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Much has been debated since President Trump tweeted that “The U.S has secured the oil” in #Syria

Is this feasible?

Does it make any sense?

Thread will explain how the answer is a resounding

2-al-Omar / Conoco fields are already secured by #SDF / U.S forces. Some of the oil from these fields was being sold through third parties to #Syria ‘s Govt by giving it in crude form and taking back half the quantity as refined product (Govt owns the refineries)
3-#Syria ‘s Govt now has access to oil fields inside the 32km zone. Such fields can produce up to 100k barrels a day and will already go a long way to meeting the country’s immediate demand. Importance of accessing oil in #SDF / U.S hands not as pressing any longer
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1. Quick online search reveals the irony of the outrage from Democrats & Never Trumpers after President Donald Trump compared ongoing political attacks against him as a lynching on Twitter.… #Trump #Qanon #Lynching @realDonaldTrump #Democrats #Republicans
@realDonaldTrump 2. Can you believe it!? The New York Times ADMITS:
‘Trump Is Right: The Deep State Is Alive & Well’ but Weird...

They LOVE the It! A Rogue Agency Supposedly Running Our Country! NOT ANY MORE!!… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
3. Former Hillary Clinton Aide: ‘There Are People Who Believe She Won’… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News #TrumpIsPresident #TrumpIsYourPresident
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U.S. President Donald Trump on #Syria:
-Turkey is stopping their Syria offensive.
-The ceasefire will be permanent.
-All sanctions imposed on Oct 14 will be lifted unless something happens that we're not happy with.
-We created this outcome, the United States.
U.S. President Donald Trump on #Syria:
-We have secured the oil & will decide what to do with it.
-A 20-mile safe zone is established.
-Gen. Mazloum is extremely thankful for what the U.S. has done. Assures ISIS is under strict lock & key.
U.S. President Donald Trump on #Syria:
-We have done something very special.
-Should Turkey fail to honor its obligations, we reserve the right to reimpose crippling sanctions.
-We also expect Turkey to abide by its commitment regarding ISIS as a backup to the Kurds.
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Thread 3 / Ce n’est pas tous les jours qu’on se balade dans un cimetière où la plupart des morts sont plus jeunes que soi ; c’était le cas hier matin, à Ber Kaver, à 9 km à l’ouest de Darbasiyah. #Syria
Des centaines de tombes, la plupart creusées après 2014, enfermant les corps de jeunes soldats kurdes. Une centaine de personnes s’étaient réunies pour enterrer quatre nouveaux « martyrs ».
Des enceintes puissantes crachaient des musiques traditionnelles, les femmes pleuraient et les hommes creusaient. C’était beau et déchirant. Les kurdes savent enterrer leurs morts. Ils ont l’habitude. 11000 d’entre eux sont tombés depuis 2014.
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Thread on findings by a recent Courage Foundation panel on the #OPCW investigation of last year's #Douma incident, whose members are "unanimous in expressing our alarm over unacceptable practices in the investigation of the alleged chemical attack". #Syria
Now for the record this isn't some congregation of conspiracy theorists or political partisans. Panelists include former OPCW Inspector General José Bustani, whose work with Saddam was so good that John Bolton threatened his kids to end his peacemongering.…
Quote from Bustani on the OPCW report on Douma. Again, this isn't some schmuck, this is a former OPCW Director General (erroneously called him "Inspector General" above) about the "very disturbing" picture exposed by the OPCW whistleblower's presentation:
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1. The proposed agreement in #Syria marks the final end of the #Ezidi minority. After #Afrin was occupied by #Turkey & its Islamists mercenaries, the same will now occupy the remaining villages in Syria. The #Yezidis remaining in Syria will be forced to flee.
2. Ironically, so far about 40 #Ezidi families from #Syria have been ethnically cleansed by #Turkey/#Islamists & fled to #Shingal in #Iraq; a region where the local #Yezidi population continues to suffer the genocide crimes committed by ISIS.
3. The #Ezidis have thus been expelled from almost their entire homeland in recent centuries (#Iran, #Turkey, #Syria). Only in #Iraq does a significant community still exist, but it has been emigrating increasingly for years.
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See this chart?

Lockheed Martin $29.4 BILLION
Boeing $14.6 BILLION
Raytheon $12.3 BILLION
General Dynamics $11.8 BILLION

That's $68.1 BILLION USD per Year just for the TOP 4 DoD Contractors. $68.1 BILLION being withheld from your paycheck to send our troops off to war.

How many, and who, among our Congress and Senate have a financial interest in these companies?

How much do they receive in lobbying contributions to their so called "foundations"?

GOP or Democrat...I care not.


The US Dept of Defense.

