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#WHO has not said that "#bacteriological #weapons" are produced in #UkraineImage
‘Reuters also, quoting #UN officials, writes that #WHO, in its work with #Ukraine, "is not aware of any activity in the country that would violate international treaties 'including #chemical or #biological #weapons'".
Therefore, there is no evidence that the health #laboratories referred to by #WHO in its note to the #Ukrainian government are used to produce #biological #weapons, as erroneously claimed in the post under analysis.
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“How the #myth of #biolaboratories was born and how it spread in #Ukraine

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
‘Since the early hours, the #Russian #invasion of #Ukraine has spawned a staggering amount of #conspiracy theories. Some point to completely denying the very existence of conflict, arguing that the #dead and #wounded are actually “#actors”;
others try to raise concerns about specific events, such as the #bombing of the #Mariupol #hospital or the #Bucha #massacre; and still others perform a #propaganda function, above all that of the phantom #Ukrainian "#biolaboratories", one of the best known and most widespread.’
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New report raises questions about safety of using PVC plastic pipes for drinking water.
@PlasticsBeyond @PlasticPollutes @NRDC @AtBennington @HBNKnowBetter
A thread⬇️…
The Biden administration and Congress is providing $15 billion to municipalities that need to replace #toxic lead service lines, yet the #EPA has not offered guidance around what piping materials should be used to prevent homes from swapping one problematic material for another.
@PlasticsBeyond today hosted a news conference around the report with a team of experts. @DrShannaSwan @Mike_Schade @enckj @amandakigerOH
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🟢Back to the Area 🟢 to collect follow up samples in & around #EastPalestine #Ohio. This is our team's 4th trip to the area since mid-February. Updates will be posted below.

Also looking forward to the #science & community sharing event in the coming weeks (in the works).

1/n Image
Visited a home today along Sulfur Run.

It’s still contaminated.

After moving rocks, the PID read 2.1 ppm (not ppb) coming off the creek.

Background in air was 0-3 ppb
Contractors (paid by someone) seem to have left garbage in Sulfur Run. They didn’t clean up. You can’t tell me the sorbent pad is going to be used again.

Who is overseeing them?

#CareForThePeople ImageImage
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🚩An imp thread🧵 regarding #HoliFestival


💫 Clear confusion regarding date & timings of #HolikaDahan '23

🌉 #Holi Jagran Importance

🪅Harmful effects of #Chemical Colors

🎋How to make Alternative #Homemade #Organic Colors

🔮#VedicHoli with ♻️#Palash
Date & Timing of every #Hindu festival is considered according to the Panchang which is a detailed calculation & study of stars, constellations and planetary positions.

Hence this year #HolikaDahan will occur on 2 days based on the timings of sunset.
There are 4 Maharatris in Sanatan Dharma which bestow maximum spiritual benefits to the spritual aspirant who makes the most of this auspicious time.

#Mahashivratri, #Holi, Shri Krishna #Janmashtami & #Deepawali. The sadhana performed during these pious hours acts as catalyst.
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It is ironic that #BASF the the biggest #chemical company in the world and largest #energy user in #europe published its annual results yesterday, on the anniversary of the start of the invasion of #Ukraine by #Russia.
The impact for #BASF is massive. The company:
- Generated a net loss of EUR627 in 2022, down from EUR5.5bn in 2021
- Spent an extra EUR3.2bn in higher #energy costs last year, EUR2.7bn of which was in #europe
The good news for #BASF is that they have over the last years moved the business beyond #germany and #europe with the #Chinese business now more important and profitable than the #europe.
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Unbelievable - #shortage of #oil makes #NATO #warcriminals trying to steal #Syrian oil again.
- The same #CasusBelli that was found to be #false already 4 yrs ago in The #Hague: Articles: 104
#Douma chemical attack that killed 43 in Syria | 27 Jan 2023…
#MSM repeats the same lie: '#DOUMA #CHEMICAL ATTACK 2018.'
Today: "Syrian Military Dropped #Chlorine Gas In Deadly 2018 Attack."
Start: Jan 27, 2023
Last update: Jan 27, 2023
Articles: 107 in 5 hours, 9 pages.…
#Chlorine #Douma #Syria #FalseFlag | 24.04.2018
If it doesn't fit the narrative, there's no harm in shelving it.
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'#NATO using #ChemicalWeapons in #Bakhmut in order to stop the #Wagner groups | Jan 8, 2023.'

