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I was working on mapping out all the pages/groups moderated/administered mostly by fake accounts when the Snopes piece came out. Most of the accounts are low in sophistication - stock image profile pics, accounts tweeting in Vietnamese and then suddenly switching to English.
The pages/groups were created to promote the particular language content for all the BL sites, so they were in Vietnamese, English, Mandarin, & Spanish. Content from the English language site were promoted in pro-Trump groups/pages that had basically the same naming convention.
They were named things like "Trump-Pence 2020," "MAGA President Trump 2020" etc. If you looked at the page transparency tool, you could see they were created. Many of the page/group names originally ended in a number because they were creating them in bulk.
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UK according to Putin - Nine Russian business people who gave money to the Conservative Party, named in secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy, suppressed by Downing Street Boris Johnson.
Oligarchs & other wealthy Tory donors were included in the report.
Suppressed #RussiaReport highlights illicit Russian activities in Britain by cross-party intelligence committee.
Some Russian donors personally close to UK prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Alexander Temerko, who has worked for the Kremlin's defence ministry, gifted £1.2m to Tories.
Alexander Temerko who has spoken warmly about his friend Boris Johnson.
MPs on the ISC, which conducted an 18-month inquiry, were also briefed on Alexander Lebedev, the former KGB spy in London.
Lebedev's son Evgeny invited Johnson when foreign secretary to parties. @GCHQ @NSAGov
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Ever since #OperationMockingbird, a #CIA program to infiltrate #mainstreammedia and spread #disinformation and #propaganda for the purposes of controlling the perception of the masses on several different topics, people have been waking up. That was #decadesago, and today,
it’s easy to see how #mainstreammedia has been completely compromised by governments, #intelligence agencies and #corporations. We know from several documents and several whistleblowers, as well as multiple mainstream media journalists. For example, A #declassified document from
the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency details the close relationship that exists between the CIA and mainstream media and academia.
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[Thread time!] 1/ I was made aware of the hashtag "Investigate Ilhan". The thread refers to the bizarre claims that @IlhanMN needs to be investigated due to some connections with Qatar and Iran. It is obviously part of the usual Islamophobic dog whistle politics that seeks to
2/ distract people from Trump's misgivings by invoking Iran, and this case Qatar. However, as Ilhan mentions below, these are most likely disinformation campaigns by certain actors. Ppl like the @Imamofpeace . But who is behind the investigate Ilhan trend? #disinformation
@Imamofpeace 3/ So I downloaded a bunch of tweets from the hashtag - approximately 21,000 Tweets, retweets, and replies. These were produced by around 14,000 individual accounts. In the following thread I will analyse their biographies, the influencers, and whether or not this 'authentic'
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That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared?

A Russian Troll Sent It…
On August 22, 2019,
@/IamTyraJackson received almost 290k likes on Twitter for a single tweet.

Put in perspective, the typical tweet Trump sends to his 67 million followers gets about 100,000 likes.
That viral tweet by
@/IamTyraJackson was innocent:
an uplifting pair of images of former pro football player Warrick Dunn and a description of his inspiring charity work

For an anonymous account that had only existed for only a few months, “Tyra” knew her audience well.
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Something is afoot on Egyptian Twitter, the number two trend in Egypt right now is "we reject total Turkish Imperialism". This is trending despite being only around 313 tweets produced by 140 unique accounts. Curious... #Egypt #disinformation
What's strange about this trend is that it was started by an account ostensibly posing as a Qatar-based info-account for all types of forums. (The accounts posts are generic and generally promote Qatar). However it is suspicious. It was founded in November 2015 but only has
3/ 221 tweets. The first tweet was recent, October 7th 2019. Why would an account wait 4 years to send its first tweet. More likely it is a re purposed account that has had its history scrubbed. Apart from the generic posts, it posted something very bizarre today...
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🔴 I HATE the CORRUPT #Russian Government.

🔴 I HATE CORRUPT #Russian President Putin.

🇷🇺 #Russian President Putin had two (2) buildings BLOWN UP and HUNDREDS of #Russian Citizens MURDERED just to become President of #Russia years ago.
🇷🇺 Donald J. #Trump is a PUPPET for the CORRUPT #Russian Government

🇷🇺 The #Trump Administration is a PUPPET for the CORRUPT #Russian Government.

🇷🇺 Republicans in Congress are PUPPETS for the CORRUPT #Russian Government.

CORRUPT #Russian Politician Vladimir V. #Putin orchestrated the Bombing of a #Russian Apartment Building that lead to the DEATH of #Russian Citizens, that he later blamed on others.

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#Sondland says it all: We were playing the hand we were dealt. We didn't want to work w Giuliani. But WE FOLLOWED THE PRESIDENT'S ORDERS. At the time we didn't think we were engaging in improper behavior. Giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo for WH visit. #ImpeachmentHearings
@HouseIntel #Sondland: I opposed withholding security aid to Ukraine. I shared my concerns of the potential quid pro quo w/ @SenRonJohnson. NSC BOLTON, Hill, Morrison all knew what we were doing. State Dept POMPEO knew & approved of all our activities, as late as Sept. #ImpeachmentHearings
@HouseIntel @SenRonJohnson #Sondland names many WH & State officials including #Mulvaney, #Pompeo… "A lot senior officials" knew. July 19 email informed everyone. "Everyone was in the loop." He slams White House & the State Dept for refusing to provide notes, call records & documents. #ImpeachmentHearings
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I was literally in the last motorcade to leave the WH from the Obama Admin at 11:59am on January 20, 2017.

