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1. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼
2. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼
3. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼
4. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼
5. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼
6. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world🤨👇🏼
By @KNienhusser
Amazing the power they have over congress that only this former congressman is willing to say anything that is so blatantly obvious to those who have opened our eyes and minds.
By @PressTV
Israeli forces injure 60 Gazans, 15 of them children ptv.io/2j7G
Palestinian man succumbs to injuries sustained during Israeli troops’ live fire in Nablus

#BreakingNews #FreePalestine
By @telesurenglish
April 26
“A major fiscal crisis, coupled with growing humanitarian needs and lack of a political prospect for a negotiated solution, threatens the stability of the West Bank" bit.ly/2GEf3uH
By @telesurenglish
How one teacher in Palestine brings joy to children's lives.
Notre Dame of Gaza: Our Mosques and Churches are Also Burning mintpressnews.com/notre-dame-gaz…
Will New Netanyahu Coalition and Kushner’s “Deal” Bring Destruction to Jerusalem’s Golden Dome? mintpressnews.com/will-new-netan…
Human Rights Watch Report Reveals Major Free-Speech Impact of Anti-BDS Movement mintpressnews.com/human-rights-w…
Three major Israeli hospitals have admitted for the first time that they have practiced segregation of Palestinian mothers from Israeli ones in maternity wards.
"60🇵🇸protesters were reportedly injured on Friday due to the🇮🇱repression of the weekly Great Return March protests on the eastern border between Gaza & the🇵🇸lands occupied in 1948".
"Medical sources said that🇮🇱occupation forces targeted the protesters w dozens of tear gas canisters directly after they started to gather,which caused several protesters to be suffocated,while a protester was wounded in his head by a tear gas canister".
"A United Nations (UN) report published Thursday warns that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is facing “unprecedented” financial challenges due to loss of revenue and extreme austerity measures".
"The decision casts doubt on the constitutionality of state efforts to undermine the movement known as BDS,for boycott, divestment & sanctions. Modeled on the anti-apartheid movement in🇿🇦,the campaign aims to leverage economic pressure on🇮🇱to win🇵🇸rights".
"A 🇵🇸teenager identified as Omar Awni Younes, 20, died yesterday at the 🇮🇱hospital of Beilinson from wounds he sustained last week, when he was shot & critically injured by🇮🇱forces near Nablus in the occupied West Bank, the Ministry of Health said.
"A major conference on the Palestinian cause kicked off Saturday in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

