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#Dominion ALSO has registration overseas in Barbados just off of #Venezuela, a Tax Haven, as released in #Panana Papers, just like #Smartmatic is located there to get them out of reach of authorities if arrests come, & Evade income taxes like coke dealing ImageImage
#Dominion was licensing it's software & "ip" to #Smartmatic so that Smartmatic could operate in the USA as their technology was banned. So? they make another group & put that tech inside & do the same thing. Mass money laundering shell companies & shady Criminal structuring.
"Lord of lies" Mark Malloch described this situation on TV to the world just a few years ago. This web of Venezuelan style cocaine dealing money laundering CRIME syndicates RIGGING elections now worldwide is the biggest scourge & cancer on #Freedom in all the world currently
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I am sure we can trace this conflict back to #BillGates . A dark cloud of destruction follows EVERYTHING this man and his insidious foundation touches. It is important to note that brown people are usual the prime targets of his devastation.… ImageImageImageImage
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Telia Company connected to #Dominion #Scytl Network is Famous for CRIME, BRIBERY, Leaking & Selling User Data & MASSIVE Govt fines. :D Just the kind of reputation of people that #Coomer & #PenelopeStarr" LOVE the most, MORE CRIMINALS. Image
#Telia CAUGHT tracking & selling user data INCLUDING locations even when you have location services switched off as they know what towers you are connecting to via mobile service then sell that. Compromising security of MILLIONS of people.…
Telia fined nearly a BILLION DOLLARS for BRIBERY payments in Uzbekistan. NO WONDER #Scytl & #Dominion are in business with & run on these guy's networks. All the CRIMINALS love their happy little CRIMINAL family CULTs don't they.…
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💥Bioweapons are manmade. Only manmade Bioweapons can be patented. Natural virus cannot be patented. Therefore, Coronavirus is a patented man made bioweapon. Bill Gates owns patent to Coronavirus. Spike Protein is a patented bioweapon. Bill Gates owns patent to Spike Protein Image
Spike Protein is patented. Spike Protein on SARSCOV2 which is COVID19 which is Coronavirus, made to deliberately attach to ACE2 deliberately killing people. Bill Gates owns Spike Protein Patent.
Bill Gates confesses to conspiring to kill 7 billion people with his COVID19 depopulation vaccine. Bill Gates owns the patent to Spike Protein.
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I know many are weary of 2020. But the events of this year are necessary for ALL to see #TRUTH more clearly. This year is not over yet so stay strong.
However you should be SUPER cozy right now. If you are not, here's why you should be.
The plan is unfolding precisely as it was >
designed to. We have maximum sheep 🐑 attention as voter #fraud is exposed. We have #LinWood eager to tell the world the truth about #BillGates, #GeorgeSoros & #Epstien's Island. We have people waking up in masses and protesting all over the globe. We have Real Scientists >
coming forward and exposing this as #fraud.
#DonaldTrump, #MikePompeo, #GeneralFlynn, #LinWood, #SidneyPowell: All confirmed "The world is watching".
Expect massive shock waves over the next two weeks.
This is just the Beginning.
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
After ENDLESS LIES & CRIMINAL Anti-Trust against the public, #CNBC has ALREADY shown how #Elections Machines like #Dominion can RIG an #Election VERY easily with JUST ONE PERSON! & MANY saw this & knew all about it. CNBC TAUGHT THEM! 90 Secs!
-Diebold was BOUGHT by #Dominion.
-Netherlands has been RIGGING elections since the 80s
-CIA Kissenger RIGGED them since 1948
-#Trump just Fired Kissenger
-Facebook KNEW about it
-Microsoft & #BillGates KNEW about it
-Google, Amazon, KNEW about it
-#Deepstate all KNEW about
-This explains why the Bildeberg group Always got the man they invited to their meetings
-Trump probably won due additional attackers messing up their steal they expected.
-Perhaps it was Russia & they couldn't say about the Elections, so attacked him on everything else. ;D
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Remember #FundVax? where "#BillGates was presenting a virus to cure people of religious fundamentalism?" #Reuters was quick to LIE against the concerns of the public & attack them all, but NEVER said who this is. #Patriots, time to #FOIA this. WHO WILL DO?
Someone needs to issue a FOIA request demanding ALL public records be released on this. This man is proposing releasing a virus into the public, which will KILL, MURDER, MANY Citizens who are old, young, weak, immunocompromised, to persecute religious ppl. It's EVIL & ILLEGAL!
FOIA should read AT MINIMUM:

DOD proj: 149AZ2
DOC ID: FX36.879.AX.AZ2.14
Submission Date -1/40/2005
Submission ID: 983459.4.05
Loc: Pent Rm BC232
VMAT2 (God Gene) Expression in Religious Vs. Non-Religious Individuals
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Wherever you look, you find #BillGates.

"ElectionGuard & the range of offerings from Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program, as well as tools from others in the technology industry & academia, are needed more than ever to help defend democracy."

DARPA funded?

