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'Banking on a Collapse' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#Banking #SiliconValleyBank #SVBCollapse #marketwrap
One week is a long time in global banking. Or, so it seems if one goes by the latest inflation and interest rate commentary of the federal reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. (2/n)

#banking #inflation #interestrates
The Silicon Valley bank collapse has almost caused a setting for a rapid reset of the interest rate trajectory in the US. (3/n)

#SiliconValleyBank #SVBCollapse #interestrates
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Credit Suisse - a bank too big to fail - crashes to all-time low after raising deposit rates to reverse bank run📉

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$CS #banknifty $SPY $QQQ #recession #stockmarketcrash Image
Credit Suisse offering a 6.5% annual rate on new three-month deposits of $5 million or above - and a rate as high as 7% for one-year deposits — far above matched maturity Bills, and suggesting that to attract a client, the bank is forced to eat a GIANT loss.

2/4 Image
Beyond liquidity woes, Credit Suisse faces significant talent bleed as dozens of private bankers at managing director-level & above have left, taking client assets with them. Senior bankers handling at least $1 bn. may take up to 60% of funds managed to their new employers.

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Cash Flow Statement- How to Analysis Explained in Simple language.🧵Thread of 5 tweets, read all 5.
Types of Cash Flow
Cash Flow From Operating Activities and Important Pointers for Investors👇
RT for others
#stocks #investing #StockMarketindia #sharemarket #stockmarketcrash Image
Cash Flow From Investing Activities and Important Pointers for investors 👇
2/5 Image
Cash Flow From Financing Activities and
Free Cash Flow and Important Pointers for investors
Where to See Company's Cash Flow Statement 👇
3/5 Image
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India right now is enjoying the centre stage of the world

India to hold G20 soon

India to held it first strategic dialogue with NATO

The voices of India getting permanent seat in UNSC are getting stronger

India is doing what it decides rather than seeking permission
India have allies that it wants & friends that it desires

India is right now among the fastest growing economies of the world

India is among the top GDP earning nations of the world

India right now is among the top countries who successfully managed Inflation this time
In the times of war & elevated dollar, India is one among the least impact nation

India is figuring out the trade in local currency & did it possible with nations already

India exports are increasing at fastest pace than ever

India will achieve 5 trillion economy this decade
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Why has @HindenburgRes come up with the controversial Adani research report now?

How have they engineered their Big Short?

And how they have benefited from it?

Let’s find out in a short 🧵:

#AdaniGroup #stockmarketcrash #Adani #AdaniFPO
Hindenburg Research is a firm that looks for highly leveraged, absurdly valued companies that may undergo a price correction (or even a collapse) in the future.

They’re named after the Hindenburg airship, that went down in flames on 6 May, 1937.

#AdaniGroup #Adani
This time, they’ve set their eyes on Adani group of companies.

They’ve put out a detailed report on how the group is on its way to a spectacular collapse due to fraud and stock manipulation.

Not to mention absurd valuations and debt positions.

#Adani #AdaniEnterprises
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This is the (USD 100Billion+) conglomerate Adani Group's supposed auditor Dharmesh Parekh&Co.😐 #stockmarketcrash #AdaniGroup #AdaniEnterprises
You can spend some time and actually read the report to form an opinion on your own before attacking me.
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(1/8) Scam 1992 Explained Simply:-

Harshad Mehta was a stock broker on BSE & was alleged to have engineered the BSE scam in 1992 using ready forward deals.#stockmarketcrash
#StockMarket #Budget2023 #banknifty #OptionsTrading #Singapore #Hedgefund $VRA $SNFTS #Wealth #Adani #BBC Image
(2/8)A ready forward refers to a short term, typically 15 day, secured interbank lending. In reality, the borrowing bank actually sells securities to the lending bank & then buys them back at the end of the loan period at a slightly higher price. #stockmarketcrash #banknifty #BBC
(3/8) A typical ready forward deal involves 2 banks brought together by a broker in a lieu of commission. As a part of the settlement process, the buyer & the seller need not even know eachother. #stockmarketcrash #StockMarket #Budget2023 #Adani #optiontrading #Wealth #singapore
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Performance of top family-owned groups in 2022 🪙

Market Cap Growth%
• Tata Group 21.19 Trn -9.4%
• Adani Group 19.66 Trn 104.3%
• Ambani Group 17.54 Trn 6.9%
• Bajaj Group 8.35 Trn -2.6%
• Bharti Group 5.17 Trn 13.3%
The Ambani group consists data of companies led by Mukesh Ambani.