“The Palestinians deserve their fundamental political & human rights. They too deserve justice & statehood-The university’s Vice President Prof. Nasuh Uslu".
"Chief of studies & documentation unit in the detainees & former detainees affairs committee Abdel Naser Farwaneh said that over 50,000 arrests against 🇵🇸children have been documented since 1967, 16655 of which happened after the Al Aqsa uprising in 2000".
"On Christmas Eve,1951,🇮🇱demolished all the🏘️of the village,which had a population of 490 in 1945.Some of the villagers fled to🇱🇧& to neighboring🇵🇸villages. In 1954,the SupremeCourt of Justice in🇮🇱approved the return of the people of Iqrith & Kafar Birem..
It seems Kushner’s main goal is to break the🇵🇸’spirit & their hope for a SovereignState on all TerritoriesOccupied in 1967,in order to force them to settle for autonomy in parts of these territories w a down-the-road option for a“Gaza first”pseudo-state...
By @accouder
Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3,000 Years
by Israel Shahak
Free download all formats
The truth about fundamentalist Judaism & their contempt for non Jews
By @accouder
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who moved to Israel from France in the 1960s, suggests fire that gutted #NotreDame may have been divine retribution for burning of Jewish manuscripts in 👉1242
"The General Authority for Civil Affairs (PCA) concluded April 10 an understanding with the🇮🇱authorities allowing farmers in the West Bank villages of Jinsafut in Qalqilya governorate and Deir Istiya in Salfit governorate to regain access to their lands".
"Peace Now: The sole reason for building these roads is to “expand the settlements & advance the annexation of the territories to the State of Israel in order to prevent any chances of achieving peace and arriving at a two-state solution."
"At the height of the fighting in 2014, nearly 485,000 people in Gaza, 28% of the population, were displaced from their homes. More than 19,000 homes were destroyed or made unfit to live in & about 100,000 people were left homeless for at least 12 months".
"🇮🇱subjects🇵🇸children in its jails to“slapping,beating,kicking & violent pushing,.& verbal abuse.🇮🇱also subjects🇵🇸children to sexual assault & harassment in its jails. 75% of🇵🇸children imprisoned by🇮🇱report physical violence & 62% report verbal violence."
In a major victory for FreeSpeechRights, a federal court judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction against the state’s 2017 law that requires public employees & companies who contract with the state to certify that they will not engage in a boycott of🇮🇱
The Jewish Americans that Control Most US Media
"Israel is holding nearly 6,500 Palestinians in its lock-ups, 1,500 of whom have health issues, 400 are under the age of 18, 450 are detained without charge or trial, & 9 are members of the Palestinian Legislative Council."
"The🇮🇱occupation forces have arrested 50,000🇵🇸children since 1967, including 16,655 arrested after the outbreak of the Second Intifada in 2000... the annual child arrest rate from 2000 to 2012 was about 700, while from 2011 to 2018 it increased to 1250."
"By eliminating🇮🇱's Colonial Violence from the equation, w its unrelenting focus on providing Basic Needs... @antonioguterres receives a platform from which the @UN joins the campaign against the legitimate & Political Right of🇵🇸to return to his homeland."
"Confronting the apartheid & displacement by means of organised movements can,according to the BDS movement,become a major moral & political force that can gain the support of many people around the🌍& attract many Jews who are against Zionism&Apartheid."
By @timand2037
#UNESCO rejects #Israeli claim that the western wall of #Jerusalem is #Jewish. Archeology and history of the holy land is distorted by #Zionism - rehmat1.com/2016/04/18/une…
"Daoud Kuttab explains the dilemmas facing the new Shtayyeh government, the third🇵🇸government that was appointed without elections in Palestine. Can such a government maintain legitimacy to oppose the🇮🇱occupation?"
By @democracynow
Pro-Palestinian Voices Event at University of Massachusetts Amherst Faces Backlash ow.ly/KI9e30oy9J4
"And for 70 years they’ve been supporting a country that ethnically cleansed the land to create a Jewish state."

Trump's Israel policies have caused a split among Israel lovers israelpalestinenews.org/trump-policies…
By @VUnvoiced
April 30
💢Force Millions of People Out Of Their Very Land Then Call It Population Exchange.

🇮🇱 is Not Just Good Sniper But a Professional Distorter of #History.

Watch How🇮🇱 Is Trying to Push its Fake Story on🇵🇸Refuges.
By @VUnvoiced
April 30
Do My Palestinian Brothers Know About These.
Does Israel Dare to Tell the Same Goebellian Lie for #Arabs?
By @_whitneywebb
Mintcast, the @MintPressNews podcast, recently spoke to author, researcher @lisapease about the RFK assassination and how the false yet "official narrative" has been used by MSM to demonize🇵🇸for decades and push for military aid to 🇮🇱:
By @SaminaB7
WTF.Hindustan doesn't even compare. We were the people of that land but changed religions & wanted to live under different laws. Plus it was a partition not an occupation. 🇮🇱came into palastine to occupy from other lands. Your Europeans. Arab Jews lived in peace b4 u
By @zasaria
So much distortion of real history by simplifying it. Fake news.
By @PressTV
April 30
#Sweden 🇸🇪 'proud' to have recognized Palestine, will continue to support it: Foreign minister ptv.io/2jCp
By @PressTV
May 2
#Israel ‘forced 3,000 Palestinians from homes within 15 yrs’ ptv.io/2jEt

