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“Belief in the Unseen”
"ایمان بالغیب"
From the book
“Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth” Image
To believe in the unseen is a fundamental constituent of the Muslim faith as mentioned in the verse ... it is a guidance for the righteous, Who believe in the unseen...(2:3-4) Image
The lack of knowledge about things does not necessarily mean that they do not exist. They may exist, but lie hidden behind the veil of the unknown. Image
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इस्लाममधील 'स्त्री' चे स्थान : चिंतनाचा आणि व
चिंतेचा विषय !

• हदीस :

मुहम्मद पैगंबर यांची उक्ती आणि कृतीचे संकलन म्हणजे हदीस. इस्लाममध्ये कुराणाइतकेच महत्वाचे स्थान प्रेषितांचा शब्द म्हणून हदीसला देण्यात येते. काही वचने अल-हदीथ या 'निष्कात-उल-मसबीह' या ग्रंथातील +

#मराठी Image
इंग्रजी भाषांतराच्या खंडातून दिलेली आहेत.
#मराठी #Islam #Quran #Hadis #Allah
१) आपली वासना शमविण्यासाठी पुरुषाने पत्नीला बोलावले की ती चुलीपाशी कामात असली तरी तिने त्याच्याकडे गेले पाहिजे. (मिष्कात-उल-मसबीह २-६१)

#मराठी #Islam #Hadis
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इस्लाममधील 'स्त्री' चे स्थान : चिंतनाचा आणि चिंतेचा विषय !

मुस्लिम धर्मातील स्त्रीचे स्थान काय असते ते जाणून घेण्यासाठी इस्लाममधील प्रमाणभूत ग्रंथांमधील संदर्भ देत आहे.
#मराठी #Islam #Quran
● कुराण : कुराणाला इस्लाममध्ये सर्वात पवित्र ग्रंथ म्हणून मान्यता आहे. यातील प्रत्येक शब्द अल्लाहचा शब्द म्हणून वंदनीय ठरतो. या एकमेव धर्मग्रंथात स्त्रियांच्या संदर्भाने आलेल्या काही आयती :

#मराठी #Islam #Quran
१) जर तुम्हाला भय असेल की तुम्ही अनाथांशी न्याय करू शकणार नाही तर ज्या स्त्रिया तुम्हाला पसंत पडतील त्यांच्यापैकी २, ३ अथवा ४शी विवाह करा, पण जर तुम्हाला भय असेल की तुम्ही त्यांच्याशी न्याय करू शकणार नाही, तर मग एकच पत्नी करा.
#मराठी #Quran
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I'm Sorry, Because Of My Twitter Freezing I Haven't Been Writing Tweets And Did'nt Tweet Yesterday About 9/11. It's Kind Of Working Better Now, But Still Freezing.
As A MUSLIM 9/11 Affects Me Too. I Pray For The Many Lives That Were Lost, May They All R.I.P.🙏 And Incase Some Of You Didn't Know, Some Of The Lives Lost Were Muslims Too. I Will #NeverForget How This Day Changed Many Of Our Lives Forever.

I Feel The SAME As Effendy,That's Why I Copied This Part From:…

We Should #NeverForget The Horror Of America Under Attack On 9/11. But All These Years,We Must Find A Way To Stop Blaming #MUSLIMS.

Sadly,I'm Not Sure Many People Know How To Do That.

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One thing we never seem to talk about on 9/11 is the mass amount of normalized Islamophobia that followed that day and still continues to this day. In the days and months following 9/11, I witnessed women having their Hijabs ripped from their heads. 1/6
I witnessed women wearing Burqas or Niqābs receiving literal death glares and being harrassed by “brave”, “patriotic” Americans. I saw Hindi, Bengali, and Sikh women being harassed by ignorant Americans who can't be bothered to learn about other cultures. 2/6
I witnessed Muslim men being harassed in the streets, publicly shunned, and treated as terrorists because of their culture and faith. I witnessed Sikh men being treated in equally disgusting ways and the same mistreatment of Hindi and Bengali men. 3/6
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I know there are many #exmuslims who have realised that they made the wrong decision but they hesitate to admit it due to peer pressure.
Think about your eternal life
& always remember that Allah is All-Forgiving
Youtube is filled with stories of people who came back to #Islam
These people probably left fot the same reasons you did but they realised they made the wrong decision and valued their eternal life over this short life
If Islam was a clearly false religion you wouldn't have many people reverting back to Islam ! You wouldn't find Muslims in Twitter going with confidence to challenge the #exmuslims arguments head-on

