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Sollen wir mal dokumentieren, welche #AfD -Abgeordneten des deutschen #Bundestag|s sich gestern mit #Reichsbürger|n #Neonazis und #Faschisten aller Art solidarisiert haben?
Den Anfang machen MdB #Schlund und #Hilse mit dem mit Abstand geschmacklosesten Auftritt #b2908 Image
Nr 3-6: Die Herren #AfD MdBs #Keuter, #Kestner, #Spaniel und Frau MdB #MalsackWinkemann
#b2908 Image
Nr 7-10 : Die Herren #AfD MdBs #Boehringer, #Frohnmaier, #Hess und Frau MdB #Cotar
#b2908 Image
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#Coronavirus bei der Fleischrfirma #Müller in #BadenWürttemberg

Mehr als 200 rumänische Arbeiter und mindestens 100 weitere Arbeiter haben sich bei der Schlachterei mit dem #CoronavirusDE infiziert.

Der Betrieb selbst umfasst in #Birkenfeld etwa 1100 Arbeiter*innen. /TN
Bei den infizierten Rumänen handelt es sich nicht um Saisonarbeiter. Sie sind angestellt über Subunternehmen.

Über die Arbeitsbedingungen der Wanderarbeiter gibt die #TAZ Aufschluss.… /TN
Wer nun glaubt, das Unternehmen wäre bereits geschlossen, bis die Bedingungen geklärt sind, irrt sich.

Wie die @pznews berichtet, ist der Laden weiterhin offen. /TN…
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Happy Birthday @DilaraEsengil, you are going to have a great B-Day present l👀k!
Q !!
Apr 13 2020 19:30:44 (EST) NEW
No more waiting.
The hammer is going to be drooped!
Apr 13, 2020
4+4+4 = 12
Time: 19:30:44 PM
1+3+8 = 12
#POTUS tweet: 20:32:59 PM = 2+5+5=12
[1:02]h Delta =12

#QPost 102
Nov 5 2017 19:17:35 (EST) Date=17=Q
14.5995° N, 120.9842° E
#QPost 12
Oct 29 2017 23:26:53 (EST)
Military Intelligence ref above is the absolute biggest inside drop this board will ever receive.
Now think about why Antifa plays right into the plan? Always ahead. Good guys are winning.
#QAnons @realDonaldTrump #GodSpeed @POTUS
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D's are lying about Ukrainian businessman Kalimnik, a US State Department intelligence asset, as a "Russian agent", and having the senile Mueller affirm it.… to spin the #DeepState #SpyGate #RussiaHoax aimed at our electorate.
2. #FusionGPS's Glen Simpson, the #SpyGate perpetrator of #Steele's #FakeDossier used to deceive the #FISA COURT for the #RussiaHoax, was "outside of my purview", according to Mueller.…
3. The attempt to ensnare to the President of the United States into an obstruction of justice coup, using even his affectations rather than actions, was part of the #Comey's treason, and #Mueller wrote reams about the President's displeasure to that end.…
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Lisez et relisez cette phrase (et le passage souligné en rouge) sur la campagne #Trump et la #Russie du rapport #Mueller, elle revient 2 fois dans les 15 premières pages. De la notion de "collusion" qui est d'ailleurs aussi beaucoup discutée dans les 1ères pages. #teasing
2) Après le résumé du volume 1 sur 7 pages, dont le texte précédent page 5 est extrait, le rapport #Muller narre d'abord ses découvertes sur l'opération de déstabilisation de l'élection US 2016 par l'IRA de Prigozhin, proche de #Poutine, sur les réseaux sociaux.
3) Cette partie très caviardée sur l'ingérence de l'IRA russe sur les réseaux sociaux conclut clairement: l'IRA de Prigozhin viola les lois US contre l'influence étrangère des campagnes mais les campagnes locales de #Trump contactées par l'IRA ignoraient l'origine russe (page 35)
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141. A la hora del montoneo fashionista jashtaguero, resulta que todos son fulanita o fulanito; hasta el perro son. Pero cuando toca revisar el nivel de responsabilidad personal en el crimen de la #PederastiaEclesiástica, no hay quien se apunte con el #TodosSomosCómplices
143. #Bergoglio da consejos de qué hacer con un hijo homosexual; sin embargo este "Padre espiritual" está atiborrado de hijos espirituales homosexuales -curas-, a los que les solapa sus abusos en contra de seminaristas:

Todo está claro en el enlace del tuit 135 de este hilo.
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1. #MAGA
WHO IS LISA BARSOOMIAN? And WHY should we care?

Lets learn a little about Mrs. Lisa H. Barsoomian’s background.
Lisa H. Barsoomian a #US Attorney that graduated from Georgetown Law,
she’s a protege of #JamesComey and #RobertMuller.
Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998
Lawrence also represented:
Robert Muller three times
James Comey five times
Barack Obama 45 times
Kathleen Sebelius 56 times
Bill Clinton 40 times and
Hillary Clinton 17 times
Between 1998 and 2017 Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times
You may be saying to yourself, okay who cares, who cares about the
work history of this Barsoomian woman?
Apparently someone does BECAUSE :
Someone out there cares so much
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For those wondering.

This ties in with @LouiseMensch's early reporting to a T.
- broken April 1st:

As we know there was communication from Trump Tower directly to Russia, tying in Betsy DeVos & Spectrum health.


Yulia Tymoshenko was one of the leaders of Ukraine's Orange Revolution. She was later elected Prime Minister and served from 07-10. She ran for president in 2010 against Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych won that election, with the help of Paul Manafort. A year later, Yulia Tymoshenko was charged with abuse of office arising from certain natural gas deals with Russia
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ok so from the #Muller indictment today i have had this email in my notes for a long time: staceyredneck@gmail com
Since october 9th 2016
and i just now remembered why.
an instagram account known as "Proud South" or "southerps://
what the account looks like
another screencap of the email address
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