By @PressTV
Israeli jets, soldiers kill 4 Palestinians in Gaza Strip ptv.io/2jH3

One Palestinian killed, several others injured in latest Israeli air raid on #Gaza

By @PressTV
#Israel conducts fresh airstrikes on #Gaza, kills two #Palestinians

By @PressTV
Israeli warplanes launch fresh attack on Gaza strip

#Gaza health ministry: #Israeli airstrike leaves 14-month-old #Palestinian kid dead

By @QudsNen
April 28
#Israel and its lobby have been accused of using charges of #antisemitism as a weapon to silence freedom of speech and intimidate whoever dares to demand that Israel respects international law and #HumanRights. #US

By @QudsNen
April 29
Children, elderly patients among those denied Israeli permit to get treatment outside Gaza

By @QudsNen
April 29
Infographic by UN OCHA on the number of Palestinians killed and injured by Israel during the past 2 years

By @QudsNen
April 29
Including a balcony, sheepfolds, henhouses, and a park lot! #Jerusalem #Palestine #Israel

By @QudsNen
April 29
A #Jewish #ISIS as a member in the #UnitedNations Security Council.. #Israel

By @QudsNen
April 30
Palestine's ambassador to UN says situation in Palestine from bad to worse

By @QudsNen
April 30
56 percent of Palestinians' homes in Jerusalem were demolished by Israeli occupation forces since 1967
By @QudsNen
May 1
360 Palestinians have been arrested in the last April including 61 children and 4 ladies, while one wounded prisoner passed away in an Israeli hospital. #Palestine #Israel

By @QudsNen
May 1
Today Congresswoman Betty McCollum is reintroducing a bill to Congress that demands the🇺🇸stop funding the detention & abuse of🇵🇸children inside🇮🇱military prisons.Over 50,000🇵🇸children have been detained by🇮🇱soldiers since 1967. #Palestine
By @QudsNen
May 2
Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem revealed that Israeli authorities forced around 3,000 Palestinians from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem between 2004 and 2019.

By @QudsNen
May 2
#Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies: 360 Palestinians were arrested by #Israel during last April only.
By @QudsNen
May 3
The Palestinian Authority has rejected millions of shekels transferred secretly by Israel to the PA, which is on the verge of financial collapse in the aftermath of Israel’s withholding of the Palestinian tax and customs revenue.

By @QudsNen
May 3
“Demolitions in East Jerusalem have increased at a staggering pace over the last month, leaving tens of Palestinians displaced and others who have lost their livelihoods overnight. This must stop.”

By @QudsNen
May 3
Journalists Support Committee: "#Israel has assaulted 174 journalists since the beginning of 2019". #WorldPressFreedomDay #Palestine
By @QudsNen
May 3
25 journalists have also been arrested on the basis of journalists’ work.. #WorldPressFreedomDay #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
May 3
The🇵🇸resistance retaliated sniping an 🇮🇱officer & a female soldier on the eastern border of #Gaza, in what could be understood as a warning message to push the Israelis toward more compliance with ceasefire. #Palestine #Israel

By @QudsNen
May 3
Illegal settlers attacked on Friday a vehicle owned by A Palestinian family while driving in Huwwarah village in southern #Nablus. #WestBank #Palestine
By @QudsNen
Footage showing an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City today

By @QudsNen
Scenes from the latest Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City which resulted in the killing of a fifth Palestinian in 20 hours and the injury of many others

By @QudsNen
BREAKING | Israeli occupation forces decided to shut down all border crossings with the Gaza Strip.
By @QudsNen
One of the Israeli latest targets.. a one-year-old little girl, whose only crime is being born under Israeli occupation. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Gaza #Israel
By @QudsNen
The event was canceled following messages by the Palestinian resistance threatening to prevent the contest if #Israel continues to besiege the #Gaza strip. #GazaUnderAtttack
By @QudsNen
The Palestinian resistance retaliated firing around 200 missiles at surrounding settlements, as a response to the Israeli crimes. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Israel

