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The Climate Change Authority of #Australia has issued a report that pinpoints #CarbonSequestration as critical to reduce emissions.

"Storing C away from the atm is integral, both to avert #GHGs from entering the atm & to #remove them from it."
1/11 Image
The report notes that "while conventional #CarbonAccounting is simple and economically flexible, it does not consider crucial differences between different sources and sinks of #GHG #emissions." As a result, 𝐈𝐭 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬: ⬇️
1️⃣ "The Government should prioritise the development of long-lived geological and mineral #storage technologies.

2️⃣ Measures to restore CO2 released from #CarbonSinks should be reviewed and enhanced as appropriate."
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We know that +50% of green claims in the EU are misleading or unfounded. What's the Commission planning to do about it in the #GreenClaims proposal? Some initial thoughts on the proposal and #offsetting🧵1/…
🌱 The Green Claims Proposal has recognized the issues with climate-related claims such as "#carbonneutral" and "#netzero". Although it increases transparency, it doesn't do enough to actually tackle the use of misleading claims based on offsetting. 2/
📜In the recitals, the proposal acknowledges that claims relying on offsets outside the company's value chain can be misleading due to inaccuracies, lack of transparency, and double counting and that emission reductions within a trader's operations should be prioritized. 3/
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Everyone, this is a thread about the work that people at @Enhesa have done in research on EHS legislation, upcoming changes, insights and trends.

Please give a like and a share if you think this can be useful for someone in your circles.

#EHS #EHScompliance #ESG #industrial
There’s been a lot of talk about ramping up energy efficiency in the EU. Now revisions are on their way. Read what to expect in 2023.

Read all about it in this article by @Beatriz Barbieri

#netzero #sustainability #energyefficiency #eu…
EHS regulations spotlight: Serious Accident Punishment Act: Dive deeper into one of today’s standout EHS regulations and what its regulatory changes mean for businesses operating in South Korea.

#EHS #EHSCompliance #Seriousaccidents…
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Imagine 1970s energy policy being orders of magnitude better than 2020s energy policy. See any windmills, solar panels, or unnecessary transmission? Me, neither. See Nordstream 1 or 2? Nope.
Do you see France having to mine to the center of the earth? Yea, me, neither.🤷‍♂️
Do you see any kind of "taxonomy" boondogle? Hydrogen pipelines that can't possibly work according to any material science engineer? Nope.…
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The last few months eco-friendly #Bitcoin mining or biomining has been a trending topic. I looked into the opportunity for miners using wasted or stranded #biogas as an input. Making Bitcoin mining a #CarbonNeutral or even #carbon negative operation. 🧵👇 3.2MW landfill gas to energ...
#Biogas is produced through a process called anaerobic digestion. A series of biological processes in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in absence of oxygen. Inputs can be:
- Waste crop residues
- Animal manure
- Municipal Solid Waste
- Wastewater sludge Biogas plant at a potato ch...
The precise composition of biogas depends on the type of feedstock and the technology used to produce it. The main technologies applied are:
- Biodigesters
- Landfill gas recovery systems
- Wastewater treatment plants Image
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"Good intentions and accurate data still aren’t enough. You also need to know that you’ve collected the right data and asked the right questions, and these are both much, much harder than the introductory effective altruist material tends to let on."…
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🚨ATTN: $BTC supporters🚨

Europe ban of PoW energy waste is back on the table.

Read Patrick’s thread⏬

I hope you guys are getting your opinions heard before this vote goes through…

Thread of previous warning signs⏬

#PoW #Ban #EU #blockchain
#carbonneutral #netzero #DLT
IMF warning ban on proof of work for its energy waste.
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Major companies’ #NetZero climate pledges largely fail test. 🚨 Our Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor, launched today w/ @CarbonMrktWatch, finds: Companies have an immense potential for #ClimateAction but pledges lack transparency + integrity. 🧵⤵️…
2/ Background: Companies are increasingly alert to the #climatcrisis, facing calls to take responsibility for their environmental impact. The companies assessed in the report are major multinationals contributing to roughly 5% of global #GHG emissions.
3/ The #CCRM1 shows: Climate pledges of these 25 corporations on average only commit to emissions reductions of 40%, not ❌ 100% as suggested by their #netzero and #carbonneutral pledges. Collectively, they commit to reducing only <20% of their 2.7 GtCO2e emission footprint.
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New IMF Document Released Jan 26, 2022.

Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms - A primer for global IMF supervisors.
Differences between PoW, PoS, DPoS, & fBFT ($XRP $XLM)

#XRP #XLM Mentioned! #regulated #research #blockchain #DLT #XRPCommunity
--Thread of important quotes--
1. This is a very important document as the IMF represents a consortium of 190 countries and pushing for carbon-neutral countries by 2030.

