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Companies in MA, explore lower rates & combat rising costs for business services (Telecom/Waste/Merchant Services), with Brian Plain at Schooley Mitchell:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford:
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752

"Learn more about #waystoreduceoverhead costs and improve your #bottomline local and online at Schooley Mitchell at:

Schooley Mitchell: Brian Plain & Joe Gifford:
225 Cedar Hill St
Suite 200 D117 Marlborough, MA 01752
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#ZaraBusiness thread!

1/ If you're a fashion lover, chances are you've heard of #Zara. The Spanish fast fashion retailer has taken the world by storm with its #trendy, #affordable clothing.
2/ Zara was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega, and has since become a major player in the fashion industry with over 7,000 stores in 90 countries.
3/ So, what's the secret to Zara's success? One key factor is their focus on speed. They're known for their ability to quickly design and produce new styles, which keeps customers coming back for more.
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#INFLATION IN India does not Exist @nsitharaman
Prices of most #Huble & #affordable #snacks available in #Mumbai—vada pav, bhaji pav and samosa pav—have increased by Rs 2 to 5 in view of the hike in rates of edible oils & commercial cylinders ...2nd time in 2022 #Shrinkflation
Lets start with the Article from #APRIL2022... The rate of oil has suddenly increased by Rs 800-Rs 900 and the price of gas has also increased. Earlier, we used to pay Rs 1,600 for gas and now it stands at Rs 2,300. Green chilly too has become expensive.
Earlier we used to sell each vada pav for Rs 20 but we have now increased it to Rs 22. Similarly, we are selling samosa pav for Rs 23 as opposed to earlier Rs 20, and bhaji pav for Rs 22, up from Rs 20
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As much as I love everyone FINALLY embracing remote work from anywhere, been in this game for a while now…

In 2016, I set out to build a globally competitive AI #startup from Sault Ste Marie, Canada.

Here’s how that went:
I had a vision.
I had a dream.

I wanted to revitalize a steeltown with tech.

I wanted to prove that you could build best-in-class tech from ANYWHERE in the world. In 2016.

I was proven wrong.
I was literally laughed at by Toronto investors.

Most Waterloo investors didn’t believe my dreams could be possible up “North”.

I ultimately determined that local Soo investors would have been more likely to fund a cupcake shop than deep tech AI; despite endless attempts.
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INNISFREE skin care! under 10.00! 1mL samples
#skincare #skincareroutine #skincareproducts #ShopeePH #affordable #innisfree
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 1mL Sample 2021 Renewed
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream 1ml Sample
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LAIKOU Hyaluronic Acid Essence Serum Moisturizing Acne Treatment
LAIKOU Sakura Serum Anti-Wrinkle Eye Essence Cream Anti-Age Remover Dark Circles Fine Lines Eye Care Against Puffiness and Bags Firming
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Excerpts from "'America’s Post-Pandemic Geography' - Covid-19 is transforming all types of communities, from big cities to suburbs to rural areas" - from the Summer 2021 Issue of @CityJournal - by @Richard_Florida & @joelkotkin. A #Thread.

The article →…
1. "The #Pandemic will pass...But in geographic terms, today’s Covid-precipitated crises may well prove to be the most transformative event that #America has experienced since the great migration to the suburbs after World War II."
2. "....centrifugal forces pull some people out of #Cities: families seek more #Affordable space, backyards, and access to better schools. With the wider scope of choice that #RemoteWork affords, some are casting their nets wider and moving farther afield..."
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Excellent #Budget2021 by @narendramodi govt

