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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
22. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼
"#Israel has reacted furiously to a recent speech by #Turkish President Erdogan, in which he compared the treatment of #Palestinians in the #Gaza Strip to the #Holocaust."
New Horizon conference focuses on #Israel's influence on #USA foreign policy, #USA sanctions
#Israeli occupation forces of the #Apartheid regime & #WarCriminals, have arrested the #Palestinian minister of Jerusalem al-Quds affairs on charges of conducting political activity in the occupied territory."
The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday kidnaped 2 #Palestinian children and physically assaulted a mother in al-Arroub refugee camp, north of al-Khalil."
"#Israeli army heavy-duty vehicles on Wednesday morning infiltrated limitedly into the northeast of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip under protection from other military units."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday morning kidnaped 8 #Palestinian citizens, including a minister, during campaigns in the West Bank and Jerusalem."
"#Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday arrested a #Palestinian child & youth in Silwan town, south of Occupied Jerusalem."
"#MP Jamal al-Khudari, head of the Popular Committee against the Siege, said that 2,000 housing units in the #Gaza Strip have not been rebuilt since they were completely destroyed in the #Israeli war in 2014."
"#Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday demolished 2 #Palestinian facilities in the West Bank city of al-Khalil."
"2 #Palestinian brothers were injured by #Israeli occupation forces yesterday during the demolition of their family’s apartment which was under-construction in occupied East Jerusalem."
"The structural inequalities inherent to the occupation are manifest in #Palestinians’ restricted access to family, livelihood, education & healthcare; but also in the freedom to dream, to learn, to make mistakes..."
"A damning new report by #Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has charged #Israeli occupation authorities with policies designed to “forcibly transfer” #Palestinians in Hebron."
🤬Israel’s president tasked Prime Minister Benjamin #Netanyahu on Wednesday with assembling a new government after power-sharing talks with his strongest rival, Benny Gantz, failed following an inconclusive election, Reuters reports.
"#Israel’s central bank on Wednesday called on the government to ease rules on #Palestinian workers who often purchase work permits in the country illegally to bypass restrictions tying them to a single employer, Reuters reports."
"Netanyahu already has a bloc of 55 MKs from his Likud Party & his allies in Yamina, Shas & United Torah Judaism. He would need Yisrael Beytenu, Labor-Gesher or Blue & White to join in order to form a government. All have repeatedly refused to do so."
"When it comes to war, #Gantz is #Netanyahu on steroids. He has participated, orchestrated or led many military campaigns, including ones aimed at suppressing any resistance in Gaza, in Lebanon & during the previous popular uprisings."
Al Jazeera English: "Hamas official: No difference between #Gantz and #Netanyahu"
#Israeli police have arrested 10 #Palestinians in clashes that erupted following the demolition of three #Palestinian homes.
"#Israel is exceptional, no other state violates as many #UN Resolutions & is sanctions-proof! How is it possible they keep 2 million people imprisoned in #Gaza🇵🇸 in a frictionless occupation?!" 🔥

@Lowkey0nline on why people should back #BDS
@Lowkey0nline "King Abdullah II of #Jordan has called the continued occupation of #Palestine & the expansion of #Israeli settlements a moral tragedy, saying it is his duty to protect #Jerusalem from religious & political repression."
@Lowkey0nline "#Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas urged the international community Thursday to end #Israeli aggression in #Palestine.

“What would you do if someone tried to take the land of your country & how would you react,” Abbas told the #UN General Assembly.
@Lowkey0nline #Israeli #OccupationForces shot dead a #Palestinian protester during Friday's March of Return demonstrations.
The victim was identified as Saher Othman, 20.
Another 52 were wounded during the often violent demonstrations, 27 of them by live fire.
@Lowkey0nline #Israeli occupation forces yesterday demolished all the homes & tents in the #Palestinian Bedouin village of Al-Araqeeb in the Negev desert for the 162th time, displacing its residents."
