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@iltalehti_fi "-länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”:
#Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna…
@iltalehti_fi #Kusetus
cc: @ odefinn
Johan oli.. meidän onnemme että #Venäjä näkee läpi tuon Suomen valtiovallan kansan kusettamisen, ilman sitä olisimme todella #kusessa.
@iltalehti_fi @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna
- "länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”: ImageImageImageImage
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Today’s #JobsReport was very solid, but like is often the case in the movies, it’s very hard for the sequel (today’s report) to match such an unexpected hit (January’s revised 504,000 jobs gained).
Still, a nonfarm #payroll gain of 311,000 jobs is quite good and having 815,000 jobs created so far this year after the #economy has already created 12 million #jobs over the past two years is pretty amazing in its own right.
Further, the 3-month moving average of 351,000 jobs, after a 12-month moving average of 362,000 jobs gained per month is also pretty remarkable, particularly after the market-implied pricing of the terminal #FedFunds rate has move up 500 basis points (bps) in a year.
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$PRTG new investor presentation out this week, worth a look through 🧵 1/26
2/26 legal disclaimer
3/26 $PRTG Investment Highlights
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Christmas wind down approaches I'm getting ready for a strong revival in Q123:
Just like a game of chess at the minute with Strategy, patience and understanding the complexity is key!

The year has gone to plan, but it's defiantly not checkmate... in fact quite the opposite...
The story only just is begging to unfold:
♟️Looking forward to finally completing the acquisition of the GSX.
♟️Ambitious plans for the GSX and for Valereum linking the fiat and digital worlds still in play in FULLY regulated environments.
♟️GSX will encourage a new generation of companies & assets to see Gibraltar as a virtual node in financial trade.
♟️In time we will seek an international listing for @ValereumPLC as we see this as a compelling investment proposition to go alongside an incoming European listing.
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🪡 1/7: #COP27 Live from the #BlueZone : Gender Day Closing Session

#COP27Gender #Women
2/7: #COP27Gender Day closes with a ceremony hosted by Dr. Maya Morsi and HE Dr. Yasmine Fouad. The #women invited a #student, Nevine Ghazi, on stage to share her perspectives on #climatechange and #youth in #Africa.
3/7: Ms. Ghazi advocates for #climateeducation saying, “I learned about the #SDGs & The #ParisAgreement in university. I instantly became aware of #climatechange and our needs. More importantly, I was able to apply my knowledge and continue to learn.
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“interconnection queues” and obtaining the necessary #ImpactStudies and #permits from #each grid operator has risen from around 2.1 years for projects built in 2000-2010 to around 3.7 years for those built in 2011-2021.

#decentralizedgrid issues are key.…
"researchers found that only 23% of the projects seeking grid connection between 2000 and 2016 have actually been built."

“The grid operators have limited staff to conduct these studies,”
“Maybe they haven't ramped up their workforce quickly enough.”

The inability of #renewables to deliver #LargeScale solutions may NOT be due to #financing constraints. #Regulatory ones matter too.

As prices fall, the gap btw #LevelisedCostOfEnergy for #Rooftop and #SolarUtility shows, scale matters.

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How the #DigitalDevelopment community thinks about sharing #information, #resources, and #data and partners to advance #DigitalTransformation will be key to creating #impact from our efforts and ensuring country #governments can replicate them to better serve their #citizens.
DIAL thinks about #partnerships in everything it does—in fact, were founded in 2015 by a partnership of #global #donors seeking to connect incredibly promising #DigitalDevelopment efforts that had failed to achieve #scale.
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1⃣🌏🌍🌎To build transport infrastructures that meet climate goals, financial systems need reorientation towards climate proofing 🌿💰

Thread for details ⬇️
💰💷The estimated funding gap for transport infrastructure is immense: $440 billion per year! 💴 

🛤️We need a shift here.👉Read more on how:…
🌿💰How to create an enabling environment for #financing #sustainable #transport investments? 