By @QudsNen
Photo of the moment when Israeli warplanes bombed Qutaifan residential building in #Gaza city turning it to rubble. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
#Israel targets the headquarter of the Palestinian Prisoners' Information Office in western #Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza_under_attack #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
#Turkey: We condemn in the strongest terms the Israeli attack on the building, which houses the office of the Anadolu Agency in #Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
#Watch| The moment when Israeli warplanes targeted the Khazindar residential building in #Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
#Watch| head of the pre-military academy calls for enslaving Palestinians and says that Hitler’s Nazi racist ideology as “100% correct” if it is applied to the right people! #Israel
"A Palestinian pregnant lady and her one0year-old little daughter were murdered by Israeli warplanes, which targeted their house in Zaitoon neighborhood in eastern Gaza on Saturday."

"Israel" murders pregnant mother and her little daughter qudsnen.co/israel-murders…
"...Israel decided to cancel a Eurovision event, which was supposed to be held later this month. Israeli media revealed that Israel decided to cancel an event, which was supposed to be held in Modi’in settlement with the participation of Israeli artists."
For pseudo-secular Zionists..this new situation is difficult & oppressive.But because they don’t have answers to the identity problems & contradictions that have been part of🇮🇱society since its inception,we can apparently anticipate additional catastrophes
Israelis abduct 7, injure 2-month-old, storm archaeological site, poison well israelpalestinenews.org/israelis-abduc…
"Israeli soldiers invaded,the eastern area of Nablus city, after accompanying dozens of illegal colonialist settlers into Joseph’s Tomb, & fired at Palestinian protesters, wounding at least 27, including a new born baby."
"@NewYorkTimes11 acknowledges that current policies & practices in🇮🇱/🇵🇸are now & have been for decades a form of apartheid...the paper has stated for 20 years merely that the region is“at risk of”becoming an apartheid state..."
"Only a handful of🇮🇱continue working to oppose🇮🇱’s occupation, & they find no takers in🇮🇱. Just like with South African apartheid, it requires people from abroad to end this injustice. Fortunately, some new voices are already speaking out"
"On 26 April, in excessive use of force against peaceful protesters on the 56thFriday of the Great March of Return & Breaking the Siege,🇮🇱forces wounded 110 civilians,including 37 children, 3 women, 4 paramedics & a journalist, in the eastern Gaza Strip.."
"Three hospitals in🇮🇱admit that their policy is to separate maternity patients according to ethnicity. 🇵🇸women have found this practice insulting; some experts call it “apartheid.”

Israeli hospitals Admit to Segregating Arab Women in Maternity Wards israelpalestinenews.org/three-israeli-…
How Jonathan Freedland & the Guardian covered for Israel israelpalestinenews.org/how-freedland-…
"The number of mosques & churches attacked in🇮🇱 is high, but police effort at investigating these crimes are absurdly low. The head of monitoring group asserts, ‘Without a doubt, they aren’t looking hard enough"

"StateLawmakers&Governors across the country have allowed the🇮🇱lobby to write PublicPolicy. New laws & executive orders have been crafted by🇮🇱lobbyists..The anti-boycott laws are built on groundwork laid by pro-🇮🇱lobbyists..they violate the Constitution.."
"As Democratic support for Israel wanes, new pro-Zionist organizations are committed to rekindling the love affair by any means possible."
"More than 50,000 🇵🇸children in the occupied West Bank have been detained by🇮🇱since 1967, according to the🇵🇸Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs."
"A recent statement made by the outgoing🇫🇷Ambassador to the🇺🇸regarding the nature of 🇮🇱apartheid accentuates a larger ailment that has afflicted the European Union foreign policy."