Market cap is combined market cap of all listed companies of groups as on Dec 30, 2022.

Which group is your favourite and why? 🤔
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What is ROI & why it is important?🔍

A detailed thread🧵⤵️

#stockmarketcrash #finance
What is ROI?

It is a measure of financial calculation used to evaluate efficiency of investment or expected rate of return. It can be used to compare the efficiency of a number of diff. investments as well. It is a means to calculate the amt of ROI as compared to its cost.
The formula is:
ROI = Income of business unit/Asset of business unit

This measure is simple to evaluate & can be used across diff. types of invstmnts. ROI can be calculated on stocks, any capital investment or on an asset. The result of ROI can be positive or negative.
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Sachichanand Shukla, Mahindra group's chief economist doesn't rule out the possibility of #USDINR touching 85 due to 3 reasons :-

#Recession #StockMarketCrash
#StockMarket #StockMarketIndia #Stocks

(1/4) Image
First, Dollar will be prone to sudden spikes due to inflation or FED.

Second, Oil prices may rise after US November midterm polls.

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These 5 Sectors Profitability Impacts Negatively due to Higher Crude Oil Prices. 👇
Thread🧵 1/6

#StockMarkets #stockmarketcrash #StocksToBuy
Tyre : Crude oil derivatives such as carbon black , synthetic rubber etc forms nearly 30-40 % cost of producing a Tyre. Hence higher input cost due to high oil price impact Tyre companies profits and profits margin. 2/6
Paint: Higher crude price is negative for paint companies’ as it hurts their profit margins. Crude oil and its derivatives are key raw material and account 50% of the paint companies total expense. 3/6
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What would happen if FED keeps on hiking interest rates without worrying about the economy?

Answered in this #Thread🧵

Kindly leave a like, it's a motivation🤗

#FED #Powell #Recession #stockmarketcrash #inflation #interestrates

@TheFactFindr @abhymurarka @harrie007

(1/5) Image
👉Powell has said that he will keep rising interest rates until the "job is done".

👉This would be squeezing out all the excess debt, bringing inflation below 2% & calming the valuations down.

👉Warren Buffett says that historically markets are around 70% - 80% of the GDP. Well, as of now they are 2 times worth.

👉Also, due to Fed's zero-interest policy, their debt is around 375% of the GDP.

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5 reasons you should exit your Mutual Fund⚠️

A detailed Thread🧵⤵️

#stockmarketcrash #Finance
1⃣. The fund is consistently underperforming

Even the best of funds tend to have a few bad quarters. That is why it is always better to focus on 3 to 5 yrs returns on mutual funds to evaluate them effectively.
If your equity MF is yielding lower than an index fund, then you are earning negative yields on your market risk which does not make sense.

There are occasions when the fund returns have been too volatile that defeats the purpose of MF investing.

Here you must look to EXIT.
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There's been comparisons of this #stockmarketcrash
with that of 2008

People have been saying that 2022 is not 2008

They're not wrong, but let me give you a challenge
These are all weekly charts of the Dow Jones, so they're all significant bear markets and crashes. Can you tell me what year this occurred? Image
This one? Image
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Big WARNING FOR STOCK MARKET AND CRYPTO ON 27-28 JULY guys, be careful. #bitcoin #crypto #stockmarketcrash
Lets go through all of the dangers :
1) Federal Reserve will announce info regarding rising Interest Rates probably on 27th july. It is expected to be 75 bps or even 100bps
(many will tell you that that is already priced in but it will not be a case,there will be a serious downturn with such a high interest rates .By the way next time they meet is in september so they could immediatelly put 100bps before the next meeting)
2)On 28th July you have GDP numbers coming in.This will be the official begining of a recession.First quarter Us had a decline of 1,4% , this will be the second quarter of decline and on all of the news you will start hearing the word deep recession coming.
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Quarterly profit (Q4FY22) ⤵️