➡️Find out more at…
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It was 73 degrees and sunny in #JacksonHole, Wyoming, today; a perfect day for all those who were there….
Yet, there were no #monetary policy officials present at the traditional location of the @KansasCityFed’s late-summer #economic policy symposium, since they were conducting a “virtual symposium.”
That symposium provided #ChairPowell the opportunity to lay out a reasonably sunny perspective on the U.S. #economy, but also one that was not out of the woods yet, in terms of Covid variant risk and a maximum #employment target still to be achieved.
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#NMP #Financing #infrastructure
In current situation, we run the 'risk of mispricing risk, even for de-risked assets'.
Why: It is not easy to estimate cash flows from infrastructure assets in an uncertain environment with limited clarity about eco policy and potential growth?
I would host these assets in NIIF & do a Public issue for raising finance, so that the Indian public shares the upside, as they are ones who have been bearing the risk all these years. We need Indian HHs to start providing risk cap, if India has to grow.
We can use banking system or the shadow banking systems where we have debt bearing the cost of risk and uncertainty, arising our poor policy choices and business decision.
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Financing of Healthcare in India
Moral as well as Economic Reasoning requires the #Government to increase its Share of Spend
My perspective @ETHealthWorld…

@andymukherjee70 @kikumbhar @sritara @ramakumarr @grumpeoldman @ieuditmisra @Dinesh_Unni
1. “SDG1, which calls to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere” could be in peril without UHC, as almost 90 million people are impoverished by health expenses every year.”
2. In India, we run a higher risk of impoverishing our people as more than 50% of healthcare expenditure is met by families.., with 60% of rural and 40% of urban families are having to borrow, sell assets or ask for contributions from family & friends to meet hospitalization exp.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/30/2021…
Complex Systems: Volume 30, Number 1 (2021)

#complexity #journal #CurrentIssue
The Law of Regression to the Tail: How to Survive COVID-19, the Climate Crisis, and Other Disasters…

#RegressionToTheTail #risk #FatTailedRisk #COVID19 #pandemics #ClimateCrisis #RiskMitigation
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@phumzileunwomen sets out our five goals for #WomenPeacePower:
1. #Participation: A radical shift in women’s meaningful participation in peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, ensuring that women are fully involved in each and every peace and political process that the United Nations supports.
2. #HumanRights: The UN’s unconditional support for women’s human rights and women human rights defenders. The UN must be the loudest voice in their defense! Sexual and reproductive rights are core women's human rights. #WHRD #SRHR
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10 measures proposed by Zhang Xiaohui, former assistant governor of the #PBC, to promote the #dualcirculation in financial services:…
1. Properly position the financial sector against the new backdrop featuring “dual circulation”. China’s financial system needs to step up a new wave of upgrade and reform. It should give direct #financing a bigger play based on technological innovations.
2. Financial supply-side structural reform shall continue to play a core role. China needs to improve twin-pillar regulatory framework (monetary&macroprudential policies) and make monetary policies more flexible; develop multi-tier capital market; boost #RMB internationalization.
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Good evening everyone! 🌇🕕
Welcome to In Conversation with Dr. Renu Swarup @RenuSwarup @DBTIndia

Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatwithRenuSwarup.
This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille & @Jengovz on behalf of @spf_in 👧👧