16.5 lakh Cr Agri Credit allocation&Rs 1.18 lakh Cr for roads

Massive 34.5% rise Capital Spending at 5.54 lakh Cr

137% rise in Health budget

Income Tax scrutiny reduced from 6 to 3 yrs;No Double taxation of NRIs

#Growth,the focus
Hike in Insurance #FDI from 49% to 74%,pro #Reforms💪

#Dividend income invested In InvITs &REITs,tax free

No advance tax liability on Dividend income


#Disinvestment of BPCL,Pawan Hans,Air India,Concor,IDBI,Beml, Shipping Corp--BIG

64180Cr #Healthcare budget-BIG
5 Mega #Fishing harbours

7 Mega #Textile Parks

Agri Infra Fund to be available to #APMCs

Voluntary #VehicleScrapping policy

20000Cr #Recapitalisation of PSBs

#ARC to take over stressed assets

7 Port projects to be developed via PPP

18000Cr for Bus Transport
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#equalpayday today. Full time working women in Australia earn 14% less than full time working men.
There’s a lot we can do about the #genderpaygap. Here’s a start. 1. Better value the work done in highly feminised occupations. Workers in the health and care professions perform enormously skilled and economically important work. They are underpaid. #paythemmore 1/
2. Organisation leaders should undertake a gender pay #audit to diagnose #genderpaygap drivers. @wgea has great resources for this. Because this is such a pervasive problem, there will be issues, be open to that and #actonthedata 2/
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After 6 months of #lockdown and #lab shutdown I spent a full day 9 am-8 pm in lab doing experiments! New #grad students in #lifesciences: There is always light 💡 and #fluorescent images at the end of the tunnel! Filing a #patent on my #invention from #phd work soon @OrganOnAChip
This is an Organ on a Chip platform that enables mimicking #tissues and #organs in a high throughput manner! The main focus will be towards developing #mucosal organs with tissue resident #immune cells and lining #epithelial cells for #testing #COVID19 treatments #covidvaccines
I recently gave a talk at #oooc2020 organized by @GVNlab at @Columbia. In the talk I demonstrated the #ease of fabrication, #functionality, and #modularity of this platform.
We’re open to #collaborate with interested #researchers! Interested to learn more:
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🔊Series alert!

We are thrilled to announce our new series 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐬 (𝐓𝐆𝐬) to put across:
🧐know-hows of TGs for #STIP2020 policymaking process,
🤝bringing fosterers of STIP2020 Track 2 discussions,
⌚starting tonight,
🔄 every evening. Image
𝐓𝐆1⃣ Access👐to Knowledge & Resources📖

Addressed challenges of #openscience🔓 in #India 🇮🇳 by devising sharing mechanisms for #research #publications 📰, #data📂, open-source #software💻, educational #resources 👩‍🏫👨‍🎓, library 📚,#research facilities👨‍🔬… Image
𝐓𝐆2⃣ Agriculture, Water and Food Security🔐🌾🥤🥗

Addresses the creation of a strong nexus in #Agriculture 🌱🧅🥬, #Water 🌊and #FoodSecurity 🌽🔐through a robust STI enabling environment ♻️🌏.… Image
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1. Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. No more impulse buying this year, #Save more, spend less, and #invest more. You know how much you earn. Perhaps its time to increase your income streams.
2. A man whose wife is pregnant has a good 9 months to prepare, the same as the #pregnant woman in question. They should even plan for the worse and only seek help when they can’t meet up.
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Why is MSF calling on #Canada to ensure public spending on medical R&D is used for public health and not private profits? Because we have seen how it can save lives. A thread about #Ebola, Canadian science and the failure of the private sector. 1/12
#DidYouKnow that Canadian government scientists first developed an #Ebola vaccine as early as 2001 — but that it was still not available more than a decade later to help end the West Africa Ebola epidemic that killed thousands of people between 2014-16? Here’s why not: 2/12
Canada’s #Ebola vaccine was developed with public funds, but the medical R&D system is organized around creating commercial products for #pharma companies. So Canada didn’t test or trial its vaccine. Instead, the government left it to the private sector. This was a mistake. 3/12
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Based on 👇

Land,Labour,Liquidity&Laws that are not isolationist but inclusive

Ease of Doing Business

DBT,JanDhan,Aadhar, Micro Insurance,Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Awaas Yojana,PM FasalBima Yojana,Krishi Sinchai,Swachh Bharat--Key Landmarks
GST,IBC&PSU Bank Recapitalisation in last 6 yrs,have been big reforms

52606Cr given via #DBT to 41Cr #JanDhan holders

Free wheat&rice to 69Cr ration card holders

18000Cr tax refunds given

Free cylinders to 8Cr #Ujjwala holders

#20lakhcrores #COVIDー19
Project DevelopmentCells,working for Promotion of Champion Sectors,in States

#MakeInIndia&Upgradation of Industrial Infra,a success&more will be done to #Decongest economy

3376 SEZs&IndustrialParks with 5 lakhhectares,to be ranked& mapped,in terms of readiness for competition
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A detailed #thread on the important #schemes launched by Sri #NarendraModi led #BJP Govt.

