This is UR molecular docking study u uploaded to preprint. Y was this never published? Bcoz this is highly flawed from methods to results to conclusions. Molecular docking was blind - hence ligand optimization is not accurate...
...and grid coordinates wer computer generated. Hw did u correct for tis? U cud hav used predicted binding sites 2 improve accuracy/efficiency…
Predicted binding sites 4 #SARSCoV2 is widely published/ use of grid-based docking wud be better...
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TMC had said 'We won't let Bengal turn into Gujarat '
They turned it to Syria, instead 😡😡.
#Article356 #BangalBurning #PresidentRuleInBengal #SaveHinduFamiliesinBengal Image
Meanwhile I noticed one post in #Facebook which is really interesting.
Plz look at the screenshots & think:
#tmcgoons = #Pakistan supporters??
#justasking this from everyone.
#BangalBurning #Article356 #SaveHinduFamiliesinBengal #bangalviolence #PresidentsRuleinBengal ImageImageImage
ট্রেন বন্ধ করার ভুল সিদ্ধান্তের জন্যেই এবার করোনা ছড়াবে।
কারণ সম্পূর্ন লকডাউন তো হয়নি.. রুজি রুটির টানে মানুষকে তো বেরোতেই হবে।
@JasBJP @Bunibroto @desibhakthoon @jay_majumdar @joydip18 @Torture78 @JaneZakya @rantidevsengupt @debtanu1971 @IndranilKhan @anirbanganguly ImageImage
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In what is being seen as the first such case in India, eight Asiatic lions have tested positive for the novel coronavirus at a zoo in Hyderabad. Nehru Zoological Park (NZP) got to know about this on April 29. #NehruZoologicalPark #Asiaticlions #COVID19India
However, Dr. Siddhanand Kukrety, the Curator and Director of the zoo, said, "It's true that the lions showed COVID symptoms but I am yet to receive the RT-PCR reports from the CCMB and hence it will not be proper to comment. The lions are doing well." #NehruZoologicalPark
Zoo officials had decided to test the lions after wildlife veterinarians at the facility noticed coronavirus-like symptoms such as coughing, nasal discharge, and a loss of appetite among some of the lions. #COVIDEmergency2021 #Wildlife #NehruZoologicalPark
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In a show of utmost grit and commitment, Pune-based Dr. Mukund Penurkar returned to duty just a day after losing his father to the coronavirus. His mother and brother are also undergoing treatment for COVID-19. #Pune #CoronavirusIndia #IndiaFightsCorona… Image
Dr. Penurkar, an internal medicine specialist at the city's Sanjeevan Hospital, says it was the only way to pay tribute to his father. He lost his father Ramdasrao Penurkar on April 26, but came to the hospital the next morning to attend to other COVID-19 patients. #coronavirus Image
He even had to perform the last rites all alone, as his mother and brother were undergoing treatment in the ICU. "It's very difficult for me to think that I could not save my father despite being a doctor," Dr. Penurkar said. #IndiaFightsCOVID19 #OxygenCylinders #CoronavirusIndia Image
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Four US lawmakers send letter to @POTUS urging his administration to send much-needed resources and raw materials to #India.… #CoronavirusIndia
India Caucus asking @POTUS "to send more oxygen and other medical supplies to help India in the manufacturing of additional vaccines," says @RoKhanna. "There’s simply too much at stake.”
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Supplies worth $100+ million being delivered by the US to #India and flights "will start arriving tonight and they will continue into next week," says @StateDeptSpox. #CoronavirusIndia
Asked by @APDiploWriter about the notice allowing voluntary departure of family members of US diplomats in #India, @StateDeptSpox says it's optional --"departure is not required."
US aid en route #India should be "put to immediate and effective use," says @StateDeptSpox.
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#SupremeCourt bench of Justices DY Chandrachud, L Nageswara Rao & Ravindra Bhat to hear the Suo Motu case regarding #COVID19 issues such as supply of essential drugs, manner of vaccination and #lockdown. Earlier bench was headed by former CJI SA Bobde.
Suo Motu and other similar matters pending in state High Courts have not been transferred to #SupremeCourt yet.

The matter will be taken up post 11 am. Follow this thread for updates 👇
SG Tushar Mehta: The reply has been filed today. Your Lordships will not have it. Court had indicated that it is a fight for the nation that is the spirit of the reply. if we succeed nation succeeds. It is not a time for political bickering.
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Our latest @VOANews report: US pledging to send oxygen to #India as soon as possible and tens of millions of vaccine doses abroad in stages, in response to the ongoing #coronavirus pandemic and intense pressure on America for significant help.…
Readout via @StateDeptSpox of a virtual meeting between @SecBlinken and @USIBC. #CoronavirusIndia
Discussion involving @USTradeRep and @AstraZeneca executive on the proposed #TRIPSwaiver for global #CoronavirusVaccine production.
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Playschool jana,
Fir bade ho k school jana,
Itne bacho se milna, masti karna,
Teachers se daant khana,
PTM me doston k parents se milna,
Teacher se shikayat na hone pe parents ki muskaan dekhna,
Homework me busy hona,
assignments me busy hona, (1/n)
tution jana,
din ese hi nikal jate the,
thode aur bade hue to college gaye,
waha bakchodi pelna,
elections me campaigning karna,
sab kuch karna, bas pdhai na karna,
Dosto k bday aane pe unki birthday parties me busy hona,
Ghar se jhuth bol k idhar udhar masti karna, (2/n)
Aaj 1 saal se upar ho gaya ghar bethe,
Jaha din ese hi nikal jate the, aaj samjh nhi ata ki din kaise nikale
Ghar se bahar nikalne ka bahane nahi,
Jaha dimag ko kasht dene ka time nahi hota tha,
Aaj ek din esa nahi jata jab dimag ka dahi na hua ho.
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(Thread) #CoronavirusIndia #Covid_19 #scam #hospitals #doctors
Hospitals 🏥 & Doctors 🥼 are unable to detect cause of illness. Instead they are treating every patient as covid patient and giving them many doses of injections and medicines resulting in death of patients (1/n)
Instead of 2-3 dose , they re giving 6-7 doses.

