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Every once a while, a momentous environmental law comes into force. That's the case of the EU Deforestation Regulation

This is the most consequential anti-deforestation law in history

THREAD #deforestation #climate #biodiversity
The EU Deforestation Regulation mandates extensive due diligence for operators and traders dealing with products derived from

> Cattle
> Cocoa
> Coffee
> Oil palm
> Rubber
> Soya
> Wood

Non-compliance is very costly

Fines for companies caught importing, trading or selling banned products will total up to at least 4% of annual EU revenues. Using Nestlé as an example, this could mean a fine of about $800m

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"In March 2023 the #Forest #Conservation Amendment bill was plaed before the LokSabha. Ms Prakriti Srivastava,IFS (PCCF #Kerala) & I jointly wrote a submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee, link provided at the end of the (long) thread. 1/n
highlighting the imp pts:
Fundamental changes in the proposed bill:
a)Limits the scope & ambit of the original FCA (1980), removing crucial safeguards from a vast majority of India's #biodiverse rich #forests, thereby opens the floodgates for diversion for other uses
b) Undoes many provisions of the existing #ForestConservationAct; c) dilutes the 202/1996 #SupremeCourt ‘Godavarman’ #judgement, overturns its #conservation gains
(d) facilitates privatisation of forests to create plantations
e) shifts focus from conservation of forests to 3/n
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🚨@ShareAction are in Birmingham for @HSBC_UK’s AGM today!

Stay tuned for live #HSBCAGM updates below 👇
Outside, @xrbham are making themselves heard loud and clear on the samba drums 🥁

And highlighting @HSBC_UK #greenwashing with their greenwash bath 🧼🛁… Image
Spotted: a furry friend 🐾

Is he here to sniff out the bank’s stinking oil & gas financing??? Image
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@joan_baxter is one of 140 journalists from 39 media outlets across 27 countries working collaboratively on ‘Deforestation Inc.’ a project of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (@ICIJorg). #SinarMass #PaperExcellence @sinarmas_land…
2) @scilla_alecci Oct. 2022: Four environmental watchdogs allege Paper Excellence and Asia Pulp & Paper used shell co.'s to conceal corporate control by the same Indonesian tycoons accused of clearing more than 2 million hectares of Indonesian rainforest.…
3) Nov. 2017: They show how the Bermuda-based law firm Appleby and brand-name banks such as @CreditSuisse and Netherlands’ @ABNAMRO have continued to help April structure its operations despite questions about the co.’s environmental record. #Deforestation…
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The #Amazon has absolutely crucial functions for the Earth's #biodiversity #climate #hydrology #carbon but is now rapidly changing! We humans are doing so at a rate that far outpaces natural processes: A thread of our Review in @ScienceMagazine… (1/9)
The #Amazon still covers vast areas of tropical rainforest, producing huge amounts of biomass, and concentrates at least 10% of all known plants and vertebrates on Earth. But intact ecosystems are now rapidly being reduced....(2/9) Amazon rainforest as seen in southern Venezuela. Picture by
We show that the rate of #deforestation and #degradation is much more rapid than previously throught, especially in southern Amazon. Main drivers are land-use changes, water-use changes (e.g. damming), and #climate change. These now combined are making a dangerous cocktail. (3/9) Deforestation perpetuates deepling into untouched tropical r
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Vous savez quoi ? C'est mercredi ! L'heure du #thread. On va voir aujourd'hui que les bonnes intentions ont parfois des effets… inattendus. #déforestation. C'est le #thread du mercredi ! 1/n
Et là, vous vous dites euh, mais la déforestation, ça fait un bail qu'on en parle… Certes, mais tout récemment, le 6/12 soyons précis, l’Union européenne a trouvé un accord pour changer la donne. Au moins ici. Là-bas, c’est plus compliqué… 2/n
Mais de quoi parle-t-on ? Juste de l’arasement de forêts pour libérer de nouvelles surfaces dévolues à l’agriculture et le plus souvent pour satisfaire les appétits consuméristes occidentaux (je fais court twitter n’est pas encore à 4 000 signes). 3/n
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Plan climatique européen : des chercheurs avertissent du risque de « sacrifier » des terres au profit de la #bioénergie 🧵⤵️…
Des chercheurs américains et européens demandent à la Commission 🇪🇺 de mieux tenir compte du risque de déforestation indirecte induit par les mesures encourageant la combustion de #biomasse.
Selon les modélisations de ces chercheurs sur le climat et l’usage des terres, en s’appuyant sur les projections de la Commission, les mesures de l’#UE nécessiteraient :
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#Canada accused of putting its timber trade ahead of global environment:
Weeks before #COP15 in #Montreal, leaked letter to #EU shows host tried to water down #deforestation regulations | @guardianeco…
Before & after photos show devastating effects of intensive #logging on #BC’s #OldGrowth forests:
Conservation photographer @TJWattPhoto advocates for protection of old-growth #ecosystems by documenting the loss of giant trees | @CanGeo…
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1️⃣ In the first half of 2022, #deforestation claimed roughly 3.880 square km of the #Amazon rainforest, an area five times the size of New York City.

