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Italy’s right-wing coalition government is seeking to #ban Italians from using #surrogacy to have children, even when done abroad. Those found guilty of using surrogates could be face #prison time and #fines according to a draft bill approved by parliament. Image
The divisive proposal was met with protests by the Italian public. Surrogacy and its promotion have already been banned in Italy since 2004. Italians have since been forced to find #surrogate mothers in other countries where it is legal. Image
Some proponents of the ban call it “procreational tourism”. They view it as a degrading practice that exploits women economically. Prime Minister Giorgia #Meloni supports the draft ban despite Italy’s declining #birthrate and the country’s looming demographic crisis.
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#Disinformation about the Law of #Ukraine - On Supporting the Functioning of the #Ukrainian Language as the #State #Language Image

“One of the authors of the draft law, #Mykola #Knyazhytsky says the legislation is not designed to curtail any #minority language in #Ukraine,
but rather to support #Ukrainian through proposing to increase Ukrainian #language content on national #television to 75%.The proposed #law is discussed in committee.”…
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@IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 #Donbass #Genocide. Those who #illegally sold #weapons to #Ukraine should have been caught by now.
Pres Sauli #Niinistö: '#Finland does not give arms aid to Ukraine' | 02/05/2015
- 'The hand grenade pin is off and variations of the #WW3 have taken place'
@IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 #PatriaGate. Sauli #Niinistö dealt 200 armored vehicles to the Ukrainian army
-As early in the year, Niinistö declared that #Finland would not provide arms assistance to #Ukraine.
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Fan wars in #KFI : My take
1. Media mafia banned @dasadarshan for various reasons . Did anyone question how ethical journalism it is?Reasons should be debated - fairly on both sides and move on. #Media is biased and different reasons contributed to this #ban
2. #Dboss was sidelined by #Media but his loyal fans stood by him throughout and made #Kranti a success . Some biggies who are behind #ban are irked by support and promotion of kranti wanted to push their ego to dent @dasadarshan pushed to pull him down in anyway #kfifanwar
3. Taking advantage of broken friendship of @KicchaSudeep and @dasadarshan , some unknown hands pushed for online hatred between two actors fans . It grew eventually with tit for tat from #dboss fans #kfifanwars
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I'm in the Governor's office today as Tate Reeves prepares to sign HB 1125 into law. It will ban gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth.
Reeves is going on about side effects of gender transition drugs, which are well documented and known about in the trans community. He says conservatives are under attack from the left for trying to question trans rights by being called transphobic.
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@ArvindKejriwal @OberoiShelly @TransportDelhi कमिश्नर @ashishkundra , मंत्री @kgahlot , दिल्ली के मालिक @ArvindKejriwal , दिल्ली के भगवान @LtGovDelhi क्या हाल हैं तुम सबके? भूखे तो नहीं मर रहे हो न? खाना खाने के लिए घर में आटा, दाल, सब्जी, मसाले वगैरह सब हैं न?? खरीदने के लिए अगर पैसे कम पड़ रहे cont.....
@ArvindKejriwal @OberoiShelly @TransportDelhi @ashishkundra @kgahlot @LtGovDelhi 2/n हों तो दिल्ली परिवहन विभाग Delhi Transport Department के चिंटुओं को चालान बुक लेकर सड़क पर भेज देना गरीब बाइक टैक्सी ड्राइवरों का चालान काटने के लिए। वो अपने फोन से ओला, ऊबर, रैपिडो एप से बाइक की फर्जी बुकिंग करेंगे और जब वो बाइक वाला उन चिंटुओं को पिकअप करने के लिए cont....
@ArvindKejriwal @OberoiShelly @TransportDelhi @ashishkundra @kgahlot @LtGovDelhi 3/n आएगा तो वो उसको चालान वाला लव लैटर देकर उसका स्वागत करेंगे और उस चालान से जो पैसा आया वो तुम चारों के मुंह में भर देंगे। क्योंकि तुममे इतनी हिम्मत तो है नहीं जो कम्पनी पर हाथ डालें, कम्पनी बुकिंग Accept करे जा रही है और ड्राइवर मजबूर है जो इस सब में पिस रहा है और अपना cont...
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Multiplexed barcoding of cells:

Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy…
I fucking knew it. That's just wonderful. 😑
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I am conscious about having and keeping a healthy environment but liberals / progressives / environmentalists have rallied behind an extremely short-sighted policy. (Thread continues)

#SingleUse #Plastics #Ban #Canada
So first off, deforestation is already a problem and one that can be alleviated with production of paper products using quickly-growing help as part of the solution. Instead, we now need more paper products, and with less carbon in the air, less trees and less trees growing.
So now with these new paper products that don't work really well, consumers will require more of them to perform in a similar manner as their plastic counterparts. = more waste (although biodegradable hopefully)
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@charliekirk11 People should get permanently banned for posting @elonmusk or his family member's exact location(s)! There is no reason to post that other than someone who is hoping for his, or his family member's demise to occur by some crazy person reacting to the person's post. #Ban 🧵
@charliekirk11 @elonmusk They are individual people. They are not protesters, it's not a parade, & Elon Musk is not Santa Claus! Although Elon as Santa Claus would be cute, he has already given the world a great gift by what he has done for FREE SPEECH & it's a great time of year! thanks to @elonmusk !
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Social media platforms will no longer behave like they are “too big to care”.
Whether they have feathers or not 🐦

As #DSA enters into force today, these are the 4️⃣ steps ahead for digital platforms to comply with our 🇪🇺 rules

🧵 Image
1⃣ Transparency on numbers 👀
By 17 February 2023, online platforms will have to report the number of their active end users.

Based on these numbers, we will assess if they are:

✔️Very Large Online Platforms

✔️Very Large Online Search Engines #VLOSEs
2⃣ Comply AND explain 🔎

Once designed as such, these very large entities will have 4 months to comply with the obligations under the DSA.

Notably on content #moderation and #risk assessments.

The Commission will thoroughly examine this compliance starting summer 2023.
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Just In: An application has been filed in the #SupremeCourt against #DelhiGovernment seeking initiation of contempt proceedings against them owing to the #Ban on online sale of the #firecrackers allegedly imposed by them.
Adv AP Singh while speeking with @LawBeatInd said, not only online sale, general sale & use of #firecracker has also been banned.

Application stated, CM @ArvindKejriwal, without passing any official resolution announced a ban on the sale and distribution of firecrackers in Delhi
It submits that the prohibition imposed on the purchase and sale of #firecrackers and not licensing firecracker shops in Delhi is not only an attack on our "Religious Tradition of bursting crackers on #Deepawali but also in violation of the Explosives Rules 2008."
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केंद्र सरकार ने UAPA कानून के तहत PFI और उसकी 8 सहयोगी संस्थाओं पर 5 साल के लिए प्रतिबन्ध लगा दिया है।
सुबह से इस ख़बर पर तीन तरह के reaction देखने को मिलें हैं।
1.लोग खुश हैं।
2.लोग प्रश्न उठा रहे हैं।
3.हर रोज मोदी की छाती नापने वाले और मौलाना बोलने वाले फेविकोल पी गए हैं।
अब पहले वाले ठीक हैं.... उनका स्टैंड clear है... ऐसे ही तीसरे वाले भी अपने स्टैंड पर clear हैं...वो कुछ घंटे कोमा में रहेंगे, फिर कोई मुद्दा उठाएंगे और छाती का नाप लेने लगेंगे।
यहाँ सबसे ख़ास हैं दूसरी प्रजाति के लोग...
यह निम्न प्रश्न उठा रहे हैं।
1. आजीवन प्रतिबन्ध क्यों नहीं लगाया?
2 SDPI पर प्रतिबन्ध क्यों नहीं लगाया
3. PFI के नेताओं पर प्रतिबन्ध क्यों नहीं लगाया
4. कल कोई कोई और सरकार आ गयी और उसने प्रतिबन्ध हटा दिए तो क्या होगा.
इन्ही के लिए उत्तर देते हैं।

