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Weekly Progress Update!

Here we go again for another round of weekly summaries for @tombfinance; @HectorDAO_HEC; @nemesis_dao; @osmosiszone; @ThorNodes; @VaporNodes; & @AngelNodes.

Trudging along with building an empire, glad to have you witness the journey!

2/ First as always is @tombfinance, investing in $TShare / $FTM LP. This month I transferred back to #TombSwap so I can take advantage of the inevitable $Tomb printing run, once $FTM goes on price recovery. Will then dump earned $Tomb into the $Tomb / $MAI LP. Daily $$ is $4.15
3/ Next is @HectorDAO_HEC, which is slow and steady. Price floored in March and has seen a steady upper and lower threshold. Will be waiting for a long time for this to do something, but I'm not going anywhere. Currently, daily $$ is $.69
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Just a friendly reminder @moderna_tx told the @SECGov that the @US_FDA defines #mRNA as gene therapy. And called it an unprecedented new category of #medicines tho they really want that #vaccine classification anyways for liability protections & fear the public wouldn’t take it.
They know the #COVID19 #vaccine isn’t a vaccine but human #gene #therapy.
The @US_FDA #fda reaffirmed their definition of modified viral #nucleic acid that alters #CELL Jan 30th 2020 #COVID ImageImageImageImage
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Top 6 ways to Increase your Profitability as a Trader.

A Thread 🧵 :

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1. Start Small

Starting with small trading positions and increasing the position size as the trade gets profitable is always beneficial.

There is a famous saying by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Sir he says :
"Gatade Gatade Vechvanu, Vadhare Vadhare Levanu"

#trading #StockMarket #RJ
2. Trade Less But Take Quality Trades:

As Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Sir says, we are profitable as we do not initiate 40% of the Trades we think are Right.

Focus more on Quality of Trades to rather then Quantity to avoid losses.

#trading #StockMarket
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Vous êtes vous déjà dit : "J'ai acheté trop tard" ou "J'ai vendu trop tôt"! 

Rationalisez votre stratégie d'investissement grâce à la plateforme

Venez découvrir cet outil d'aide à l'investissement et rendez vos positions lucratives sans stress Image

Les méthodes et #outils présentés dans ce #thread ne constituent pas un conseil en #investissement.

Par ailleurs, s'appuyer sur cet outil ne vous dispense pas de réaliser des recherches sur les fondamentaux des projets. Image

Investir dans les #cryptos, c'est être prêt à y passer du temps et à vivre du stress au quotidien.

La volatilité, les rebondissements sur le marché chaque semaine, les nouveaux #projets prometteurs.

Tous ces facteurs demandent un investissement personnel important. Image
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Even if their #profit margins soar for a year or two, to undermine the good #reputation of a blue-chip casino group is penny-wise but pound-foolish.

But considering long term repercussions has never been the strong suit of companies who try to turn a profit in acquisitions.

So, let’s keep a close eye on this trend going forward, and hope it doesn’t do too much damage in the meantime!… Some casino games do a great job in creating game variety, but the large house advantage makes them poor options for players hoping to win a little money. These games are fine choices for anyone merely looking for an exciting gambling experience,
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Everyone that has ever had an interest in #casino gambling knows that slots are the undisputed champions of #profit generation on gaming floors. According to estimates, they pull in somewhere around 70% to 80% of all brick-and-mortar revenues.… This percentage gets mimicked in the digital sphere. A physical machine can run an operator anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000, not including its licensing fees and maintenance costs. However, in Vegas, on average,… these devices produce daily revenues of $226, or somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000 per year. That means that individual machines can turn profits of several dozens of thousands of dollars. Online real money slots require little to no maintenance,
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¿Cuántas #cripto operas a la vez? Alguna idea para que analices tu forma de #diversificar y puedas operar en el mercado #cripto con mayor conocimiento. Vale para #acciones, #futuros y demás vehículos de inversión. 1/9 Image
La diversificación de las #cripto es otro aspecto del #trading que puede enfocarse de forma correcta o incorrecta. En general, el enfoque correcto evitará la posibilidad de verse perjudicado por comprometerse demasiado, o totalmente, en una sola operación mala. 2/9 Image
Al mismo tiempo, no dará lugar a #profit muy inferiores a los q se podrían haber obtenido debido a los #gastos excesivos causados por la excesiva #diversificación Considere l posibilidad de que dos operadores dispongan cada uno de 30.000 dólares para #negociar en el mercado. 3/9 Image
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[#Thread] Aujourd'hui, j'ai eu des questions sur le #Bitcoin d'une collègue femme de 57 ans.

