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1)Gone are the days when I thought #colonization was about skin color but I was wrong,black people can colonize other black people.A circle of #Tutsi #supremacists heavily supported by western nations are doing whatever it takes to colonize Africa on behalf of their masters! Image
2)The world's most admired president,Paul #Kagame,is doing to #Congo what King Leopold II of Belgium failed to accomplish.While King #Leopold killed more than 8 millions of #Congolese,Kagame is outnumbering him,he has killed more than 10 million and still killing with impunity! Image
3)Since colonization ended,they had to look for new ways to do it. Crazy #Kagame and his team of damn #fools took the job.They work as agents to former colonizers.They use their black skin to fool Africans and yet cause the same sufferings that the colonial era did to #Africans!
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1)How long shall it take for these western #newspapers to stop demonizing the Hutu?They keep feeding the world with lies intentionally!More than 2 millions of Hutu refugees who fled to Congo didn't flee because they had killed the Tutsi!They fled #RPF's horrible killings in 🇷🇼! Image
2)After 1994,the mainstream media created that narrative,that Hutu who crossed to Congo were killers,to justify the RPF's invasion on Congo!RPF had the benefit of killing all the Hutu intellectuals to hide it's own crimes and superpowers wanted to loot Congo's natural resources!
3)That's why the mainstream medias always conclude their articles on Congo,that instability there started after those who took part in the genocide fled into Congo.They do that to hide you that actually instability in Congo started when they armed Rwanda to loot Congo's riches!
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1. #MaxHastings needs to bone up before sketchily declaiming ‘#histrionics in the #West’ about #ChineseBeltandRoad #lending, @thetimes 30 July 22, p 33. Becoming, like that #LeCarré, another raging '#nationaltreasure' discharging disaffected drivel.
2. Surmises of #moralequivalence between #Chinese and #Western rapacity by #MaxHastings are tenuous. #Pakistanieconomists, long critical of the #BRI, would remind him how 27% of #Islamabad’s #externaldebt, $90bn as of April 2021, is now owed to #Beijing.
3. #Pakistan, since 1988, has been bailed out 12 times and in talks for a thirteenth reprieve as it requires at least $41bn to sustain #foreignexchangereserves. #IMF suspicion of #dodgyChinese #powercompanies borne out in recent #reports.
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Where is #BlackLivesMatter while #Russia uses native people for its colonial war by contract enforcement? Why don't you protest in front of the #russian embassy against systemic #racism? Like many people around the world supported Afro-Americans. Solidarity!
2/ @Blklivesmatter could you finally turn your attention to the problem of #racism in #Russia and the bloody exploitation of #indigenous peoples there?
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The tragedy of #Sudanese & sub-Saharan #African #migrants in #Morocco #Spain border, hasn’t had much coverage- as far as I can tell.

It was well documented by the AMDH -Nador:

This🧵 is dedicated to the dead, missing & survivors!

I’ll start with @pavan_777 excellent report:
“At least 37 deaths were confirmed by the NGO Walking Borders, while Moroccan authorities claimed that 23 died in a “stampede”

#Morocco has been so eager to please the EU at any price.

#Sudanese #Africans…
Association Marocaine des Droit Humaines - Section Nador - has been following up on the victims.
Information & photos are published regularly on their Facebook page:
I’ll compile a list to raise awareness & maybe help identify someone.
#Sudan #SudanCoup
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The fate of #refugees (#Ukrainians,#Syrians, #Afghan, #Africans)literally depends on WHERE they filed their applications. Read our fresh report based on original data,which shows that Boston Asylum Office fosters a culture of suspicion toward #AsylumSeekers @ACLUMaine @ILAPmaine Image
-From 2015 to 2020, the Boston Asylum Office approved a mere 15% of asylum applications compared to the national approval rate at 28%.
-The approval rate in Boston plummeted to 11% in 2021, while the national average remained at 27%…
-@ACLUMaine @ILAPmaine Refugee and Human Rights Clinic (RHRC) at @UMaineLaw + me, analyzed 1000s of documents obtained through FOIA & conducted 100+ interviews to answer a simple question:

- Why does the Boston Asylum Office approve such a small percentage of asylum cases? Image
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Be ready: The war is not between #Russia and #Ukraine. It is between the #USA & Russia. It is between #NATO and Russia. Ukraine is only the beginning and if Europe wants to avoid what comes next, diplomacy is the only way forward. Warmongers are thrilled to see more conflicts.
Prsdnt Putin explained that NATO should return to the limit of 1997 before 16 new countries were added. The #US violated the spirit of the 1990 agreement between Gorbachev & Regan. The Ukrainian military op is only the beginning of a harsh wrestling match between Russia & the US.
The problem is the fact that the 16 countries added to NATO have also US military bases. If #Russia wants to de-nuclearise all former Soviet Union countries, it means a much larger scale conflict that has only begun in #Ukraine.
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"The @KyivIndependent recently did a spotlight on many different charities across #Ukraine."