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#Islam divides the world in 3 types and advises #Muslims to behave differently according to the type of land they are in (1)Dar-al-Harb (i.e. Land for War) (2)Dar-al-Sulh / Dar-al-Ahd (i.e. Land for Treaty) (3)Dar-al-Islam (i.e. Land of Islam). Lemme explain the details ..(1/11)
1st type is Daar-al-Harb (i.e. land for war): Those areas/countries where #NonMuslims R majority or where #NonMuslims R ruling. Here #Muslims are advised to silently increase our numbers by all means: over-populating (#PopulationJihad), Converting NonMuslims (#LoveJihad),..(2/11)
, reducing NonMuslim population by rioting and massacre (#DelhiAntiHinduRiots, #BengaluruRiots, #SwedenRiots), Inviting Refugees from Dar-al-Islam (#Rohingya). So now you know why No Muslim country accepts Muslim refugees as it will have no benefit. ..(3/11)
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"Byzantine Empire
Further information: Illyrian emperors

With the disintegration of the Roman Empire, Gothic and Hunnic tribes raided the Balkan peninsula, forcing many Illyrians to seek refuge in the highlands.
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Yaklaşan Saat’te KG Terörü
1)YS'de dünya yaşamını yok edecek arka arkaya iki süreç yaşanacaktır: Birincisi; bugün yaşanan parçalı dünya #savaşının, giderek yoğunlaşan ve yaygınlaşan #küresel savaşlara dönüşüp, sağduyudan, akıldan yoksun hale gelmiş şeytanlaşmış yöneticilerin+
+insanlığın helakını hazırlaması şeklinde olacaktır. Birinci süreç budur.
2) Bu süreçte dünyaya, hakim, gizli, #küresel, parasal, derin #Siyonist Güç egemendir. Önceden masa başında gerekli planlar yapılmıştır ve bu planlar uygulamaya konmuştur. +
#Ortadoğu'daki sözde #İslam toplumlarının iktidarlarının yıkılışı ve ortaya çıkan #kaos,#mezhep çatışmaları,İslam'la alakası olmayan ancak İslam adına hareket eden #Daeş,El-Kaide gibi radikal örgütlerin icrai faaliyetleri bu cümledendir. Linke bakılabilir.…
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Do you know why I feel #Islam is definitely going to capture India very soon like we captured #Afghanistan, #Pakistan, #Bangladesh, #Indonesia, etc. which were once Hindu lands? because Hindus don't understand d fundamental rules & limitations of democracy. Lemme explain..(1/11)
Democracies have mainly 2 types of political parties (1) Pro-Islamist, or purely opportunist parties like AIMIM, TMC, INC, CPI, CPI-M, etc. who prefer to appease dominant group of voters who all vote as one block (2) Truly secular parties like BJP who don't appease anyone..(2/11)
3rd type of parties i.e. Pro-Hindu party or Anti-Islamic party can NOT exist. Not in India, Not anywhere. Why?: If we Muslims are insignificant in numbers, Your religion doesn't have any threat so no Hindu will support Pro-Hindu or Anti-Muslim party. ..(3/11)
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#Islam, #Quran, other Islamic holy texts, prophet and other Islamic figures, and social media posts.
Let me start by stating certain facts.
1. Islam is a world religion, is in the public domain and its doctrines are published in the public domain.
2. The Quran is similarly 1/n
available in the public domain. It is propagated as the fount of all wisdom by certain people.
3. The prophet is held up as the ideal human being by some people, as an important world figure by others.
4. #Islamic doctrines, #Quran are published on social media.2/n
Nothing wrong so far. However, there is nothing right about the things that happen next.
Consider the following situation. Somebody publishes a post on social media saying that Islam and its prophet reformed some pre islamic society, somebody publishes a post comparing Islam 3/n
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In 1310-1311, the Mongolian leader Oljaitu Khan sent a delegation to the Sultan of Delhi Ala-ud-Din Khilji (1266- 1316) ordering him to surrender & to bring his wife as a gift.

