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If you read only one book on #Syria , make sure it is this one 👇An outstanding compilation of 12 chapters written by different contributors and later edited by the two brilliant researchers and economists Linda Matar and Ali Kadri
Above book highlights wide income & wealth disparities following the neoliberal reform process. Here is an article I wrote in 2007 on the subject following trip I made to #Syria . See the part on the Prada shoes I observed in one of the stores in Damascus…
Having read the book, I am ready to issue my own Mea Culpa. While pointing out the income disparities over nearly a decade, I thought culprit was the "slow pace" of the reforms. On further thought & reflection, it now seems that the "type of reforms" were the culprit instead
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In a week where the North East got yet another military commander, we got a better look at overburdened infrastructure.

Elsewhere, as MTN gears up to enter the banks’ turf, concern over Nigeria's food import practices conjures a picture of a recently painted but creaking house.
The @MTNGroup's announcement is a positive for #Nigeria's economy as it substantiates previous comments by MTN that it has no plans to exit Nigeria despite its spat with @cenbank over alleged illegal fund repatriation.
The announcement ties into @MTNGroup’s strategy to become the biggest provider of mobile financial services in #Africa.

The telecoms-led drive to provide mobile money services will introduce a new interesting chapter in #Nigeria’s financial services sector.
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There has never been a civil war in Syria. What happened in Syria was an invasion by US-led coalition

#SyriaNotCivilWar #SiriaNotRevolution #SyriaInvasion #USLedCoalitionTerrorists #USLiars #SyriaTruth
The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t… via @GowansStephen
See this theater written by Stephen Gowans to which I have added information I have collected from other sources
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It is worth noting that the lobbyist for Russian oligarch Deripaska went to the Ecuadorian embassy 10 times last year and the 6 visits from P. Anderson @CarrollQuigley1 @BenKTallmadge @almostjingo
2) 6 visits from Pamela Anderson…
3) 10/15/16 Pamela Anderson visit Ecuadorian Embassy 01
10/16/16 John Kerry & Boris meet RE pet terrorists in Syria
10/16/16 3:08 PM pre-commitment 1: John Kerry
10/16/16 3:23 PM pre-commitment 2: Ecuador
10/16/163:25 PM pre-commitment 3: UK FCO
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US Special Representative for Syria Engagement, Ambassador James Jeffrey:

Our objective in #Syria includes the departure of all #Iran-backed forces.

Syria only controls half of the country & most of the int'l community considers the regime as a pariah.
US Special Rep. for Syria Engagement, Ambassador James Jeffrey:

You cannot have a defeat of ISIS without a significant change and end in Iran's influence in this country.
Iran significantly facilitated the rise of ISIS.
US Special Rep. for Syria Engagement, Ambassador James Jeffrey:

The (Iran-backed) Syrian regime is toxic to its own people & neighboring countries.
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One failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza caused:
- The return of the "Axis of the resistance" stronger than ever, recovering losses caused by the war in #Syria
- The embarrassment to Arab states rushing towards #Israel
- A positive push to the Arab population
- the fall of Lieberman
The #US and #SaudiArabia plan to "sell the Palestinians" failed by a failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza. @realDonaldTrump is tasting his first defeat in #Palestine.

The performance of #Gaza showed that #Israel is not ready for war against #Lebanon too.
#Israel should have limited itself to talk about its power rather than use it and fail.

Now we hear: #israel Iron Dome is not hermetic.

400 rockets launched and only 120 intercepted. How about 150,000 rockets and missiles launched by #Hezbollah?

#Lebanon can be tranquil.
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#Israel showed its limitation in comparison to what #Palestinians can do:
1. No logo on al-Alam IED flag indication a unification of Palestinian groups against #Israel
2. Revealed possession of Guided anti-tank missile Kornet: Israel's nightmare in Lebanon 2006
3. #Palestinians fired 400 rockets knowing how difficult is to smuggle these into #Gaza. A #Hezbollah exchange of experience, using a small part of its capability and wait for development
4. Palestinians used a new rocket revealing more capability


5. The cause of #Palestine is back on its track. #ISIS kidnapped the world attention for 5 years and #Hamas lost its main cause during the world attempt - but failed - to change the regime in #Syria.

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After seeing @tparsi tweeting this about a new so-called UN report, I obviously became suspicious and knew I had to take a good look.…
I won’t get into the criteria of this so-called report as I have already debunked the author before in another thread after two #Iran apologists/lobbyists, @AliVaez & @tparsi, tweeted about a previous report of his.
#Iran's regime has destroyed the country's economy for 39 years & counting.
Over 80% of the populace is under poverty, according to Deutsche Welle Persian.