They are sharing their views in which supervisors around the world will read and use this information to help form their opinion.
2. If you want a video overview I took 4 hours to edit and record this full document overview.

Timestamps and info are in the thread / Video description to make things easier as well!

#XRP #XLM #Cryptocurrency #XRPCommunity #XRPARMY

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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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Everyone knows the term cryptocurrency

But few understand what blockchain technology is and how it's revolutionizing industries across the globe

A list of information on why you should research blockchain technology

--Thread-- Image
1. Blockchain is the underlying technology that cryptocurrencies are built upon.⛓

Yes, it's more than a digital currency.

Blockchain / DLT (distributed ledger technology) provides an immutable, digital ledger that is always updating with transactions happening in real-time. 📖 ImageImage
2. What are the benefits of using Blockchain or DLT?🤔

Check out the pictures below to see how DLT technology will revolutionize industries. 👇

Shout out to @MikeQuindazzi for his awesome benefits infographic

#blockchain #DLT #innovation #financial #cryptocurrency #education ImageImage
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The global carbon market is booming, it’s expected to reach $22 trillion by 2050.

So where did it all start?

A thread 🧵 of how a Mormon missionary and a future Reiki Master started it all in the 80’s

#CarbonCredits #CarbonOffset #Netzero
👇 (1/9)
In 1987, Applied Energy Services (@TheAESCorp) planned on building a ~180 MW coal-fired power plant in Connecticut.

The #coal plant would produce ~14 million tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime.

Global warming was already making some waves & AES was concerned

👇 (2/9)
AES' CEO was former missionary & @HarvardAlumni - Roger Sant @santroger

Rogers’ "least-cost energy" strategy was revolutionary at the time.

@TheAESCorp's focus was minimizing the cost AND #environmental impact of #energy services.

So they needed a “green” solution

👇 (3/9)
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On 24 October, China released Top-level design document in the '1+N' Carbon Peak and Neutrality policy framework.

On the eve of #COP26, and 1 year after China announced 2060 carbon neutral pledge, the implications of this landmark doc are HUGE:

This doc is released by the Communist Party of China and General Office of the State Council:…

It is dated 22 September, and titled 'Opinions on Completely, Accurately and Comprehensively Implementing Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality'
This official policy document (the Opinions as above) is the 'top-level design' in China's '1+N' policy framework, i.e. the 1⃣

The N will be gradually released, consisting of Carbon peak action plan and detailed sectoral roadmaps

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This statement is wrong, misleading, and dangerous. A thread 1/
With offsets, one entity continues to emit while another is paid to do something nice for the climate. #Offsets don't stop emissions. Offsets are the opposite of reducing emissions. 2/
The author seems to confuse #offsets with #removals. Don't do this. Yes, removals in forests and fields and grasslands are important to staying below 1.5C. But these are not offsets.
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Buona parte delle risorse di cui necessita l’industria della #transizioneenergetica è situata in paesi che presentano un elevato #ResourceNationalismIndex (RNI)

un fenomeno che rischia di far deragliare il treno della transizione

di @gbrussato

1/11… Image
elaborato da @MaplecroftRisk, il Resource Nationalism Index 2021 certifica come 66 paesi su 198 nell’indice, ovvero il 33%, hanno rafforzato la presa sulla ricchezza delle risorse dal 2017.

2/… Image
Con impennata #commodities e difficoltà della #pandemia aumenta il nazionalismo delle risorse

la tendenza dei governi ad affermare il controllo sulle risorse per accrescere le entrate statali e migliorare (magari) l’assistenza sociosanitaria

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The Electric Mobility dilemma of Legacy vs New-Age

There is no doubt that Legacy Auto businesses might be able to leverage their scale, capital & experience to roll out EVs faster than EV startups..

But does that make them a better investment?


#Megatrends #investing

Historically, disruptive #innovation has always come from outside the traditional bounds of the industry.

From #Apple's iPhone📱 & #Amazon's AWS☁️ to
#SpaceX's Reusable Rockets🚀, the incumbents have more often than not, failed to innovate and/or spot the disruptors.


In case of Electric Mobility though, there's one critical factor that's keeping incumbents in the race: POLICY📜

Since EVs are now a necessity to reduce global #carbonfootprint & control the #ClimateCrisis, incumbents have no option but to cannibalize their products.

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🔋China to boost Energy Storage above 30GW by 2025

🇨🇳 state planner NDRC released draft 'Guidelines on Speeding up New Types of Energy Storage (excl. pumped storage) Deployment'

That is tenfold increase in Battery Storage capacity from 2020 level of 3.3GW
The draft NDRC guideline states key targets:

2025: New Type of Energy Storage will evolve from initial commercial stage to large-scale deployment.

