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L'Assemblea Generale #Onu ha approvato con 93 voti a favore la richiesta #Usa di sospendere la #Russia dal Consiglio dei diritti umani di Ginevra. Nella bozza di risoluzione - tra i co-sponsor c'è anche l'#Italia - si chiede di "sospendere il diritto della Russia di far parte👇 Image
del Consiglio" e si esprime "grave preoccupazione per la crisi umanitaria in Ucraina, in particolare per le notizie di violazioni e abusi del diritto internazionale umanitario da parte di Mosca".
Da notare i voti contrari: #Cina leva la maschera, non più astenuta, ma contraria.👇
Paesi contrari alla sospensione della #Russia:
🇧🇮 #Burundi
🇨🇫 #RepubblicaCentrafricana
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India is first non-NATO country to speak on #Ukraine in #UNSC tonight. Lots of talk about the need for diplomacy, de-escalation, etc. But no reference to Ukraine's sovereignty or condemnation of Russia.
Brazil expresses "extreme concern" about Ukraine in #UNSC, and calls for diplomacy for peace. Does raise sovereign equality of states and territorial integrity.

Avoids using the word "Russia".
Mexico (3rd non-NATO speaker on Ukraine in UNSC) does call out Russia -- a little more gingerly than NATO members but by name -- and talks about Ukrainian sovereignty. Notably firmer than India and Brazil, although also pivoting to diplomacy and dialogue.
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Rekambo chimps in #Gabon’s forests are applying insects to each other’s wounds! 🐵🪰

Whether it's merely a gesture of goodwill or a medication practice, we don't know for sure yet.


📸: Pixabay (Via Canva)

Thread. 👇 Image
Back in 2019, @alessandra_masc, a volunteer at the Loango Chimpanzee Project in #Gabon, recorded a female chimpanzee named Suzee and her son, Sia.

In the video, Suzee plucked an #insect from the underside of a leaf, squeezed it b/w her lips, & applied it to Sia's gash.
Such behaviour had never been observed or documented before!

In the year following the incident, researchers filmed all chimps with injuries. They gradually built up a record of 22 events, most of which involved individuals applying insects to their respective wounds.
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Thread: How #Qatar rigged the #AbrahamAccords to fail
1. In a previous thread, I raised questions about the stalemate & possible deterioration in #Morocco-#Israel-US relations after what seemed to be a promising start.
2. I posited that a group of greedy, corrupt, and incompetent executors from #Israel & the US and their #Moroccan cronies are trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In particular, I pointed to the dubious role of Jared Kushner's group & their counterparts.
3. But there's much more to the story than meets the eye. #AbrahamAccords was a great idea, but when left in the hands of crooks & unscrupulous pawns of foreign regimes, it was designed to fail and ended up being nothing more than a pricey scam attracting chiefly con artists.
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1/ In one corner of the #COP26 forest, we launched a joint statement committing signatories to end international public #fossilfuelfinance by the Dec 2022 and to prioritise $ for the #cleanenergytransition.…
2/ This should shift $24bn that has been going into international public support and subsidy for fossil fuels into clean energy. Critically, this will leverage and redirect many $billions more in private finance, delivering clean power to markets around the world...
3/ It's an #inclusive agenda. It’s not just rich nations, but also emerging economies - signalling they want cheap clean power, and to create jobs & investment and avoid #strandedassets. #Gabon #Zambia #Gambia #SouthSudan #Ethiopia #Fiji #MarshallIslands #SriLanka #ElSalvador...
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A thread about @COP26 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow planned Officials aircrafts arrivals. Let's start here, feel free to complement and put #planespotter picture below from #Scotland !

