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Geopolitical Analysis: A 🧵on Obama Administration's Bombing Campaign in Asia, specifically in the Middle East. The bombing campaign in the Middle East is a major foreign policy legacy of Obama!
#UnitedStates #Obama #MiddleEast Image
In 2016, the USA dropped a staggering 26,000 bombs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen under President Obama's authorization. This thread explores the implications of this extensive bombing campaign and its impact on civilian populations. #Geopolitics #MiddleEast #Obama
The sheer scale of the 2016 bombing campaign is staggering. On average, the US military unleashed 72 bombs per day, amounting to three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. #syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Libya #Yemen
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As the #Taliban continue to claim moving #TTP fighters to western #Afghanistan, TTP fighters have been confirmed in northern AFG, today the head of district intelligence of the Taliban’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GID) can under attack in #Badakhshah province.
For those unfamiliar with #Badakhshah provincial borders… Image
Another important factor to keep in mind is the #geological value of #Badakhshah province.

This is of key importance to #China’s investment into minerals in #Afghanistan. Image
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“Quando parlo di avversari, mi riferisco ai leader europei” Joel #Harding.


[thk @FrancoFracassi1 - link all'articolo a fine 🧵] Image
Joel #Harding, berretto verde, ha contribuito contribuito a pianificare le invasioni di #Haiti, #Iraq e #Afghanistan, aveva fatto parte dello Stato Maggiore per le operazioni speciali J2 dell’Esercito.

2/19 Image
Era il collegamento del J2 per le Information Operations (le operazioni psicologiche e di disinformazione militare) con #Cia, #Dia, #Nsa, #Disa altre agenzie di #Washington.

3/19 Image
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And toxic ghost from the past appears as DoD approvs #depleteduranium export to Ukraine: despite US overstating the case, the use of DU would only complicate conflict-pollution in #Ukraine and counters the global norm against its use 1/x…
What past wars showed was that DU was not decisive. In the Gulf Wars, most tanks were destroyed with Hellfires and Maverick missiles. Tungsten rounds still are able to destroy Russian tanks, and DU was no silver bullet. 2/x Image
What our @PAXforpeace research in #Iraq found was that the US was uninterested in clean-up and remediation of DU and contaminated materials, putting civilians at risk of exposure, in particular children playing on tanks and scrapmetal workers. 3/x… Image
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⚠️ Confirmed: Network data show a collapse in internet connectivity in #Iraq as final exams commence at universities and colleges; the shutdown is understood to be a measure to counter leaks and cheating in exams per the established pattern 📉

📰 Report:… Image
⚠️ Update: Internet connectivity has been restored in #Iraq after a shutdown intended to counter cheating in exams; most of the country excluding the autonomous northern region has been affected; incident duration ~4 hours

📰 Report:… Image
ℹ️ Metrics show a clear distinction between the autonomous northern Kurdistan Region of #Iraq, and the remainder of the country where the internet shutdown was implemented this morning as exams took place 📊

