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Underground Bases
YONAGUNI JAPAN Undersea Temple
12 Strand DNA
Great Solar Flash will occur 12/21/2020
Golden Age to New Beginning.
Unlock all suppressive possibilities.
One must know light only by being in the Dark.
JFK knew about these SECRET SOCIETY.
Who were the #SecretSociety?
Most of these people graduate from #YALE

Legislation >Congress >H.R.484
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Commencer sa journée à la lecture du ministre de l’éducation français qui étale son inculture crasse dans les médias et reprend – encore !- les éléments de langage de l’extrême-droite. Ah, il accuse aussi un

#blanquer #islamophobie #ignorance
certain nombre d'universitaires d'être complices de terrorisme. J'imagine que plus c'est gros, plus ça passe.
Rappel : l’approche intersectionnelle est issue des féministes noires étatsuniennes qui voulaient rendre compte du fait qu’elles ne sont pas que noire *ou femmes, mais noires EIT femmes & que ces deux rapports sociaux (genre & race) agissaient de manière simultanée et imbriquée.
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Nouvelle sottise en vogue : brailler pour exiger l'interdiction de la #chasse à la #glu "des autres espèces" que grives & merles... ce qui est DÉJA le cas 🤡
On mesure l'ignorance sur ces sujets… 1/3
#Animalisme #Obscurantisme
➡️… Image
Pour les mal-comprenants:
➡️ Tout autre procédé de #chasse que ceux explicitement autorisés par le texte ci-dessus… est interdit.
➡️ Seule est donc autorisée la chasse "soit à tir, soit à courre, à cor et à cri, soit au vol."
➡️ La glu est donc interdite par défaut.
Et... 2/3
➡️ C'est à titre dérogatoire (conformément à la Dir. européenne Oiseaux) que les gluaux st spécifiquement autorisés… uniquement pr ces 2 espèces: grives & merles, aucun autre arrêté dérogatoire n'étant en vigueur.

Et… ça vote, hein 🤡
#Animalisme #Ignorance #Obscurantisme
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(Thread) Our small town #SouthDakota school just mandated #Masks for students and staff. So proud of them making that decision. The backlash on Community pages on #Facebook is already ramping up and I am sure will continue to get worse and worse. examples provided 1/9
" I wish we could all be exposed and get it over with it it's very low mortality rate." Gentleman talking about how he can't control show his Sophomore in High School sees and associates with. #COVID19 #badparenting 2/9
"My family and I don’t wear them and don’t go to places mandating we wear them." Man with very young children and lots of pics of Guns and Camo on his page. #ignorance #COVIDIOTS 3/9
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Wow! This video is from Greg Con. This happened right here in Phoenix.

Racism is alive and well, this just happened at the shell gas station in Phoenix, Greenway and 7th st. This lady was supposedly the manager/owner. ****please share, let’s make her racism known***. ABC15 Ari
zona ABC News NBC News Fox News #racism #ignorance


I was checking out and this lady comes into the store all flustered yelling at the clerk to get another clerk to help because the line was getting long and her pump wasn’t working. Another clerk came out and
she said to the young lady in the video, she can go checkout in an authoritative manner. The young lady said “thank you but I don’t need your assistance”. She was clearly annoyed with the lady like everyone else in the store. At this time the lady told the clerk not to serve her,
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Are you awake yet?

Who will you listen to?
⛔️ Are there instruments of propaganda active in the world?
💠 If so, what are they?
🈶 Why should you care?

Ignorance is a choice. #FreedomIsntFree

The Gist 1

➡️ 2.1 Million in Nursing Homes (0.62% of US pop.)
➡️ 42% of #Covid19 deaths in US occured in Nursing Homes

% of all US COVID deaths happening in Nursing Homes:
Ohio 70%
Minnesota 81%
Pennsylvania 69%
The Gist 2:

New York, New Jersey, Michigan (Democrat) governors made regulation REQUIRING nursing homes accept patients with Active COVID infections.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why? Coincidence? Reasons? Justification? Ignorance?…
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#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020

#WHO empfahl völlig unspezifische #Corona-#Virentests
"..Proben auch dann als „positiv“ zu befunden, wenn irgendein Virus der großen und sehr alten Corona-Familie bestätigt wurde. Sollte dieser Testmodus weltweit"…
#Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Meditation
Vielen Dank @TeamKenFM!

Ignorance Meditation am 15. und 16. Mai 2020 in #Berlin…
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#Ignorance is #Bliss: Economists still don't get #Lockdown #Economics. As long as 60% of economy is in #Lockdown conventional fiscal stimulus has zero effect, 0. So anyone still talking about it, is either dumb, living in cloud cucko land or deliberately trying to fool th public
2/lde #Lockdown means there is no supply or demand in the part of economy (60%) which is shut(lockdown). We cannot buy any non-essential goods.Its not a matter of lack of money or desire. There is no way you, i or anyone can buy any non-essential G&S when producers can't sell it.
3/lde Conventional Fiscal stimulius Will Become relevant only after we transition from Lockdown to "normalcy". It's only during transition that we will know if there is lack of demand in which sectors & a fiscal stimulius package can be devised & ready before end of transition
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#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

2,5 Mio Patienten konnten nicht operiert werden, obwohl nötig.
Folge: nach Schätzungen 5.000 und bis zu 125.000 Patienten werden sterben oder sind schon tot infolge #Lockdown!…
#Impfen #Impfzwang #Grundgesetz #Grundrechte #Widerstand2020 #Widerstand

Gestern #Fake, heute Wahrheit: Der große #Corona-Lügen-Report
Selten wurden #FakeNews so schnell zur regierungsamtlichen Wahrheit wie in Zeiten von #Corona.…
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@JudySgroMP crying about the poor miserable parents, as if the parents aren't already the dominant face of what judy calls the "autism community" #gross
@MikeLakeMP : we need to find common ground.
Says "niche" area groups may not be included in a national strategy.

