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1) BREAKING: Shooter at #SanDiego synagogue appears to be a white supremacist who described his hate for Jews & others in a letter. States he was inspired by #NewZealand shooter Brenton Tarrant and urges fellow white supremacists to carry out their own attacks.
2) In his letter, the likely attacker (name not yet released) says it took him four weeks to plan the shooting, and claims to have “scorched a mosque in Escondido with gasoline a week after Brenton Tarrant’s sacrifice and they never found shit on me.”
3) The letter also lists those that “inspire” him, including Adolf Hitler and Moon Man, a white supremacist meme character. To that point, the letter stresses the power of Internet to white supremacist community, urging them to “make memes, shitpost”…
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1) Hundreds killed and hundreds more wounded in Easter blasts at #SriLanka churches. While no group has yet claimed responsibility, targeting Christians is a staple of #ISIS attack directives (not to mention past attacks in places like Egypt).
2) To that point, #ISIS supporters are already celebrating the attacks as revenge for the military campaign against the group: “Just like the massacre of mosques, it is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”…
3) While #SriLanka has indeed been mentioned within #ISIS chatter—along with members from Sri Lanka touted as being within the group’s ranks—the country has never been a prominent staple of incitements and recruitment to the like of other nations.
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#Breaking: Eight Explosions exploded at hotels in Sri Lanka in #Asia, leaving at least 187 people dead and up to 500 injured, in a multiple Terror attack at tourists.
#Update: Shocking video of when also a Christian church got exploded at Sri Lanka in #Asia. Leaving at least 187 people dead and up to 500 injured in a islamic terror attack meant for Christian people and Tourists.
#Update: Pictures of the horrific islamic terror attack meant for Christian people and Tourists, at the island of #SriLanka in #colombo, where 3 churches, 3 hotels were targeted Leaving at least 187 people dead and up to 500 injured.
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#British police confirmed a few hours after the initial arrest that #Assange was arrested for a second time on an #EDVA extradition warrant. @maddow … and if you want to stay ahead of many upcoming cases you must learn some history. SEE #FOICK defined.
@maddow @Womenworking @shaunking @davidhogg111 @MoveOn @votevets @iava @NATO @OCCRP SEE THIS @JoeMyGod @HRC @ACLU @NAACP @amnesty @maddow @NCADV @UniteWomenOrg @DCCC @iava #FOICK IS THE ENEMY NOW bankrolled by #MBS cuz Putin out of $$ after Raping Russia @Europol working #PanamaPapers cases. #MuellerKnowsItAll you should too. #Bernie2020 running to pardon TRUMP
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#TurkeyElections- Still debating: Should I do a 48-hr countdown updates (This is when, with tense elections like this, “things”, happen).Or Not. Hmmm. We are already seeing “currency manipulation” operations taking place. And the probability of “Other Things” happening is high...
Here’s my #Tweet Of the Day: Pinned. Now it is “Your” Turn to let me know: Respond-Comment, Share-Retweet. This is the Only way you let me know whether: 1- you are an active follower , or, not. 2- The only way using this #twitter forum is meaningful. Now your turn.
#TurkeyElections- Here are the “Blinking Red” Areas: Economy (#Currency Coups?), #Kurdish Tension, #NewZealand-Related Incident (As False Flag?- They did Not raise threat level despite ...), #GolanHeights-Related Developments?) ...
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#TurkeyElections- Still debating: Should I do a 48-hr countdown updates (This is when, with tense elections like this, “things”, happen).Or Not. Hmmm. We are already seeing “currency manipulation” operations taking place. And the probability of “Other Things” happening is high...
#TurkeyElections- Here are the “Blinking Red” Areas: Economy (#Currency Coups?), #Kurdish Tension, #NewZealand-Related Incident (As False Flag?- They did Not raise threat level despite ...), #GolanHeights-Related Developments?) ...
#TurkeyElections- In Case you haven’t seen it: here’s why #NeeZealand “Blinking Red” as a potential “Pretext” for #FlaseFlag situation. Despite “all” indicators no rise in threat-level in #Turkey. Will it be used right before the elections?? via @YouTube
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#Breaking: Just in - Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz says and confirms that there was financial support, and a connection between the #NewZealand terrorist and the Generation Identity movement in #Austria
#Update: Just in - The leader of the Generation Identity movement in #Austria is Austrian "Martin Sellner" however they deny that there is a leader in the movement.
#Update: The shooter at the #NewZealand terror attacks donated money to the Generation Identity movement in #Austria, but how much money has not been disclosed, by the Austrian Prime minister Sebastian Kurz.
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#MissionShakti is blasphemous as it proves that the earth isn’t flat. This has been done only to snub the Muslims of Pakistan. - Shahid Siddiqui