Sri @narendramodi ji has launched many #welfare schemes. These #schemes varies from welfare of #Farmers, #housewives, #labourers, #students to small #shopkeepers etc.
@PMOIndia @BJP4India
1. PM-KISAN: This scheme promises to pay all poor #farmers (small and marginal farmers having lands up to 2 hectares) Rs 6,000 each every year in 3 installments through Direct #Bank Transfer. It would reportedly benefit around 14.5 crore farmers all over #India.
2. Pradhan Mantri #Kisan Pension Yojana: To address the problems of farm sector distress, the Modi 2.0 Cabinet has approved a proposal to provide small and marginal #farmers with a minimum Rs 3,000 per #month fixed #pension, costing Rs 10,774.5 crore per annum to the exchequer.
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@dradambanks The entire valuation makes no economic sense. Racism is central to the sys of housing valuation (& racist allocation of communal resources.) *Plus, as a widget, it is used, deteriorating, its systems wear out, grow less efficient/obsolete over time. Why shd it increase in value?
@dradambanks Banks make more $ based on the loan amt. The reason GOp/Reagan privatized public housing was so the banks cd double dip on the financial products: a) interest on the construction loan, then b) tax write offs for capital supplied to build projects. This also adds cost btw..
@dradambanks This entire system built around housing construction, valuation, its financing is a racist based scam... and I’m saying tht as an architect in housing for 30 yrs. I see the financial proformas, the budgets. The banks and developers make out the best — not residents, tenants.
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Increasing development capacity is one policy tool available to @SeattleCouncil to address the #housing #gap for people across the income spectrum.
We must build more #affordable #housing and market rate housing to meet the demands of the people currently here and those that are still coming here.
This #MHA legislation is one tool in our tool box to both incentivize the construction of #affordable multifamily housing or capturing precious and limited dollars to provide to our non-profit #housing developer community to meet the demand for affordable #multifamily housing.
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After four long years of legislative, legal and community engagement processes, we have arrived at a place where I believe it is time for us to say YES to more density, YES to more #affordable #housing and YES to more #neighbors in 27 additional neighborhoods throughout Seattle.
Contrary to the name of the “Select Committee on #CITYWIDE #MHA,” this legislation is not even close to citywide.
There are approx. 127 neighborhoods in Seattle. #MHA only relates to 27 of those 127 neighborhoods, impacting a total of only 6% of existing areas currently and strictly zoned as a single-family home zone.
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#MHA will mean we can build multi-family #housing on more than 10% of the City’s land. It will get us closer to our goal of 6,000+ #affordable units.
It will help us build a more #inclusive city that will bring more #affordable #housing, affordable #childcare facilities, and #commercial spaces that work for our #small #businesses to #neighborhoods all across Seattle.
We cannot afford any further delays and I look forward to passing this historic, transformative legislation with my colleagues. #HALAYes
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Building stronger and more #vibrant #neighborhoods means we also need more #affordable #commercial spaces. #HALAYes
Which is why I’m proud to sponsor an amendment with
@CMRobJohnson, @CMMikeOBrien, @Lisa_Herbold that will make permanent: a requirement for #developers to include smaller #commercial spaces in their designs.
This will help more #entrepreneurs launch their dream of starting a #small #business to serve their local communities or stay in neighborhoods with the community they have built around them. #SupportSmallBusinesses
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Thank you @CMRobJohnson for all the work you've done to push through #Mandatory #Housing #Affordability in our city. It's been an honor to work alongside you as work together to make Seattle a more inclusive and welcoming city.
Thank you @CMTMosqueda for co-sponsoring the childcare amendment with me! A report released by King County’s Women’s Advisory Board earlier this month confirms what we know: one of the biggest contributors to this cost is how expensive it is to bring #childcare facilities online.
I believe #MHA will be ONE important tool to address this – as we build more affordable housing, this also means more #affordable #childcare facilities being included in their design to reach more neighborhoods across the city.
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