2️⃣ According to @Greenpeace, cattle farming is the leading cause of the destruction, accounting for up to 80% of deforested land.
💥 In less than two hours, Solomon’s @stea_ari will host the award-winning investigative journalist @Andrew_Wasley from the @TBIJ, specializing in food and environment issues, to discuss the deforestation linked to the #Brazilian beef trade as it has been exposed in recent years.
💥 Over a years-long investigation, @TBIJ along with @guardian and @reporterb revealed that Amazon fires were 3x (❗️) more common in the areas supplying cattle to abattoirs than elsewhere in the rainforest.…
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It’s #SolutionsDay at #COP27. Key solutions to the #ClimateCrisis:
‼️ Phase out all #FossilFuels, NOW not tomorrow
‼️ Halt #Deforestation
Forests play a vital role in:
🧯 Mitigating #ClimateChange,
🐿️ Protecting biodiversity, and
🫒 Supporting the lives and livelihoods of #IndigenousPeoples and forest-dependent communities.
The ability of forest ecosystems to fulfill these critical functions is increasingly threatened by deforestation and forest degradation.
Curbing illegal logging and #TimberTrade is a critical but neglected component in addressing global deforestation.
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STARTING NOW at #COP27 an essential event connecting the dots between patterns of racial injustice, inequality, and colonialism & #ClimateAction.
Follow live:
A thread 🧵

No #ClimateJustice without #RacialJustice. Image
Racially, ethnically & nationally marginalized communities are more likely than other populations to be adversely affected by the primary drivers of the #ClimateCrisis (aka #FossilFuels & #Deforestation) & the measures to address climate breakdowns.
In particular, #FossilFuels not only drive the #ClimateCrisis; they also erode the resilience of fenceline & frontline communities to the ravages of climate change, through their impacts on the environment and public health, compounding climate vulnerabilities.
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🚨🌍 Global Carbon Budget 2022, out now!🌍🚨

It provides the latest update on how we humans have tampered with Earth's remarkable system of #carbon stocks and flows.

So what are the take-homes from our latest update?

@gcarbonproject @PFriedling
It's a story of persistent high global #CO2 emissions, but with some hints (and some hope!) that *total* human #emissions are levelling off.

(Although with considerable uncertainty in the land use change emissions).
But did anyone mention that we need to get that red line 👆 to hit zero to meet the commitments made in #Paris?

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>Maggie Thatcher hatte recht - Es gibt nur Individuen, keine Gesellschaft<



was soll dieser Unsinn?

Nach all den Auswirkungen von 2 Jahrzehnten neoliberaler #Realpolitik & dem daraus resultierenden Rechtsruck grabt Ihr so etwas aus?…
Wer den #Begriff #Gesellschaft gebraucht bedient gemäß dieser Frau Schneider die Narrative des "Sozialismus"?

Sind wir medial in der selektiven #Berichterstattung des zeitgemäßen #Journalismus nun vollständig im #Trumpismus angekommen?
Ist #Soziologie Ausdruck von "Sozialismus!? ❓