📰 Report:… Image
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#Thread: 𝗪𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗱𝗶𝗱 𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗶𝗴𝗻 𝗜𝗦𝗜𝗦 𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺?
13,157 Europeans were among the approximately 30,000 foreign terrorist fighters from over 86 countries that joined the genocidal terrorist organisation #ISIS 2014-2016. Image
Most of them (almost 4000) come from just five countries: #France, the #UK, #Germany, #Belgium, and the #Netherlands. Image
in 2014 ISIS had controlled 1-3 of Iraqi and Syrian territory, including #Mosul the second largest city in #Iraq. Between 2014/2019, ISIS killed tens of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians. Millions have become #refugees.
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1. è estremamente importante che un movimento per la pace adotti la tecnologia giusta affinché i suoi membri comunichino con ragionevole sicurezza fin dall'inizio.Ecco perché è deleterio usare Gmail
2. comunicare attraverso Gmail per un movimento per la pace è come organizzare una raccolta di sangue e affidarla a Dracula.
Le comunicazioni via Gmail sono immediatamente accessibili alla #NSA,come hanno permesso di dimostrare i file di #Snowden
3. se voi dite: ma sei paranoica, a chi vuoi che interessino le comunicazioni dei pacifisti italiani, beh,avete gravi problemi a capire la realtà
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NEW | Attacks on #Iranian clerics increased during the past month, which may reflect broader public antipathy to the regime's sociocultural and economic policies. Today's update from CTP & @TheStudyofWar:… 1/5
Iranian leadership is signaling greater cohesion among #Palestinian resistance factions, likely to support their integration into the Axis of Resistance. 2/5
#Iraq-i Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al Sudani may replace Popular Mobilization Authority Chairman Faleh al Fayyadh according to Iranian-backed Telegram channel Sabreen. 3/5
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1.Quello che si sta realizzando in Italia,senza alcuna resistenza politica,culturale e mediatica,è quello per cui facevano ENORMI pressioni Ronald Spogli e Elizabeth Dibble,i diplomatici (ambasciatore e chargé d'affaires,rispettivamente)inviati a Roma dall'amm. di George W. Bush
2. i cablo della diplomazia USA rivelati da #WikiLeaks-e per cui Julian #Assange NON ha più conosciuto la libertà e sta perdendo la vita- permettono di ricostruire in modo efficace quello che diplomatici USA come Spogli e Dibble volevano dall' Italia e che ora si sta realizzando
3. Nella visione dei diplomatici inviati a Roma dall'amministrazione Bush,l'Italia era un paese che spendeva troppo per #StatoSociale e troppo poco per #MissioniMilitari e #NATO.E questo doveva assolutamente cambiare
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What happened in Sinjar region of Iraq/Kurdistan the past three days? He's a brief #thread.

Iraqi government resettled some of the internally displaced Sunni Muslim families to Sinjar, where #YazidiGenocide was committed by ISIS in 2014. Image
Yezidis protested against this plan in front of the Islamic Mosque located in Sinjar, because according to some witnesses, there were some Sunni Muslims among them who supported and joined #ISIS against the Yezidis in 2014. This people joined ISIS and betrayed the Yezidis back……
After this protest reached #socialmedia, a group of Imams, sectarianism led Islamic politicians and parties spread a picture of a mosque and saying that Yezidis have demolished it and burnt Islamic Holly Book Quran and attacked and called Yezidis devilworshippers & atheists.
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Syrian world war? Is the label correct? Or is it a Syrian revolution between the people and the regime? We will see that in this thread about the statistics of the number of foreign fighters who came to support the Syrian revolution and 👇1️⃣ Image
bring democracy from their countries full of "freedom", and others wanted to establish (the Islamic State)
An American document revealed that the total number of foreign terrorists who flocked to Syria reached 171,400, half of them from Arab countries, and 2️⃣👇 Image
that the Syrian army and its allies alone killed 51,910 of them, and 33,847 of them went missing.
As for a study by the European Ferrel Center, it found that the number of foreigners fighting in Syria from April 2011 until the end of 2015 reached 👇3️⃣ Image
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NEW: @CJTFOIR seeing "dramatic decrease" in #ISIS activity, per Commander MajGen Matthew McFarlane

- 68% reduction in attacks in #Iraq (year on year)

- 55% reduction in attacks in #Syria (year on year)

But he warns, "The #Daesh ideology remains unconstrained & active"
"We continue to see unsafe & unprofessional air activity from the #Russia|ns" in #Syria, per @CJTFOIR's MajGen McFarlane

"We've only seen it from the air" he adds "We continuously communicate"
"All aspects of #ISIS that we are tracking continue to decline or degrade" per @CJTFOIR's MajGen McFarlane, asked about US op a week ago to eliminate sr ISIS leader linked to overseas kidnap plot
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The Continuing Regional Rapprochement of #Syria and #Assad

A thread 🪡

1/25 Image
In January I wrote about how, after over 10 years of brutal war pushed and funded by outside powers, the #MiddleEast was accepting that the #Syrian Arab Republic, led by #Assad would stay in power.…

The #USA and #NATO countries have been unhappy about things turning out this way, especially as #Syria is a close ally of #Russia. However, the Muslim states of the region are seeing that the future is cooperation, and that the SAR has won the war.

