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#Disinformation about the Law of #Ukraine - On Supporting the Functioning of the #Ukrainian Language as the #State #Language Image

“One of the authors of the draft law, #Mykola #Knyazhytsky says the legislation is not designed to curtail any #minority language in #Ukraine,
but rather to support #Ukrainian through proposing to increase Ukrainian #language content on national #television to 75%.The proposed #law is discussed in committee.”…
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Fan wars in #KFI : My take
1. Media mafia banned @dasadarshan for various reasons . Did anyone question how ethical journalism it is?Reasons should be debated - fairly on both sides and move on. #Media is biased and different reasons contributed to this #ban
2. #Dboss was sidelined by #Media but his loyal fans stood by him throughout and made #Kranti a success . Some biggies who are behind #ban are irked by support and promotion of kranti wanted to push their ego to dent @dasadarshan pushed to pull him down in anyway #kfifanwar
3. Taking advantage of broken friendship of @KicchaSudeep and @dasadarshan , some unknown hands pushed for online hatred between two actors fans . It grew eventually with tit for tat from #dboss fans #kfifanwars
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@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk Q: An example of stoic, calculated discernment, cares about abused children and those who are otherwise politically unrepresented.

NeverQ: You are crazy you are dumb you are a joke you are wasting your time
@realDonaldTrump @QLightening @elonmusk #NeverQ : "I will never do research on the corruption of the individuals and institutions that Q has mentioned. If I do any research, it will be to discredit Q and anons. But, I've found it's much easier to just make fun of them."

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@JukkaDavidsson #Ohisalo myös.
- #Sisäministeri'stä tyynylomalle. Junaili #Torssonen syylliseksi #Auvila'n hylsy-VOK 'vasara-arapien' hyökkäykseen.
Torssosen #KRP sormenjäljet siirrettiin postipaketin teippiin.
- Torssonen vapaa, arapit himassa.
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- Grand Assembly of the #Ulema of Afghanistan is now the official name of the TB's gathering in Kabul.
- There are rumors that Amir ul-Mu'minin will appear in the gathering.
- Some similar events in the Loya Jirga tent in the past were targeted by ISKP (rockets, Suicide Attacks).
- The Grand Assembly of Ulema will be #chaired by Sheikh Mawlawi Habibullah Haqqani.
- According to the State-run Bakhtar News Agency, about 3500 people are invited to participate in the Ulema's gathering in Kabul City.
- Acting Prime Minister, Mullah M. #Hassan_Akhund, as the 1st speaker, offered his speech:
"People who have ruined our nation& our country in the past two decades& moved to foreign countries, still create problems for our people even though we do not make any troubles for them."
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#BANNED Foreign home owners Canada!

Federal budget to include ban on foreign home buyers, billions for housing…
ILLEGAL for foreigners to buy any residential properties in Canada for the next two years.
foreign buyers ban will apply to condos, apartments, and single residential units. Permanent residents, foreign workers, and students will be excluded from this new measure. Foreigners who are purchasing their primary residence here in Canada will be exempt.
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There was a time a freshly graduated urban student from #Karachi 🏙️ (#Pakistan 🇵🇰) upper urban middle class, with an expensive British education, had a real talent for writing fictions and for advertising an expertise...1/20
Photo: Casey Horner
...she did not have thru her re-formulation of trendy topics. Surfing the wave, she considered herself as a #Writer and as a #Consultant.
Unfortunately, nobody in “patriarchal #Pakistan 🇵🇰”, as she says, was ready to hire a young... 2/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Baltit fort, Kari
a young professional #female with no experience for the jobs she was pretending to. Her career disillusions and her unsuccessful personal life caused her severe depressions with more and more frequent mental disorders. 3/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Karakoram mountai
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The Krause List being used to ban books across the USA was created by Texas Republican State Rep Matt Krause.

The @BookRiot associate editor went through the 850 books on the list and "found some interesting and unsettling things."

"Perhaps the most disturbing trend I saw in this list is the challenging of books that teach students their rights.

Of all the things to teach in school or for kids to have access to, this is one of the most important."

#BANNED #BannedBooks… Image
"Not only is every book on human sexuality disallowed, from The Baby Tree to teen books about STIs, but also anything that mentions teen pregnancy, including YA novels. About 5% of the books banned have to do with pregnancy."… Image
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#Twitter & #Facebook are not getting #banned but If these significant social media intermediaries don't comply with the #ITRules they could however lose the safe harbor protection which means they could incur liability (civil & criminal) for the acts done by third party users.
The Rules could also undermine the principles of open & accessible internet, the fundamental #RightToPrivacy & #FreeSpeech & expression enshrined in the Constitution.…
#SocialMedia #ILRules #SafeHarbour #BigTech #ITRules #TwitterBan #FacebookBan
The #informationtechnology Rules, 2021 (#ILRules) which have been prescribed by the #Centralgovt under Section 79 of the IT Act are a set of compliances which the intermediaries have to abide by, in order to keep the safe harbor protection intact.
#SocialMediaban #internet
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1/ #CapitolRiots fueled by #AlexJones’ propaganda.

