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🇮🇷#Iran - #Terrorism - Criminal Outsourcing - An unprecedented operation involving 15 international #intelligence agencies has exposed an #Iranian terror infrastructure that was planning a series of assassinations against #Israeli and #Western targets around the world. 1/22
It started in June, when #Colombia's Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia (#DNI) issued an imminent security alert after determining two Israeli businessmen were the targets of an #assassination attempt planned and financed by a high-ranking Iranian #Quds Force officer. 2
That officer, Rahmat Asadi, is regarded by Western intelligence organizations as a dangerous #terrorist.
The businessmen and their families had to quickly leave Bogotá under rigorous security measures. 3
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1/ It hasn't been clear where the UN #FoodSystems Summit is getting its budget from. Using official docs, @larsms has shown that Norway is helping them out:

Question is: Why #Norway & does all this have to do with the #Davos crowd again? Thread 👇🧵
2/ Let's start with a reminder of this infamous deal between the @WEF and the @UN, dating from 2019, before the Summit.…
3/ The person standing on the left in the previous picture, next to Schwab, is Børge Brende, President of the WEF. A #Norwegian ex-minister.
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Becoming Leidah Reviews:

One-minute video (best with sound):
- vertical:
- horizontal:

Text version below.
"A stunning debut that has left me reeling! This story was WILD. Weird, wonderful... magnificent."
Plethora_of_pages, goodreads

#debutnovel #scandinavian #celtic #norwegian #bookclub #litfest #marriage #familydrama #7yearitch #cultureclash #simonschuster
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Here a Thread about #Norwegian and #Peace #politics and the @NATO:
The Norwegians want their government to be more transparent about security policy

#Russia #China #geopolitics #USA…
The arrival of an American bomber squadron for a stay of several weeks in Norway caused considerable political unrest. Critics fear an undermining of the country's security doctrine, which prohibits the stationing of foreign soldiers in peacetime.
The left-leaning daily «Dagsavisen», for example, stated that it was about another example of Norway becoming more and more of a «prominent American military base».
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March, 2019:

"The fourth industrial revolution - it's a fusion of the physical, the digital & the biological world. It's changing not only what we are doing, it's changing who we are."

- Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum


Schwab: "The speed is mind boggling. What I'm particularly concerned about, is how little the world is prepared."

Satya Nadella, #Mircosoft: "It's really the notion of digital technology pervasively impacting every walk of life & every [] industry, in all parts of the globe."
"A Cloud for Global Good"
"Tech for Good"
"Responsible AI"

Holistic linguistics. Marketing terms. Branding content.

Lies packaged as beautiful illusions:…
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Hola @alferdez. Ya se lo están avisando desde el mismísimo peronismo racional. De esos que dicen “que acompañan hasta la puerta del cementerio, pero no ingresan”. Hombre!, deje de hacerse el guevarista que nadie le cree. No le sale. Tampoco lo aceptan los kumpitas de Cristina!
Capte el mensaje de @MiguelPichetto y más allá de su gobierno, el del zabeca de Banfield, @eduardoaduhalde. Aún no tiene una rebelión de gobernadores del #PJ, porque están utilizando ese pequeño margen de suba de impuestos. Pero la #cuarentena termina y Ud. @alferdez les quitó👇
Ud. les quitó un gran recurso extra a sus gobernadores del #PJ. Algo que en la pos pandemia valdrá oro: el turismo interno. Las “low cost” se están retirando del país por presiones de La Cámpora con Aerolíneas con Don Pablo Biró. Se terminaron los vuelos de cabotaje @LATAM_ARG
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2. .@bartongellman writes about #NSA's #PRISM accessing users' data from #Google,#Facebook,#Apple, and "Also a service called #Paltalk,which I had not heard of but which presumably hosted accounts of attractive targets". Why #PalTalk? I think I have an explanation
3. I think it is very likely that #PalTalk was of great interest for the #NSA because it was used by people in contact with the #MullahKrekar.I have read the investigation conducted by the Italian anti-terror police #ROS in collaboration with EU and US
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#Thread here: On this day, 12 years ago I was working with reporters and photographers of #aftenposten covering the #DeclarationofIndependence of #Kosovo. Not only this event changed my life because my country declared #independence but also my work started to be recognized.
Me and my good colleague @kennethandresen (and Chris Paterson) wrote this piece that is still being quoted in the field (…) which provides insight into how an international news event was orchestrated by participants and how news coverage was planned.
Furthermore, our work on #fixers (…) has its roots in the abovementioned study as well. This one is an examination of the interactions between international correspondents and fixers by exploring news production phases, interventions, and capacity building.
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4. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
#ForeignTerrorists #RegimeChange #Imperialism #WarCriminal #Lies #Conspiracy
1. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?
2. Further Proof. The Truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the Govt of #Syria & #Syrian Army?
As you can see, they are #Not Syrians!
Any question?…
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In the early part of the first millennium CE, the #IndoEuropean language known as Proto-#Germanic diverged into an East branch (which included #Gothic) and a Northwest branch.

Northwest then split into West and North branches when Proto-#Norse developed in #Scandinavia. Image
Until the 8th century, #Germanic #languages, including Proto-#Norse, were written in Elder Futhark, the earliest #runic #alphabet.

The name #Futhark comes from the initial phonemes in the names of the first six #runes:
ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ

By the beginning of the #Viking Age around 800 CE, Proto-#Norse had evolved into Old Norse, and #Scandinavia's writing system transitioned from the 24 #runes of Elder #Futhark to Younger Futhark's 16 runes.

The #Swedish #Sparlösa #Runestone from ~800 CE features both #alphabets. Image
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As #espionage & #Eurovision coincide, here's #Albania the 1st finalist in this #history thread.
(Also for my #Australia readers seeking relief from #ausvotes as you start your Saturday, it's impressive you convinced them your continent counts 😎)
Next: #Азербайджан #Евровизија
For #Eurovision #Азербайджан and #Spying studies, here's an article from @warisboring about Azeri #aviation being well-placed to use my #Soviet favourite (Foxbat) to work #intelligence against my #USAF (Blackbird).
Zoom zoom 😎💕…
Next up for #Eurovision finalists with an #espionage twist is #Denmark, whose #Spying #Police (PET) scored a serious scoop in turning Colonel Oleg Gordievsky, the #Russian rezident (lead KGB controller), which later inspired actual #JamesBond plot points:…
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🇳🇴 Some posters from Norway for #Nasjonaldagen ImageImageImageImage
“Down with arms!” – 🇳🇴 #Norwegian poster published by the Labour Party in 1930 showing a worker’s hand smashing a pile of weapons. The artist was Niels Røhder, who designed a few other cool political posters through the 30s - mostly for the Labour Party Image
"Liberators" – 🇳🇴 Poster designed by Harald Damsleth, Norwegian artist sympathetic to the Nazis and the far-right Nasjonal Samling party. It shows a grotesque incarnation of the USA trampling Europe Image
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