1. प्रतिबन्ध UAPA के अंतर्गत लगा है, और अभी यह प्राथमिक
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#Oil #ropa #crude #ban #USA #export
Dlaczego rozważany przez Biały Dom ban eksportowy na ropie jest pomysłem niezwykle dziwnym?

Zakaz eksportu nie uwzględnia złożonej sieci globalnego rynku ropy naftowej. Nie każdy kraj produkuje ropę naftową lub produkty rafinowane takiej
jakości, jaką sam konsumuje. Amerykański sektor rafineryjny jest najbardziej zaawansowany na świecie, co pozwala mu przetwarzać tanią ciężką ropę naftową z Ameryki Środkowej i Kanady w wysokogatunkową benzynę. Zdolność Ameryki do sprowadzania taniej ropy naftowej i eksportu
wysokowartościowych produktów rafinowanych przyczynia się do nadwyżki handlowej US. Rafinerie są tak skonfigurowane, aby przetwarzać ropę naftową określonego gatunku - lekką, słodką lub ciężką, kwaśną, albo coś pomiędzy - aby zmaksymalizować jej wydajność. O tym, czy podaż
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📢New Paper:
#Energy_sufficiency is the missing lever to tackle the ⚡️crisis & climate heating 🌡️!
With @ThPellerin we show:
1⃣ What's #sufficiency and #sufficiency_policy,
2⃣its benefits,
3⃣ #sufficiency actions in current crisis,
4⃣ what EU could do.
Simply put, energy #sufficiency is about redu-
cing energy consumption through changes
in #behaviour.
It's notion of #enough implies a social lower boundary and a ecological upper threshold. Image
Why do we need #sufficiency policies?
Our collective choices such as taxa-
tion, infrastructure, legal and social norms,
shape our behaviour - currently not in a sustainable way!
Also the new @IPCC_CH WGIII report proposes therefore sufficiency policies!
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Today might be D-Day for the Digital Services Act!

Together with the European Parliament & Council, the Commission has worked in record time to protect 🇪🇺 citizens online.

Here are the 10 things you need to know about the #DSA ahead of our (hopefully) final trilogue.

1️⃣ With great power comes great responsibility 🕷
The DSA is setting clear, harmonised #obligations for platforms – proportionate to size, impact & risk.

2⃣ A harmonised system to fight ALL forms of #illegal content – from counterfeit or dangerous products to hate speech 🥷🏻
Any national authority will be able to request that illegal content is removed, regardless of where the platform is established in Europe.

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Gestern war der pädagogische Tag der Freinet-Schule Köln in der #PhaseZehn . Danke @mydz für den Impuls "Räume ermöglichen. Verändern. Organisieren. Zusammenarbeiten"! Resümee: Es braucht #changeliteracy & eine veränderte Haltung beim Erwärmen neuer pädagogischer Räumlichkeiten!
Nach einem partizipativen Planungsprozess und der Bauphase der #Bildungslandschaft Altstadt Nord geht es jetzt um die pädagogische & räumliche „Inbetriebnahme“. Wir begleiten, beraten & gestalten diesen Verbund- und Schulentwicklungsprozess mit:… #PhaseZehn
Zu den 8 Einrichtungen der #Bildungslandschaft Altstadt Nord (#BAN) gehören Abendgymnasium, Freinet-Schule Köln, Freizeitanlage Klingelpütz, Hansa Gymnasium Köln, Realschule am Rhein, Kindergarten der Fröbel gGmbH, Jugendhaus Tower der KSJ und Katholische Hauptschule Bülowstr.
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🚨ATTN: $BTC supporters🚨

Europe ban of PoW energy waste is back on the table.

