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I didn't realise how hard #Covid19 hit #Belgium. This table shows deaths per one million population as of November 17, 2020.…
Here are the next 13 countries, including France, Sweden & Iran. By comparison, Australia (ranked 92) has only 35.76 #Covid19 deaths per million people.

What risk factors do the worst-affected countries generally have in common? And why isn't global media asking that question?
Amnesty says between March & October 61.3% of all Covid-19 deaths in #Belgium took place in care homes. Infected residents weren’t transferred to hospitals, which never reached capacity, because "decision makers" didn't want to see hospitals overwhelmed.…
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Monday's #Coronavirus thread starts here, as we hope Europe continues to make progress against the spread of #Covid19.
All the news as it happens throughout the day but I'll particularly be watching two things
Countries heading back up again
Deaths falling 10-14 days after peak
#USA continues to surge - initial figures for Sunday not yet in (this total always increases anyway when regions which didn't report over the weekend add their data)

But one big headline came from #Florida, where the Sunshine State went back over 10,000 #Covid19 cases in a day's the first time since July #Florida hit 10k, and for the last 3 months FLA has not even touched 7,000

Today #USA should experience a total of between 158,000 and 180,000 cases as it edges towards 200k in the coming days. I'm predicting 172,000 by the end of the day
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Here is Sunday's #Coronavirus/#Covid19 megathread with the important news and data as it unfolds.

New lockdowns planned, two more big, badly hit countries turn things around as Europe continues to recover, but death rates still increase.
First good news
I said the turnaround was imminent for #Germany
Late last night we got confirmation that they had lowered the infection rate

By Saturday night Germany had registered just over 16,000 new #Covid19 cases, 1000 fewer than the previous Sat

#Austria is still the most #Covid19 infected nation in Europe, but it too saw its first fall in numbers for weeks.

That didn't stop Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announcing an even stricter lockdown from Tuesday when all schools will also close for two and a half weeks
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Records galore.... it's super Saturday in the #Coronavirus megathread.

I'll start though with some stunning new records and frightening totals late Friday evening and overnight, as the battle against #Covid19 continues...
*** BREAKING ***

The global record of 643,000 new #Covid19 cases in a day has been beaten again. It's now 654,000

And #USA has yet again smashed the world record for a single country. Yesterday it was just over 160,000, but now it's an astonishing 181,000
Good news for #Germany
They managed to just avoid a new national #Covid19 record by just 250 cases.

Just 4% up on the same time last week, and with cases dropping off over the weekend, I am certain Germany won't set a new record now.

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#Belgium #Brussels #Coronavirus

In Belgium, which is badly affected by the corona pandemic, almost 1000 Covid 19 patients have been transferred to other clinics since the beginning of October due to overload in some hospitals.
Most of the 945 people affected were staying elsewhere in the country, and 24 were brought to Germany. The measure was intended to create space in hospitals that have reached their capacity limits. In relation to the number of inhabitants,
Belgium is one of the countries hardest hit by the Corona crisis in Europe. Therefore, tightened restrictions have been in effect since Monday. Among other things, only shops are allowed to open that sell essential goods.
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LIVE UPDATES | Trump says #Pennsylvania presidential voting results were illegally altered

#SputnikUpdates #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020
#BREAKING | Donald Trump claims on Twitter he won the #election by a lot

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#Belgium #Eupen #Brussel #ISIS #TERROR