✈️ 5T-CLJ - MRT001 - 31 Oct: 2 Boeing 737 MAX 8 - President of #Mauritania #Mauritanie Image
✈️ FAB-001 : 31.10.2021 #COP26 #COP26Glasgow Government of #Bolivia Image
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Suivez via ce live-tweet mon discours aux deux chambres du Parlement
Mesdames et Messieurs les Députés,
Mesdames et Messieurs les Sénateurs,
Conformément à la Constitution #Gabon'aise qui donne, en son article 24, le droit au Président de la République de s’exprimer devant la Représentation nationale, je voudrais m’adresser à vous.
Issus du suffrage universel direct et indirect, vous êtes l’expression et l’incarnation de la volonté nationale. La voix légitime, reconnue et acceptée de l’ensemble des Gabonaises et des Gabonais, qui vous ont élus.
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I appreciate @USAfricaCommand General Townsend's effort, but this is a very tired beltway argument about Africa's importance. (1/n)…
There's more to say about Africa's influence in global affairs. From its three non-permanent seats on the security council to leadership positions at the @WHO and @wto. (2/n)
African countries will play a critical role in the fight against climate change. #DRC president Tshisekedi, #Gabon president Bongo, #Kenya president Kenyatta, #Nigeria president Buhari, & #SouthAfrica president Ramaphosa will attend today's summit. (3/n)…
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According to @USGS:

5.4 #Magnitude #earthquake 33 km Northwest of Fougamou, #Gabon

@USGSによると:5.4 #マグニチュード#地震、 ガボンのフガムーの北西33 km
Following is the day plot (unfiltered and not scaled) of Seismograph
G-EDA, #Edea, #Cameroon

GPS: 3.779, 10.153

#Gabon #がボン
#Earthquake #地震
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The final day of the anniversary of Black History. February is just the anniversary. Black History (World History) is 365 days/year. Many are historically illiterate - willingly or unwillingly. I’m grateful for my informal education in our history - at home as a child,
on my own study as a young adult and my formal historical education @ my #hbcu #scsu Department of Political Science & History. I do this. #blackhistory365 #blackhistory #africandiaspora #truth #amlicarcabral #guineabissau #heritage #balanta #akele #gabon🇬🇦
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In Africa there are 54 countries , each one of them with unique architecture and design that represent the cultural identity and history of the people.

54 days , 54 projects one for every African nation .

I’ll start with Morocco I’ll ended in western sahara.

Enjoy Image
Day 1.

Morocco .

This 18th-Century Home renovated in the historical center of Essaouira it is an incredible example of traditional Moroccan architecture .

A traditional house renovated and decorated with a contemporary touch.

Between tradition and modernity. ImageImageImageImage
Designed by the French painter Jacques Majorelle the garden was created over the course of forty years, and consists of a labyrinth of crisscrossing alleyways on different levels and boldly-coloured buildings that blend both Art Deco and Moorish influences.

An hidden beauty ImageImageImageImage
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Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . #AllSaintsDay #AllSaintsSunday @pudicat11 @GingerLGriffin @StevePierce17 @KSPrior @ReynoldsShook @halehawk
Join the people and friends of @LivingWaterLC for online All Saints’ Sunday worship here: . @TheNALC @WaltsDisneyland @EllenPotts13 @1artsciencelife #tribulation #life #Christ #faith #joy
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#PequeñosGrandesHeroes, Capítulo 3️⃣

En esta edición volvemos a cambiar de continente. Estamos en #Africa 🌍 para hablar de un seleccionado que hizo historia en el 2006, #Angola 🇦🇴. Este es un relato triunfal en medio de tantas desgracias. Image
Angola es una nación relativamente joven, ya que se independizó de #Portugal 🇵🇹 en 1975. Si bien es un país rico en yacimientos minerales y petrolíferos, no pudieron disfrutar de los beneficios de esto ya que la guerra civil los atrapó y los hundió en la miseria. Image
La guerra acabaría recién en el 2002, aunque sus secuelas quedarán por siempre en todos aquellos que la han vivido, sea por combatir como por haber perdido a algún ser querido. De hecho, los jugadores de esta historia no quedarían exentos de este dolor... Image
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#NESPAK Making Record By Acquiring 87 Projects Year

Public sector engineering services & consultancy organisation, has made record progress during 2018/19 by acquiring 87 new projects worth Rs11.14 billion 11% more than last year’s Rs10.07 billion said Dr Tahir Masood, MD NESPAK Image
Out of these 87 projects, 76 jobs were domestic and 11 in the foreign countries, i.e., #Gabon, Kingdom of #SaudiArabia, State of #Qatar, Sultanate of #Oman and Federal Republic of #Nigeria.