Timeline of #Chemical and #Biological #Weapons News Developments During Russia's 2022 Invasion of #Ukraine | Aug 2022…
Military Situation In #Bakhmut-#Soledar Region, #Ukraine, On Jan 7 (Map)
- Russian-led forces entered the Pidgorodne village;
Russian-led forces reached the central district of Soledar;
Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Bakhmut
#Documents Expose Barack #Obama Ordered Construction Of #Biolabs In #Ukraine To Create Dangerous #Pathogens | March 9, 2022
- Sensitive #biolabs documents deleted by #USEmbassy and published by GreatGameIndia.
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Controlling Novichok nerve agents after the Skripal and Navalny incidents, by @s_costanzi and @gregkoblentz.… #chemical #weapons
Glad to share our article on the evolving international controls on Novichok agents and their precursors, which was published today in the NCT Magazine. @s_costanzi @gregkoblentz #chemical #weapons
To serve their purpose of supporting chemical disarmament and nonproliferation, international lists of chemical warfare agents and precursors for their synthesis must be kept current. @s_costanzi @gregkoblentz #chemical #weapons
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Not making headlines, the @OPCW Executive Council is in session this week.

Despite zero progress in clarification on the #Navalny poisoning - with #Russia issuing denials & accusations - #Western states seem to have decided NOT to up the ante vis-a-vis Russia at this time..(1/5)
... unlike some have called for @StrickerNonpro:…

Looking at statements issued at the Council this week, many - US, UK, Finland, Romania, Latvia, Germany, etc - recall #Navalny poisoning & bemoan lack of #Russian cooperation to date,...(2/5)
..but there seems to be no push to escalate the issue (ie. initiate procedures similar to those that led to #Syria's suspension from #OPCW last year).

I wonder why.

Desire not to further add to pile of problems with #Russia? Keep minimum engagement in multilateral fora? (3/5)
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One of the possible escalation scenarios in the next weeks or months is a repetition, on larger scale, of the 1999 apartment bombings that brought #Putin his first presidency in 2000-2004. /2
In September 1999, the #FSB blew up four residential buildings in #Moscow, #Volgodonsk and #Buinaksk thereby killing about 300 #Russian civilians. /3
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Exclusive: The German company Riol Chemie GmbH is suspected of having illegally exported toxic substances to Russia. Among them substances needed for the production of #chemical weapons. #NDRWDRSZ… THREAD
Customs investigators assume that company managers exported dual-use goods to Russia in + than 30 cases without having a licence. It is possible that the company also supplied a substance that is used, among other things, for the production of the warfare agent #Novichok
According to our information, most of the substances went to the company #Khimmed in Russia. According to information from our colleagues at @istories_media , #Khimmed & @OCCRP also cooperated with special laboratories of the FSB and the Russian military. Russian military.
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Most prominent points of the report "The Ninth Anniversary of the Largest #Chemical Weapons Attack by the Syrian Regime against Syrian Citizens in the Two Ghoutas of #Damascus" (2/2)
#Syria #SNHR #Donotsuffocatetruth
Full report:
📍#SNHR has documented a total of 222 chemical attacks on #Syria since the first attack using chemical weapons documented on December 23, 2012, until August 20, 2022, with approximately 98% of these carried out at the hands of Syrian regime, and nearly 2% at the hands of #ISIS
📍The 217 attacks perpetrated by the Syrian regime killed 1,510 individuals, distributed as follows:
- 1,409 civilians, including 205 children & 260 women.
- 94 Armed Opposition fighters.
- Seven Syrian regime prisoners of war who were being held in Armed Opposition prisons. ...
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Most prominent points of the report "The Ninth Anniversary of the Largest #Chemical Weapons Attack by the Syrian Regime against Syrian Citizens in the Two Ghoutas of #Damascus" (1/2)
#Syria #SNHR #Donotsuffocatetruth
Full report:
📍There have been shameful efforts by #Algeria, acting under #Russian orders, aimed at returning the Syrian regime to the Arab League, the same regime that perpetrated 217 #ChemicalAttacks against its people. ...
... The barbaric attack on the Two Ghoutas on August 21, 2013 remains the most extreme and brutal.
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So the head of the Russian NBC-defense troops Gen. Kirillov accused the US of a WMD provocation against RU in a briefing today. English translation of the statement is here:… ... #Chemical #Biological #Nuclear #Weapons
If you make accusations you normally want to provide some kind of proof or context. RU claims to have such information but falls short providing details. I will refrain from commenting on the "success of RU in conducting the special military operation":
RU claims that the US have already determined the procedure for an investigation. Maybe this a translation issue but is RU really claiming that the ICRC, the UN-Secretary General and OPCW are colluding with the US in such an alleged "provocation"? At least this is what they claim
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A 2nd 🧵to provide context on the #Dmitrievsky #Chemical Plant, where it fits in the supply/value chain impacts it could have on that value chain. I will do a 3rd on the damage at this specific plant after getting input from friends who know this plant / type of plant
1st, thanks to all the readers who took an interest in my first reaction thread, and for the many questions that came in. 2nd this fire will not end #RussianWarCrimes or the attack on #Ukraine. It causes a large and long(?) disruption for multiple defense industry suppliers.
This plant was not a primary refinery. Those are the massive facilities which take raw crude oil or gas-Liquids mostly from huge pipelines and do first fractions. These huge plants then send traincar loads of first cuts to many places, including plants like #Dmitrievsky
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A 🧵on the #Dmitrievsky #Chemical Plant explosion and fire. On @Twitter I mostly post on Data Security (20year as a CxO and #Votehacking. But I also have 9 years as CEO and longer on BODs of #AdvancedMaterials / #NanoMaterials.
The extreme damage, perhaps total destruction of this chemical plant is going to have a spectacular and massive impact on the #RussianArmy. Possibly grinding entire systems to a stop in weeks, perhaps even days.
Like many industrial sectors in #Russia, they tend to be centralized, massive + singular. This is generally a result of historic centralization of production under the Soviet model, and a fear of building massive high-cost infrastructure by nonRU firms #BASF #DuPont etc.
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⚠️🇺🇦🇷🇺☢️#Breaking: Russian troops used chemical weapons against Ukrainian military and civilians in the city of #Mariupol.
Details in an hour...
🚨🇺🇦☣️Update: First Footage of Russia's #CHEMICAL Attack on #Ukraine's Mariupol will be released by prominent Azov nationalists in a few hours.
🚨☣️🇷🇺Russia Just did it! Will NATO hold its promise?
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About an hour ago, #Russian occupation forces used a poisonous substance of unknown origin against #Ukrainian military and civilians in the city of #Mariupol, which was dropped from an enemy UAV.
Source of the message:…
#UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk #Ukraine
3 weeks ago we warned about the possibility of such an attack...…
#Маріуполь #Україна
Щодо попередніх повідомлень з Маріуполя, поки чекаємо додаткової інформації.

