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1/5 Staking has recently been introduced on the @Aptos_Network, starting from as little as 11 APT. Here are three reasons why you should consider staking: 🧵 Image
2/5 1️⃣ Staking aids in the stability and growth of the Aptos blockchain. There are 800M $APT already staked and over 1500 delegators and the number of coins and users is increasing daily.
3/5 2️⃣ You can earn a stable passive income through #staking rewards. Expect around a 7% stable APY in APT, minus the validator commission.
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@rk_process9 #ChatGPT has sparked a global belief in #AI and its capabilities to replace humans. However, affluent individuals and businesses seek exclusive access to customized AI models rather than using the tools or #platforms that are publicly available.
With exclusivity, large businesses would be able to train these #AI models using years of their collected #data. This is understandable, as these individuals and businesses have reached #success by thinking and acting differently from their competitors.
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How can you best utilise a #promotion or #salary hike? We have come up with a quick #guide on how to make that raise work for you instead of watching it disappear! (1/11)
Before you make any decisions, first check with your HR to understand the complete breakdown of your new salary, including #tax implications. This will help you assess the actual increase in your #takehome pay. (2/11)
Remember about #inflation. The price of everyday items will also increase too. Revisit your household #budget to understand the impact of rising #expenses on your #savings, real #income and #spending power. (3/11)
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1/ 🚀 Check out my first Daily Crypto Market Report for 14.04.2023 with the title path of #altcoins. It covers market segments, upcoming events, technical analysis and more!
Find it here:
#WingmanTrading #BTc $ETH #crypto #invest
2/🔥 My #WingmanTrading analysis indicates a daily bottom for ETH/BTC on BINANCE, signaling a shift in money from $BTC to $ETH and #altcoins. My attached image “Path to Altseason” provides more details about the money rotation.
3/ 💹 Looking at the weekly timeframe, ETH/BTC is about to print a weekly bottom on #TheWingman, which is a rare occurrence. If this plays out, it will set the first step on the Path to Altseason. My report provides technical analysis and insights into the market sentiment. Image
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Well, we made some noise and I feel that it is the right time to explain our #vision, workflow and #investments thesis. Our vision is to be a leader of every liquid / investment / MM / Institutional niche in the #crypto and #web3 industry. It leads us to take care of our…… Image
1. Main investment target is #Layer1/#Layer2 #protocols. Investments and cooperation with such projects help us to reach a lot of promising early stage and super early stage projects in order to find brilliant investment #opportunities.
2. Second part of our investment targets includes the most promising and mainstream niches as #GameFi, #Guilds, #DeFi, Web3 #Derivatives, Web3 #Social platforms, #AI, #DAO and sometimes - #meme coins. Then we can play around our portfolio companies in order to find synergies……
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LCX Earn offers investors a unique opportunity to #invest in tokenized bonds while prioritizing compliance and utilizing cutting-edge technology.

It's a proof of the integration of innovation and regulation in the finance industry.

Thread 🧵
Each tokenized bond is represented by a planet, signifying the distinctive attributes of each asset. This innovative approach to investment represents a pioneering application of blockchain technology, ultimately providing investors with unparalleled investment opportunities.
EURt7-Moon represents stability and reliability, reminiscent of the Euro, a widely-used and well-established fiat currency. As a stable asset, EURt7 offers investors a secure and reliable option for investment.
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How I Recently Made A x10 $Profit 🏌️‍♂️

When it comes to #crypto, don’t invest after the hype has settled.

The early adopters dominate the market. Be the $early adopter.

If possible, #invest even before the hype becomes public

A 🧵, Like and RT for others🍷
#Crypto isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a get-rich-early scheme. Your odds of success increase exponentially With When you enter the market.

Time is an investor's best #asset in cryptocurrency.

The early bird catches the worm.
#Core #Sui #Optimism #Arbitrum
The frictional costs of being an early adopter are high. More $USD are made

If you're already in the crypto world, take advantage of being early in building and scaling #projects.

Start early, Execute early, and you'll have a Greater potential to become $richer.
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🔝#Bitcoin Skyrockets to All-Time High in 2023: Is it the Right Time to #Invest?💥

📰Let’s dive into your weekly digest of specially curated reads by #Matrixport 📰

What’s #trending in #cryptocurrency?
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
1️⃣ #Bitcoin Rockets Past $24.7K to Reach 2023 High

2️⃣ #Paxos Reportedly Ordered to Stop Issuing #BUSD; #Tether’s #USDT Gains $1b

3️⃣ #Polygon Announces Launch Date for #zkEVM #Mainnet Beta in March
4️⃣ #Binance and #HuobiFreeze $1.4M in #Crypto Tied to #HarmonyBridge Theft

5️⃣ #ConfluxNetwork Partners with #China Telecom to Build #Blockchain-Enabled SIM Cards

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#BTC #Ordinals. Invest or not to #invest. All you need to know about #BTCNFTs so far!


