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*Chemistry 2019 Nobel - Li-ion battery development.
*Mamallapuram TN-WHS Rock cut,Pallava
*GEMINI, a portable receiverlinked to ISRO satellites warn fishermen of danger.
*Section  *313 of the Codedeals with 
the power of thecourt to examine the accused. (CrPC)
Kopili hydroelectricproject (kopli river / Dam , Assam )
Issues -
Data localisation - आरबीआर्इ ने फिनटेक फर्म्स काे निर्देश दिया था कि ये कंपनियां भारतीय लोगों से संबंधित सभी डेटा को देश में ही स्टोर करें।…
global competitiveness index (by WEF) 68th rank <=
Physics Nobel 2019 - universe evolution from Big Bang (cosmology) and Earth's place within it.
1st Exoplanet -51 Pegasi b, is a gaseous ball about 150 times more massive than Earth and has a scorching surface temperature of about 1,000C.
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1/ A word on the #AAbill and #encryption more broadly, as it has been flying around a bit today.

Let me be really clear: These powers have been used already - that is, encryption has been requested to be broken #Auspol
2/ This was disclosed by Dept of Home Affairs by citing their submission to the PJCIS, but we'll never know who. Anyone who wants to speak about it is risking jail time under the act #AAbill #encryption #Auspol
3/ It's Home Affairs, Peter Dutton and "we stopped the boats" all over again.

Did they? We'll never know. It's unprecedented new powers and an operational secret #AAbill #encryption #Auspol
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So I wanted to encrypt some files. Thought about using 7z+password. Stackexchange folks said "Didn't review it but it should be fine. You can browse the code yourself". So I did. After a few mins I noticed they use 8byte "random" IV. Yes, half of IV is zeroes. But it gets worse.
Aside from the fact that 7z XORs plaintext with zeroes, I was curious about the "RandomGenerator" which generates IV. That's when I vomited. The first comments say "This is not very good random number generator. Please use it only for salt." It is not used only for salt.
Yes, it uses PID and time(null) as seed. Yes, this is 7zip's random generation code running on your computers in 2019. More "cursed" code below. #7zip #encryption #facepalm #randomness #entropy #RNG #crypto #cryptofail
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We are tweeting the proceedings from the Mumbai #event ‘Countering Misinformation: Policies and Solution’
“Election commission has failed to keep a track on paid news media.” -@geetaseshu #FakeNews #misinformation
“Intent behind any incident is very important. Penalty for a murder and man slaughter is very different.” - Vikram Krishna #fakenews #misinformation
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#OPSEC mistakes by ex @CIA Kevin Mallory #spying for China, caught on CCTV having secret documents scanned to micoSD card instead of doing it on his own cheap disposable scanner, useless non-destructive messages covert comms phone App, no #encryption…
#OPSEC #fail ex @CIA Kevin Mallory recruited to spy for #China #MSS via @LinkedIn profile openly pitching #NationalSecurity experience. N.B. all the risks of taking your phone to China, highlighted by US CI official also apply to foreigners visiting USA…
#Privacy activists need to learn from professional #espionage agents & #CounterIntelligence case #OPSEC techniques & failures - #China #MSS agent handlers were unprofessional in mobile #CovertComms & #MoneyLaundering - Kevin Patrick Mallory indictment…
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Australia rushed through an anti-#crypto bill last week. @HRW just released a game that shows what might happen if authorities use the law to gut key security features in the phones & apps we use every day:… #EverydayEncryption #AAbill
Do you shop online or message with friends on WhatsApp or iMessage? Ever shared an intimate photo with your partner? Organized a protest? #Encryption protects that data from malicious hackers & govt snoops #EverydayEncryption
Choose your own adventure: See if you can safely guide a character Fei as she makes choices about her data, and find out how #EverydayEncryption might protect you:…
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"Understanding #encryption & the #aabil" for #dumbbastards like me
.#Encryption & #privacy are strongly & deeply connected.
"Privacy", as understood in AU, is an individual's #humanright to #privacy, as enshrined in legislation, created in the @Parliament's, both federal & states, to guarantee individuals their #HumanRight as detailed by the @UN & interpreted by our legislators & the courts
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If you’re just tuning in to #auspol, let me catch you up on the high-stakes poker game the Govt and Opp have going here:

Coalition has a choice: prevent Labor & x-bench amended bill that would get #kidsoffnauru from reaching the Reps for a vote (which it would likely lose) – but in doing so also prevent final passage of #aabill (#encryption).
At the moment, parliamentary procedures are being used in Senate by Coalition, Bernardi & Hanson to delay getting to point where #kidsoffnauru amendments are voted on. Some filibustering going on, though Senate President is trying to curtail it.
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Manoeuvering in the parliament this morning is all about timing…..

Here’s an explanation of what’s going on. Stay with me:
#Encryption bill: Govt & Opp agreed to a plan to pass bill unamended through Reps, amend in Senate once Labor double-checked them, then back to Reps to sign off on changes.
Nauru: Senate expected to agree to amendments to a migration-related bill that would mirror the Phelps #kidsoffnauru bill details, which would then need to go to Reps for a vote, too.
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And the only way to stop Clinton and cohorts from having access to sensitive data - including FBI- is to change out the encryption keys.... oh look it's happening now

#qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #encryption…
Here's a list of more than 2000 organizations in 60 countries that the encryption keys Hillary and cohorts had access to opened the door to data snooping…
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THREAD: So the Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill is on the horizon. So what?
(1/n) Here is an article I wrote with @MPWils about the significant powers police have to access our data & stats on access of metadata…
(2/n) Here is a submission I wrote with @admmo @nidhalaigh @IanJMWarren to Joint Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into new Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the challenges facing law enforcement agencies
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Panel & .@JoeNBC Are Engaging in a Very Disingenuous Discussion that Ignores Why Strong Encryption Emerged on Phones & Online 1/
2/ .@JoeNBC is leading a Seminar in Public Amnesia on the Abuses of the Bush43 Admin, who made warrantless domestic surveillance the norm.
3/ Sorry, .@JoeNBC but the past dozen+ years of NSA/DEA/FBI Abuse of the 4th Amendment will not go forgotten, much as You want it to be
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