@Lowkey0nline "Scores of #Palestinian citizens were wounded when #Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the peaceful protesters in the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip. 63 #Palestinians were injured by live ammunition & tear gas canisters, including 4 medics."
@Lowkey0nline "The #Israeli occupation forces killed a #Palestinian citizen in the Great March of Return protests. The Palestinian youth identified as Saher Othman, 20, died after being shot in the chest by an IOF sniper east of the middle area of the Gaza Strip."
@Lowkey0nline "The #Israeli occupation forces stormed Abu Dis after a group of #Palestinian youths attempted to dig a hole in the separation wall, which later led to the outbreak of violent confrontations .A number of Palestinian citizens suffered tear gas inhalation"
@Lowkey0nline "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Saturday arrested 8 #Palestinian citizens during home raids in the West Bank district of al-Khalil."
@Lowkey0nline #Israeli occupation forces have arrested over two dozen #Palestinians, among them senior members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), in raids across the occupied West Bank.
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "The Islamic Movement in Occupied #Jerusalem has called upon the #Palestinian citizens in the holy city & the 1948 occupied lands to intensify their presence at the Aqsa Mosque & march en masse to it as of Sunday until the end of the Jewish holiday season"
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday kidnaped at least 27 #Palestinian citizens, mostly members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), during campaigns in different West Bank areas."
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "The #Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday announced their intention to close the Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshipers on Monday and Tuesday over Jewish holidays."
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "A group of #Israeli settlers on Sunday attacked #Palestinian farmers in Deir Sharaf village, west of Nablus City, & stole a large amount of olives."
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway Large pro-Palestinian turn-out in Manchester today to protest the anti-Palestinian Tory Conference | Join us #StopArmingIsrael #ToriesOut
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "The creation of #Israel by seizing #Palestinian land & expelling its 90 % Arab population is the root cause of terrorism, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in his speech at the UN, reports"
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "On the International Day of Solidarity w/ #Palestinian Journalists, The #Israeli occupation forces is deliberately targeting #Palestinian #journalists in both Gaza & the West Bank. In fact, #Israel committed 415 viol's.
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "September, Week 4 2019: #Israeli violence continues with NGO raids, demolitions, abductions (86), holding corpses hostage, spoiling #Palestinian’s vaccines, medicines, and repeated invasions of holy sites."
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "Ismail Ziada, a #Dutch #Palestinian who lost 6 family members when #Israel bombarded his home in Gaza, is taking Benny Gantz, to court for killing his family. Hilla Dayan, who observed the proceedings, discusses the case & its impact on Israeli politics"
@Lowkey0nline @georgegalloway "#Palestine remains a priority Africa,as+than a dozen leaders from across the continent stressed the need for Israel to end its occupation of Palestine & reiterated the inalienable, legitimate right of the Palestinian people to self-determination & freedom
"Senegal,Namibia,Nigeria,South Africa,Lesotho, Mozambique,Mauritius,Burkina Faso,Mali,Mauritania, Angola,Chad,Djibouti,Gambia,Sao Tome & Principe all mentioned the need for the creation of a #Palestinian state to ensure a just, long-lasting peace for🇵🇸&🇮🇱"
"The #Palestinian Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs said that 2 #Palestinian kids under age 18 are in administrative detention, with no indictment or trial, in Megiddo jail."
"#Palestinian citizens of #Israel yesterday held protests against the lack of action by the authorities to stem a tide of violence in Arab towns and villages"
"#Palestinian prisoner, Heba Al-Labadi is on the eighth day of hunger strike after being sentenced to administrative detention for five months without charge or trial."

