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Dear politicians/ administrators.
I hope by now you have understood that #COVID19 doesn't care about who and how big are you?
*Learn from the mistakes of Trumps and Bolsonaros of the world.
*Encourage authentic data collection. Encourage testing. Window dressing won't help you.
*Between media driven fear mongering and false data driven positive outlook, comes educating relentlessly.
*Stop connecting Covid19 numbers to your performance.
*Positivity at the cost of objectivity will not serve the purpose.
*Do not pressurise the experts to take shortcuts for delivering a vaccine or treatment.
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(1/n)Thread on "The Call to Boycott Made in China Products".
Src: CNBC TV18

#India's Trade Deficit with #China:
FY17: Rs.3,43,853 cr
FY18: Rs.4,06,241 cr
FY19: Rs.3,74,790 cr
FY20: Rs.3,06,634 cr (Apr-Jan)

#investment #AtmaNirbharBharat #coronavirus #economy #GDP #stockmarket
(2/n) India - China trade Imbalance:

Imports: US$70,408 mn
Exports: US$16,783 mn
Deficit: US$53,625 mn

#China #India #BoycottChina #BoycottMadeInChina #BoycottMadeInChina #investors #import #export #CoronavirusIndia
(3/n)- India's imports from China:
Category : Share
Manufacturing: 95.94%
Chemicals: 19.53%
Engg & Transportation: 30.67%
Electronics: 31.63%
Ores & Minerals: 1.62%
Agri & related: 0.44%
Crude & petro prdts: 1.42%
Others: 1.58%

#BoycottChina #BoycottMadeInChina
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Ingredients for a successful approach in managing pandemic:
1. Value Field experience
2. Utilise knowledge and skills
3. Abundant Precautions in communication
4. Unbiased analysis
5. Use Common sense

#2019nCoV #leadership #coronavirusindia
6. Ethics should be as integral as epidemiological principles in the strategy

7. Ensuring Equity is the goal, not an accessory. Think of vulnerable before thinking of self preservation

2ofN #COVID__19 #pandemic #MigrantWorkers
8. Be open. Do not close doors to Ideas

3ofN #2019nCoV #TheWHO #Asymptomatic
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COVID-19 is an unparalleled economic crisis in modern history. My colleague @tulsipriya_rk and I have been tracking the macroeconomic effects of it on India’s economy on a weekly basis. Sharing some of the visualisations here in this thread.
#MacroOfCovidIndia Image
Globally, India’s workplace mobility rising relatively faster from a low base since Lockdown 3.0. Mobility levels to retail and recreation still 70% below baseline. #MacroOfCovidIndia @tulsipriya_rk Image
India's mobility to work places, grocery, pharmacy and transit stations picking up since 3rd May while visits to parks, retail and recreation spots remain low. @tulsipriya_rk Image
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THIS- 11 more passengers have tested positive for #COVID19 today who travelled in various @IndiGo6E flights. 3 were earlier reported.

Break up of 14 who flew IndiGo:

Delhi-Jammu: 3
Bengaluru-Coimbatore: 6
Delhi-Coimbatore: 2
Chennai to Coimbatore: 1
Bangalore to Madurai: 2
More: @IndiGo6E has grounded its crew of 5 flights where passengers have tested positive since May 25

Cases also reported from @flyspicejet @allianceair

These are being detected by states which are quarantining and testing passengers. Screening/Aarogya Setu clearly NOT enough.
Earlier today, 6 people who flew from Chennai to Salem in @FlyTruJet have also tested positive.

#DomesticFlights #Aviation #Corinavirusindia
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My Covid Experience
My father had body pain and tiredness for 2 days . I consulted local physician who tested his temperature and informed that it is normal and need not worry. My father's health seemed not to improve ,upon doctor's advice I took his blood sample tested. (1/n)
His blood test came out to be triple typhoid . I immediately consulted other MBBS doctor to started his typhoid treatment . He gave him 2 bottle saline (IV). I asked doctor whether I should go for Covid test for which he said he doesn't see any such symptoms (2/n)
Father's condition worsened further . He started developing breathing problems post which I directly took him for Covid test . Thyrocare person tested him and charged me 5000 which he asked me to Gpay him directly. (3/n)
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Thread: Is India "flattening the curve"?