▪Charities that help the war effort, children, elderly, animals... for blood donation and more.

All are linked in post. Please RT.

#UkraineWar #UkraineInvasion…
This list was published by Forbes Magazine

10 Ways To Help The People Of Ukraine Right Now via @Forbes…
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#HopingAgainstHope: Panafricanism and the fight for Southern Rhodesia [Zimbabwe]

1/ Between 1970-73, the UK & US vetoed 5 resolutions against white minority dictatorship in S. Rhodesia. The proceedings of the UNSC meeting are eerily reminiscent of our current situation.
2/ In 1972, OAU held a meeting in Addis opened by HIM Hailesselassie to strategize further with regard to the situation in S. Rhodesia & the role of the UN. In 1973, a UNSC resolution was tabled by Kenya & Guinea calling for action against the illegal white minority gov't of SR.
3/ Odero-Jowi, representing Kenya gave a very elegant and moving speech against this debacle and rebuked the members of the UNSC[UN & UK] that consistently stop resolutions against the white minority govt of SR through what he aptly called "velvet vetoes."
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#BlackPawns vs. #ProudBlacks

1/ Taking the conflict in N. Ethiopia as an opportunity, #African and #Ethiopian elites who despise #Ethiopia and #panafricanism have come out of the woodwork in droves.
2/ These are people who grew up convinced that it was a great miscarriage of justice that they were born black. Deep inside they keep thinking they should have been born white. The injustice of it all!
2/ They spend their whole lives chasing after the illusory dream of being as light skinned as possible. They work hard, they cajole and beg and suck up to their bosses. They even pray! And yet, they wake up every day bound in that black skin.
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‘The Nairobi Mafia,’ a term used by Somalis to describe a coalition of diplomats, journalists, so-called experts, consultants, international NGOs, former Somali warlords, and businessmen.

This group has now turned their attention to #Ethiopia.…
The 'Nairobi Mafia' work in cahoots and are the go-to guys for #Somali affairs (now #Ethiopia)
In fact, they have been running Somalia (planning to run #Ethiopia) from their Nairobi offices for many years (to come); advising and influencing key international players.
Most of them earn a handsome salary, live in big villas and lead a comfortable life. Hence, they regard the establishment of a Somali authority (now Ethiopia) as a threat to their livelihood. They discredit and dehumanise any Somali (anyone) who attempts to challenge their power
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Sept 29 2021: On sidelines of 76th session of the UN Gen. Assembly, the #G7 Partnership for Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion in #Africa. #Gates

Framed as inclusion - in reality, entry point into #debt economy for billions w/ absolute compliance.


#WorldBank, July 22, 2021: "Building on existing international norms, the ID Principles were first developed and published in 2017 by a group of orgs committed to supporting the development of identification systems"

#SDGs #digitalidentity #ID4D

#blockchain will further chain impoverished:

"Our loan officer is that SIM card in the device that can shut it off remotely," ... "We know that it's important for them to keep their lights on at night, so they can be counted on to keep paying."

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“The West” will always reap what it sows in #Africa.

In the very same “IGAD region”, Salva Kiir & Riek Machar - with the help of #Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni - did exactly the same thing in #SouthSudan.

Yet, the then @BarackObama administration of the #USA, the Europeans, & the...
...other “free democracies” of the @UN, still allowed all of those #African leaderships to remain in power without any accountability for orchestrating similar massacres.

So what’s the difference with what they did; & what’s now gotten the very same “West”, so upset with...
...the leaderships of #Ethiopia & #Eritrea?

You cannot open up “The Pandora’s Box”, & then just expect to be able to just close it just like that.

Moreover, it’s all now building within all of the various “fake democracies” of the @_AfricanUnion; & all because of the...
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The reason there is the "Only for use in Africa" label on some vaccines. Please bring every #African here:
The fundamental reason is essentially one of supply management so that #Africans also get a sizeable share of the vaccine within a reasonable time frame. In other words, it is a way to reserve a portion of the vaccine for #Africa.
It is meant to secure the vaccines for #Africa - it is the manufacturers, being aware of the scarcity of the vaccine, proactively managing supply so that there is some for #Africa.
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Why don't they just leave #Africa alone? The #DSIAfricaProgram gives me the creeps. #IBM, #Philips, #GatesFoundation all there, ready to experiment on them. Note 'mining of text or data to discover trends' in 'Using Data Science to Fight Covid'…
They partner with #AmazonWebServices & #GoogleCloud. Also, AI is being used for 'Biomedical Excellence' #AIBLE to create Data Design Centres- what's that? How to invent a pandemic based on fake positive cases of the non-existent virus?
Oh look, what have we got here? An International #Covid19DataResearchAlliance provided by, of course, the #GatesFoundation
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Dear Youth,
In light of #AfricaYouthDay yesterday, and throughout #Africa Youth Month, I will be supporting the @_AfricanUnion's call on all young people to view their #natural spaces as opportunities to influence their #communities and consequently the #African...