Alex Jones paid $500K organize the event, admits he was directed by #Trump to lead the crowd to the Capitol.

.@FBI Pls Investigate Free Speech System’s & Trump’s communications, donors & pre-election funding of infowars.
2/ .@FBI please investigate. My kids were taken away for countermanding defamation & because I spoke out against infowars, which I used to own. Pls investigate due process violations in D-1-FM-15-005030 & official oppression to silence anti-Trump speech.
3/.@FBI investigate why Alex Jones’ DUI charge was dismissed w out trial and all Travis Co rulings to protect him, investigations not pursued by DA and (indicted) AG for racketeering, perjury. Investigate $6500 donation to judge prior to order entry...
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Ein russischer Geschäftsmann bekommt eine Million Euro, um 2750 Tonnen Sprengstoff „nach Mosambik“ zu befördern.
Das Schiff lässt er nach Beirut fahren, um Ladung aufzunehmen, die zu einer Entladung des Sprengstoffs führt.
Keiner will ihn haben - außer Hisbollah.
Ammonium nitrate, which is a dual-use fertilizer, is #banned in Lebanon. “I have #no #idea how Grechushkin #got #permission for us to dock in Beirut,” Prokoshev said in the interview with the Russian publication MediaZona…
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Wow! @reddit just banned r/The_Donald and 2000 other subreddits, citing the reason "no community should be used as a weapon".

#RedditPurge… Image
I can't help but wonder if we're seeing a speeded-up #digital equivalent of the #Disneyfication of #TimesSquare.

While @AlphabetINC's @sidewalklabs & others obsess on '#SmartCities', maybe the intersection of the web's '#PublicSquares' and #commerce works the other way too?
On the #Disneyfication of #TimesSquare:…

Meanwhile, in other news, it appears Reddit's not the only one #banning things this evening:

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Our dad was born OTD in 1925 - traditionally we had to have strawberries and cream to celebrate. Back in the 1960s this would be early in the season so these would be our first and sometimes only strawberries.
He was born in Wales near @kivetonwales eldest son of a #YorkshireMiner who was determined that none of his children would follow him into the pit, and they didn’t. Dad won Miners’ scholarships to @KingsPontefract and from there to @Kings_Cambridge a two year degree in wartime
His closest brush with sport was to keep score for the school cricket team - he found God (or perhaps it was the other way round) at Uni and started off a theological career which took him to @SCM_Britain and a conference in India where he met our Aussie mum from @australianscm
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#LFLo : Is the import of steel or other material which went into the making of #Patel statue #banned. If not, then it's a voluntary choice of the builders, to use whatever material they decide on, no? for instance they could use more costly material and build a smaller statue?..2
2/lflo On the other hand a bureaucratic socialist policy on holding up imports which have been already paid-for, is counter productive, as it hurts the Indian SME importer not the #CCP exporter.
3/lflo Should have applied it to everything which was shipped after date of decision, not items already in Indian ports or on high seas. 🧐🤔
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Parlez-vous racisme [Thread] 👇

Current user base ~1 million @parler_app's
"#DeclarationOfInternetIndependence" is not the first we've seen & likely not the last:… with intriguing but unspecified notions such as: "The People, not the #TechTyrants, must...
...share in the value of #monetizing our data". Hmm... "share" how, exactly?

Parler is organised as a (US) Limited Liability Company, so is every user a #member? Or is that privilege reserved for its #owners, John Matze & Jared Thomson? And their #investors?

(Hints of #BXP...)
And @parler_app's #PrivacyPolicy:… explicitly states it'll use your data "For #marketing & #advertising purposes," i.e. its business model (like most of its "#TechTyrant" rivals) is to #profile its users.

Interestingly, for an "anti-#censorship" platform..
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Nordstream2

The company Allseas stopped its work on #Nordstream2 and the last 300km. The #US punitive measures of the "Law for the Protection of #Europe's Energy Security"
target the operating #companies of the highly #specialized #ships with which the #pipes for the pipeline are laid through the #BalticSea. As a punitive measure, entry bans are provided as well as the freezing of assets in the #USA.
#Washington argues that #Germany will move to #Moscow depending on the pipeline. Democratic Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson wrote a letter to Allseas chief Edward Heerema.However, if the company continues "even for a single day" after signing the US Sanctions Act, it could face
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