Working with data of other countries and the exemplar cases of China and South Korea for 80+ days, I realized that it's rather difficult, if not impossible, to judge that just off a couple of indicators.

1/n (n=20)
And it's most certainly daft to try and read that off some noisy changes in a few days data. This has not been an easy fight for most countries that are gaining control over their #COVID19 spread.

#nCoV2019India #coronavirusindia
And involves tight coupling of 3-4 measures for a sustained period of time. To understand what they are and how to take control of the situation, @yaneerbaryam is a good follow.

One of the measures is extensive testing. Including asymptomatic cases.

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A day in the life of a #COVID-19 #healthworker in India. A #Thread.

#indiafightscorona #healthwarriors
What does it mean to be a frontline warrior amid the #Coronavirus ( #COVID-19 ) pandemic? It means being away from home for weeks, staying awake for days and nights,
dealing with emotionally vulnerable patients and a sense of timelessness – when the clock ceases to exist and the patients’ recovery is all that matters.
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Now lynching of Muslims in the name of Corona has started.

This is nothing but an inevitable result of irresponsible, islamophobic and communal journalism by Indian Media House.

Video (1/3)

#CoronaJihad #CoronaUpdate #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirusindia
Video (2/3)
Video (3/3)
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Facts & important information abt #CoronavirusOutbreak follow the thread #pulmonologist speaks #CoronaWarrior
@drkamnakakkar @DrRebellious @doc_obg @BDUTT
1. #Coronavirus, is Beta CoV enveloped RNA viruses, characterized by club-like spikes
2. Bats are natural reservoir for it
3. Scaly anteater-Pangolins mediated transmission between bats and humans.
4. Mode of transmission: Droplets coughs, sneezes
or talks (Travel up to 2m), airborne and rarely a fecal-oral route
5.Incubation period: 2 to 14 days after
exposure (5-7days)
6.The spectrum of Illness (#CoronavirusOutbreakindia )
a)Mild 81%
b)Severe illness ( Fall in Oxygen, lung involvement) in 14%
c)Critical Disease (Respiratory failure, shock, multi-organ dysfunction syndrome) 5%
• Overall case fatality rate was between 2.3 to 5%
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The Nizamuddin Markaz was conducted in mid March. Yes, Few weeks before and after that many events were conducted. What exactly is the problem? Why are we targeting a particular community for corona jihad?
#TabhleegiJamaat #NizamuddinTerrorists
The conduct of the attendees post Nizamuddin Markaz is very dangerous.
1. They refused to undergo tests.
2. They refused to stay quarantined.
3. They spit on doctors & staffers.
4. The organisation head is absconding.
#TabhleegiJamaat #NizamuddinTerrorist
5. Despite the death of many markaz attendees, they refused to quarantine and continued community intermingling.
6. In many areas when the doctors & police went to check the attendees they were roughed up
#TabhleegiJamaat #NizamuddinTerrorists
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जो आशंका थी, आखिरकार वही हुआ। रांची में सामूहिक स्थल में छिपाकर रखे गये विदेशी दौरे से लौटी एक महिला कोरोना पाॅजिटिव मरीज पायी गयी। 1/6
राज्य सरकार ने न केवल जान-बूझकर आंखें बंद रखी बल्कि सैकड़ों लोगों को राजधानी से लेकर पाकुड़ और बांग्लादेश के सीमावर्ती इलाकों तक छोड़नेे में सहयोग तक किया।2/6
राजधानी रांची में सामूहिक स्थल पर लोगों के छिपे होने की सूचना से जान-बूझकर बेखबर रहने और सरकार और उसके एक मंत्री के अदूरदर्शिता का परिणाम सामने है। 3/6

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Meet the people who are walking to their hometowns and villages amid #Lockdown21 and what made them take the long journey home.
Birjesh Kumar, 20

Earns Rs 7,000 per month

Headed towards: Agra, UP

Why he left: “The bakery has remained closed for over a week now and there there is no work. If I don’t go home, I won’t able to survive here .”