And this was published in March, before Trump pulled out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.…
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Thread: Olive Oil as victim of #Syria’s War Economy

In spite of very favorable crop for olives that is usually grown in Kurdish areas around Afrin & North, #Aleppo residents are having to pay exorbitant retail prices for Syrian Olive oil as it gets shipped to #Turkey instead =>
2-Healthy harvest usually drives retail prices of Olive oil down. On the street of Afrin, a container of 16.5 Kg of olive oil currently sells for as little as SYP 13,000. #Aleppo (40 km away) residents however, are having to pay SYP 30,000 for the very same Container. Why? ==>
3-Armed groups in control of #Afrin are sending the finished Ollive oil to Turkey first. If any of the olive oil were to make to the residents of #Aleppo , the countless checkpoints along the 40km road collect enough fees to send prices of each container up by nearly
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1) BREAKING: US Ends Refueling of Coalition Aircraft in Yemen @almostjingo
@BasedBasterd @BenKTallmadge @wynterklaus @CarrollQuigley1…
2) This is good news and a milestone. The narrative that the decision is in response to "pressure from Congress" is a joke.…
3) Don't pat yourself on the back so fast @HouseIntelComm @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats

H.R.608 - Stop Arming Terrorists Act @TulsiGabbard ➡️Should pass overwhelmingly right?
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#SAA General Staff come to the conclusion that the current Syrian contingent in #AlSafa front against #ISIS/#Daesh militants won't be decided by the present forces & sent reinforcements to the area
At first,only 1 #SAA armored division & 1st Commando Division fought there #Syria
Now almost all of #SAA combat units are concentrated on #AlSafa
1 Armored Division Corps
3 Armored Division Corps
Mechanized Infantry Division
4 Armored Division with Golan rocket launchers
Armored Division
Commando Division
Armored Infantry Corps
Al-Quds Brigade
Elnimer Force
Pic of #Russia/n soldiers participating in #SAA #AlSafa offensive on #ISIS/#Daesh militants #Syria
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Thread 👇triggered many questions:

1-How can Syrian leadership resume relations with #Saudi after its support of the Opp?

2-What about #Iran and will Tehran feel betrayed?

3-What about #Russia and how might this potential shift impact Turkish/Russian relations?

Answers ==>
2-On #Saudi : No question that Riyadh/Damascus rapprochement is difficult to foresee. Note that this shift is being led #UAE and not Saudi. Riyadh is expected to follow and yes, reluctantly. Damascus is just as easy about this given Saudi’s early support of the Opp. BUT ==>
3-When discussing Riyadh/Damascus, it’s critical to think about Qatari/Saudi schism. If forced to choose, who should Damascus side with? Answer: #Saudi . Why? #Qatar is ardent supporter of the Moslem Brotherhood (enemy of both Damascus & Riyadh). Doha is also still supporting Opp
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2-This important shift comes on the back of intense and comprehensive meetings that took place recently in Abu Dhabi. The common objective of the parties is to stabilize #Syria and ensure the return of the secular state that existed prior to 2011.
3-There is no doubt that this new shift will create a challenge for Damascus when it comes to its relations with its long ally #Iran. At the same time, this shift will also be a perfect opportunity for Damascus to prove its independence when it comes to Foreign Policy
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My letter to the EU on Syria

#Syria #EU #FakeNews #EUBadDecisions #TheTruth
I would like to ask the @EU_Commission what you have to do with Syria? Who decides the future of Syria are Syrians are not you. Has Syria asked the EU for any support for the reconstruction of its country? No via @thearabsource
According to the news and I quote "EU will not consider Syria's reconstruction until Assad is out". Who are you to decide that the President democratically elected by the Syrian people has to leave? Who are you to make such statements?
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1- Let's discuss the "facts" as told by Yasuda first: He was kidnapped as he crossed into #Syria from Turkey along a smuggling route by a group of men who pretended they were there to help him enter the country. He was transferred multiple times during his ordeal. ==>
2-Yasuda described how early on he was being beaten, prevented from moving or making any sound for days on end and being kept in complete isolation. He later converted to Islam so his captors would let him pray, giving him a rare chance to move around.
3-At other stages of his captivity, Yasuda's conditions improved and he was allowed to watch television, keep a journal and was assured he would not be killed.
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A former California college student has pleaded guilty to charges of aiding a terrorist organization after earlier arguing he was entitled to immunity because he hooked up with the kind of #Syrian rebels the U.S. has backed ==>
2-Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab admitted in a plea agreement to flying from Chicago to #Turkey in 2013, then traveling to #Syria. The agreement says he joined Ansar Al-Islam, a precursor to the Islamic State group.
3-Al-Jayab told the judge he wanted to fight the Bashar Assad regime, but acknowledged group he was joining engaged in terrorist actions.
He returned to the U.S. in 2014 & settled in California & enrolled at a community college. Agreement calls for prison sentence of up to 15y.
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Today Syrian Archive published a new #RussianAirstrikesDatabase documenting alleged Russian attacks on Syrian civilians and civilian infrastucture… #Syria
This collection presents 1400+ incidents of civilian harm for which visual content was available and verifiable… #RussianAirstrikesDatabase #Syria
This collection contains 3131 videos (40.7GB) from 116 journalists, activists, media and humanitarian groups who witnessed Russian airstrikes targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure… #RussianAirstrikesDatabase #Syria
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The US pretends to support the independence of Syria and Iraq…
#Iraq Hashd al-Shaabi attacked #ISIS in Baghuz, disregarding #US recommendation to keep away from the #Syrian borders.