🇫🇷& the🇪🇺, Recognizing Yet Supporting Apartheid Reality in🇵🇸 mintpressnews.com/france-and-the…
"MintCast co-hosts Alan MacLeod & Whitney Webb spoke to Lisa Pease, author of A Lie Too Big To Fail, about the compelling evidence of Sirhan Sirhan’s innocence in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination & its implications for🇵🇸rights."
"There will be hope when politicians like Bernie Sanders will have the courage to call the ethnic cleansing, genocide & apartheid — all crimes that🇮🇱perpetrated & continues to perpetuate to this day ...”
"🇮🇱Channel 13 aired video recordings by rabbi educators at the state-sponsored military prep-academy Bnei David in the West Bank settlement of Eli... Israeli rabbis at military prep school are caught on video praising Hitler..."
"Gaza has often been invaded for its water. Every army leaving or entering the Sinai desert,whether Babylonians, Alexander the Great, the Ottomans, or the British..But today the water of Gaza highlights a toxic situation that is spiralling out of control."
"Rep. Betty McCollum reintroduced her historic bill to promote the HumanRights of🇵🇸children who face detention,interrogation,abuse& violence,including torture&imprisonment by🇮🇱through its separate-&-unequal military court system in the occupied West Bank."
"Congress must work to preserve the truly pro-🇮🇱solution: one that recognizes that a two-state solution is the only way to ensure a secure & democratic Jewish state & recognizes the political & human rights of the🇵🇸."
"Amidst a spike in the🇮🇱government’s demolition of🇵🇸homes in occupied East Jerusalem, @UN officials are calling for an immediate halt to the practice, which they condemned as a “discriminatory” violation of international law."
Roger Waters on Palestine: “You Have to Stand Up for People’s Human Rights All Over the World” democracynow.org/2019/5/3/roger…
Mass. Judge Refuses to Halt Pro-Palestinian Event at UMass Featuring Roger Waters & Linda Sarsour democracynow.org/2019/5/3/mass_…
"🇮🇱’s military typically arrests & prosecutes 500 to 700🇵🇸children between the ages of 12 & 17 each year..."

New House bill would bar🇮🇱 from using🇺🇸military aid to detain🇵🇸children interc.pt/2Lcwjwp
"A family lost 150 precious trees in one attack this week, in the latest of a rising trend in the occupied West Bank"

A great massacre': Settlers target Palestinian olive trees in uptick of violence
By @QudsNen
#Breaking| The Ministry of Health: Khaled Abu Qlaiq (25 years old) killed in an Israeli strike on northern #Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
Spokesperson of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Musab Braim: The enemy & their settlers will pay the price.Our people will not be the only one to feel the pain while the occupation state targets children & kills them & bombs safe houses. #GazaUnderAttack #Gaza #Palestine
By @QudsNen
the Palestinian resistance fired over 200 retaliation missiles at surrounding settlements, Beersheba, and Asdod as a response to the Israeli crimes. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine #Israel
By @QudsNen
#Watch| The moment when the Palestinian resistance fired retaliation missiles at southern occupied #Palestine. #GazaUnderAttack
By @QudsNen
Photos of the Israeli bombardment of the Khazindar residential building in central #Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine
By @QudsNen
Government media: The Israeli warplanes have launched over 80 raids on different areas of the besieged #Gaza strip since the beginning of the escalation on Friday. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine
By @QudsNen
#Breaking| Israeli drones target Filistin residential tower in #Gaza and the resistance fires retaliation missiles at Asdod. #GazaUnderAttack #Palestine
Turkey FM accuses Israel of targeting Anadolu Agency news bureau building in Gaza (VIDEO) — RT World News rt.com/news/458394-an…
"Omar Shakir, the🇮🇱 & 🇵🇸Director of Human Rights Watch, has been issued an order of deportation from🇮🇱requiring him to leave the country within two weeks. He is appealing the order to🇮🇱’s Supreme Court & remains hopeful that the appeal will succeed.
Gaza's Economic Crisis Sends Territory Into Poverty and Chaos
🗣️Apartheid: Wrong in South Africa, Wrong in Palestine - Nelson Mandela-
🗣️‼️"If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth."‼️
-Julian Assange-
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