Read Patrick’s thread⏬

I hope you guys are getting your opinions heard before this vote goes through…

Thread of previous warning signs⏬

#PoW #Ban #EU #blockchain
#carbonneutral #netzero #DLT
IMF warning ban on proof of work for its energy waste.
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[Thread] Day43 du défi #From0To10K

Voici un récap complet sur le défi et les gains #crypto réalisé avec les plateformes utilisées. Je ne peux pas être plus transparent.

Enfilez vos moufles, asseyez vous @AuCoinduBloc avec la verveine, nous avons un tas de choses à aborder !
Pour les personnes qui n'ont pas suivi le défi #From0To10K depuis le début, sachez que le défi a officiellement démarré le 27 Août 2021.

Le défi qui a démarré par un #ban temporaire de mon compte à cause des nombreux tweets...

Ca deviendra tôt ou tard un #NFT cette histoire !
Le changement de cap du défi #From0To10K

A la base, ce défi avait pour objectif de #gagner 10 000$ en ne partant de rien.

L'objectif était de vous donner les #astuces et mes façons de procéder pour faire vos propres bénéfices mais j'ai du réduire le rythme et réviser mes plans.
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4. Is this regulation something new? It is officially codifying existing facts on the ground. The rumor is after the Edu regulation debacle/Edu Minister fired, this is govt trying to set it officially, so private capital doesn’t come in, then got banned, raising another uproar.
5. Will @caixin_intel /@Caijing be banned now? Likely not. They are state owned media, as Twitter labelled them thus, even though in China, they are considered somewhat opposition media and got article censored left and right.
6. What about Weibo/Tencent? First order effect are small because they were only in news distribution business, never in having actual journalists and news creation business. But there are some secondary effects.
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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🇩🇪#Geemany #Terrorism #Ban #Outlaw

Horst Seehofer, Germany's Interior Minister, has banned three fundraising organizations from funding terrorism. They are stand-ins for the banned association "Orphan Child Project Lebanon e.V.,"
which provided millions of dollars to Hezbollah's own "Shahid Foundation." Since early this morning, the ban has been in effect in 20 properties in Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Schleswig-Holstein.
So far, cash, cell phones, and other evidence have been seized, among other things. The "German Lebanese Family e.V.", "People for People e.V.", and "Give Peace e.V." ( in German Deutsche Libanesische Familie e.V., Menschen für Menschen e.V." und Gib Frieden e.V.)were outlawed.
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Looking back at these “5 questions” before you #ban the use of #vapes from 2015, they stand up pretty well but I might tweak them now to -/-
Q1. Are you concerned about the health harms from secondhand vape?
Q2. Do you want to support smokers to quit?
Q3. Do you want to prevent youth smoking?
Q4. Do you want to prevent youth vaping?
Q5. Do you want to present a welcoming and healthy impression for your premises.
A1 Harm from vape seems negligible compared to smoke and outdoors
A2 Outdoor vape bans may 📉quitting
A3 📈adult smokers will likely📈young smokers
A4 Regular vaping is v rare among youth who never smoke
A5 Who do you want to welcome and how do people show healthy choices
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#Belgium #SaudiArabia #Brussels #Weapone #Export #Ban

The Belgian Council of State (the Supreme Administrative Court) suspended four licenses granted by the Walloon Region to authorize the export of weapons and defense-related content to Saudi Arabia on March 5, 2021,
in compliance with its procedure of extreme urgency. The Court decided that the licenses were not sufficiently justified because there was a strong risk that the technology or military equipment would be used for internal repression or
to commit serious violations of international humanitarian law in the light of Yemen's conflict, as prohibited by Popular Position 2008/944/CFSP. The implementation of the Court's urgent procedure was deemed necessary in view of the exports' possibly irreversible effects and
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