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Member of the Czech Senate Senator Jaroslav Doubrava has affirmed that the #US is directly responsible for inciting wars, sabotage and killing of civilians in #Syria, #Iraq, #Libya and #Afghanistan and other countries
"The list of countries which the US and its Western allies have worked to sabotage them is uncounted" Doubrava told Czech Website “iportaL24”, adding that what is happening in Ukraine came in the same context. Image
Doubrava indicated that the United States does not seek for any solution that ends the war in Ukraine, on the contrary, it is escalating the situation.
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This is the start of Sunday's daily thread covering all the news, and all you need to know, about #Ukraine's battle for survival against the full invasion by #Russia.

Updated in real time, throughout the day, scroll, share, like and reply to help beat Twitter Ukraine bans!
If you can spare any loose change for a coffee to support my work, there's a Ko-Fi link in my bio, thanks.

And if you need a catch up on yesterday's news, here's the link for the start of Saturday's thread.

So it's Day 417 of the war, and I have to say "Khrystos Voskres" (Christ Is Risen) or "Happy Easter" to all my readers from #Ukraine - and indeed #Russia if they are in the minority which opposes war.
The same wishes to all Orthodox believers celebrating Easter today.
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@POTUS has a looong history of carrying a big stick only to have it turned to sawdust.

#IRAQ #AFGHANISTAN #SYRIA and now #Ukraine

Everything this guy touches internationally turns to shit

Name one international event that Biden part of that turned out good?
He is an aweful diplomat - the SPR was created to help buy time for america in the event of an extreme oil shortage like what happened in 70s.

What did Biden do with that time? He continued to piss off oil producing nations, and THEN opened up a new front of war with RUS.
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The #Chinese are getting ready, America is threatening you! #China

#Americans, get ready, the last money will be taken away from you soon! #America

Speaker of the US House of Representatives McCarthy said that "we must continue to sell weapons to Taiwan"
Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Kevin McCarthy, following a meeting with the head of the Taiwanese administration Tsai Ing-wen in California, declared the US commitment to developing ties with Taiwan.
#USA #China 👀 #Russia #Iran #Iraq #Syria #Libya
The US does not want the situation around Taiwan to turn into an armed conflict — Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress McCarthy.
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Russia: We justify child abduction and trafficking war crimes now by pointing to monuments destroyed by American in 2003.