Read more:
Raj kumar, 20

Earns Rs 450 per day

Headed towards: Shahjahanpur, UP

Why he left: “I had been sitting idle for days. We got food only if someone donated. My family members kept calling and drying over phone. They want me home safe”.

Read more:
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Project #KhaanaChahiye ?
Day 4/1st April : 4700 hot meals distributed to those in need

Western E Highway -1500
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Masjid Bunder -2200

Thank u partners, volunteers & supporters @LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND @thebohrikitchen

#MumbaiFightsCorona ImageImageImageImage
Project #KhaanaChahiye ?

Day 5/2nd April : 4560 hot meals distributed to those in need thanks to our brave team on the ground ❤️

Western E Highway -1360
Eastern E Highway - 1000
Mumbai Central -2200

@LTP_India @projectmumbai1 @BUS_IND

#MumbaiFightsCorona #COVID19Pandemic ImageImageImageImage
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JOKER जगभरातील एक अजरामर पात्र. सर्वात जास्त अभ्यासलेले आणि मानसशास्त्र तज्ज्ञांच्या कुतुहलाचे एक काल्पनिक पात्र.मी सांगतोय तो जोकर आहे The Dark Night मधील Heath ledger यांच्या अभिनयाने आणि Christopher Nolan यांच्या लिखाणाने त्यातूनच तयार झालेल्या चित्रपटाची .! कथा सांगायची तर
ही आहे गोथम या शहराची जिथे हे जोकर नावाच संकट कसं उभं राहिलं?त्याला जबाबदार कोण?तसेच शक्तिशाली असलेल्या बॅटमॅनला गुडघे टेकायला लावून त्याची घेतलेली मानसिक आणि शारीरिक परीक्षा यात दाखवण्यात आली आहे. जरी चित्रपटात जोकर हा खलनायक असला तरी तो खूप काही शिकवून जातो.
जणू काही मला तो नायकच भासतो असे भासण्यात त्याचे विचार, कामाची पद्धत आणि जीवनाकडे बघण्याची एक आधुनिक आणि आगळी वेगळी कला. तसा तो सतत अराजकतेच्या ,हिंसेच्या दुनियेतील मनोरुग्ण वाटत असला तरी त्याचे विचार आहेत. त्याची कार्यशैली आणि विचार सांगायचे झाले तर
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(1/n) To help everyone stay safe, avoid contact and avoid going out of home, StoreSe ( (a service by Perpule) has launched an Apartment Grocery Ordering Platform which is setting up apartment specific storefronts for residents to order groceries.
StoreSe has partnered with Metro, More, Vishal Mega Mart, Spencer's, Big Bazaar and others to help with the grocery delivery to the apartments.
It works as follows:
1) Visit and place your order and make an online payment (Card/UPI, etc.)
2) Get delivery time notification for your order (typically 3pm to 6pm the next day)
3) Pick up your order from the designated location within your community
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🔸️Thread C
1.5 Million Confirmed #COVID19
cases in #China
"Guo Wengui"
A powerfully connected Chinese businessman is putting his life in danger to to warn us.

