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1. For what it's worth, recognizing that Turkey is the greatest risk in the #Levant because #Turkey is an #ISIS & al-#Qaeda affiliate, a while ago, I proposed a mechanism that was quite similar to what the SDF and Assad regime agreed to. Assad is brutal. So are KSA, UAE, Egypt,
2. Israel and IRAN. But the Syrian people have a way to establish Democracy through the @UN #GenevaProcess. That becomes more likely with unity of #SDF and #SAA. The #jihadists are the enemy of humanity. #Erdogan is their leader. Turkey must pay the price for following the
3. false prophet. The #Ottoman Empire must be finally and forever destroyed. Wall the jihadists up in Anatolia and let them devour each other. Free #Istanbul and #Bakur from the #AKP terrorists. Change the map. @trpresidency @RTErdogan @USEmbassyTurkey
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#Qatar fully support the #Erdogan Gov attack on northern #Syria. Signaling an all out #MuslimBrotherhood war on the minorities in the Middle East. Now it is official.
Washington cannot but stand with the beleaguered minority communities in Syria and the #Levant, because the American people support them, and it is an official policy of the #Trump Administration and the US Congress.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @VP @SecPompeo
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @VP @SecPompeo For couple years from Washington to Warsaw, from Paris to Budapest, conferences, dinners and speeches were delivered with passion, "in defense of minorities in the Middle East." Now these communities are being attacked & their villages destroyed in Syria. Now is time for action.
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#Kıbrıs Girne-Güzelyurt dağ yolu üzerinde yer alan Çamlıbel beldesinde bulununan efsanelere konu olan Mavi Köşk var.
Birde Rum köyü var Rumca adı Kormacit (Kormatikis) olan..
Türkçe adı Koruçam Rum Köyü’dür. Bu köye çok sanatçı, çok artist geliyor..
Türkiye'den gelenlerin "Gayrimüslim'lerin" uğrak yeridir. Burada bir Restaurant var.
Restaurant’ın adı #Yorgo_Restaruant
Bu Restaurantın tam karşısında da büyükçe bir Kilise var..
Restaurantın içinde de
#Volkan_Konak'ın resmi var..
Volkan Konak bu Restaruant'ta çok sık geliyor ve şarkılar söylüyor.
Hatta Volkan Konak çok iyi de Rumca konuşuyormuş..
Düşünün 15 civarı bir masa ve Volkan Konak buraya şarkı söylemeye geliyor.
Onu buraya getiren irade soy bağı.
Boşuna değil Tayyip Erdoğan ve Osmanlı Düşmanlığı.
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What did the #OldArabic of the #Levant sound like? Here is a reading of an inscription in the Hismaic script from the region of #Madaba, #Jordan. It dates to the Nabataean period, ~ 2000 years ago. The commentary is in the following tweet but can you understand it without help?
The pronunciation is triangulated with Arabic data from Nabataean, Hismaic, and Greek inscriptions. Greek is especially important because it gives us the values of the vowels and some of the consonants.
The text begins with the man’s name: le-phalhān ben ḥonayne ben ʔatme ḏī ʔāl natag ‘By Phalhān son of Ḥonayn son of ʔatm of the lineage of Natag’. Notice that the Arabic fāʾ in this period and region was likely still pronounced as an aspirated p =
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