Me: Well, if you want to travel through 20 years of war crimes, let’s do it🧵
Which #Chechen genocide shall we do? Let’s try this:…
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ار کے شاہی مقبرے (زیگورت، عراق)
Royal Tombs of Ur (Ziggurat, Iraq)
1800مقبروں کی قیمٹی سامان کےساتھ حیران کن دریافت
1922میں برطانوی ماہرآثارقدیمہ لیونارڈ وولی (C. Leonard Woolley) نے میسوپوٹیمیا (جدید عراق)کےقدیم شہر Ur کی کھدائی شروع کی۔
ایک سال تک اس نے اپنا ابتدائی سروے مکمل کر لیا اور تباہ شدہ زیگورات کے قریب ایک خندق کھودنے پر اس کے کارکنوں کی ٹیم کو سونے اور قیمتی پتھروں سے بنی قبروں اور زیورات کے شواہد ملے۔ انہوں نے اسے "سونے کی خندق" کہا گیا۔ آہستہ آہستہ تقریباً 1,800 قبروں کا پردہ فاش کیا۔
زیادہ تر قبریں
سادہ گڑھوں پر مشتمل تھیں جن کی لاش مٹی کے تابوت میں رکھی گئی تھی یا سرکنڈے کی چٹائی میں لپٹی ہوئی تھی۔ برتن، زیورات اورذاتی اشیاء جسم کو گھیرے ہوئے تھے۔ تاہم، سولہ قبریں غیر معمولی تھیں۔ یہ صرف سادہ گڑھےنہیں تھے بلکہ پتھرکےمقبرےتھےجن میں اکثرکئی کمرہ نما دکھائی دیتےتھے۔
قبروں میں
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1. uno dei più grandi contribuiti dei file #WikiLeaks su guerre in #Afghanistan e in #Iraq per cui Julian #Assange non ha più conosciuto la libertà è che ci hanno permesso di confrontare quello che accadeva sui teatri di guerra e quello che raccontava la macchina della propaganda
2. se hai passato 14 anni a leggere file #WikiLeaks su quello che accadeva sui teatri di guerra in #Afghanistan e #Iraq e quello che raccontava macchina della propaganda, sei vaccinato a vita contro ogni #propagandaMilitare di qualunque provenienza: atlantica,russa, cinese, TUTTA
3. se hai passato 14 anni a leggere file #WikiLeaks su quello che accadeva sui teatri di guerra #Afghanistan e #Iraq e ti si presenta un think tank atlantico, o russo o cinese legato a militari/intelligence e ti dice: ti dico io cosa è vero o falso, tu gli rispondi: "facce ride"
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Refueling pump.
Efimov Boris Efimovich (1900-2008)

State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO"1968

#USA #Vietnam #LatinAmerica #Iran #Iraq #Syria #Libya #Ukraine #Taiwan .....


#America 💥 💣 #TheEndofAmerica Image
Reflection of old theories.
Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture "State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO" #Russia

#Europe #USA #Ukraine Image
The birth of fascism
An American woman writes a letter to her beloved at the front, thanking him for a gift – the skull of a murdered Japanese.

The photo was published in LIFE magazine on May 22, 1944, USA.
#USA #America #Japan #japanese @threadreaderapp #KindlyUnroll ImageImage
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A quartet memo of understanding was signed on Monday between #Syria, #Iraq, #Lebanon & #Jordan for cooperation in agricultural field & the promotion of trade exchange in a way that would achieve agricultural integration between the four countries.
The memo which was signed at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus also includes enhancing cooperation in the agricultural field, & exchange of experiences, information, successful agricultural experiences & the management of nature reserves & gardens.
The memo stuplates cooperation in the field of fighting fires, climate change, rural development, agricultural extension, production, animal health and veterinary medicines.
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In an overnight session, the #Iraq parliament agreed on amendments to the 2018 electoral law, thus bringing an end to the new electoral system that was put in place in 2021. A summary of the amendments here (thread)
Following the experiment in 2021 with plurality voting in smaller multi-member constituencies, #Iraq now returns to the system that prevailed previously of proportionality voting based on a modified St. Lague formula in bigger constituencies again.
The differences between the two #Iraq electoral systems shouldn't be exaggerated. Even with smaller constituencies, the multi-member principle retained a degree of proportionality in 2021.
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#US war in #Syria
Following the US occupation forces' attack on Syria & its allies in Deirezzour, killing 7 & 7 people were wounded, the resistance forces bombed again US bases stealing the oil from Al-Omar and Conoco oil fields with 8 missiles. Image
The #US House votes down a bill to withdraw troops from #Syria as if the country belongs to the Americans, not the Syrians, whose government never invited the US and its NATO allies to occupy the north-east and steal its energy.…
See how the news is manipulated in one short article?
The title is: 'New Iranian rocket attacks injure more US forces in Syria.' Inside the story: "Iranian proxy."

These are Syrian forces and their allies fighting ISIS. No mention of US 'occupation".…
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