#Coronavirus truth in China is being hidden from the world

This is a 15 page thread on the origins of #COVID19

Included are scientific reports from the #Wuhan Virology Lab confirming a man made #coronavirus using the #SARSCoV2 virus strain.…
•21 Million cellphones have been dissconnected in China.
•In #CommunistChina it is not possible to survive without a cellphone.
•China has made it mandatory to have an app that stores all personal I.d, bank numbers, health records etc..
•A digital #COVID19 certificate
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Stocking up due to #lockdown21?
Here are a few tips that will help you survive the lockdown.
1. Stock up on basic, nutrient-dense foods

Keep rajma (kidney beans) and chana (chickpeas) handy. “If nothing else, these can always be made into a chaat, as a snack."…
2. Some must have masalas:

Powdered haldi (turmeric), dhaniya (coriander), jeera (cumin), mirchi (chilli) and hing (asafoetida), as well as whole mustard and whole jeera.…
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This will be an unpopular thread

While #Kerala is better prepared than other states wrt #COVID19, things are falling through the cracks in the state.

This is the #Covid Isolation ward at Kasargode General Hosp on the 3rd floor. Cockroaches in the food.
#coronavirusindia (1/n)
11 #COVID19 +ve patients were shifted from Kanjangad District Hosp in Kasargode dist where each of them were in separate isolation wards to the General Hosp where already there were 22 +ve patients. It includes one woman.
All of them are being made to stay together #coronavirus
While at the district hospital, each of the #COVID19 patients had separate water bottles, here all of them have to take from the 20 litre can.
There are only 2 toilets. Unsanitary surroundings. @CMOKerala @shailajateacher #CoronavirusOutbreak (3/n)
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Explained in simple language. Read thread :

Johns Hopkins University has sent this detailed note on avoiding the contagion:

* The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when.....contd
absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code. (mutation) and convert them into aggressor and multiplier cells.

* Since the virus is not a living organism but a protein molecule, it is not killed, but decays on its own.
The disintegration time depends on the temperature, humidity and type of material where it lies.

* The virus is very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of fat. That is why any soap or detergent is the best remedy, because the foam CUTS the ..contd
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1 KG free pulses (type depending on what is preferred) to be given monthly to poor families for next 3 months under Pradhan Mantry Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana : @nsitharaman 5 KG Rice/wheat already given monthly under the scheme.

#CoronavirusLockdown #21daylockdown #Covid19India
(2) Additional 5 KG free wheat/rice under Kisan Samman Nidhi to also be given over and above current limits : @nsitharaman

#CoronavirusLockdown #Covid19India
(3) Rs. 50 lakh per person medical insurance cover for medical workers, sanitary crews, Asha workers in villages and doctors fighting #coronavirusindia : @nsitharaman

#21daylockdown #Covid19India
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Ashwatthama became very angry when his father Dronacharya was killed in the Mahabharata war.

He left a very terrible weapon "Narayana Astra" on the Pandava army.

Nobody could retaliate it. It used to fire people and immediately destroy those who have weapons in their hands
and are seen trying to fight.

Lord Shri Krishna ordered the army to leave their weapons and keep folding hands silently. And said do not even bring the idea of ​​war to mind, it also destroys them.

Narayan Astra slowly calmed down when his time expired.
In this way, the Pandava army was protected.

Justify this episode?

Everywhere the battle does not succeed. To avoid the wrath of nature, we should also leave all the work for some time, silently folded hands, keep a good mind in mind and stay in one place.
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1. #CoronaVirusIndia My reading of managing this epidemic by India. We will be recognised as a Global Leaders in handling virus epidemics. The entire Western, White & so called First World countries are abject failures. India will come out as HERO and China as VILLIAN.
2. #CoronaVirusIndia I am tired of graphs, talks, John Hopkins, Cambridge Professor, stage 3 & ‘imported’ gyan being applied on India. I am also sick of ‘Dr.’s who are NOT MBBS. Spreading panic & misinformation with a hidden agenda seems the norm. Read my observations about India
3. #CoronaVirusIndia Continuing with .....Read my observations about India... India is a nation with depth. It’s not chaos as western media puts it and fully backed by Indian anti/establishment jurnslists like @BDUTT and @sardesairajdeep variety. I am putting my theory now and...
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