• Hindustan Unilever = 2327 Cr
• Godrej Consumer = 417 Cr

By seeing this number, we would think HUL is better 🤷

But that's not true. Let's find out ⤵️

#stocks #business
The Profit Margin for the same period is

• Hindustan Unilever = 17.29%
• Godrej Consumer = 25.53%

In this Godrej looks attractive.

So, what should we check: Profit or Profit margin? ⤵️
➡️ Profit

When we are analysing a single company, then we can look for profit figures over the years and their growth.

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Google Trends - A Thread

1) Bear Market - Nearing 2020 Highs

2) Recession -

Reaching previous peak levels of 2008/2020

3) Stock Market Crash - Yet to gain significance traction

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Confused about which stock to buy this #stockmarketcrash?

Here are 9+ ideas to start ⤵️

• Interest in analysis
• Basic signup on
• Finology one subscription (optional).

1. Rising Stars

Microcap companies with good profit and sales growth along with return ratios.

Stocks: 36

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Biggest companies in the world 🏆

◆ Saudi Aramco $2.33 Trillion
◆ Apple $2.22 Trillion
◆ Microsoft Corp. $1.89 Trillion
◆ Alphabet $1.46 Trillion
◆ Amazon .com $1.09 Trillion
◆ Tesla $0.73 Trillion

(By Mcap)

Biggest Indian companies 🏆

◆ Reliance Ind. 17.67 Lakh Cr
◆ TCS 11.69 Lakh Cr
◆ HDFC Bank 7.37 Lakh Cr
◆ Infosys 5.95 Lakh Cr
◆ HUL 5.40 Lakh Cr
◆ LIC 5.24 Lakh Cr
◆ ICICI bank 4.98 Lakh Cr

Where do you invest?

#stockmarketcrash #invest
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#ElonsProblems - So Elon Musk's #TwitterTakeover coincides with #Tesla stock losing 35% of its value in five weeks. I know it will bounce back, but I feel like there's a little #karma in all this. :) Image
2/ #ElonMusk #ElonsProblems - #Freespeech most vociferous advocates seem the least likely to understand it.…
3/ I actually truly appreciate #ElonMusk for #Tesla and #SpaceX. But I don't appreciate his Napoleonic overreach, name-calling, disregard for #freespeech or #whistleblowers. His legal problems are of his own making.…
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Some soothing advice for Investors in tough times

We know lot of investors are getting tensed about market fall.

But trust..! Don't look at stock prices daily..

Investing should bring peace and wealth. Peace of mind is very much imp for better thinking n avoiding bad decisions

Even if you are swing trader markets won't show any opportunity before 16800.
So lets focus on learning and mistakes. What went wrong ? How exposure you should take to a particular sector /stock ? Do some more analysis on your own. Don't do bottom fishing. Wait for revival and hold your existing positions
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Mindset Moment 🧠

Sheesh, If you’ve been an active investor in the markets over the last 6 months, you don’t need ShadowInvestor™ to tell you what a hell of a ride it’s been.

Fears of rising rates and a slowing economy has completely flipped the switch on investor sentiment.
And that’s triggered a sell-off that’s seen the average tech stock fall by 37%.

We'll focus on tech for today but markets in general are looking heartbreaking & this could apply to you.

Pandemic favourites like Zoom & Peleton are down about ~80% and Australian tech about ~90%🤯
But despite the recent declines it’s easy to forget just how long this tech bull run has been going for.

Take e.g. ARKK, The famous tech ETF from @CathieDWood is down ~50% since this time last year.

But despite this, the ETF is still up ~40% from 2yrs ago (AKA pandemic).
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