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Globalismo,Soros,Gates,bancos centrales, pero,¿quién manda?
Soros,Bezos,Musk, y tantos otros individuos,pero la pregunta que yo me hacía era:¿tienen jefes estas personas?y claro, no les he llamado para preguntar, pero he seguido el consejo de los economistas:seguir el dinero.
Los fondos de inversión y el dinero que manejan, y los tres nombres que surgen en esa entrevista son Vanguard, State Street y Black Rock. Estos fondos de inversión manejan 6.3, 2.5, y 7.3 BILLONES de dólares (trillones de dólares si hablamos en inglés), es decir,
el más “pequeño”, State Street, maneja más del doble del PIB español, o sea, más de 20 veces del valor de la fortuna de Bill Gates, por poner un ejemplo.

¡Es una estafa!, o al menos una mentira, son tres nombres distintos, tres empresas distintas, pero están interconectadas,
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.@elonmusk surpasses #BillGates to become the world’s second-richest person as #Tesla’s market cap inches closer to $500 billion


By @navdeepyadav321
@elonmusk @navdeepyadav321 After beating #MarkZuckerberg in world rich list ranking — the billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now leapfrogged #BillGates to grab the world’s second-richest ranking.

#ElonMusk #Tesla
@elonmusk @navdeepyadav321 Musk’s net worth rose more than $7.2 billion on November 23, driven by another surge in the #Tesla share price, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. The current net worth of #ElonMusk stands at $127.9 billion.
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Gill Bates and the Eugenics Agenda

[THREAD] #BillGates #SayNoToBillGates #Agenda2030 #ID2020 #Eugenics

Know a lot of folks out there are already aware of certain Gates / Rockefeller 'eugenic' connections but they really do seem to keep on popping up.
(1) Also realize that the pseudoscience is synonymous with 'lower race' labels like human weeds, useless eaters, reckless breeders etc.. and the practice of selective genocide, death panels and forced sterilizations of the lower classes, immigrants, minorities, poor people etc.
(2) so it really is a pretty serious allegation.

Some good historical and contemporary research in the vid below conducted by the Corbett Report and amongst many other things did find it telling that the Gates foundation chose to hold their London summit on the exact 100th
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#Breaking #BreakingNews "Domínio" encontrado de origem maligna de longa data rastreada até o 'Conselho Privado da Rainha' de Escravistas Internacionais, Conquista de Nações, The Dark Evil Ages of Imperialism, Insurrectionists, Mi6, Slavery, Plantations, Denial & Dominium
2 / #Dominion NÃO É apenas uma "empresa de máquinas de votação de #Canadá." Um Domínio foi o nome dado às Colônias Escravas do Imperialismo da Supremacia Branca Britânica da Rainha, Conquistados, Assassinados, Estuprados, Pilhados, Roubados e Derrubados e agora Controlados. #BLM?
3 / #Dominions "refere-se a todos os territórios pertencentes à Coroa. Como esses territórios foram conquistados para se tornarem tais? Guerra, subversão, assassinato, guerra econômica, manipulação política, insurreição, infiltração e imposição de bancos centrais, assassinatos..
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
"Dominion" Found of Longstanding Evil Origin traced to The 'Queen's Privy Council' of International Slavers, Conquering of Nations, The Dark Evil Ages of Imperialism, Insurrectionists, Mi6, Slavery, Plantations, Denial of #WomensRights & #DominionResources
#Dominion IS NOT just a "Voting machines company from #Canada." A Dominion was the name given to the Conquered, Murdered, Raped, Pillaged, Stolen & Overthrown & now Controlled, SLAVE Colonies of the Queen's British White Supremacy Imperialism. #BLM? Not to Rulers of "Dominion"
#Dominions" refers to all territories belonging to the Crown.
How were these territories taken to become such? War, Subversion, Murder, Economic Warfare, Political Manipulation, Insurrection, Infiltration & Imposition of Central Banks, Threats, Honey Pots, & Assassinations.
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1. News: Atty Lin Wood @LLinWood SPEAKING NOW with Steve Bannon! 10AM EST - 12 noon

- Thread 11.21.20

#Election2020 #Investigation #Georgia #WarRoomPandemic
2. News: President Trump: Big Voter Fraud Information Coming Out Concerning Georgia… #Election2020 #Georgia
3. News: BOOM! 💥 Sidney Powell –


– Obama Was Involved! (VIDEO)… #Election2020 #Trump
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1. News: Atty Sidney Powell Goes off on Tucker Carlson:

“He Was Insulting, Demanding & Rude & I Told Him to Never Contact Me Again”

– Thread 11-20-20… @SidneyPowell1 @FoxNews #Tucker #Trump
2. News: After President Trump Demands the Constitution Be Followed & Fraudulent Votes Be Discarded –