❗ Нагадуємо пам’ятку щодо дій у разі виникнення загрози використання зброї масового знищення…
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Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry
24 March 2022

▫️ The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation.

▫️By the morning of March 24, the units of the Russian Armed Forces took control Izyum city in Kharkov region.
▫️ On the evening of March 23 and on the night of March 24, high-precision long-range sea- and air-based weapons attacked military facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
▫️ As a result of strikes, 13 launchers of anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed, including 9 S-300 and 4 Buk-M1 in Danilovka, south of #Kiev, formation headquarters and missile and artillery weapons depot in Bakhmut, Donetsk region,
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#UkraineWar #US #FakeNews
#Fake: #US says #Russia ready to use chemical #weapons in #Ukraine.

President Joe #Biden assured that "#Moscow will pay too high a price". Such reports are spreading in the media. Image
Truth: The White House completely ignores the fact that the last drop of chemical warfare agents stored in the Russian Federation was destroyed (…) back in 2017. Image
The same cannot be said for the US and its network of biolaboratories (…), which they were actively setting up in Ukraine.
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Long Thread on investing in #Chemical Sector 🧪🧪

Like & Retweet for better reach !

While researching on the chemical company there are many factors taken into consideration, but a few of them play a crucial role in the future developments of the company.
The growth of any business is dependent on the income generation and profit expansion. This could be met through increasing the capacity or operating in low volume high value products.
Similarly in the chemical industry, scaling up plays a crucial role in determining the growth of revenues, however working in niche chemistry with high expertise results in margin expansion.
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For those interested in context, amid fears that #Russia might stage false-flag chem. (or bio) attack in #Ukraine, I've followed the #Russia #Chemical weapons dossier

-in #Syria,
-re @navalny poisoning &
for years.

Some background readings that might be useful (1/6)
After #US-#Russia cooperation in removing #Syria's declared CW in 2013-14, things unravelled, w/Russia obstructing efforts at attribution & accountability for CW use in Syria. Over time, rebels were blamed for staging "false-flag attacks". Long read:… (2/6)
I commented here on how the Russian narrative on #CW in Syria - always shielding the Syrian government, blaming rebels for "false-flag" ops - must be understood in context of broader Russian war objectives in Syria:… (3/6)
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Looks like the wind is blowing south/southeast, towards Jersey City. #Passaic #Fire Image
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