Opening the session with a warm welcome 💐💐by @ChagunBasha @DSTCPRIISc @PrinSciAdvGoI
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At a time the #USCongress is vigorously debating another #fiscal rescue package to support households and businesses into year end, it’s vital to think hard about the intersection between #Fed monetary policy/fiscal support and what it means for #markets: Image
In fact, the #CovidCrisis forced an evolution in policy coordination, whereby for the first time since WWII, U.S. policymakers married monetary and fiscal policy, with the #Fed and @USTreasury working together to inject cash from the #Fed’s #QE programs into the private sector…
That has been game changing for #liquidity near-term and should continue to help combat the #economic fallout from the #pandemic.
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Let’s dive into #manufacturing and understand how #Pakistan has lagged its #Asian peers in #industrialization, how stagnant growth turned to a decline even #precovid and how #financing has been unable to encourage #investments in the sector… (1/n)
#Industrial value add per worker in Pakistan has seen minor improvements in the last 25 years. While it changed by 12% for Pak, it changed by 512% for #China. Unfair comparison so not even on the chart but #India has doubled its #Productivity too… (2/n) Image
What’s worse is that post 2018, manufacturing in Pakistan has been on the decline, specifically Large Scale Manufacturing which makes up the bulk. Major reasons cited are PKR #devaluation, rising #energy costs and higher #taxes... (3/n) Image
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The #COVID19 resurgence has curbed China's economic recovery. According to Zhang Bin and Zhu He, except for the containment measures and deteriorated market expectations, a major factor repressing China's recovery remains insufficient #demands, both domestic and external.
The external environment and changes in the balance sheets of various domestic sectors indicate that consumer #spending may slowly pick up, but #exports will continue to be strained;
business #investments are expected to stay sluggish, while infrastructure investments and real estate investments are beginning to improve. However, whether the improvements will be sustainable still depends on future policies.
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1/14 According to @WHO, at the end of May South America has become the new epicentre of #COVID19 pandemic. #Brazil has the highest number of cases (411,821) and deaths (25,598) as of Friday 29 May. See
@WHO 2/14 In this context, Brazil's #SocialProtection faces a huge challenge: implement design tweaks and expand both vertically & horizontally to fight #COVID19 impact—as highlighted by @LeticiaBarthol3 + others from @ipeaonline. See
@WHO @LeticiaBarthol3 @ipeaonline 3/14 #CashTransfers are key to #Brazil’s response: (1) #BolsaFamília programme (PBF); (2) the social assistance transfers for poor PwD and elderly (BPC) and (3) new emergency transfer: #AuxilioEmergencial.
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After a week that saw extraordinary policy moves from the @federalreserve in response to the #CoronaCrisis, the central bank has gone further and taken off its gloves for a bare-knuckled battle against the forces of #uncertainty and #deflation!
To support critical market functioning, the #FOMC dropped previously indicated limits and: “will purchase Treasury securities and agency [MBS] in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetary policy...”
Further, the #Fed has expanded the range of purchasable #securities to include agency commercial mortgaged-backed securities (#CMBS).
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Huang Yiping, Chairman of Academic Committee of CF40, shared his opinion on the significance of solving the problem of residents #investment difficulties in the future.
According to Huang, it is no less than the significance of solving the problem of corporate #financing difficulties.
From this point of view, we do encounter a relatively big problem now, which is the lack of investment income.
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This post is the first one in the series of ‘Simplifying FinTech and FinTech Laws’. The evolution of finance started almost a century decades ago when the world saw the establishment of Fedwire in the US in 1918.…
The actual #fintech application was the first mobile payment in 1997 to buy a #CocaCola from the vending machine. In India, as well, the FinTech has completed almost one and a half-decade, but still, there seems to be little awareness about what the term ‘FinTech’ actually means.
The fact that people are not aware of what ‘FinTech’ is and what daily #financing applications constitute it is the inspiration of the series of posts. The author is hopeful that these posts will help in #simplifying the #understanding of FinTech and related #Laws.
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#Germany #Berlin

#BER is to open its doors at the end of October next year. According to a report, the cost of the new capital city #airport will once again #rise by 300 million euros. Because of the long construction time, it probably also changes to the offered routes.
According to a media report, the costs for the capital's airport #BER are even higher than planned. As the "@BILDamSONNTAG" cites a confidential report to the shareholders #Berlin, #Brandenburg and the federal government reports,
the #airport company for the #financing plan 2021 to 2024 requires almost 300 million euros more than previously estimated.
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