Female #Palestine prisoner held in stress positions in #Israel jails middleeastmonitor.com/20191001-femal…
By @southfronteng
Philip M. Giraldi: How #Israel Controls Its Narrative
@southfronteng "#Israel🇮🇱 has been left unfettered in its atrocities against #Palestinians🇵🇸 for more than 7 decades, against the neighbouring countries and even beyond that'

-Iran's🇮🇷 Amb. to the UN Esmaeil Baghaei Hamaneh-
@southfronteng An #Israeli settler hit a #Palestinian child w his car E of Bethlehem City in the SW Bank. There are about 503 settler outposts in the West Bank & Jerusalem. Nearly 800,000 Israeli settlers live there & carry out almost daily attacks on the Palestinians.."
@southfronteng "A group of #Israeli settlers assaulted 3 #Palestinian children near their home in Tal Rumeida neighborhood in al-Khalil. The 3🇵🇸 brothers from Abu Eisha family aged 11-13 years old suffered bruises after being violently beaten by #Israeli settlers."
"Abu Eisha's house is located within the boundaries of Ramat Yishai settlement in Tal Rumeida, and they are constantly harassed by #Israeli settlers in an attempt to force them to leave their home permanently."
"#Addameer alone cannot accomplish justice for #Palestinian prisoners. At the very least, there must be a collective global approach to expose the #international #community’s #complicity in #torture and its #fraudulent #HumanRightsAgenda."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday closed the Ibrahimi Mosque to #Muslim worshipers for 2 days at the pretext of securing the place for #Jewish settlers during their celebrations at the holy site."
🤬@UN what are you doing?
"Renowned international #NGOS have urged a senior #UN official to publish a database of companies complicit in #illegal #Israeli #settlements, charging that the continued delay constitutes a failure to fulfil the office’s mandate"
@UN 🤬📢@EU_Commission STOP THIS!
“As a result, there is a clear risk that #European states are directly supporting the maintenance & growth of #Israeli settlements, their residents,& businesses–in contravention of #EuropeanPolicyPositions & #InternationalLaw
@UN @EU_Commission The #Israeli occupation forces at dawn Wednesday raided different areas in the West Bank. Local sources said that a fire broke out inside a Palestinian shop after the IOF stormed Ain Sultan refugee camp N of Jericho City amid heavy firing of tear gas bombs
@UN @EU_Commission "#SouthAfrica’s ambassador to the #UN Jerry Matjila has criticized the #UN for not implementing any of its 72 resolutions which it has adopted on #Palestine since 1948. "The #UN Security Council adopted resolutions on #Palestine without following them up."
"Matjila, president of the Security Council for the month of October, made his remarks to al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper about the #International #Community’s failure to help the #Palestinian people achieve their aspirations for independence and freedom."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday morning demolished a #Palestinian house under construction in Beit Ummar town, north of al-Khalil."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Thursday kidnaped at least 13 #Palestinian citizens during campaigns in different West Bank areas."
"There are 2 million #Palestinians in the #Gaza Strip staring into the abyss of a humanitarian catastrophe which is set to make this tiny scrap of #Palestine “unlivable” by next year, so why doesn’t the #Times take an interest in that appalling reality?"
"..., but the critics of the conditions in that small zoo in the #Gaza Strip really have exposed the value that is placed on #Palestinian lives. We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to happen to men, women & children, as well as animals."
"A major #Israeli supermarket chain is distributing free grocery bags containing the image of an #Israeli soldier who murdered a wounded #Palestinian in cold blood."
"A group of settlers beat 3 children in front of their house in Tel Rumeida near the illegal settlement of Ramat Yeshai in occupied Hebron .The group of settlers severely assaulted the 3 sons of the Tayseer Abu Eisha, who are between the ages of 11 & 13.”
"The #Palestinian Society Prisoner’s Club (NGO) announced that since 1967, 73 #Palestinian prisoners had been martyred as a result of torture during their interrogation by the #Israeli occupation forces."
🤬📢@UN after all you were created to do what🤔?

#SouthAfrica’s Ambassador to the #UN Jerry Matjila has criticised the #UN for not implementing any of its 72 resolutions on #Palestine since 1948."
