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Le principe de ce qui suit sera, nous l'espérons, de ne pas faire dans la surenchère politique et de vous aider à y voir plus clair dans ce qu'est cette #5G qui fait tant couler d'octets.

Un thread signé @PartiPirate Image du début du XXème siècle montrant des personnes en
La #5G, ce n'est pas une technologie disruptive.

La 5G, ce n'est pas un immense plan commercial visant à nous contraindre à renouveler nos appareils électroniques.

En fait, pour tout vous dire, la 5G ce n'est pas pour nous, humbles consommateurs.
Commençons par faire un point sur les G.
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Je suis un des #NumeristesAtterrés par la tribune anti-#5G de la «gauche» française de ce matin. Permettez moi de vous expliquer pourquoi. Un #Thread… cc @franceinfo @leJDD 1/10
Il y a un truc à comprendre : ce sujet est une faillite du marketing, commercial ou politique, pas de la technologie ou de la société dans son ensemble. Juste des mecs dont le boulot est de nous faire consommer toujours plus. 2/10
Ils ont fait pareil à la #3G en 2005, à la 4G en 2012, et ont tenté la même chose alors que @Xavier75 leur avait coupé l'herbe sous le pied au lancement de FreeMobile : vendre plus cher un meilleur réseau. #ÇaPasMarche 3/10
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Pourquoi le numérique fait partie de la solution pour la 🌍

(ou pourquoi freiner l’évolution technologique sur le numérique est un contre-sens technologique, environnemental et économique)

Parce que d’abord, le numérique a littéralement changé la vie des gens (et leur travail) : communication, démocratisation de l’accès à l’information et à la culture, ...

... qui aujourd’hui accepterait de se passer d’Internet ou de son smartphone ?
Parce que le numérique est un facteur clé de la transition environnementale : télétravail, optimisation des transports et de la logistique, efficacité énergétique, économie du partage, relocalisations…
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Canada's #5G rollout

"A larger number of connected devices will result in huge increases in data that need to be stored in energy-intensive #data centres, which are expected to emit more #carbon than the international #aviation industry."

"It also means an exponential increase in the # of wireless networks, which are energy-guzzlers (est. to be 10x less efficient than wired networks). In 2015 alone, the energy used to power wireless networks generated approx. 30 megatonnes of carbon, the same as 4.9 million cars."
"There are no published long-term studies... As one US Senator put it, w/ #5G, “we’re kind of flying blind here, as far as #health & #safety is concerned.” For this reason, 273 #scientists & #doctors in the EU have signed a declaration calling for all 5G [] to be stopped."

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Please provide evidence of the cause of #COVID19 @BorisJohnson!
ie: An intact virus, not RNA, which passes Koch's Postulates.
I won't hold my breath.
There has never been a virus which can be shown, apart from artist impressions.
Without the "virus" your vaccines are FRAUDULENT.
While you are scrambling to deceive the nation about fake viruses #BorisJohnson, get your braincells around this declassified CIA document which provides a clue to the real causes of #COVID19.
Take your time..... there is a lot more to follow!…
How about some Russian research, #Boris love?
We know you love to hate Russians, could this be why?
Please don't say you did not know about this.
We are not that dim, you know!…
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A soldier lost life and 3 other suspiciously went missing after the Patrolling vehicle was attacked by unknown gunmen in Madaini area of Tehsil Shewa, #MiranShah #NorthWaziristan .

#Kashmir #Waziristan #PakistanArmy
Lance Naik Amjid who was shot lost his life on the spot while other three soldiers namely Naik Murtaza, Naik Ismail and Khassadar Sabir went missing after the firing incident.

The search operation is continuing in #Miranshah #Miramshah.

#Kashmir #neelumvalley #neelamvalley
Road side bomb blast in #Qutabkhel targeting Patrolling vehicle which was travelling on #Bannu - #Miranshah road.

No casualties happened in the blast as the Patrolling vehicle was far from the blast.

#Waziristan #Kashmir #LoC
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(1) I spoke to a fellow who works on #cellphone towers the other day and learned a few interesting things.

He told me that a lot of the people working on towers were ex-convicts and former military personnel who were adrenaline junkies, a lot of whom also had ....
(2) addiction problems with illicit substances - such as meth.

He also noted that many of his co-workers had "very short fuses" and were prone to violence. He attributed that in part to some of them being convicts.

Starting pay (he said) is $250 per day, for those lacking ....
(3) any experience.

He also maintained that it was prohibited to take selfies on the #cell #towers, and that most of the time they had no idea of what they were installing, and for who.

Co-workers who had taken photos at work-sites were quickly hit with ....
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(1) So while #TerrorismLiaisonOfficers AKA Militarized Fire & #EMS r getting extra $$$ to target innocent Americans, the very technology - extra-judicially deployed - is harming them as well.

#KarmaSandwich - #FairfaxCounty

Bye-bye Gonads!…
(2) What is mounted on towers around schools, fire departments & #LE facilities @ffxfirerescue?

10G (classified)
"Non-lethal weapons" #NLW's ("Non-lethal?" - They impact fetus & sperm development)
Millimeter Weapons Systems
Microwave-generating Magnetrons
(3) #2G #3G #4G r fine for data-transmission. Everything else is an active-denial weapons system or #ADS.

#DeepState has figured out how to track the world population 24/7 via remote, satellite (+ aerostat-, drone-, tower-mounted) remote #biometric reading & analytics platforms
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