As it became known on Thursday, two minors were arrested on Saturday in the judicial district of Eupen, who are suspected of having planned a terrorist attack on police officers.
They are said to have committed themself to the terrorist organization Islamic State in a video. House searches in Eupen and Kelmis had led to the arrests. Eupen's Mayor Niessen was disappointed that the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office had not informed her about the action,
either before or after. In the fight against terrorism, the cities and municipalities are partners of the security authorities. “But if something happens, we don't get any information,” says Niessen.
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There are white lies, black lies and multi-coloured lies…
Small lies, big lies and global lies…
Lies that come in different shades of deception... Lies that harm and lies that kill.
As part of my work for the @PanData19 doctor initiative, I am researching different doctor groups that have been speaking out against the predominant narrative. I realised that there is another common narrative among all of them. It is the 'Truth' narrative.
The truth is ONE, across borders, across languages and across humanity.
At @PanData19 we seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us add numbers to the 'Truth' narrative if you can.
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According to a media report, Belgian investigators in the German-speaking part of the country prevented an attack by two ISIS sympathizers on the police. ImageImage
The young people between the ages of 16 and 17 had planned knife attacks on police officers, according to judicial circles. Accordingly, the two had recorded a video in which they claimed to be ISIS members.
As the broadcaster RTBF reported, citing unnamed sources, the two minors were arrested at the weekend in the Eupen region near the German border near Aachen.
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Why #scientists fear the “toxic” #Covid19 debate - The hyper-polarisation of discussions about how to handle the #coronavirus pandemic risks stifling nuance and undermining scientific inquiry.…
#academics are afraid to speak out for fear of being vilified. The replacement of nuanced debate with hyper-polarisation and insult-trading has prompted many to despair over erosion of healthy #scientific discussion and potential breakdown of public trust…
experiences intensify the further one drifts from the accepted orthodoxy on #Covid19. At present, this orthodoxy leans towards advocating zero Covid (total eradication), the aim of suppressing case numbers by partial or full #lockdowns until #vaccine…
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Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . #AllSaintsDay #AllSaintsSunday @pudicat11 @GingerLGriffin @StevePierce17 @KSPrior @ReynoldsShook @halehawk
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Health officials confirmed 104 Covid-19 deaths on Monday 26 October, marking the first time since the first wave in the spring that Belgium's regular death toll is in the hundreds.
The daily death toll plunged to 13 in the following 24 hours, in a break from a roughly 10-day stretch that saw the death count reach a near-continuous climb. The country's death toll now stands at 11,038, according to the latest figures from Sciensano on Wednesday,
with an average of 59 daily deaths in the time between 19 and 24 October. Flanders has reported almost half (48.2 percent) of all deaths caused by the pandemic, while Wallonia and Brussels account for 36.1 percent and 15.7 percent of the national death toll, respectively.
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David Hencke investigates why Boris #Johnson’s Government handed out £1.7 million for #election management services without a competitive tender.
A large software company whose shareholders include #Brexiter and former #Conservative Cabinet minister Peter #Lilley
has been given a lucrative contract by the Cabinet Office without competitive tendering to revamp the management of the electoral register in extraordinary circumstances.
Though local government is in charge of the electoral register, the Government has responsibility
to contract an annual national canvas of people entitled to vote. #Idox Software Ltd, part of the worldwide Idox Group, won the £1.7 million contract for its revamp just in advance of purdah imposed by the 2019 General Election –
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#France #Belgium #Coronavirus

France is considering stricter corona measures, according to two sources from industry with ties to the government.
Curfews should therefore start earlier and citizens are only allowed to leave their apartments on weekends for absolutely necessary errands. Business that is not important should be closed. Belgium is also discussing drastic restrictions again.
In the severely affected French-speaking part of the country and in the capital, Brussels, a "partial lockdown" is in effect from today. Flanders could follow suit in the evening after a crisis meeting.
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🇧🇪 #coronavirus Belgique

🚨La situation est catastrophique en Belgique ! L'épidémie de #Covid_19 est incontrôlable !

🔶17 568 cas (RECORD) et 70 décès

Pour un bilan total de :

☣️287 700 cas
💀10 658 décès

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #Corona #Belgium #Belgie #Belgique

Il semble ne rester qu'une seule solution pour éviter une hécatombe qui, malheureusement, risque d'arriver...