What does he consider "Niche" i wonder?
@JudySgroMP toting a "unity" strategy and begging organizations to put aside their morals and reservations and rally behind her #NationalAutismStrategy
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So, @ChrisUn77749348... you claim so vociferously that I'm 'definitely on the payroll'. That is a nice start of an open debate. Got any #evidence to support that claim or is it just shallow ad hominem because ... reasons?
@ChrisUn77749348 After all, @ChrisUn77749348 wanted an open debate ... or was that more empty talk?
Nothing from Chris, #NOTsurprised!
How about you, @laurentdingli... any #evidence that I'm a lobbyist? Or is it all #crickets?
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1/10 In this #USIran conflict, we need #FijiMedia #PacificMedia to run analysis pieces dissecting what it means for us in the islands. Our ignorance is frightening. Analysis on the following in layman's language for all people would be greatly appreciated:

1. #History of #PacificWars - e.g. the world wars and their legacies to articulate generational impact.

2. History of nuclear activity and its impact on island/er(s).

3. #Militarisation in the region and #Demilitarisation efforts over the years.

4. US military bases in the region and the risks we face as a result (Asia-Pacific).

5. #USIran conflict implications on future of #ClimateChange efforts - particularly important because the few small victories we've had as a region have been hard-won.
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Being a full time student, you always look forward for a break where you can refresh and restart.
One of my greatest passions is travelling and exploring God's magnificent canvas.
#racism #corruption
#Thailand #Bangkok
#black #race
#ignorance #thaiembassy
So my two girlfriends and I agreed that this Chinese Golden Week, we will refresh by travelling to Thailand.
After a lot of hard working, between our demanding classes we managed to save enough for the trip.
#racism #corruption
#xenophobia #hate
#race #thaiembassy
So on October 02, 2019, two of my girl friends and I left Shanghai, China were we are studying for a vacation in Thailand.
Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1345hrs but it was delayed until 1655hrs which had us land at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi airport at 2000hrs.
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There is a big problem in Nigeria among the educated folks and it's becoming highly embarrassing when the media also help AMPLIFY the ignorance of the PHD HOLDERS.
Let me do a quick thread on this nonsense:

@PremiumTimesng The madness of the ignorance of the educated folks being amplified by @PremiumTimesng started when @toluogunlesi posted yesterday about @MBuhari
speech at @UN concerning CLIMATE CHANGE & RESILIENT FUTURE...
#TwitterNG went agog also on @BashirAhmaad 👇

@PremiumTimesng "A rapidly spreading video which appeared to show President Muhammadu Buhari giving an incoherent reply to a question at a United Nations climate change panel in New York has sparked social media furore"..@PremiumTimesng
You are ignorant, there was nothing incoherent...IGNORANCE
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"Our reliance on groupthink has made us masters of the world, and the knowledge illusion enables us to go through life without being caught in an impossible effort to understand everything ourselves." #Groupthink #IndividualityIsMyth #RationalityIsMyth ~@harari_yuval
@harari_yuval "You know less than you think"
@harari_yuval Liberal ideas founded on individual rationaty ; which is happen to be myth #Democracy #IndividualRationality #Groupthink
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A tragic death, and instead of justice and closure, the case is fueled by #ignorance. According to the inspector, "Pramila could not have been raped because she was on her #period." Excuse me, what? #menstruation #rape #nepal
If there is evidence to support the fact that women are never raped when menstruating, then we should just change directions and support #chhaupadi as a safe practice for women, because apparently no rapes happen when women are #menstruating.
@NFCC has put out a statement on the story. Please read. And please, for the sake of women and girls everywhere, we must stop making blanket assumptions that perpetuate violence against women and girls. #VAW #menstruationmatters
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Feel like I fulfilled my destiny this morning by drawing an explicit-language warning from public radio.
Today's Trump Inc. episode really gave a spot-on depiction of the Trump Hotel D.C., right down to the clothesline-bacon and Seb Gorka cameos. Download it now for your commute:
Trump Cabinet members Wilbur Ross and Ben Carson fêted Kuwait at their boss's hotel last night

Via @1100Penn:
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Any #action, #thought or #emotion which comes out of #awareness is a #blessing

Every action, thought or emotion which has its roots in #ignorance is a #curse.
Most people use "lack of #bad #intention" as an #excuse to cover up their #ignorance
#Belief is the root of all #ignorance
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Today on the #FirstSundayOfTheYear At about 4 am(I would Say Pre-Dawn) I heard someone speaking to me “Wake up,You cannot be Sleeping & Making This Wonderful Day Short" by Sleeping till late
I Woke up immediately looking for Where the Voice came from? I found that This Voice was from Within me. By now my Slumber had Vanished and I was fully awake . I left the bed, made a cup of tea and sat out in the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze and sipping my morning Tea
Various Thoughts started to Swim within me and then the below happened.

My Heart asked me a question. "Where is Success."

My Mind immediately Replied to My Heart, you, My Friend always Run to the World of Fantasy.
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Eric, I'm going to be straight with you. You are not known as the smart Trump, so I am going to have to do multiple Tweets (a thread) to TRY to educate you. It turned out to be 15 tweets.

Yes, we know that all he cares about is "green".

He proved that with the #TaxScamBill. Got a lot for you guys with that one. #InheritanceTax

You got the "Green Thing" right, so let us talk about the #Racist thing. I know you believe what you say, but your problem is you do not know what #Racism or #Racist means.

Tell me what you think after you learn what it means, ok.




a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
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