Elle en a entendu parlé sur la route du travail à la #radio et notamment à cause de l'effondrement de la livre Turque.

J'ai donc essayé de lui expliquer le plus clairement possible ⬇️
Déjà, je tiens à rappeler que les femmes aussi s'intéressent au #Bitcoin, même si elles sont peu nombreuses.

Ensuite, ce qui m'a touché dans la démarche, c'est l'âge avancé de cette personne et qu'elle ne fasse pas partie de la génération #internet.

Mais sans aucun préjugé.
Une dernière chose, ce #thread n'a pas pour vocation d'aborder les aspects les plus techniques. Les maximalistes y verront peut-être des incohérences.

Le but est de faire comprendre avec des #images et des termes simples le caractère fondamental du #Bitcoin et son environnement.
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[Mini #Thread] Aujourd'hui, parlons d'un domaine souvent critiqué : l'#Affiliation

Pourquoi l'affiliation aujourd'hui est différente de celle qui avait lieu il y a 10 ans et pourquoi elle permet d'avoir du contenu #gratuit.

Nous allons essayé de faire court et concis ! ⬇️ Image
L'#affiliation, qu'est ce que c'est ?

L’affiliation sur internet est une technique de #webmarketing qui consiste pour un vendeur à promouvoir ses produits ou services grâce à un #partenaire qu’il rémunère par une commission en fonction des ventes effectuées. Image
L'#affiliation, vous pouvez vous en servir, par exemple, monter un business comme @asyncr0ne vous le partage au travers de ses thread et son expérience #SEO.

C'est un secteur qui touche tous les domaines, aussi bien le jardinage que l'hygiène pour bébé et la #crypto Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/18/2021…
Family spared trial over mummified remains of woman found on mattress…

#MentalCondition #JusticeSystem #UnitedKingdom
Where will the next pandemic begin? The Amazon rainforest offers troubling clues…

#pandemic #viruses #zoonosis #ClimateChange #deforestation #GlobalWarming
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🧵Ho ascoltato con attenzione il podcast 👇 di @OGiannino. Al tema-titolo della puntata (proposta di abolizione del #patentbox prevista all'art. 6 del Decreto Fiscale 2022 che si avvia alla conversione in Senato) sono dedicati pochi minuti. A seguire un doveroso controcanto...
Premessa: il #PatentBox è un regime fiscale opzionale (per le imprese) che prefigura la tassazione agevolata di una quota di redditi derivanti dall'utilizzo di beni intangibili (software protetti da©️, brevetti industriali, ecc.) a fronte di attività di R&S condotta
per il mantenimento, l'accrescimento e lo sviluppo di tali beni. OG se la prende con la scelta del GOV di abolire tale regime preferenziale, improntato all'idea della premialità ai "migliori" (successful inventors) che si sta dimostrando, sempre secondo OG, efficace
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2021…
Study shows a whale of a difference between songs of birds and humpbacks…

#songs #birds #HumpbackWhales #ResearchStudy #differences
A Function Approximation Approach to the Prediction of Blood Glucose Levels…

#BloodGlucose #levels #prediction #diabetes #FunctionApproximation
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Wild #crypto #bull and #bear market idea thread:

There won’t be much bear market anymore like we saw back in 2010-2019; why?

1. Too many people know this #digital #asset now; with 1% high net worth will do anything in their power to buy the dip (ask their fin. advisor)
2. #Bitcoin become real reserve in many companies and few small countries now, ok, it can dip down even to 20-30k still in the future with bad news and regulations
3. With 2. if #BTC drawdown a lot from now (45-50k range), #altcoin will take hits too; of course, with bad #shitcoin they will likely drop 40-99%. pick your asset carefully! but the winner will retain value; 20-50% drop may happen; #HODL! if it's good #fundamental!
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@BobRossOfficial I know a painter who knew Ross. Bob pre-drew the paintings he used on television. The BR enterprise is a building hidden next to a birthing center in NOVA. He was a troubled artist, like many artists. The fact that his own son and wife contributed to the doc says something.
@BobRossOfficial LIVE TWEET:
Seems like the Kowalski’s want to silence #BillAlexander - who obviously contributed to @BobRoss success.
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#DayLordNakshatraLord #DLNL
#Saturn #ShaniDev 🙏

#ScareMongers will have a heyday today! 🤷

#Fact- If #Saturn is #Benefic #YogKaarak in #Kundali, #Jaatak may not find a better day to start longterm activities/business for #profit generation/#Wealth creation

Again, in any case not ALL #Amavasya #Maavas is bad. Read quoted tweet of few months back in thread
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There seemed to be some confusion about (the use of) words in @CommonsHealth Committee yesterday morning, so here's a [Thread] to try to clarify.