➡️22 517 sorties d'hôpital

➡️Le taux de létalité s'élève donc à : 3,70 %↘️

➡️Le taux de positivité des tests effectués depuis le début dans le pays s’élève à : 6,46 %*↗️

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Iran's terrorism must end.
@eu_eeas leaders must hold the regime to account 4 using their soil 2 export terrorism & endanger lives of their citizens!
#England #France #Belgium #USA

Thursday, Oct 22
1430 CEST
Farzin Hashemi
Assadollah Assadi, Iran’s diplomat-terrorist on trial in Belgium for his role in a bomb plot targeting the 2018 “Free Iran” conference held by the NCRI back in 2018,
#ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists #DisbandIRGC…
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#EU #Belgium #Taiwan #Brussel #Coronavirus

A member of staff at Taiwan's European Union representative office tested positive for COVID-19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (@MOFA_Taiwan) said Monday.
Recently, the employee showed mild symptoms of COVID-19 and a complete diagnosis was confirmed on Oct. 16, MOFA said in a press release. The Brussels office, which is also responsible for Taiwan's affairs in Belgium,
has also ordered three other representative office workers who have been in touch with the patient to stay in home quarantine for two weeks. The representative office has been disinfected and, although with rotating work shifts, remains open.
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Liège Province hospitals are sounding the alarm. In the houses CHU, CHR and CHC, an occupancy of 112 percent of phase 1B was achieved. Phase 1B means that half of the hospital beds must be reserved for corona patients.
Currently more patients with other pathologies are being treated with it than the disaster plan allows. That said the medical director of the Liège University Hospital, Pierre Gillet. Patients are already being transferred to other hospitals.
Operating theaters would be converted into Covid stations from Monday. The first patients in the intensive care units will soon have to be transferred to other houses. The biggest problem, however, is the thin staffing levels. There is a massive shortage of nurses.
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🇧🇪 #coronavirus Belgique

🔴La Belgique enregistre son record de nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 en 24 h🔴

🔶10 964 cas et 33 décès

Pour un bilan total de :

☣️213 115 cas
💀10 392 décès
🩹21 074 retours à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #Corona #Belgium #Belgique #Bruxelles

🟡2 255 Cas sont hospitalisées en Belgique
- (record à 5 759)

🟠381 patients sont dans un état grave (En réanimation)
- (record à 1 278)

➡️Le taux de létalité s'élève donc à : 4,87 %

➡️Le taux de positivité des tests effectués depuis le début dans le pays s’élève à : 5,25 %
⚠️➡️Le taux de positivité hebdomadaire (Semaine glissante en Belgique s'élève donc à : 14,2 %

315 366 tests réalisés en semaine 42

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#Belgium #Brussels #Coronavirus

More than 10,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours. It is the second day in a row that new infections have exceeded the 10,000 mark. Sciensano reports.
Since Friday, 32 people have died in connection with Covid-19, 236 corona patients have been admitted to the hospitals. The national average of 13.3 percent of coronavirus tests are positive.
The number of hospital admissions has almost doubled in just one week. In the week of October 10-17, it rose to 207 per day. A total of 2,098 people are currently in hospital because of a coronavirus infection, 358 of them in an intensive care unit.
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#Germany #BadenWuerttemberg #RheinlandPfalz #Saarland #France #Belgium #Luxembourg #Coronavirus #RESTRICIONS #INFO🚨

The Prime Ministers of Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland have spoken out against restrictions on border traffic
despite the renewed classification of the French border region as a corona risk area.

At none of the external borders with France, Luxembourg and Belgium could daily life, work and study be paralyzed by a complete lockdown, announced the Prime Minister on Friday.
According to a statement by the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry, the three federal states have decided that the so-called 24-hour rule should apply along the respective borders with neighboring countries.
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#Belgium #Brussels #Coronavirus

The Belgians have to be prepared for new restrictions. The country's governments will discuss the corona situation in a consultation committee on Friday.
It is expected that the representatives of all important levels of power in the country will decide to tighten the measures. Night curfews or the restriction of close contacts to one person are under discussion.
Most recently, all the important corona numbers had risen exponentially. They want to try to get the situation under control again. There is no doubt that new, stricter measures will come. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo even announced this in the Chamber on Thursday.
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Michigan State passes resolution condemning #Turkey & #Azerbaijan aggression against #Armenia & #Artsakh.

#Austria parliament unanimously adopts motion (…) & Flemish Parliament of #Belgium adopts resolution (…) condemning aggression of #Azerbaijan & #Turkey against #Artsakh.

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone #StopAliyev #StopErdogan
21 deputies & 15 senators from #Spain call on intl. society to #RecognizeArtsakh.…

#ArmeniaIsNotAlone Image
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