#web3 #crypto #cryptomarket #blockchain #BTCordinals #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin
2/4 #Ordinals is a new revenue stream for miners! Since the launch of Ordinals in mid-December 2022, nearly 74,000 #NFTs have been inscribed into the #Bitcoin #blockchain. In doing so, miners have earned a cumulative $574,000 in #BTC transaction fees to date.

#BTCnfts #web3 Image
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#DataPrivacyDay reminds us to treat personal information like money. It has value & we need to protect it as if our lives depended on it bcuz sometimes they do.
Always question why information is required. Identity fraud can mean losing everything.

#dataprotection #Trending Image
* Your date of birth should not be a requirement to purchase something online.
* Never provide personal or banking information during an unsolicited call.
* Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer or online bank accounts

#DataPrivacyDay #Trending
* Never click on links in suspicious emails or text messages
* Always ensure the website you are purchasing from is secure. The web address should begin with https. The “s” in “https” stands for secure, which indicates that all your communication and data is encrypted.
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"Bro, penting ke nak tahu pelaburan tu patuh syariah atau tidak?"

"Haa bagi umat Islam benda ni sangat penting sebenarnya"

"Apa yang penting sangat tu?"
Sebagaimana ayat di bawah :

“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Makanlah dari benda-benda yang baik (yang halal) yang telah Kami berikan kepada kamu, dan bersyukurlah kepada Allah, jika betul kamu hanya beribadat kepadanya.”  surah Al-Baqarah (172)
Jelas daripada ayat di atas kita mestilah memilih sesuatu yang halal dalam kehidupan kita.

Tiada sebab untuk kita memilih yang tidak halal walaupun yang tidak halal itu memberi pulangan yang lebih lumayan.
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1/14 This piece from @latimes @hiltzikm about the #southwest meltdown is a must-read ⬇

Southwest’s meltdown was born in America’s cheapskate corporate culture
2/14 "The short answer is their underinvestment in preparation and planning. For decades, Big Business has been squandering its resources…instead of spending on workers and infrastructure. There’s not enough give in the system, so when crisis comes, it doesn’t bend, but breaks."
3/14 $LUV gross profit for the twelve months ending September 30, 2022 was $5.928B, a 53.81% increase year-over-year.
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The Rupee is in a free fall against the US Dollar.

However, the RBI is intervening to cushion INR's fall.

Ever wonder how the RBI does it?

Let's learn it here:

#USDINR #USD #forex #India #Rupee
First, let's understand why RBI intervenes to defend the rupee in the first place.

A weak currency worsens our fiscal deficit, fuels inflation and slows down international trade.

Clearly, RBI has a mandate to improve the situation on behalf of the GoI and the citizens of India.
Forex market is highly volatile and a breeding ground for speculators. This is why the FX market is the most liquid in the world with around $7.5 trillion (with a T!) in daily turnover.

So, RBI has to control speculation in the USDINR segment to ensure stability of the Rupee.
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The US Dollar stands at INR 82.82 as of today.

Ever wonder why the Rupee always depreciates against the Dollar?

Let’s find out in a 🧵:

#USD #Dollar #forex #investing Image
One of the major reasons for INR depreciation is India’s massive exposure and dependence on one single commodity:


Almost 70% of our imports in value is just crude oil, as we’re the third-largest consumer globally.

There are two ways this affect our economy and currency.
1. Global crude oil market is denominated in USD.

This means we have to sell INR to buy USD in the Forex market first, and then pay the same to OPEC to import oil.

As demand for USD rises, and supply being controlled by The Fed, its value too rises against the INR.

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How Return on Equity (RoE) can be manipulated:

A short 🧵:


#invest #Financial
First, let’s take the formula to calculate Return on Equity (RoE):

RoE = (Net Profit/Shareholders’ Equity) x 100

Here, we need to understand what shareholders’ equity stand for in the Balance Sheet:

#stocks #investing
If the company has assets worth ₹1000/- then liabilities also need to be ₹1000/-.

With no debt, in a simple world, the liability would be the shareholders’ equity. Let’s say Net profit is ₹100/-

And RoE would be :

(100/1000) x 100 = 10%

But everything changes with debt.
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1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global supply shortages are delaying deliveries so order early. More tips:…

#CyberMondayAmazon #CyberMonday #finance #Blog #MONEY #mondaythoughts #holiday #shoppingstar #Investor 1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global ...
2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDGET: Plan ahead & ask family to bring supplies. More tips:…

#tuesdayvibe #finance #blog #blogger #WritingCommunity #christmas #holiday #budget #MONEY #Investor #timidbee 2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDG...
3. PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAYS: Save for the holidays in a separate account. More tips:…

#wednesdaythought #Wednesday #holiday #MONEY #finance #blog #WritingCommunity #christmas PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY...
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The key to making it socially is finding gay friends.