#NewZealand to cover its missiles under #Hijab in solidarity with the destroyed Pakistan.- Washington Post.
The missile which took part in the #MissionShakti looked like the arrows of Mahabharata period and thus is nothing but representative of Saffron terror. Scientists have found that test of the satellites have complained against rising intolerance in the space. - @nytimes
PM Modi has designed the #MissionShakti missile without tyres. Who will answer for the loss of employment of community which runs family on mending puncture? - @thewire_in reports
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A little thread, which I may come back to, for all those #technophobes who blame rise in #suicide on #socialmedia.

First: legit, what rise?
Second: The actual experts do not agree with you, and your fear-mongering is likely causing more harm than good.
cf. Thomas, K, and Gunnell, D. (2010). Suicide in England and Wales 1861–2007: a time-trends analysis. International Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 39, Issue 6, December 2010, Pages 1464–1475.
So, first the data, from #UK (above) and elsewhere (below).

Clearly if this epidemic was *caused* by a *single* factor it would permeate all societies with social media.

[Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15–19 Years, by Sex — United States, 1975–2015, #USA]
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I am sorry #NewZealand, but this solidarity has skewed too much towards misogyny.
You are essentializing #Hijab.
Please refrain from playing into the hand of Islamist groups.
Does @jacindaardern know that that enforced hijab, whether legally or socially, is one of the painful issues women suffer from in the Middle East?
#Hijab is not a symbol of faith like the Jewish Kippah. The nearest equivalent is the Kosher wig.
Would @jacindaardern wear a wig if the victims of #ChristchurchTerrorAttack were Jewish???
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1/ China’s tank man 30 yrs ago and China still doesn’t have right of free speech. Why not?

Because it’s NOT a protected right in China constitution!

So when uninformed Americans tweet #NewZealand banning guns in few days -why not USA -because 2A NOT in NZ CONSTITUTION
2/ if only those who seek to limit guns in America do a little to educate themselves about US Constitution instead of virtue signalling- may lead to results l.
When you disrespect gun owners and you disrespect patriots of the Constitutional you don’t help your cause.
3/ you can’t set a path out of darkness by being ignorant of law and Constitution— it only keeps you in darkness.
USA only country in WORLD that has Constitutional 2A protection— that must be understood.

Many protections in US Constitution lead to massive loss of life > guns
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White supremacism isn't insanity