Thread 1/6

#islamichistory #history #ummah #islam #delhi #india #pakistan
The Sultan's response was not long in coming, he executed all the 18 members of the Mongolian delegation by having them run over by elephants. After hearing this, the Mongols were so horrified that they did not dare to take revenge.
The Sultan spent much of his 20 year old reign by pushing back the Mongol invasions from Afghanistan.

In one of the most epic battles, he raised an army of 300,000 Muslim Ghazis and 2,700 fighting elephants to defend his capital Delhi. He killed more than 20,000 Mongols..
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Wow! The #ARSEHOLE spoke from #MOUNTOLIVE, #EASTJERUSALEM (CAPITAL OF THE FUTURE STATE OF PALESTINE) with the #DomeOfThRock of #AlQuds in the background!!
Lovely and moving speech by @FLOTUS! BEAUTIFUL!! 💖 😍
Now we know why @FLOTUS redesigned the #RoseGarden the way she did!! 😎
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Thread ( Part-1)
In this part we have covered 4 subjects
The Holy Quran: Defender of Human Rights :
1. Human Rights
2. Parents
3. Children
4. Orphans
Extracts from the Concluding Address by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Jalsa Salana UK 2019
The Holy Quran’s teachings were never changed & will remain until the Last Day. The Quran covers all topics; covers academia, science,the rights of Allah & rights of people. It contains teachings for social interactions amongst the community to national & international relations.
The teachings mentioned in the Holy Qur'an are relevant till the Day of Judgement, and are applicable to people of every age. Hence Holy Quran is a comprehensive and a perfect Book, which details the rights of Allah and His creations.
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Today, as the #Christchurch attacker faces sentencing in New Zealand, CfMM has launched a groundbreaking report, "How The British Media Reports Terrorism."

Here's a thread of some of our key findings.

Full report available on our website:…
Reporting of attacks is inconsistent, depending on who the perpetrator is, with white, non-Muslim perpetrators less likely to be referred to as #terrorists.
Words identifying #Muslims or #Islam are more frequently placed alongside “terror”, “terrorist”, “terrorism”, or “terrorist(s)” in comparison with the most frequent identifiers of #farright or #WhiteSupremacist terrorism.
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#Minorities_In_Pakistan are living the hell life in Pakistan, and the reason is single behind this that:- Pakistan is a _Islamic Nation.

Soon there will be a day when not a single person from a minority live in Pakistan.

1. Another forced conversion of #Hindu girl..
.. Ram Bai forcefully converted to #Islam and married to already man with children from #MirpurKhas.

2. Dead body of a Hindu girl, Diya Meghwar was found in Nasir canal, Tando Allahyar, #Sindh under suspicious condition. She has been missing for weeks.. #Minority_Butcher_Pak
3. A 15-year-old Christian kidnapped by a married Muslim with four children. Soon she will be converted to #Islam and then #Nikah. After some time they will sell her or kill her...
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Did you know that..
German writer, philosopher and painter Johann #Goethe studied (and perhaps) converted to Shia Islam?
In early January 2020, among Goethe's personal belongings, manuscripts were found that shows that Goethe had made a cultural bridge to the shiites in the east.
#Goethe became the main figure in German literature. His works had a massive influence throughout Europe that it became the primary resource in music, poetry, drama and philosophy.
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⬇️Full thread ⬇️


Topic: #Nazi ideology of so called #GreaterAlbania as the main cause of conflicts in #Kosovo, #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Macedonia and #Greece