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#Breaking- “What Happened in the #Putin-#Erdogan Meeting Today” #Turkey #Syria #Russia with Sibel Edmonds via #Newsbud. Watch Here:
Full episode at #Newsbud (Join Today- become a member of my community). Preview here at #YouTube:
#Syria’s #Assad Fully Supports #Turkey-#Russia Memorandum Signed Yesterday by #Erdogan-#Putin.
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1-So this is what Trump's 'we got the OIL' comment was about the other day. "Retired Gen. Jack Keane, a Fox News analyst, first walked the president through a map showing Syria, Turkey and Iraq on Oct. 8, pointing out the locations of oil fields in northern Syria that have been
2-"under the control of the U.S. and its Kurdish allies, two people familiar with the discussion said. That oil, they said Keane explained, would fall into Iran's hands if Trump withdrew all U.S. troops from the country. Keane went through the same exercise with Trump again
3-"on Oct. 14, this time with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., at his side, according to four people familiar with the meeting.” #TuesdayThoughts #Syria…
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#Breaking: Just in - Russian president Putin, has announced that #Turkey can have the 35KM "Safe Zone" buffer area in #Syria, to "resettle" Syrian Refugees.
#Update: Just in - Russian president Putin, has said that it will be sending some Russian military police inside the 35 KM "Safe zone" buffer area after it has been taken in Northern #Syria, to monitor the situation in the region. #Turkey #Russia
#Breaking: Just in - The sheet of paper of agreements what has been reached for the "safe zone" buffer area in Northern #Syria, between the #Russia, #Turkey meeting with Turkish president Erodan and Russian president Putin in #Sochi tonight.
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Putin-Erdogan meeting ended, described "difficult". Both men went in length into small details in #Syria.

Press conference now.
Good: #YPG (armed Syrian #Kurds) pulls back 30-32 km wide but that doesn't mean #Turkey will take the area. #Russia is the guarantor and 1999 Adana agreement will be updated.

All in my article.
#Syria #Damascus (#Tehran in the shade) already proposed and discussed the points negotiated today between Presidents Putin and Erdogan during the six hours meeting.

#Turkey wants the Syrian government to speed the constitution reforms, a requested supported by Russia and Iran
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#Russia is about to carve up #Syria. Watch an almost giddy #Putin welcome #Erdogan to Moscow today. He does that hand hug thing, putting his other hand on their very warm handshake, and says what I think is “you bring good weather.” They chuckle.
What a difference a few days make when America is compromised by a corrupt & incompetent dictator wannabe POTUS. Compare Putin-Erdogan handshake in Russia to Pence-Erdogan handshake in Turkey. It's hard to even grasp what hell Trump has unleashed on the Kurds, Syria, & the world.
😨“Operation Peace Spring”—How perfectly Orwellian🙃propaganda-speak. That’s what #Erdogan has codenamed #Turkey’s offensive in #Syria, which has slaughtered and displaced the Kurds & democratic SDF forces, with clear echoes of ethnic cleansing and war crimes. #Russia #Putin
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🇸🇾Trump wants to protect the oil in #Syria? What's oil&gas in Syria.
Quick <THREAD>
Quick overview of the fields set up. Syria has gas fields and oil fields.
Estimated Syria's proved reserves of oil at 2.5 billion barrels as of January 1, 2015, a total larger than each of Syria's neighbors except for Iraq. Prior to sanctions, European refineries were the target marketbecause they were configured to process heavy, sour oil.
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Thoughts on the option to retain a few hundred US troops in Deir ez Zour

Mission is still counter-#ISIS but the policy concerns include preventing #Iran, #Assad, & #Russia from seizing the oil fields. Our presence has (so far) had that secondary effect

So what can ~200 guys do?
~200 guys at best gives us a foothold & preserves:

-intel --> high value strikes on #ISIS & #AlQaeda
-some tribal support. At minimum ability to compete 4 it
-some kinetic ability to defend vs #Assad,#Iran,#Russia expansion
-option 2 surge forces again

NOT a long term solution
A small presence of ~200 guys essentially means a single US base in Deir ez Zour. It does not enable us to secure all of the oil fields. The #SDF would be responsible for securing that infrastructure, with - in theory - air and artillery support from our limited residual force
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The Trump administration’s special representative for #Iran, @BrianHook, faced questioning by the #Senate Foreign Relations Committee...…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran
...And although lawmakers from both sides of the aisle expressed legitimate concerns about the impact that an #American withdrawal from #Syria would have on #Iranian influence in the region, ...…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran
...Hook expressed confidence that the “maximum pressure” strategy would continue to prove effective in the days, weeks, and months to come.…
#Iranfreedom #freeiran #MEK #Iran
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Using an #America-centric lens to criticize #Turkey for making national security judgements based on a #Turkey-centric lens is analytically dubious.

Whether we like it or not, #Turkey has fought a 40-year #PKK insurgency & sees the #PKK as its No.1 national security threat.
#pt: And FWIW, using Aldar Khalil as the sole source to claim that the #PYD-#PKK relationship is solely defined by "intellectual lineage" & 'sympathy with one another's political goals' is analytically disingenuous.