2. Why are remedesvir so important ? Why doctors are prescribing only that dose ? Isn’t there some other alternative or other dose which is somewhat similar ?
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launched generic drug Remdesivir under the brand name Redyx in India on September 9.

Redyx will be available in the market for ₹5,400 per 100 mg vial.

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One year post the #lockdown, is the new surge of #COVID19 cases different? We keep tracking the #coronavirus pandemic in this #thread

#IndiaFightsCOVID19 #COVID19India #coronavirusindia #DailyCovidUpdate #lockdownanniversary
#LockdownAnniversary saw daily positivity of 5.3% > (first time since Sep) cumulative positivity of 5.0%. Weekend @ICMRDELHI testing >880k & @DeptHealthRes @MoHFW_INDIA caseload ~47k (65% in #Maharashtra). For antigen share of 70% implied positivity is 8.2% with >25k missed cases Image
@ICMRDELHI @DeptHealthRes @MoHFW_INDIA HIGHEST TUESDAY POSITIVITY SINCE OCT. As of Mar 23 '21 cumulative positivity @ 5.0% & daily positivity @ 4.2% with @ICMRDELHI testing >967k & @DeptHealthRes @MoHFW_INDIA caseload >40k (61% in #Maharashtra).For antigen share of 70% implied positivity is 6.5% with ~22k missed cases Image
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If someone gets a positive #COVID report, he/she should report to nearest Govt. health facility or #UttarPradesh #COVID Helpline 18001805145 or National #COVID_19 Helpline 1075.
On the basis of severity of symptoms, treating doctor will assign #HomeIsolation with...
... conditions (mild/ #asymptomatic cases) or hospitalization in #COVID__19 health facility (moderate or severe cases). Family members & other high-risk contacts of a #COVIDー19 case, will have to undergo for 14 days home #quarantine.
Patient under home #isolation will stand discharged after 10 days of symptom onset & no fever for 3 days. Thereafter, the #COVID_19 case will be advised to isolate at home & self-monitor their health for further 7 days. There is no need for testing after the home...
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Kindly refer to the @MoHFW_INDIA guidelines for international arrival in India:
On your arrival in #Delhi, you will be assigned 7 days of #InstitutionalQuarantine at a Govt facility at no charge or paid #quarantine at designated hotels,...
...followed by 7 days of #HomeQuarantine:
You may seek exemption from institutional quarantine by submitting a negative #RTPCR test report on arrival. This test should have been conducted within 96 hrs prior to undertaking the journey. The test...
(2/3) should be uploaded on the portal for consideration. Before finalizing your itinerary, kindly reach out to your airline for any updates/changes in the existing guidelines.

#COVID19 #COVID_19 #COVID__19 #COVID #COVIDー19 #COVID19India #coronavirus #CoronavirusIndia
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#COVID19: @EduMinOfIndia releases guidelines for reopening of schools from October 15 in a graded manner: news agency PTI

#CoronaVirusUpdates #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirus
@EduMinOfIndia #SchoolGuidelines | No assessment till up to 2-3 weeks of schools' reopening, flexibility in attendance norms, says @EduMinOfIndia


@EduMinOfIndia #SchoolGuidelines | Schools must ensure smooth transition of students from home-based schooling during #COVID19lockdown to formal schooling, says @EduMinOfIndia


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Here is an example of exactly HOW NOT to design a study and publish.
A grp of #ayurveda vaidyas published:💡Clinical Improvement In #COVID19 #patients With Timely Intervention Of Panchagavya: Preliminary Finding
💵International Journal of Pharmacological Research
#MedTwitter Image
First, choice of #journal. Choose one indexed in valid scientific databases - eg @Scopus, Medline @NCBI, @embase, @EBSCO, @webofscience. International Journal of Pharmacological Research is indexed👇😶
Just bcoz its on Google doesn't mean its quality. #pseudoscience #fake
2/n Image
There R indexed and impactful journals charging #openaccess fee (eg @JHEP_Reports) if the institute can afford it. Most quality indexed, impactful journals (eg @HEP_Journal) dont have open access fee to publish, but #Subscription fee for persons to read #published study.
3/n Image
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Thread on #graphicdesign
“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” –Adam Judge
Designed by our inhouse creative design team.
Follow @CompleteDigi for more
#animation #ArtistOnTwitter #artwork #design #DigitalMarketing #Digital
Thread CONTD.
Asking right question, always helps in better understanding of client's need.
Follow @CompleteDigi for more

#FridayMotivation #fridaymorning #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning #socialmediamanagement
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#coronavirus: As India eases restrictions on activities this is the time to reiterate that WEARING MASKS NOW IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER. More important than when #lockdown was first imposed on 25 March. Because number of active infected persons (dashed line below) is highest. 1/
As long as active infected persons persist in population - and herd immunity or vaccine induced immunity has not been achieved - chances of spreading pandemic is proportional to number of active infected persons, if containment is inadequate. WEARING MASKS PREVENTS SPREAD. 2/
Number of daily new infections is still rising. We are tracking #CoronavirusIndia at @cessi_iiserkol. When observed numbers (blue bars below) fall below our model assessment (red curve) we would know the pandemic is subsiding in #India (but resurgence is possible). 3/
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