@UN "#Israel has successively driven a wedge between #African countries, which, at one point, were united in their unconditional support of the #Palestinian struggle against #Israeli #MilitaryOccupation & #Apartheid."
@UN "#Palestine gained membership of the Human Rights Committee of the Arab League.
In accordance w/ the membership, Palestine will be required to report on human rights situations;in particular violations of human rights by the #Israeli occupation authorities
@UN 🗣️‼️#America stop sending your money to #Israel #Apartheid & #WarCriminals‼️

#Israeli occupation forces demolished 3 houses & several commercial & agricultural structures in #Jerusalem & Beit Ummar, NW of #Hebron, over a 24 hour period.
@UN "1 #Palestinian protester was killed & 5 others injured by #Israeli gunfire in N Gaza Strip.
Since the Gaza rallies began in March last year, nearly 270 protesters have been martyred & thousands + wounded by #Israeli forces at the security fence w/ Gaza."
@UN "Former #Israeli army General Yair Golan compared yesterday #Israel’s right-wing politicians to the #Nazis.
“I’m reminding people that the #Nazis came to power democratically, so we have to be careful, very careful, so that #extremist figures with a #messianic view won’t exploit #Israeli democracy to replace the system of government.”-General Yair Golan-
This isn't the first time Golan has likened #Israeli policies to those of the #Nazis, in May 2016 during a speech to mark #HolocaustDay, he claimed "the horrific processes which developed in Europe & led to the Nazi genocide were present in #Israel today"
"According to local sources, the #IOF kidnaped 3 brothers identified as Qasam, Naseem & Aseel al-Barghouthi after ransacking their home in the town. Earlier at dawn, the IOF kidnaped a young man called Abbad al-Barghouthi from his home in the same town."
"The #Israeli occupation police on Thursday evening kidnaped Sheikh Najeh Bukairat, deputy head of the Islamic Awqaf Authority in Jerusalem, from a hotel during his participation in a cultural event."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Thursday afternoon stormed at-Tayba town in the west of Jenin city & demolished a #Palestinian house under construction."
"Senior Hamas official Ra’fat Murra has called for launching a campaign to protect the Aqsa Mosque against the #Israeli occupation’s practices and violations."
"The Gazan Fishermen Committee said that #Israeli gunboats heavily opened fire at #Palestinian fishermen off the shore of Deir al-Balah City in the middle area of the Gaza Strip, in Gaza waters. 2 fishermen suffered minor injuries in the attack."
"The #Israeli occupation forces stationed at the border between the Gaza Strip & the 1948 occupied #Palestinian territories opened fire at #Palestinian farmers working in their lands east of Khan Younis in the S Gaza Strip.
No injuries were reported."
"The #Israeli occupation forces violently attacked the peaceful demonstration, which protests the settlement construction on #Palestinian land, firing rubber-coated metal bullets, stun grenades & tear gas canisters at the protesters."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed a #Palestinian citizen and wounded dozens others on the 77th Friday of the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip."
Via @swilkinsonbc
The arrogance of Jason Greenblatt calling on donor countries to halt funding for #Palestinians [since #Israel has no intention of peace] #BDS
@swilkinsonbc Thousands protest police inaction on crime in #Israel's Arab communities
@swilkinsonbc "Since December 2017, when #Trump announced his recognition that “Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital”, at least 481 #Palestinians have been murdered by #Israeli forces according to a new report."
21stcenturywire.com/2019/10/04/isr… via @21WIRE
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE 🗣️Americans, you get ready, your commander in chief needs more money (from your taxes) to continue his policy of #Apartheid and the #destruction of neighboring countries to create the Greater #Israel project🙄
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE #Israeli Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich says #Arabs are "guests" in #Israel as he unleashes a barrage of racially-laced attacks on #Palestinians.