#Balkans #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #GreatAwakening
As the world’s attention is mainly focussed on #USElections2020 and distracted by the #COVID19, there's a project in progress to absorb #Kosovo, Preševo Valley in #Serbia, southern #Montenegro, #Epirus in #Greece and western North #Macedonia into a single #GreaterAlbania state.👇
On a daily basis people of #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Macedonia and #Greece are threatened with irredentist territorial aspiration by Albanians who openly declare #GreaterAlbania with added lands from these countries. #Kosovo has been violently ripped off and history is repeating.👇
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Le plus grand génocide de l'histoire. Je vais partager avec vous la conquête islamique génocidaire de l'Inde. #Thread #Islam #Genocide ⬇️⬆️⬆️ Image
Au delà des inexactitudes qui sont le lot inévitable de toute narration relative à l'histoire, il me semble important de considérer ce thread comme une contribution à la nécessité de connaître une histoire très massivement méconnue. Celle de la colonisation de l'Inde...
non par les Britanniques, mais par les musulmans. Colonisation islamique qui fut un désastre sociétal sans nom et une saignée humaine dont l'imagination peine à en restituer durée. Une colonisation musulmane qui laisse un héritage menaçant la paix mondiale...
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#اردو اور #پنجابی پر لعن طعن ہورہی ہے اس میں نہ اردو اور پنجابی کا کوئ قصور ہے اور نہ ہی یہ دو زبانیں بولنے والوں کا قصور ہے بلکہ اردو کو سرسید، جناح ، مولویوں نے مذموم سیاسی و مذہبی مقاصد کے لیئے استعمال کیا اس کی وجہ سے تنازع بنا - زبانوں پر تعصب شرعا” حرام ہے

#SNC #AikNisab
صحیح بخاری کی حدیث سے تمام زبانوں کا احترام واجب ہوگیا ۔ مگر تحریک پاکستان کے مولانا ظفر علی خان (پنجاب) کی جہالت ملاحظہ فرمائیں کہ بغیر کسی شرعی دلیل کے جنوبی ہند کی زبانوں کو کمال بے حیائ سے “کافر” قرار دیا ہے ۔ اور یہ تلخ حقیقت شفقت محمود #SNC #AikNisab کی بھی سمجھ سے باہر ہے
آل سعود و وہابیوں سے تمام اختلاف اپنی جگہ مگر اس حقیقت سے انکار محال ہے کہ آل سعود و وہابیوں نے دنیا کی ۹۰ سے زائد زبانوں میں قرآن کا ترجمہ کروایا اور مفت تقسیم کرتے ہیں ۔ اور اس پر جناح و دو قومی نظریہ ٹولے کی جہالت واضح کرتا ہوں #SNC #AikNisab #Urdu #Punjabi #اردو #پنجابی
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💔Shadat (Assassination) of 4th Caliph Hazrat Ali Radi Allahu Anhu in brief 💔A thread👇
In month of Ramadan (40 Ĥijrī) Amīrul-Mu`minīn Hazrat
Alī Radi Allahu Anhu had a routine of breaking his fast (Ifṭār) one night at the residence of Sayyidunā Imām Ḥusayn Radi Allahu Anhu++ Image
one night at Sayyidunā Imām Ḥasan Mujtabā and one night by Sayyidunā
‘Abdullāĥ Bin Ja’far Radi Allahu Anhum. He would not eat more than three morsels and would say (describing the reason for eating
less), ‘It feels good to meet Allah with an empty stomach.’ ++👇
At the night of martyrdom he came out of his home and said while looking at the sky:-" By Allah I have never been given false news; this is the very same night I was promised." (It indicates that he was already aware of his time of martyrdom.)
(Sawāniḥ Karbalā) 👇👇++
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Dear fellow human beings, please allow me to ask a very serious, legitimate question: How much do you actually know about #Muslims & #Islam in #China? May I please borrow a few moments of your time? ⏬ 1/8
Islam was 1st introduced to China in 594 A.D led by Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqas. The Hui-Chinese were the 1st ethnic group to accept it, and it became one of the oldest religions in China ever since. There are currently over 20 million Muslims in China practicing Islam freely.
⏬ 2/8
Imam leading daily prayers and reciting the Holy Quran. This really is the norm in China.

Side note: the oldest Mosque in China is the Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou built in 647 A.D, over 1,300 years old.

⏬ 3/8
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Not endorsing what she said on @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson about Sharia Law in America, but there're reasonable questions on @JoeBiden's embrace of political Islam by participating in an event on July 20th sponsored by @EmgageAction, a partner organization of @CAIRNational

@CAIRNational was co-founded by known Hamas sympathizer, @NihadAwad. There is a great deal of info on CAIR’s ties/links to extremist and terrorist groups.……

Also, @JoeBiden further embraced political Islamists narratives by quoting the Hadith "Whoever among you sees a wrong, let him change it with his hand. If he is not able, then with his tongue. If he is not able, then with his heart.”

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