Gay men are hands-down the most socially connected group in the USA right now, and their power levels are only increasing.

🏳️‍🌈Here’s why
Gay men have male-coded energy levels and ability to strategize, combined with having the female-coded nature of actually being interested in the thoughts and feelings of others.
Unlike straight men, gay men are out socializing instead of spending their leisure time gaming or obsessing over boring hobbies like guns, welding or 3D printing

Gays also want to make new friends. Straight guys will be happy with only the same 3 guys they met in 7th grade
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💡Business Talk💡

Opportunistic times for businesses!

This time period may last for "some time" however this is when companies improve & differentiate, grow market share, expand into new industries, acquire, & new leaders emerge.

Survival of the most adaptable!

During these contractive, compressed times, the most adaptable & innovative rise.

Strategic tough decisions

Consolidation through M&A - vertical & horizontal integration


"Healthy" corrections...forces businesses to be their "best".

We all eventually benefit!
Many businesses will undergo these tough critical decisions which can provide massive opportunities.

Our international manufacturing e-commerce business transformed & grew significantly during the 2008 economic contraction & became a leader in many industries.

#business #invest
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Trading or Investing?

How to know what works for you?

Here are all the key lessons that we must learn as traders or investors from The Journey of Vijay Kedia so far!

A Mega Thread on The #face2face episode of @vivbajaj @VijayKedia1

#invest Image

How @VijayKedia1 got into the stock market?

His grandfather was a stock broker in Kolkata, and after his fathers demise, he got into the market early and started with mock trading with big quantites.

Later at the age of 18 he applied for sub Broker at the exchange.

He says:

Whenever we feel that no one can beat us, then only the market will throw us off.

And that’s what happened with him in the early days of trading.
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ITC Q2FY23 results update📰
Segment wise analysis📊
Future outlook🔍

Everything in this #Thread🧵

#StockMarket #Stocks #invest #Investment #investor

@caniravkaria @Ishan_Narayan_ @harrie007 @kaushaldarshan_ @mystock_myview @SmartSyncServ @connectgurmeet @kuttrapali26

👉Near term outlook remains positive as :-

a) Positive cigarette volume traction in a stable tax regime.

b) Strong pricing & benefits of backward integration in paper and paper board in near term.

c) Structural recovery with robust outlook in ARR and occupancy levels in hotels.

d) Sustained growth across segments in FMCG with margin expansion likely from Q3/Q4 FY23.

👉Expect slowdown in growth post FY23 given high base of current year.

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A large cap growing like a rocket🚀🚀

Who says only Small caps grow fast ⁉️ ⁉️

This LARGE CAP is growing faster than 99% SMALL CAPS❗️❗️


Please Like & RT so this knowledge reaches maximum people🙏🙏

#StockMarket #Stocks #Investing #Investment #Invest

(1/4) Image
👉The company's Q2FY23 performance has reaffirmed that they have turned even mightier after the pandemic.

👉Over the past 15 years, it has grown its loan book at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37% and profit at a CAGR of 51%, with an average ROE of 17%.

👉They have shown improvement across loan growth, profitability and asset quality.

👉Robust growth in assets, better asset quality and fall in provisions/credit costs underlined performance even as operating expenses increased during the quarter.

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👉CLSA has flagged mean reversion as a derating risk for Indian equities.

👉A record valuation premium in equities as well as domestic bonds indicates low margin of safety.

👉A simple valuation mean reversion anchored on bond yields indicates fear of 30% in Nifty.

👉About individual stocks in NSE500, 55% have current TTM PE higher than 5 year avg.

👉At high volatility & stretched valuations, PEG ratio can do good in quality stock selection as high PE stock can be a good bet if it is expected to report strong earnings growth.

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Tips to Choose the Right Intraday Trading Stocks:

THREAD 🧵 with @Stocktwit_IN @valuelevels

Liquid Stocks
Volatile Stocks
Correlation Stocks
Right Stock
Trade after Research

#trading #investing #invest #StockMarket #StocksToTrade #Nifty #sensex #banknifty #TechnicalTrades
Liquidity is the most important intraday trading tip while choosing the right stocks to trade during the day. Liquid stocks have huge trading volumes whereby larger quantities can be purchased and sold without significantly affecting the price. Don’t forget to check...
liquidity at various price levels. You will find some stocks that are highly liquid at a lower price level, but the volume drops drastically after reaching a certain price zone. Variability of liquidity at different price levels will help you buy these stocks at the right time.
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