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE "#Palestinian MP Jamal Al-Khodari stated on Friday that 100% of #Palestinian factories in Gaza have suffered partial or full damage, resulting from the 12-year-long #Israeli siege."
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE #Israeli occupation authorities will release 1.8 million NIS ($517 million) from the tax revenues of the #Palestinian Authority (PA) blocked by #Israel, Israeli television Channel 13 reported on Friday."
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Saturday assaulted the #Palestinian citizen Mohammed al-Jamal in his home in al-Khalil City and prevented #Palestinian medical crews from providing him first aid."
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE "The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Friday night stormed Azzun and Kafr Thuluth villages east of Qalqilya City, closed an agricultural road, and clashed with #Palestinian residents."
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE "The #Israeli occupation forces at dawn Saturday arrested 2 #Palestinian youths in al-Isawiya village, NE of Jerusalem City. The Israeli forces abducted Yousef Obeid & Nadim Obeid, who are in their twenties, at a checkpoint at the S entrance to al-Isawiya"
@swilkinsonbc @21WIRE "Safa news agency said, quoting eyewitnesses, that #Israeli gunboats heavily opened fire at #Palestinian fishermen who were working within the permitted area, but no injuries were reported."
"The #Israeli occupation navy on a regular basis attacks #Palestinian fishermen in #Gaza in a blatant violation of the ceasefire agreement signed between the #Palestinian resistance groups in #Gaza and #Israel under the auspices of #Egypt in 2014."
"A number of #Palestinian citizens were injured on Saturday when the #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked a demonstration in support of hunger-striking prisoners in #Israeli jails near Ofer Prison in Ramallah."
"Meanwhile in Jenin, dozens of #Palestinians took to the streets in support of the #Palestinian detainee Tareq Qa'dan, who has been on hunger strike for 67 days in protest at his administrative detention, and other hunger strikers."
"The #Israeli occupation is holding about 5,700 #Palestinian prisoners in its lock-ups, including:
☑️230 #children;
☑️48 #women;
☑️500 administrative detainees;
☑️1,800 prisoners with serious health problems."
"In its most recent annual report, #Amnesty noted how “torture and other ill-treatment of detainees, including children, remained pervasive and was committed with impunity by #Israeli forces."
"Other NGOs have documented the use by #Israeli interrogators of physical violence, stress positions & sleep deprivation – methods deployed while the #Palestinian prisoner is denied access to a lawyer."
"An academic study published in 2015 found that “sexual ill-treatment is systemic”.
"In 2017, Haaretz reported on #Israel’s torture methods as confirmed by interrogators themselves, and cited a piece published two years earlier that suggested the “use of torture was on the rise”.
"As human rights NGO B’Tselem describes, Shin Bet agents thus continued to use methods “that constitute abuse & even torture … These methods were not limited to exceptional cases & quickly became standard interrogation policy.
In a November 2018...”
"The impunity enjoyed by #Israeli forces for the violent and degrading treatment of #Palestinian prisoners makes international pressure and intervention essential."
"The #Israeli occupation forces on Saturday night stormed al-Isawiya & arrested the #Palestinian youth Basel Obeid, 21, near his home in al-Shahid neighborhood."
"The #Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday stormed different areas in the West Bank and arrested a number of #Palestinian citizens."
"Scores of #Palestinian citizens, including children & women, on Saturday night choked on tear gas fired by #Israeli occupation forces during a raid on Azzun town, E of Qalqilya City. Over 20 citizens suffered breathing difficulties."
"A horde of #Jewish settlers at dawn Sunday infiltrated into Qira village in northern Salfit in the Occupied West Bank, sabotaged car tires & defaced cars and walls with racist slurs."
"Dozens of #Jewish settlers on Sunday morning barged into the Aqsa Mosque compound under tight #police protection.
According to the Islamic Awqaf Authority, 121 settlers desecrated the Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards, amid attempts by settlers to perform rituals"
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