This is 💯 not true.

The transition period was thorough & nonpolitical. It was a huge priority & based on the professional transition from 43 to 44.
The credit for setting the tone and implementing the professional transition from 44 to 45 goes to COS @DenisMcDonough.
The motorcade that I mentioned was with @AmbassadorRice. She talks about that last ride from the WH in her new book #ToughLove.

We drove across the National Mall by the Lincoln Memorial, which was empty & dormant. 45’s inaugural about “American Carnage” was on the radio.
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#Khive Its time to take to #socialmedia & use our Platforms. The #media is distracting us with the deliberate #erasure of @KamalaHarris & stopping us from promoting her policies. So I wanna start off with her #MedicareForAll plan #ForThePeople #KamalaHarris #JusticeIsOnTheBallot
@KamalaHarris wants to extend school 🏫 hours yo match working day hours so that kids won’t be left at home alone. Here are that facts & why this is important #teachers #singleparents #ForThePeople #KamalaHarris #school #JusticeIsOnTheBallot #education
It’s time to give #teachers a #raise! @KamalaHarris wants to give teachers a $13k raise for raising & protecting our #children & #students. We ask a lot from them it’s only fair #KamalaHarris #ForThePeople #JusticeIsOnTheBallot #mentalillness #schoolshooting #education
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💥#Vindman transcript out! He testified Trump's demand for public announcement of politically-motivated investigation into Biden by Ukraine undermines US national security. And detailed the pressure campaign waged by Trump & allies ahead of the call.…
😃GOP Ratcliffe disputed Vindman using the word 'demand' & got better language! Now there's sworn testimony that Trump's demand was a "prerequisite"—"in return for"—for a WH meeting: "This was about getting a White House meeting… a demand to fulfill his particular prerequisite."
#Vindman testimony makes a key point: Trump's demand for investigations, if carried out, wouldn't be credible & likely result in #disinformation. He notes that pressuring a foreign govt desperate for aid to fight for its very survival would do whatever it has to get that aid.
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1. I've been looking at how presidential candidates are covered by sites claiming to be news. In most cases, right-wing sites claiming to be news cover some of the candidates almost two times more than any other kind of website.
2. Notably, several of the sites pumping out that coverage are run by either known domestic "fake news" writers publicly profiled by journalists during the last election (yes, they're still out there running fake news sites). Or they're run by foreign individuals I've identified.
3. All that to ask my #disinformation colleagues: Anyone know of studies done looking at the number of websites claiming to be conservative/right-leaning news versus the number claiming to liberal/left-leaning news?
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1/8 #Disinformation & #Misinformation can come in many forms.

One of them is #cherrypicking, where only certain pieces of information are chosen to sell your argument.

Sometimes this presentation is done purely for sensationalism.

Take this Dan Scavino post Trump re-tweeted:
2/8 Seizing upon this shocking potential revelation, numerous news outlets are broadcasting it as if it were a lock, a definite thing, but if you look more closely at the articles themselves, it turns out to be anything but.
3/8 The numbers come from Moody's Analytics, a poll alla re swift to note has been accurate for 40 years... except in 2016.

That's a very recent & sizable blunder, & though they insist taking into account surprise turnout patterns resolves the issue, it leaves room for doubt.
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Hello again, America. #Disinformation is out of control and will eventually threaten masses of real people in real ways. The Founders probably didn't envision a global network of magic communication portals that performed billions of operations per second.…
The dangers of allowing people to freely roam about while intentionally stoking civil war and insurrection – just to make money off of bad @Shopify products – isn't something I ever thought I'd be internet-lecturing about, but... come on, people. This is nuts.
Oh, just one more thing. This image. That is all.
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Présentation des résultats de cartographie sociologique et technique de YouTube au @LIP6_lab.
Trois modalités de regroupement :
1. Co-recommandation par l’algo.
2. Commentateurs communs.
3. Abonné‧e‧s communs.
@LIP6_lab YouTube indique que 30% des chaînes concentrent 90% des vues, et qu'il y a dans la longue traîne des 70% 137 millions de chaînes qui n’ont que 10% des vues. Cette distribution pose la question de l’échantillonnage.
Ici, catégorisation manuelle de 1500 chaînes de >1k abonnés.
Départ d’une liste des « 500 youtubeurs les plus influents » de @SocialBlade, puis snowball sampling en suivant les chaînes recommandées régulièrement par celles du corpus déjà établi et nettoyage manuel.
1400 chaînes au final par ce biais et complément de 100 fourni par @Wizdeo.
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Disinformation defined: false information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.