DEMOCRATS EXPLODE Demanding Another Illegitimate Impeachment… #Trump @realDonaldTrump #DemocratsAreCorrupt #Ballots
3. News: Angry Leftists/ Democrats Stalk and Harass Michigan GOP Senate Majority Leader at Airport Before His Visit to the White House FULL VIDEO >…
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
Federal Prosecutor Candidate for FBI Director #SidneyPowell Threatened the Criminal #Deepstate elements of #DNC #Democrat #America & said "I'll Release The Kraken" This reveals that #Trump campaign has significant intel on #Election Meddling.
For the last 2 decades, outside of the eyes of the public, there has been a supercomputing arms race among the intel agencies. This endless race to expand computing power has led to MASSIVE warehouses of computers all linked together in one massive "Brain" of power.
This computing power has limited use but is used for things like "#Climatechange" models #COVID19 models& trying to hack things like energy & other scientific pursuits. One common use of such systems is Brute Force attacks, attacking those back who attack #America& #elections
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
CORRUPT #KamalaHarris' Husband is partners w' #NigelKnowles at (CEO DLA Piper). Knowles also Director of SGO #London which owns #Smartmatic voting w' #MallochBrown Globalist #2 @ #UN & on board of #GeorgeSoros OpenSociety Insurrectionist Org w' Dominion
#Soros is famous for his Anti-#Trump speeches, funding Terrorist Violent & Vandalism Groups Antifa & Marxist #BLM all over the world & engaging in Insurrections against Christian leaning govts resulting in his Ban from 5 nations including his own.
Soros Grew up during WW2 pulling #Jews out of their homes, confiscating their property & sending them to the concentration camps to be murdered & who only knows about their children raided also from the houses. Both are partners with Tank Maker for Hitler Son KlausSchwab #WEF
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1) #BillGates vaccines contain #nanoparticles comprised of heavy metals that serve to augment the inter-corporeal reception-ability of #5G #6G #7G #8G #9G #10G frequency ranges.

The technology involved also augments the strength of our biometric output, which facilitates ....
2) Biometric Signal Processing by #AI and other technologies.

This tech allows for individuals to be "read" and monitored from great distances.

This technology is actually near a century old, and was patented in the mid-1970s.
3) Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves.

Patent Number: US3951134A…
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
CORRUPT Scytl organization funded by #BillGates #Microsoft, which is rumored raided by #USARMY in #Germany, hosting YOUR #VoterFraud data from #Dominion, Led to MASSIVE SAME #Election Fraud cases in #Spain& #Catalan Elections…
-LAST YEAR in May 2019, Major #EU Media was reporting THREE #Scytl fiascos in just two months!
-Drills carried out during April-May had to end early due serious technical failures in process of setting up polling stations & sending the data to the Madrid information center.
-Suspicions were 100% confirmed by uncovering multiple technical bugs. The #USA #MainStreamMedia knows all about this, but they are LYING to your face Deliberately in organized CRIME. This is CRIMINAL ACTION. It is Deliberate, they know all about it, they are part of the coup
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
People on the ground in #Germany report that #Scytl, hosting YOUR elections data Improperly through #Spain, was raided by a large #USARMY force & their Servers were Seized in Frankfurt. Scytl Bankrupt
Report in any further details u find to AOE. Image
"Something gross is coming. The Spanish software company Scytl, which sells election manipulation software worldwide that was used in the USA, is on the verge of fadenfreuz. The server for the manipulation was in Germany. A rogue who thinks evil. Tonight the...
...US Army confiscated the servers with a huge mobilization."

Vulcan Capital funded Scytl 40 MILLION $, made by #BillGates #Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (dead)
Vulcan Capital was formed in 2003 and is headquartered in Seattle with a 2nd office in Palo Alto. (BILLION$ Fund
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3 büyük ASI Sirketi de Küreselcidir.

Ama büyük ihtimalle
size "Güvenli" diye #Pfizer ve #BioNTech ASI'sini zorunlu yapacaklardir.

2021 sonuna kadar
Biyo Terörist #BillGates'in
#ASI'lama #Kampanyasi'ni tamamlamak

Sonrasi mi?
Sonrasi kapkaranlik
Katran karasi geceler..
Neden #Pfizer ASI'si?

Cevap cok basit.

Cünkü Pfizer ile Bill&Mellinda #Gates Vakfinin ortakligi söz konusu.

SAPIK Joe #Biden baskanligiyla birlikte,
ASI'lama kampanyasini hizlandiracaklardir

Muhtemelen 2021 itibariyle baslatacaklardir..
Sadece #Pfizer degil,
isbirligi yaptiklari birkac Küresel ASI Sirketiyle birlikte;
"Güvenli ASI'yi bulduk"
"%90-95 olumlu" diye pespese aciklama yapacaklardir

Küreselci Bu sirketler;
Sanofi olacaktir
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Criminally Convicted Big Corrupt Drug Dealer #Pfizer, Came out LYING through their teeth in Manipulative advertising which should be ILLEGAL & also a Major SEC Violation, claim 90% Effective #vaccine but turns out Placebo gave the ppl #COVID19& It's RIGGED…
-"Based on early and incomplete test results"
-Stock up 11% in afternoon trading based on this FRAUDULENT report! LIES! STOCK FRAUD! MISREPRESENTATION CRIME!! #SEC @FBI
-When Musk said $420 he was FINED, Disciplined! THIS IS CRIMINAL in comparison
-Some participants got the vaccine, while others got dummy shots
-Pfizer released no specific breakdowns
-CRIMINAL #Fauci then said "It’s going to have a major impact on everything we do with respect to #COVID19"
-Applying now for emergency-use approval from the #FDA INSANE!
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