My new @foreignpolicy essay on the #NewZealand shooting and its aftermath:…
It is reasonable that we would want to cast an attack like the one in New Zealand outside the realm of rationality, to remind ourselves that this kind of evil is outside of time and place, to be cordoned off. And that would be a mistake
Sometimes, when comparing white nationalism to Islamism, the imprecision seems to be the very point. But that's a bug, not a feature…
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New Zealand's Prime Minister announces ban on all assault rifles, just 6 days following the massacre of Muslim worshippers by a white nationalist terrorist - CNN…
“On 15 March our history changed forever. Now, our laws will, too…to strengthen our gun laws and make our country a safer place.” #NewZealand bans military-style rifles, prime minister says days after mosque attacks that left 50 dead…
This is MAGA America's shame. Among the dead in New Zealand are refugees who escaped war in Syria. 16-yr-old Hamza and his father Khaled had planned with their family to unite with other ethnic Circassians in the US, but couldn't b/c of Trump's Muslim ban.…
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#Breaking: Just in - New Zealand will ban all types of semi-automatic weapons used in #Christchurch terror attacks at the mosques, says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. A huge defeat for law abiding gun owners in #NewZealand.
#Update: Just in - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she expected the new legislation to be in place by 11 April. She also said a buy-back scheme would be set up for the banned weapons. #Christchurch #NewZealand
#Update: Just in - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, all high-capacity magazines will be banned for any kind of type of guns in #NewZealand #Christchurch
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#Breaking: At least Three people dead and Nine people injured, when a 37 year old Turkish terrorist migrant opened fire at an crowd of people at a Tram station in #Utrecht in The Netherlands. Gunmen is still at large...
#Breaking This Terror attack in #Utrecht in The #Netherlands comes only one day after Turkish President Erdogan used the #NewZealand terror attack footage of the #ChurchChrist mosques attacks, On a election campaign rally!
#Update: Just in - The Terrorist in #Utrecht was known for shooting at the air after an altercation with his Family with his sister in law in The #Netherlands! The border with #Germany is still under anti terror supervision. The curfew of the public in Utrecht is lifted.
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#Dissenter & #ChristChurchNZ Massacre video censored…
#NZBORASECTION14: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form”.…
Set aside that #NewZealandGovt & #NZPolice are breaking their own laws: [1990 #BORASect14]
Eg: Parents/rulers that rule [fill-in-blank] is forbidden only pushes children/people to seek [same] out. Actually does far more damage than anyone sharing/dissenting controversial topic/s
Note: It can be seen in [Banning #ForbiddenFruit] leftist Gov't is actually using it TO PUSH toxic/immoral ideas by BANNING THEM knowing #dissenter/s will FLOCK TO IT [purely out of spite]
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A woman approached the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh mostly unnoticed and carefully placed a bouquet of yellow flowers among the branches of a bush near the center’s concrete steps. She then crossed Bigelow Boulevard and sat on a stone retaining wall and wept. 1/5
She said she’d lost a family member when a man of hate entered the Tree of Life synagogue in October and gunned down people of faith. Now bullets had shattered lives at two New Zealand mosques. 2/5
The flowers and her quiet, anonymous presence were gestures of solidarity with the Muslim community, she said. When a man at the mosque learned of the woman’s presence, he briefly held his hand to his heart, then crossed the street to chat with her. 3/5
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#NewZealand #Dutch #TramAttack#Breaking: #Copycat? Or #CoordinatedCell? - - - @Several people shot, one possibly killed in tram in Utrecht, Netherlands, attacker at large”—… #
#NewZealand #Flashback: One of my first posts right after the incident (Screen Shot Below). Coming Later today: Which country “Blinks Red” if my #CoordinatedCell theory holds true. Today #DutchTramAttack ...
#NewZealand: I am still waiting for #Turkey to raise “Alert Level”.Considering still “blacked out” on info I released in video below ...Why aren’t they?Yet recent BS on supposed Assassination plans by #Tarrant against the President here!- - - via @YouTube
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Biker crew Black Power,which took name from the civil rights movement & whose members r mostly Maori (indigenous people of #NewZealand) honoured victims of #ChristChurchMassacre by performing Haka(ceremonial dance). White supremacy’s earliest victims honouring its latest victims
“That (white power extremism) has been here for years, it’s been here for decades,” a leader of Black Power who did not want to be named told the Courier Mail outside the Linwood mosque. Here’s the full Haka… #ChristChurchMosqueMassacre
Here a lone man performs Haka, which is not just a “war dance” but is performed at weddings,funerals & other significant occasions for Maori culture. I’m deeply moved by these Haka which so poignantly capture grief and rage. #ChristchurchMosqueMassacre
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Can we have a serious conversation about this?

@SteveKingIA posted this image to his facebook yesterday (presumably to own libs), however it is far beyond hyperbole and antithetical to his duties as a Congressman.
We all recognize we live in a time of hyper-partisanship, but let's put this aside for a sec and focus just on what a Congressperson should do while they hold office. For starters lets take a look at @SteveKingIA's duties:…
There have been and are going to be Congresspeople of all stripes, sadly some with poisonous white supremacist ideology like @SteveKingIA, but their ideologies do not divorce them from their duties of service to their constituents.
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In the immediate aftermath of the white nationalist terror attack in Christchurch, NZ, a variety of #FalseFlag conspiracy theories regarding the shootings began circulating on social media.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing #NewZealand/"New Zealand"/#NewZealandShooting/#NZMosqueShooting and #FalseFlag/"false flag"/#DeepState/"deep state"/#CrisisActor/"crisis actor"/staged/"doesn't add up"/#QAnon in the body of the tweet (as opposed to linked article titles etc.)
This yielded 5329 tweets from 4592 accounts. We then classified the 50 most frequently retweeted accounts into those which promote conspiracy theories about the attack and those which do not. Most of the early tweets are of the conspiracy-pushing ilk; #QAnon turns up frequently.
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Who is #BrentonTarrant really? #FiveEyes reminds at #Gladio? Inzernational connections in the #ChristChurch #PsyOps via @williamcraddick…
(2) FLORES: #NewZealand's #Christchurch Tragedy - Facts, Patterns, and Pieces Tell a Problematic Story @FortRussNews…
(3) #Christchurch - Why were the videos, showing two additional gunmen removed from social(ist) media? Why the narrative of a "single culprit" if they were additional arrests made by NZ police. Why it was stated that "a 5th suspect" did flee to Israel?
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