This tool will help you recognize fake news🔽

#ChaosControl #OneVoice1
TY @chrisehyman
Many people get away with blatant lies because other people are reluctant to call them out as being lies

Not naming lies gives them credibility

Individuals and the media should not be afraid to be honest and truthful

Call them what they are: lies

#ChaosControl #OneVoice1
Before you gasp at something in shock, yell “no way” or jump up and down saying “finally!” make sure what you’re reading it accurate.

Give or a try to verify.

Be careful of disinformation!

#ChaosControl #OneVoice1
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🔥Raskin holds up “Packet of Propaganda, Disinformation & Conspiracy Theories” IG says State Dept/Pompeo received in May from WH‼️ IG now sees its relevance to Trump/Giuliani’s disinformation campaign shifting blame for #Russia’s attack onto #Ukraine.
#UkraineGate #Whistleblower
🔥>> The “Packet of Prioaganda” is from #GIULIANI! CNN reporter @MichaelRWarren just confirmed Rudy said he sent the files to Pompeo. And Pompeo told him he’d refer the documents for investigation. Files of smears and #disinformation about Bidens and Amb Yovanovitch. #UkraineGate
BTW #UkraineGate isn’t the 1st time #Pompeo elevated conspiracy theories peddled by propagandists like Giuliani.

Nov 2017: Pompeo met w/ #Russia truther Bill Binney pushing a conspiracy theory that DNC hack was NOT Russia… on Russian RT then Fox #Maddow
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Read the article, then see my thread below
#blackpropaganda #socialmanipulation #activemeasures
A far-right activist and Brexit supporter has been jailed for inciting racial hatred at a series of marches where he branded immigrants and refugees as rapists…
Charlton shouted to jurors, “I hope your daughters don’t get raped”, after he was jailed on Friday.
A judge sentenced him to 21mos behind bars for five counts of inciting racial hatred in speeches between Nov 2016 & July 2017.

One has to wonder where Charleton got the idea...↓
RU has been targeting white supremacists, anti-govt groups & others for years with anti-immigrant disinformation—infiltrating forums & online communities and uniting these groups across the spectrum against non-whites & their own governments.
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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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1/16 It has begun. The GOP is spinning that the sole transcript Trump says he will release is more important than the #WhistleblowerComplaint as a tactic to insist everything should ride on this one supposed piece of evidence.

#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentParty #UkraineTranscript
2/16 All reports indicate this was a months-long conspiracy Trump and Giuliani were engaged in, subverting & bypassing officials who tried to stop them.

A single call does not BEGIN to give an accurate depiction of the events that lead up to this.…
3/16 And Trump already has a shady history with releasing information.

Forget the obvious like his tax returns, school grades, and secret meetings with Putin.

Actually, a reminder of those secret meetings:
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🎯@MalcolmNance on Pompeo’s Meta Narrative Judo: He took the #whistleblower story, pretended it didn’t exist, then reframed it as a criminal conspiracy about Biden. Pompeo’s knee-deep in this. The State Dept reportedly facilitated or coordinated Giuliani’s #Ukraine mission.#AMJoy
Pompeo not only peddled Trump’s disinformation about Biden-Ukraine. He slipped in another false claim, connecting Biden to 2016 election interference. A kitchen-sink of propaganda tactics—obfuscation, conflation, gaslighting—on @ThisWeekABC @MarthaRaddatz
@ThisWeekABC @MarthaRaddatz See what Pompeo did there?
"If Biden intervened [in Ukraine] to protect his son in a corrupt way, we need to get to the bottom… AMERICANS CANNOT HAVE OUR ELECTIONS INTERFERED WITH…If that kind of activity was engaged in by VP Biden, we need to know."
#Disinformation #Propaganda
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💯@JeffreyToobin: Beyond legal issues, Trump/Giuliani are using #Ukraine for an election #disinformation campaign against Biden. ⚠️ If journalists feel compelled to investigate him even tho all allegations have been proven false, it’s Clinton emails all over again. #Whistleblower
FYI #Whistleblower story also reminds us that the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory has origins in Russian #propaganda. It may be the first clear #Kremlin-based #disinformation campaign of the 2020 election to help Trump (as I note in a THREAD from May)
🤯And like clockwork—journalists fly to Kremlin bullsh!t like flies. Whistleblower exposes collusion recidivist Trump abusing power to extort vulnerable ally Ukraine to boost his failing re-election campaign. But Ken Vogel will chase the disinformation. Clinton Emails 2.0 #Maddow
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😨Ex CIA Bob Baer suggests the “urgent credible threat” in the whistleblower complaint (that DNI won’t give Congress) ”usually” has something to do w/ someone in White House setting up an illegal backchannel to a foreign govt, or some sort of corruption, discovered by CIA or NSA.
🚨>> Whistleblower complaint involves TRUMP’S communications with a foreign leader that included a “promise” regarded so troubling it prompted an official in the US intelligence community to file a formal whistleblower complaint with the inspector general.…
In the weeks before the “urgent & credible” whistleblower complaint about Trump’s “promise” to a foreign leader, he had interactions with:
1) Russia’s Putin that WH initiated
2) 2 “beautiful” letters from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un
3) Pakistan’s PM
4) Netherlands’ PM
5) Qatar emir
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