Ist unser #Grundgesetz Ausdruck und Manifestation von" #Sozialismus" ❓❗
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@adinarenner @ConradinZ @BarJack @RSPOtweets @NZZ Michelle Desilets/Orangutan Land Trust is an @RSPOtweets lobbyist. She is on the RSPO complaints panel for #palmoil #humanrights abuses & #deforestation complaints. Her NGO receives money from those investigated by the complaints panel e.g @Agropalmaemrede… ImageImageImageImage
@adinarenner @ConradinZ @BarJack @RSPOtweets @NZZ @Agropalmaemrede #Agropalma being assessed by the RSPO complaints panel including member Michelle Desilets of Orangutan Land Trust. The RSPO Complaints panel after several years found in favour of Agropalma not the complainant Image
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A deux reprises, j’ai pris part à des actions de désobéissance civile climat-biodiversité en tant que scientifique. La première fois en octobre 2020 sur le tarmac de Rossy CDG à l'invitation de @NonAuTerminal4 @Alternatiba_ @ANVCOP21 @Greenpeacefr @amisdelaterre @Advocnar 1/
J’étais accompagné de J. Guillet, astrophysicien porte-parole du collectif “scientifiques en rébellion” @SciRebFr. Jérôme, ainsi que 6 activistes, sera poursuivi en justice pour “troubles au fonctionnement d’installations destinées au contrôle de la circulation des aéronefs”. 2/
Procès le 7 octobre 2021. 7 témoignages poignants. L’Etat tente sans surprise (ni succès) de travestir les faits matériels. Que de temps perdu … mais on aura parlé des conséquences concrètes du transport aérien pour le climat et la vie de centaines de milliers de riverains. 3/
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The Dekeyser's Nectar Bat (Lonchophylla dekeyseri) is an endangered and endemic cave bat species from the Neotropical savannas (Cerrado). Follow the line to know more about its conservation status... #Cerrado #conservation #bat #Chiroptera #cave #savanna #mining #deforestation
Even though Cerrado is less than half the size of the Amazon forest, it is a biodiversity hotspot that faces higher or equivalent deforestation rates than the Amazon due to the conversion of the vegetation mostly into pastures and soy bean plantations.
Most of the vegetation conversion to agriculture was only possible due to a technique called "calagem" developed in the 70's to increase the acidic low pH of Cerrado soil. However, part of the limestone used to correct Cerrado soil pH come from limestone exploitation from caves
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Happy #internationalcatday2022 Cats range from being our are agile, intelligent, funny and loyal companions to being apex predators of different ecosystems. Their regal reputation is well deserved. Check out this #Oncilla #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
The elusive, beautiful Marbled Cat is a small #wildcat found throughout #Asia. Near Threatened by #palmoil #deforestation #Chinese medicine and #hunting. Join the #Boycott4Wildlife #Boycottpalmoil to help them #InternationalCatDay2022… via @palmoildetect
DYK Black #leopards only differ from other leopards by the colour of their coat, a genetic variation that's #recessive also known as #melanism. Help them with a #Boycott4Wildlife on supermarket #brands sending them #extinct with #palmoil #deforestation…
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@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans Brendan - you haven't read beyond the playbook of the #palmoil industry.

A report from 71 NGOS shows the @RSPOtweets FAILS to stop palm oil #humanrights abuses #deforestation from entering the EU.
Via @milieudefensie for @EU_Commission
@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans @RSPOtweets @milieudefensie @EU_Commission If u are asking Brendan for the average consumer to have faith in the rampantly corrupt #palmoil industry - the answer is NO @WHO reports that the #palmoil industry is akin to the alcohol and tobacco lobby in their report #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
@bmay @ChrisJTree @apes4forests @Gussets99 @griffjane @orangutans @RSPOtweets @milieudefensie @EU_Commission @WHO Here's a thread about @NutellaGlobal/ @Ferrero_EU and how they sponsor school "education" programmes through @ChesterZoo about "sustainable" palm oil, all while continuing with child #slavery, #deforestation for palm oil.
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Happy #CloudedLeopardDay! #Sunda #cloudedleopards in #Sumatra #Borneo are declining from #palmoil and #timber #deforestation & illegal #poaching The Red List says there are 3,700-5,580 individuals alive (2020). Help them #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
#Cloudedleopards are #wildcats that live in #rainforests from the #Himalayas to SE Asia and southern #China. Considered a 'medium-sized cat', they weigh about 23 kilos. #CloudedLeopardDay #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
Clouded #leopards get their name for their remarkable "clouds" on their coats. Their large paws make them agile climbers and hunters. Their main threat is #palmoil #deforestation. #CloudedLeopardDay2022 Help them and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
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I've read the stories describing the apology tour of Pope Francis. On Monday after his first visit near Edmonton I decided to comment after the saga had unfolded. It was an emotional week for so many!
1/ #PopeFrancis #Canada #residentialschools #truthandreconciliation
We heard apologies, pleading forgiveness, more apologies, recognition of "cultural destruction" and finally on the flight home #PopeFrancis said "yes, it was a genocide, yes, yes, clearly. You can say that I said it was a genocide."
2/ #residentialschools…
The genocide was justified by the #DoctrineOfDiscovery & while #PopeFrancis, #CatholicChurch, & Crown gov'ts are reluctant to rescind it, the actions I witnessed against the #Wetsuweten in their own territory are empowered by the Doctrine.
3/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli @bcndp @BCNDPCaucus
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Soy is one of the most well-known sources of #PlantBased protein.

While many people enjoy dishes made from #soy, others are concerned about soy’s environmental and health impacts.

Today, we are taking a close look at the impacts of soy and the many myths that surround it.👇 1/8
Many people worry that #soy increases cancer risks.

However, these concerns are based on #animal studies, which found that rodents who were exposed to high doses of isoflavones, compounds found in soy, showed an increased risk of breast cancer. 2/8
Human studies produced different results.

A study, which followed 70,000 women over 7 years, showed that those who consumed the highest amounts of #soy had a 22% lower chance of getting breast cancer than those who consumed the least. @HarvardChanSPH 3/8…
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