The major projects included; 800MW #Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project
#Balochistan Water Resources Development Sector Project Solar Water Pumping in Balochistan #Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme Phase-I K4 Water Project Karachi, #Kartarpur Corridor Project #Narowal, Wastewater Treatment Plants for Mehmood Booti Shadbagh Shahdara & Babu Sabu #Lahore
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[THREAD] : Gabon 🇬🇦 - Le coup d’Etat de Février 1964 et la contre révolution française #Histoire #AfriqueCentrale #Gabon
1) Voilà déjà 4 ans que le Gabon petit pays d’Afrique Centrale a acquis son « indépendance ». Il possède en 1964 seulement 523 789 habitants sur une superficie de 267 668 km2.
2) Le Gabon est dirigé depuis le 12 Février 1961 par Léon Mba, un monsieur rondelet acquis aux intérêts français. En effet, Léon Mba avait pour ambition de faire du Gabon un Département d’Outre Mer.
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It's noon and this is the UN noon briefing 3 hours before which banned Inner City Press emailed 7 Qs to @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric and censor @MelissaFleming - no answers yet, cover up of UN rapes and SG waste, Cameroon, Honduras - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MelissaFleming @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Update: It's 12:06 & 3 more correspondents are in for UN noon briefing -- 2 of them wires which never wrote a word about the censorship of Press right in front of them, and from which they benefit - and a minder in the back who said, They'll never let you back in
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MelissaFleming @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked, 3+ hours ago: December 24-1: On #CoteDivoire, what are the comments & actions if any of SG Guterres on #IvoryCoast's arrest warrant for former rebel leader & ex-PM Guillaume Soro who intends to run in next year's prez election?
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UN noon briefing Inner City Press is banned from for 527th day by @AntonioGuterres and @MelissaFlemingmat has started - with @UN_Spokesperson Farhan Haq having refused to answer about UN sex abuse cases, coverin up rapes like @StephDujarric - thread
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press has asked #On Botswana, what are the comments and actions if any of SG @AntonioGuterres on that A Botswana ruling party member has said he took part in vote rigging - in which people voted twice - during the October election?
@antonioguterres @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked On #Algeria, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Kaddour Chouicha was sentenced to one year in prison on charges that appeared to be related solely to his criticism of military and political authorities?
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#Ethiopia's "detention/abduction" of #Lebanon-#Gabon businessman Hassan Jaber is at an impasse.
Circumstances are being described as "eerily similar" 2 Morocco's arrest & extradition to US of Leb millionaire Kassim Tajeddine,a recently-sentenced #Hezbollah financial facilitator Image
Almost a week ago, while transiting from Gabon, Ethiopian authorities stopped Mr Jaber from boarding his flight. He has since disappeared with no word on his whereabouts.
Queries from Leb & Gabonese officials went unanswered. Ethiopia has until Monday before Lebanon "escalates"
The detention's MO while transiting & held incommunicado is very similar to that of Leb businessman Hussein Yassine in #Uganda, only a couple of months ago.
Suspected of being a #Hezbollah recruiter, he was nabbed at Entebe Airport in a joint operation with #Israel's Mossad. Image
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🔍 "Un tuyau d'approvisionnement en eau potable" ?
Une publication relayée en #France et au #Cameroun tente de créer la confusion autour d'un tuyau dégoutant... mais l'image est ancienne et vient de #Thaïlande ⬇️
La publication a également circulé au #Gabon où la société des eaux a effectué un communiqué pour rassurer la population :… ⬇️
La photo apparaît plusieurs fois en 2016 sur des articles de sites thaïlandais : à l'époque, la Metropolitan Waterworks Authority alertait sur une photo ancienne précisant que le tuyau avait été remplacé avant la publication de l'image :… ⬇️
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There have been over 200 coups in Africa, but are they becoming less frequent? #Gabon…
Sudan has had the most coups, with 14. Burkina Faso has had the most successful ones at seven. Image
However, as you can see, this particular way of forcing change is declining. Image
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Video of demonstration in front of Gabon Television centre in #Libreville #Gabon on Boulevard Triomphal. Gunshots heard in footage. Geolocated video to here:… h/t to @john_marquee for geoloc and @CGR_newyork for video. #GabonCoup
Internet connectivity shut off in Gabon: @netblocks confirms internet activity was shut off in #Gabon during the military coup attempt at 0600 UTC. #GabonCoup…
Security forces firing in #Gabon during coup attempt. Vehicles seen moving on Boulevard Triomphal past Gabon Television Centre in #Libreville (seen in background with antennae tower). Footage filmed from here (hole in road visible on sat img):… #GabonCoup
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