2030: Full market-based mechanism for Energy Storage 🔋, meeting needs in New Power System.
🇨🇳energy regulators pinned main measures to boost #EnergyStorage in draft guideline:

🔹Energy Storage sectoral Plan, with targets and key tasks in 14FYP and mid-long term
🔹🔋Technology progress
🔹Energy storage joins power market incl. capacity mechanism
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Tell me what you think: are #carbonneutral targets real, or just a form of green washing? 1/5
2. / Do you think companies striving to be carbon neutral will perform better over time?

Here's the performance of the basket since year-end 2017. While the BI Carbon-Neutral Theme Basket outperformed the MSCI ACWI in 1Q, it has trailed (slightly) over a longer-term basis. Image
3./ Will all companies eventually need a carbon target to satisfy #ESG investors?

No real surprise here -- our carbon neutral theme basket has grown over time as more and more companies pledge to become carbon neutral. We currently have 179 companies in the group. Image
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⚡️ China Nuclear power capacity Outlook:

2025: 70 GW, from draft 14th Five-Year plan

2030: 110 GW, China Nuclear Energy Association
2035: 180 GW, CNCC proposal
2050: 327 GW, Tsinghua ICCSD low carbon scenarios
🇨🇳Nuclear power plants locate mostly in coastal regions.

By Dec. 2020, there are 48 reactors with total operating capacity of 49.89 GW according to CEC.

Note some put capacity at 51 GW, depends on whether testing capacities are counted (I was told so...)
🇨🇳2021 Government Work Report states 'Safely and Orderly development of nuclear power', most positive tone in near 10 years...

China 14th FYP sets target of 70 GW nuclear capacity by 2025:
'Safely and steady development of coastal nuclear plants'
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"Achieving carbon neutrality requires eliminating most fossil fuel use in power generation, heating, industry & transport...IF it is made the guiding vision for invstmt, innovation & policymaking in China"-@laurimyllyvirta

Litmus test: Canceling new Coal…
Climate is Natl Security policy is Industrial policy is Econ policy #GeopoliticsOfGHGs

Its a Market mover, a Oil & Gas importer vulnerable to blockades, an "Electrostate", a Green Power Politics move, a ecologically fragile state all rolled into one…
"Chinese companies have invested in mines from DRC to Chile..securing access to minerals needed for solar panels,electric vehicles...
Unable to be a Petrostate, it is becoming an Electrostate, investing strategically all along the chain from mine to meter"… Image
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🌄Good evening everyone!

Welcome to In Conversation with 𝐃𝐫 𝐑 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐦, Former Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India, Chairman AEC & Secretary @DAEIndia👥

🗣️Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatwithRChidambaram
👸👸This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille & @Jengovz on behalf of @spf_in

🌸🌸Opening the session with a warm welcome by @ChagunBasha @DSTCPRIISc @PrinSciAdvGoI
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Carbon capture: is it worth pursuing?

Get the basics in this thread 👇

#cleanenergy #carbonneutral #carbonfootprint #carboncapture #CO2

The global energy demand is growing and so are the associated emissions.

In order to meet goals of Paris agreement, cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are needed.

Current CO2 concentration in atmosphere: 410 ppm
Target to meet 1.5 deg rise: 350 ppm
2/Carbon Capture
Adopting low carbon and renewable sources of energy along cannot help reach target emissions .

Carbon (CO2) capture at-scale is a bridge as the energy mix shifts.

* CO2 can removed from flue / burnt gases
* Pulling from ambient air, direct air capture
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Thread on Kamala's pre-VP nominee Climate Plan.

Plan highlights:
Climate Equity Act to enact #ClimateJustice
Net-zero economy by 2045
#carbonneutral electric grid, vehicles, new buildings by 2030
End to fossil fuel subsidies
$10 Trillion investment…
End to FF extraction in public lands
Rollback Trump environmental deregulation
Science-based agricultural conservation practices by 2040
Seek at least 75% of zero-waste
Mfg Jobs, and job (re)training
Reinvigorate national lab R&D & STEM jobs
$60 B to Black universities & colleges
"Leading the world in the technologies and innovations that will help us achieve a clean economy starts with fully funding our federal science and research agencies, national labs, and partnerships. ...
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The world is causing #GlobalWarming through excessive #CO2 #emissions: The #CarbonFootprint, which equals CF per person multiplied by #population, of the current (2016) world population of 7.5 billion uses the carbon sequestration capacity of 2.4 Earths. Image
The maximum #sustainable (“#CarbonNeutral”) #population at our current CF per person is only 3.1 billion. The maximum that would give everyone the current #QualityOfLife in the US, as measured by the UN’s #HumanDevelopmentIndex, is only 2 billion. Image
Since the start of CF tracking (1961), 64% of our #growth in CF has been caused by #population growth and only 36% by growth in personal #emissions (CF per person). Image
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