Iraqi counterterrorism leaders believe the US officials would like to see #ISIS in the area to stop the reopening of albu Kamal crossing between #Syria & Iraq.
Hashd commanders said two #ISIS commanders abu Sayyaf and Abu Leith were killed during the #Iraq/i bombing.

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I've debated responding bc this isn't surprising, but it's still jarring to see how tone deaf, self-congratulatory& unable to learn from past mistakes #Hollywood can be -- despite what might be best intentions on all sides. A thread #Syria…
I appreciate @lenadunham @jjabrams Spielberg using their high profile to highlight #Syria stories.But why not enable Syrian storytellers? There are so many Syrian writers/directors who have lived a version of these stories or are at least way more intimately acquainted w/them
If no Syrians can be found, there are also Iraqi Lebanese Palestinian Egyptian and Arab American artists who are more intimately acquainted with these stories. Some of them are already in Hollywood...
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1-There is no consensus over fate of Idlib, 2-how exactly refugees will return, 3- whether regime should make political concessions, 4- what role Iran should play, 5- under what conditions should reconstruction funding be made. Here are my Answers =>…
On 1- Yea, there is consensus over the fate of #Idlib. It is Syrian territory and participants spoke of need to ensure the country’s sovereignty. The current status quo is “temporary” therefore before the Syrian State reclaims the province hopefully through reconciliation ==>
On 2- Refugees can return to Syria at their choosing and anytime they are ready to reconcile with the State.
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1/ Dearborn MI, Funeral Homes - Part 2
#Huma & #HRC direct ties to Death Industry...
👉🏻 Is #LaFarge - #CEMEX Partnership connected?
Down the #RabbitHole we go...
#HumanTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #Concrete #ChildsexTrafficking
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ For those that didn't read my last thread, #HRC & #Huma ties to Dearborn MI, #MuslimBrotherHood, #IIRO,
#Al-Quaeda all connected...
I highly recommend you begin there first...
#OrganHarvesting #QAnon
3/ ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ this is a tough subject matter, it's horrific & heartbreaking ... especially if you have no knowledge of #PizzaGate or #SatanicRitualAbuse
#ChildSexTrafficking #OrganHarvesting #HumanTrafficking #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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The real importance of France & Germany going to Turkey to meet Putin & Erdogan is that they are effectively hiving off from the US by joining the Astana process. They are breaking boycott of #Syria, while preserving the "need for elections" talking point. (see thread)
We may safely conclude that Assad will not permit any "political process" or constitutional committee to dislodge him or bring members of the opposition to power in Damascus. He has won the war.
Europe is frightened for its security. It does not want the refugee situation nor the Jihadi situation in Europe to be made worse by an Idlib invasion. This is why Europe is in Istanbul. As Macron said, the Idlib deal my be sustained.
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#Israel is expected to receive a total of 50 NEW FIGHTER JETS to make two full squadrons by 2024
The money for Air Force Deals is to come from a historic $38b. #US TAXPAYERS #MilitaryAid package to Israel in 2016, which came into force in Feb. of this…
Understanding #US Military Aid to #Israel
Breaking down the #MilitaryAid provided by the US Taxpayers to Israel.
NOT INCLUDED HERE👇🤨👉US$1.2b. #EconomicAid p/year and/or Tax-exempt donations from American donors to right-wing/extremist groups in Israel.…
Besides #US Taxpayers paying US$3.8Billion Military Aid Aid to #Israel in 2017, Private Donors also get tax cuts👇
#TheCentralFund is a well-known conduit for American donors seeking to make tax-exempt donations to right-wing & extremist groups in #Israel.…
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