Perhaps instead read the #PYD itself:

#pt: If the #PYD's very own website (deleted - but archived - after teaming up with the U.S. military in 2014) wasn't enough, take the public assessments of U.S. government's dedicated National CounterTerrorism Center (part of the Intelligence Community):

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#TulsiGabbard is the de-facto leader of the emerging leftwing sovereign populist movement in the United States.
I suspect this is by design.
In due time, DNC and RNC will be dissolved and replaced by a #PatriotParty.
She will be one of the leaders.
She's never going to win the democratic primary, but many voters will see how the DNC and MSM have ganged up on her and will not vote for Hillary or Michelle. Some on the anti-war left might even vote Trump as an act of protest and reprisal.
If she were to run as an independent. She would siphon votes from the Democrats, not from Trump. She would actually help him. Why would a republican vote for her instead of POTUS? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
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1. PELOSI, Schiff in AFGHANISTAN & Why?

OPIUM REAL REASON FOR AFGHANISTAN WAR: Why Pat Tillman Was Killed/ CIA Suicided U.S. Soldiers

"We are just here to guard DRUGS [pharma] for the CIA & Bankers."… @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #DarkToLight #EndlessWars
2. PERFECT Timing for Pierre Deflecto Espose'!

President Trump Hit “Slippery, Slick, Stealthy” Mitt Romney
– Labels Him a “Democrat Secret Asset” Posing as Republican

#Trump #Qanon #TheGreatAwaking #WWG1WGA #News #RINO
3. George Papadopoulos: This was “Tantamount to Treason”

Joseph Mifsud Spied on General Flynn 2 Months Before He Spied on Me (VIDEO)… #Trump #Qanon #Trump2020 #WWG1WGA #News
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#Turkey #Syria Op: Tomorrow is “The” Day-#Erdogan will meet #Russia’s #Putin In #Sochi. After the meeting with #Pence in #Turkey last week, this coming meeting will put the “final-Final” touch on #Syria Op. Stay Tuned for my Analyses & Predictions.- - -…
Just remember, #Russia & #USA are coordinating and cooperating on #Syria. #Turkey’s hope: To Get From #Russia What it couldn’t get from #USA. I’m afraid, it won’t happen. Actually, Russia’s offer on Turkey #SafeZone will be far less, far more limited than Now-Canned US Offer.
Iran warns #Turkey & says establishing military post in #Syria will be unacceptable not only to Iran, but “Other” countries as well. By “Other Countries” #Iran meant #Russia.
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1. Ongoing thread covering #IS’s response to and comms around recent developments in northern #Syria. Focus will be on camps, prisons and tactics.
2. 9 Oct: Something weird going on in #Raqqa, which was, per #SDF reports last night, subject to a “large-scale assault” by #IS. Meanwhile, total radio silence from #IS.
3. This is strange. When #IS has mounted flash urban assaults in years gone by, it has intensively reported on them, often as the attacks were ongoing. Think #Palmyra, Dec 16; Kirkuk, Oct 16, #Rutbah, May 16, #Kobane, Jun 15.
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Here’s one of many costs of #war no one talks about: 736% Increase in Sexual Exploitation Of Migrants Children (Most From #Syria) & Booming Sex—Trafficking Business for the Criminal Networks. Shame. #Cumhuriyet #cumhuriyetgzt
Wars: They Name them for PR- Think “Operation Enduring Freedom”!; They Make Them “Hollywood entertainment”- Think “Shock & Awe” & Live Fireworks; They Turn Them Into BS Rhetorics- Think “Bringing Democracy” & “MidEast Spring” ... But Never Show or Talk About This. No?
When Needed Most, #Antiwar Movements & Groups Have Gone Dormant- been hibernating for over a decade. Look around- You See Any?
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It’s a little appreciated fact (in part because it’s counterintuitive) that the more virulent a terrorist group is, the closer US troops need to be to it IOT be effective. Why? Because the US model of CT is one of network targeting. 1/n
This means trying to remove nodes of the network faster than the network can reconstitute itself. If you can consistently do that long enough, you can eventually dismantle a terrorist group (here “consistently” & “long enough” are group-dependent). 2/n
If a group is not particularly resilient (eg disorganized, inexperienced), ops to dismantle the group can be “slower” than ops against a more resilient group (ie, the rate at which you need to remove nodes can be less). Consequently, you can be further away. 3/n
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Wow. This is what a real Revolution looks like.

Incredible footage from #Beirut, #Lebanon today.

More than a million people are in the streets demanding an end to decades of government corruption. #LebanonProtests
After the “Arab Spring”, I understand the skepticism about #Lebanon... But thus far, there is 0 indication these protests are anything but a genuine, spontaneous uprising against US-Saudi-French-backed elites and the corrupt-to-the-core system they’ve presided over for 30 years.
Why #Lebanon is revolting: Because our country has no proper working electricity, plumbing or health care; joblessness is rampant and living costs are high.

And all the while, the oligarchy that controls this awful system lives in lavishness.

Now Lebanese are saying “enough!”
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