... continent with the aim of encouraging young #Africans all over the world to see themselves as integral to achieving Agenda 2063.

To build a community of youth experts and voices on key #development issues to drive the promise of African achievement
@ossap_sdgs @estherclimate
I support the @wellbeingafrica For Women Africa's Youth Initiative, which has mentored and provided micro-grants to support over 63 youth partners in global #development, from 18 African nations in building a body of over 194 published research editorials in the last four years
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Did you know that Language-on-the-Move has an archive of posts related to #language and #racism?

Our #Top10 favorite posts about language and #race outside the USA, in the thread below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Can a universal concept of #Orientalism explain the diverse representation of non-Europeans by Europeans and the subsequent multiple forms of cultural engagement ranging from clashes to cooperation? @gegentuul…
While we have become increasingly vigilant with regard to #discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality or disability, #linguistic disadvantage is far more difficult to recognize…
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1] Received the news of the demise of #Burundi #Pres #PierreNkuruzinza with mixed feelings.

Whereas i immediately felt compassion for his loved one, can't help but feel ashamed as an #African.

Like many others, his #Presidency captured what is wrong with #African #politics. Image
2] For those not aware, #PresNkuruzinza had just finished his controversial 3rd term which began in 2015.

Many #Burundians were massacred for opposing his last term.

He had become obsessed with his #Presidency like many other #African despots.

Ofcourse #AU just watched. Image
3] Before #PresNkuruzinza stepped down, he pushed #Burundi into an election in the middle of #covid_19

He recklessly held rallies all over #Burundi

@WHO officials who cautioned his reckless conduct where simply expelled from #Burundi.

For him, #covid_19 was just a distraction. Image
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A few thoughts on some lessons about the "post #COVID19" economy ahead of the conversation tomorrow. Firstly, if Africa must walk away with yet another lesson it should be that there is no viable GLOBALIZATION without INDIGENIZATION. A thread
Local value chains that improve the quality of life at home, supported by local skilled labor, producing quality goods and services – determine how you take advantage of external markets as well as your resilience when those markets and supply/demand chains are unavailable.
Second, where technology is required and is dominant as a factor – those who produce such technology or are majority innovators are also dominant forces. For example, profits from the so-called surveillance economy of data products still flows out of #Uganda and not in
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Developing #ChineseVirus vaccine

Developing #TablighiJamatVirus
Contrast in Media Coverage #AntoniaMaino

Learn. Share. Act. ImageImage
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Exclusive: #Africans Not Allowed into #McDonalds in #Guangzhou, #China
A friend's African friend living in Guangzhou, #Guangdong Province not allowed to visit McDonald's during #CoronavirusPandemic. People are encouraged to notify the police "for medical isolation" if they...
...see any Africans. According to an official notice issued on Apr. 11 by Guangzhou Nolan Fine Chemical Co., over 1000 Africans in Guangzhou tested positive with #CCPVirus #COVID2019 at Kuangquan Street, Yuexiu District in Sanyuanli, #Guangzhou, #China. Anyone who spots...
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I can see Western “experts” are struggling to come to terms/explain why #Africans, with our poorly equipped health systems, are not dying (at least as much as Americans & Europeans) from #Covid_19. Many think we are actually dying but underreporting. Let me hazard a few guesses.
I promised a blog on this. I will, but let me first tweet a few ideas. I think structural factors (demographics, weather, population densities and settlement pattern, levels of urbanization etc) could’ve helped Africa to limit the spread of #COVID19, at least for now. 1/
Africa’s much younger populations (median age is 20, with countries such as Uganda 15 and Niger 14) means we’re less likely to notice the virus even if it struck at community level (which it hasn’t). It hasn’t because our mobility levels are low and the virus arrived late. 2/
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Many #Africans think Western media is rather disappointed that the #COVID19 is not as sexy as the movie Outbreak - starting deep in an African jungle with White Saviors not white victims
They question headlines such as this one by France24…
Plus this coverage by the BBC - one of the most respected news brands on the continent…
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@unhcr #UNHCR

According to research by the weekly magazine "@sternde", employees of the @UN refugee agency @Refugees were able to enable #Africans to move to the #West in exchange for #cash payments. Among other things,
the #employees issued false #papers with which the #Africans made it onto the coveted lists of the so-called "resettlement" program.
Several western states, including #Germany, offer refugees who are particularly worthy of #protection a secure future in their country. Above all,
people who are at risk of #disease and #persecution should benefit from this.However, since there are currently only 50,000 to 60,000 such resettlements per year worldwide, the chances of getting one of the places are negligible.
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