First "#commercial". It is of course the case that many parts of the #NHS use commercial providers, e.g. of software, whether that... @Microsoft365 for word processing, spreadsheets & e-mail; or IT systems to handle patients' records in hospitals (e.g. @CernerUK) & General Practice (e.g. @TPP_SystmOne, @EMISHealth, @CegedimHS); or software to drive complicated equipment like #MRIscanners, etc.

This is...
..entirely normal use of #commercial software & software services, for which the #NHS body is the #DataController. Apart from when that software goes wrong, I don't believe many would have concerns about this.

Then there are #commercial providers of #NHS services, about which...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/11/2021…
Haiti: The saturnalia of emancipation and the vicissitudes of predatory rule

#haiti #history #emancipation #profit #PredatoryRule
Beijing Eyes New Military Bases Across the Indo-Pacific…

#china #MilitaryBases #IndoPacific
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#sis India case study 📚

Security & Intelligence Serv is directly and indirectly engaged in rendering
1-#security and related services consisting of manned guarding, training, and indirectly engaged in paramedic and emergency response services;loss prevention, asset protection🛡️ Image
2-#facility management services consisting of cleaning, housekeeping and pest control management services in the areas of facility management;

View welcome 🎉💞😍
@unseenvalue Image
3-#cash logistics services consisting of cash-in-transit, ATM cash replenishment activities and secure transportation of precious items and bullion; and alarm monitoring and response services consisting of trading and installation of electronic security devices.

@RajarshitaS Image
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Yesterday, the Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform published a report outlining their vision to “refresh the #UK’s approach to regulation now that we have left the EU”. A thread on the life of #privacy post-#Brexit. (Trigger warning: it doesn't look good). 👇 1/
The report emphasises "#consumer #data" as "highly profitable." Something to note: the report mentions "#consumers" 52 times while mentioning "#citizens" 11 times. 2/…
It then describes the #GDPR as inflexible and onerous: "In a survey by DataGrail 49% of business decision makers reported spending over 10 working days a year just to sustain GDPR compliance, with 12% spending over 30 working days a year" 3/
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#NFIB data says we are only in a #recovery, not an #economic expansion.
While the NFIB data doesn't get much #media attention, it should as it tells you much about what is really happening in the #economy.…
Reason I pay attention to #NFIB
Sept 2019 - Data rings alarm bells on #recession.
April 2020 - Data says recession arrived.
May 2020 - Data says #economic recovery not as strong as media suggests.… Image
If businesses were expecting a massive surge in “#pentup#demand, they would prepare for it. Such includes #planning to increase #capex to meet expected demand. Unfortunately, those expectations peaked in 2018 and are dropping back to the March 2020 lows.… Image
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In the #USA and much of the so-called #1stWorld, we are in Act 4 of a 5 act Shakespeare epic we might call “Pandemia 2020.”...
In the #UK, they seem mired in Act 3, and in #Russia, #Brasil, #Peru, and parts of #Africa it is Act 2! In #india it seems they are against a wall at the height of the Act 1!...
Why is this so?
To determine this, we must begin in December 2019.

On 26 Dec 2021 the govt in #Taipei, #Taiwan warned every other govt on Earth that their intelligence had determined there was a vrus spreading in #Wuhan, #PRC & that they were banning all travel from #China...
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The crypto boom is taking off like crazy! Everybody now wants to own digital money. People are using Exchanges/P2P to buy them. However, exchanges are currently the most popular choice for many! So it's high time we talk about them & understand "How they Work" in this 🧵 #thread! Image
Table of Contents: 📝
▪️What's an #exchange & how it works?
▪️Who are #MarketMakers & why we need them?
▪️What's #liquidity & why it matters?
▪️Types of Exchanges:
- Centralized Exchanges #CEX
- Decentralized Exchanges #DEX

#Retweet if you like the content! Let's get started! 🚀
What's an #Exchange?
It's just a platform that matches #buyers & #sellers. They say what price, they are willing to buy/sell any particular asset, the exchange matches these 2 orders & the trade happens. The price at which the trade got executed becomes the "Last Traded Price".
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Ugandan entrepreneurs paired up with professionals to boost their businesses.

Marketers were the most effective support, growing monthly #revenue 52%.

Why? What did they do?
Compared to others (e.g. consultants), #marketers focused more on the product.

What should the business sell to stand out and make more #profit?

What #premium product offering will differentiate them?
This is an indication of what makes marketers most valuable.

Ad campaigns, content marketing, are all valuable. But at its core, the power of #marketing is differentiation in the market.

And that's something many entrepreneurs don’t do on their own.
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